Why glassblowers use didymium glasses

Glass is made of silicon and oxygen. But there’s another component: sodium. When a glassblower puts a flame to glass, the sodium vaporises, giving a bright orange glow.

To protect their eyes and see the subtle detail of the glass shape, glassblowers wear special didymium glasses. Made of neodymium and praseodymium, didymium glass absorbs the light of the solar flare, acting as a notch filter hiding the orange colour.

Watch the full film here.


Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is exploring the extraordinary work of glass artist Kiva Ford, who uses his background in scientific glassblowing to create astonishingly small beakers, laboratory flasks, cylinders, wine glasses, vases and more. Some of Ford’s miniature glassware is barely an inch tall and contains even smaller glass objects.

“A member of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, Kiva creates instruments for scientists who require one-of-a-kind designs for various experiments. The same techniques and tools used for scientific equipment also apply to his artistic practice including the miniature works you see here, as well as larger sculptures, and ornate drinkware.”

Visit Kiva Ford’s website or Instagram feed to check out many more images of his marvelous hand-blown glass miniatures, some of which are available for purchase via his Etsy shop.

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Salt Appreciation Compilation

Felt the need for some Salt appreciation today, as he is one of my favourite artists in the game.

A little compilation of some high-res photos of his creatures and collabs. I do not own any of the photos, for appreciation purposes only.

Collab artists featured: CalM & ME Glass