Sweet and Sour: Part 3 - Rowaelin

Here it is! Part 3!

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Rowan couldn’t help the small smiled that played on his lips as he walked back to the dental surgery. That girl… she was something else. He couldn’t help but stare at her when she left. That sway in her step, Rowan just knew she had put there to catch his attention, and it certainly did its job.

The door of the dentistry opened smoothly with a quiet tinkling of bells. Rowan chanced a glance at Remelle behind the reception desk. The glower on her face almost caused a burst of laughter to escape from within his chest. He would definitely tell Aelin about this. When they would go out again. Very likely a real date this time.

In the break room he retrieved his surgery coat and put it back on. He had a full afternoon of appointments and a quick glance at the clock told him his first one would be here in 5 minutes. So Rowan washed his hands and made his way to his surgery.

Fenrys was waiting for him.

As Rowan entered the dental assistant spun in his chair to face him, arms folded, eyebrows raised expectantly. Rowan ignored him. “Well?”

“Well what?” Rowan replied as he took his own chair and faced the computer. 

“How’d it go on your date?” Fenrys said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. 

“It wasn’t a date.“ 

"Ha!” Fenrys practically shouted. “You did take her out." 

Rowan rolled his eyes. "As a thank you. Nothing more." 

"Nothing more my…” Fenrys was cut of by a message pinging on the computer. 

Rowan looked at it for a moment in surprise, usually Remelle slinked down here to tell him his patient had arrived. If she sent a message she must be pissed. Fenrys said as much and it made Rowan snort out a laugh. “There! Further evidence it was ‘nothing more’,” Fenrys said pointing an accusing finger at Rowan.

“Remelle not gracing us with her presence isn’t eveidence, Fenrys,” Rowan said as he clicked the confirmation on the notification.

“That’s not what I was talking about. You never laugh at my jokes. Did you get her number?” Fenrys asked as he stood to retrieve the patient. Rowan didn’t answer and just gave Fenrys a blank stare. “I won’t leave until you tell me.”

Rowan gave a long suffering sigh. If Fenrys just even dug his heels in a little they would run late the rest of the afternoon. 

Rowan nodded and Fenrys gave him a wicked grin.

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Tip: if writer's black is a wall, then describe it

Ok, sure let’s describe it. Its a glass wall but not clean glass. Its gross, like the kind of glass, mirror like front you’d find in a dirty locker room. The kind they advertise in windex commercials. Anyway there are handprints, toothpaste splatters at least I hope its toothpaste. So I can see past it, I can see ideas, several of them all just waiting for me to get over there but I can’t see if they see me. I can’t see if their good and worth writing, I can’t see …anything clearly and the more I run my hand over the surface the smudge gets worse. So I try to break it. That doesn’t work either. So I just scream and sit by the window and vague wonder if I have an windex in my cabinets.

Spoiler; I don’t.   

Glass Wyrm

Glass wyrms are pretty much what you’d expect from the name, if a bit small – Large dragons with the appearance of frosted crystal or glass, with semi-translucent scales and wings that glimmer in the light.  When they move, glass scrapes, and their fury is shards of glass that tear at the flesh. Magic often bounces off their hide just as light does.  In demeanor, glass wyrms are neutral, neither benevolent nor malevolent, although personally I’d let their personalities vary.  They prefer underground lairs with a maze of corridors, littered with gemstones and broken glass.  Exactly where they come from is a mystery, one left open for the GM to answer – another plane of existence, the depths of the earth, mysterious places beyond the mundane on the same world.  As a fairly straightforward but exotic dragon, glass wyrms can make a fun encounter for a party that knows all the tricks, without the complications of true dragons, and at CR 12, they’re still formidable encounters for many parties.

When miners extracted a massive hunk of sapphire from the tunnels, the town fathers and mothers of Embersummit thought they had found a stepping stone to renewed prosperity.  Instead, word of the discovery reached the glass wyrm Jaldaab, better known as the Glossy Tyrant of Bhanturum for his infamous seizure of the dwarven ruin.  The glass wyrm descended on Embersummit in the night to demand the mining community bow down. Determined to regain their freedom from Jaldaab’s tyrannical demands for more and higher quality gems from the mines, the townsfolk have sent out a call for dragonslayers.

With the overland routes increasingly dangerous due to orcs, wyverns, and wraiths, an obscure cavern is the only way between western Wofrar and the dwarves of Creagera.  Unfortunately, the glass wyrm Dumronal is equally aware of the importance of his pass to trade, setting a price in gemstones and precious metals for anyone to pass, creating a shortage of specie in the market. Above all else, the glass wyrm prizes rubies, often lowering his prices for particularly handsome gems.

Industrious miners and clever merchants, the kobolds who shelter under the translucent wings of the glass wyrm Ritheigra are more confident than many of their kin.  The dragon largely ignores them unless she wants something, leaving much of the day-to-day leadership in the blunt claws and keen mind of Mizni, a powerful sorcerer who boasts draconic blood.  It wasn’t her arcane power that won her leadership, though, but her deft skill at flattering and manipulating Ritheigra into agreeing with her whims and the tribe’s broader goals, a combination that provokes a lot of grumbling even among kobolds that have benefitted from her rule.

- Tome of Horrors Complete 325

That second seed is inspired by the Titan’s Tunnel in the original Final Fantasy.