ToG finale theory

It’s the end of the sixth book, and Aelin has defeated Erawan once and for all. Terrasen has been revived, and Aelin walks down the middle aisle of the throne room towards her crown, to be coronated and officially become queen. Her court and friends watch with proud joy on their faces, as well as The Thirteen, who had allied themselves with Aelin to defeat the dark valg King.
Aelin reaches her throne, and turns toward the audience. Her people, the people of Terrasen, look at her with hope in their eyes. The crown is brought before her. She makes her vows to her country, and the man raises the crown up to her face. Slowly, he brings it down over her head. Aelin closes her eyes, breathing in deep, and as she feels the weight of the crown on her head, so solid, so right—

The entire castle blows up.
Everyone dies.

From the distance, Mort and Fleetfoot watch as the castle crumbles to the ground, Mort being carried in the mouth of the furry beast. Mort cackles as Fleetfoot happily wags her tail. “We’ve done it!” Mort exclaims, a wicked laugh escaping him. “And now, you and I, Fleetfoot,” he says, “are finally able to take our place in this world—as King and Queen of Erilea!” In the distance, the screams of the people of Terrasen fade. Soon, they’ll all be dead.

Fleetfoot runs merrily down the hill with Mort, towards the ruined city of Orynth. Towards the beginning of their new empire.

The end, bitches.





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What's about a A2 Hanzo and A4 McCree?

Mercy: “Why aren’t you getting any sleep McCree?”
Me: I wonder the same thing, Angela (¬‿¬)  *coughs*  

Expression Meme

therealsjmaas: Some fun facts about these various editions!

1) Because EOS is the longest book in the series (by a LOT), my US publisher printed it on thinner pages just to get everything to fit (hence the slimmer US edition)!

2) There are several special editions out there–two of which are featured here: the Target and B&N copies! These both include bonus content (different stories in each), as well as some stunning fan-art inside (I’ll hopefully be able to share some later this week)!

3) There are two special editions in the UK (not pictured here): the signed Waterstones edition, and the WHSmith edition, which features a third exclusive short story (that I am VERY excited about)!

4) You can still preorder copies and receive some awesome TOG swag when you submit your receipt! Details on my website. 💖