Once upon a time there was a fluffy kingdom in a far away valley. Every building, every road and every person in the kingdom was fluffy and soft.

But in the center of every fluffy person was a hard core of broken glass. If two fluffy people got too close to each other, their glass shards would move around and jump between the two people, hurting them both in the process.

Thus, the fluffy people of the fluffy kingdom stopped getting together. Being with another person became taboo. After a very long time, everybody forgot why the taboo existed. Nobody knew about the glass center in the heart of every person. They each believed themselves to be the only one who has to carry this burden inside of them.

However, one day, two girls fell in love with each other. They didn’t care about the taboo, they wanted to hug and hold each other. In the dead of the night, they climbed out of the valley onto a nearby hill and hugged each other. Their glass hearts moved around, shaking violently, and swapping glass pieces with one another.

With the intensity of the pain, the two girls broke their embrace. They looked into each other’s eyes. But they didn’t give up.

The following night they climbed out of the valley and held one another in the same hill. Their glass hearts once again moved around and rearranged themselves. But much to their surprise, it was less painful. Their glass hearts mended themselves slowly, the sharp edges joining together to create a bigger whole.

The longer they held each other, the easiest it was. Their glass hearts rearranged and moved, the sharp edges disappearing between the seams of their new heart.

In the end, their hearts were no longer of broken glass. They had a single heart of glass, with a smooth surface, and no edges.

And they didn’t hurt anymore.


“You can look at a song like ‘CASTLE OF GLASS,’ which for me, has one of the most interesting opposing points of view,” Chester Bennington said. “When Mike was talking about the lyrics, at one point he had said, 'You know, it’s kind of like finding yourself as this broken part of this big machine, and feeling like you’re not part of that, or trying to find your place in the bigger scheme of things.’ And that can mean a solider coming home from war, and trying to fit back into society, or a person getting out of prison, or whatever.
"And here I am, envisioning this big, beautiful glass castle on a hill, and, like, unicorns. I’m thinking like 'Yeah, if you zoom in, I’m this little broken part of this castle that no one knows about, and I may seem like flawed and not important, but when you back up and look at the big picture, you’re part of this really beautiful thing that keeps you together,” he continued. “And it was a really interesting twist; I think a lot of our lyrics can be taken from multiple perspectives, depending on what you want the song to be about … they can be felt on so many different levels.”
Castle of Glass [Live from Spike Video Game Awards 2012]


Nativity of St Mary Catholic Church, High Hill, Texas. 2017

This is one of the “Painted Churches” near Schulenburg, Texas. German and Czech immigrants settled this area in the 1800s. As they prospered they built beautiful churches to serve their communities. Several of these remain in the area and are popular destinations for visitors.

MarkJin FanFic Masterlist

this masterlist contains markjin fanfics that i’ve read and finished

[ i’ll be placing marks for smut/nc-17 and trigger warning fics so you guy don’t have to worry!

❌ - for trigger warning fics (mentions of suicide, death, sexual violence,  depictions of mental illness, underage drinking, smoking, drugs, gender bender, GOT7 disbandment)

🔞 - for smut/NC-17/R-18/mpreg fics (BDSM and all that kink stuff)

🖤 - my favorite fics

if you are uncomfortable with any fic that will be listed here and wants to add a trigger warning pls tell me so, thank you! ]

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livingmeatloaf  asked:

What's the best way to take care of a carnivorous plant, like a venus fly trap, inside a home? It is important to feed the plant bugs regularly or will it catch enough on its own? Thanks for any help you can give!

Heya livingmeatloaf!

So you want a Venus flytrap for your character, that’s neat!

I’m going to cover a little of the basics here about carnivorous plants because their diet isn’t the only thing your character will have to be mindful of because these little beauties don’t just thrive anywhere. It’s really important that your character makes their little plant friend feel at home!

Let’s start. Now regardless of which plant your character chooses they’ll have to shop for a few things first if they want to provide for any carnivorous plant at all. Here’s a small list of things they will need:

  • A glazed or plastic pot for planting.
  • Clean sand, moss (can be more than one kind), perlite and fibre to fill their pot. These will have to mix later to make the soil. The general idea here is that much water is needed so you want things that soak up lots of water. There may be slight differences in the ratio between different plants, but overall it’s more important they’ve got the key ingredients.
  • Distilled water or something to catch rainwater in for watering.
  • A small supply of insects to feed the plant. (Freeze-dried insects from a pet shop or wingless fruit flies will do perfect, keep in mind the size of the plant, as they don’t do well with big chunks. They need to be able to close their mouth.)
  • A plate for the pot to rest on needs to have some extra space. Usually used for catching surplus water, here it will work as a water supply for thirsty plants.

These plants need to stay wet (aka don’t let it dry out) and away from what your character might have learnt is good for plants (and actually is in most cases.) Tap water, clay pots and regular soil can easily kill them because they naturally grow in soil low in nutrition. So your character won’t be fertilising them. Ever. If they are an expert they miiiiiight give it a careful try, but even then it’s risky because these plants are just not used to it.

Your character might also want to buy a humidifier to place next to their plant, but usually, the wet soil-mix will do. For a flytrap, though they could follow through with that idea, these little plant friends need as much as up to 80% humidity. Whether or not room temperature will do depends on the plant, and place your character lives at. (Around 24°C or 75°C never lower than 18°C or 65°F at night for a flytrap.) Those who require other climates should be avoided unless your character can provide for them accordingly of course.

I’m going to say this again: Their plant fried needs to stay hydrated. The reason it gets a reprise here it because while that sounds like a no-brainer, a lot of their watering schedule will depend on how warm their home is. The warmer it is, the easier the soil dries out. The drier the soil, the lighter it is. The plate I listed comes into play here, as your character can use it to easily determine whether or not water is needed. Wet soil won’t soak up more water, so the whenever the plate empties the plant has been drinking and they can refill it.

Your character should keep it in a lighted room, no not artificial light – outside light. Outside from beyond a window. Just light, no harsh, direct sun unless your character’s plant friend requires it. The general rule is that a room with a window, not located to the north, will do perfectly fine for most plants. Sunlight all day through a window is like a magnifying glass on a plant hill for the plant. It’s a no-no for their flytrap and possibly all other plants they own.

At best their plant is kept in an environment that already supplies it with insects, a normal home, however, does not and requires feeding. Despite their name, however, carnivorous plants aren’t really that hungry, a lot of them won’t want to be fed more than once or twice a month. A Venus flytrap falls easily into that, as it only needs to be fed every other week. It should definitely not be fed more than once a week, your character will have to remember not to overfeed them.

A single trap actually catches no more than a few bugs before it is replaced by a new one.

As a general rule, it will be easier for your character to nurse a plant lacking water, food or fertiliser back to health if it shows any of the corresponding signs. That being said, both are stressful and unhealthy for the plant, chances are just slightly better in terms of recovery.

When winter comes around a lot of plants, even indoor plants go into dormancy which requires them to still cared for by your character, they will have to do everything of the above, just… less. They’ll have to keep the plant a little cooler, water it a little less, feed it a little less or not at all (can’t feed something with no mouth.) Some indoor plants of your character might defy this schedule and need regular care, as for any plant they keep they should always cut off any brown or dried leaves and flowers or buds to ensure their plants aren’t wasting energy on them.

On a last note, if your character prefers the traps over flowers, they can pinch the flower stem when it starts growing. Because making flowers requires a lot of energy and otherwise, the traps won’t develop as well. If they do like the flowers, they can keep them and allow pollination outside or by rubbing two flower-heads together. A seed pod will form and your character can pick it and spread the seeds on their soil-mixture to have more cute little baby flytraps. Raising them, however, will take their patience as it can take up to three years for them to grow into an adult-sized plant.

(image source)

I hope that was helpful!

- Mod Jana

Classified 18

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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(Say Nothing)

A few of you may enjoy this mix :) 


DJ Smokey - Xamilton Bodeine Xombies
Future - Keep Quiet
Spaceghostpurrp - Grind On Me
Sire - Don’t Make Me
Spaceghostpurrp - Know Bout Me
Future - Might As Well
DJ Smokey - Kill At Will
Guccin Mane ft Jadakiss, Fetty Wap - Young Niggas
KXVU - Rafiki (20-4 Remix)
Daffy - Cold Steel
Kotei - Grill
Future - POA
Rude Kid - Fabric
W.A.V.E - Vital Elements (Luciferian Remix)
Choppa Skeng - Retro Gunman
SPitz ft Mic Ty, PK - No Ratings
Rebore - Rebore Riddim
Choppa Skeng - **** ****
2 Chainz - Ghetto
Jakebob - Behave
Baytrilla ft Flirta D - Massive Irie
Aranha - The End
Manga & P Money, Jamakabi - Slew
Invader Spade - Zim
Particle - Mob Rule
Mr Krabs - Smoke In Da Air
MJK - Ice Angel
Ruff Sqwad - R U Double F
Kamikaze - Ghetto Kyote (Polonis Remix 2)
Sir Hiss - Lovesick
Kotei & Beanzo - Grade
Choppa Skeng - **** ****
Lolingo - Lazuli
Future - Mask Off
Eva808 - Sith Lord
20-4 & Swedger - Sega
Solemn - Smile Of An Angel
3M - Glass Veils
College Hill - Blacked (140 Mix)
Darko - Black Rose (LTHL Remix)
Luciferian - Content
MJK - Bongo Vs Gunman 2
Wiley - What A Cheek
MJK - The Boy Is Mine
Gundam - 21 Questions (Wotsit Refix)
Wotsit Refix Dat
22 Savage - Hit That 22
Filthy Gears - The Marsh
ILoveMakonnen - Want You
Eva808 - A Milli
Jook - Shard Riddim
20-4 - Toxic Refix
Darq E Freaker x Waka - Cherry Paint Chop
Aranha - Hootie Mcboob
Logos - Marked 4 Death Gunman
Rebore - Rebore Straights
Migos - T Shirt
Baytrilla - Subcoat Warrior
Glacci - Broken Ecstacy
Manga & JME, Prez T - Big 45 Remix
CREEP N00M - Squad Gang
Migos - Get Right Witcha
Drone - Starlight
Piezo - Happy Blue
Hickery & Kotei - YoYo
Core ft Riko - The King
Widowmaker - Cell
Core - Counteract
Emalkay - Bats In The Belfry
Jamakabi - Scorpion Freestyle
20-4 x Drax - Square Root
Biggaman - Spin Man
Choppa Skeng - Wifey 4 Lifey
Blay - Skeng (Wotsit Edit)
Dead Players - Yeah (Wotsit Edit)
Usher - Remind Me RNG Refix Dat
Scruloose - Have Fun
Gundam - Enlightenment
Glacci - Firebrick VIP


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Peaky Blinders Fanfic

Chapter 1:

“Right (Y/N), we’ve gotta seal the deal in this meetin’ today, we need the Shelby’s now more than ever and I have no idea what we’re gonna fuckin’ do if we don-”

“Yes Mr. Hill” you replied cutting your boss off. If you didn’t stop him there he would go on forever, which he had a tendency to do when he is stressing about something.

“Don’t fuckin’ interrupt me. It’s fuckin’ rude” He spat before necking back his third glass of whiskey, he slammed the glass down on his desk before carrying on to lecture you “what I’m gettin’ at girl is shut ya mouth in there got it? an’ I mean it. I don’t wan’ nothin’ from you. I need this deal and the last thin’ I fuckin’ need is you tryna input and talkin’ them outta it” he’s right though, you’ve been known in the past to ruin his business deals. You didn’t mean to, you just kind of saw him wrecking it for himself because nine times out of ten he was pissed, and you just try to help which normally ends up making it worse… “All I wan’ you t'do is accompany me an’ look pretty like a fuckin’ secretary should” You nodded in agreement.

Satisfied with his speech Mr. Hill got up and put on his coat before leaving his office “Let’s get this over with then” you followed behind in silence.

The car pulled up at Garrison Lane, the driver nodded to Hill, signalling you’d reached your destination. Lifting his cap in thanks he got out of the car, and walked towards the Garrison pub. You hurriedly followed suit behind him “This is it now (Y/N)” he turned to you and gave what you thought was a very small hint of an appreciated smile, it was very sudden before his face turned to a grimace, he was clearly nervous about meeting the Shelby’s. To be honest you don’t blame him, his entire career and reputation was on the line. Hill had got himself into a war with another gangster family in London. He was losing. He needed the Shelby’s for protection and more for title. If rivalling gangsters and businesses knew that the Shelby’s were working with him, they wouldn’t dare start confrontation.

You both entered the busy pub, expecting to see the Shelby’s straight away you both looked around in an attempt to find them. Well…. You thought they’d be quite distinct from the regular customers, men who’d gone for a beer after their shift or other blokes who’d probably just had an argument with their missus and was drinking beer talking themselves out of their marriage when they know they’ll go back anyway. Same old same old, you liked observing other people and what they were doing, imagining what their lives are like and what they were like.

“Lennie Hill?” Yourself and Hill both turned to the voice, a guy standing behind the bar “I’m Harry, the owner… Mr. Shelby has asked me to look out for you. They’re all waiting for you in here” he gestured to a door. You followed him through into a separate room with a very small seating area just big enough to for you all to comfortably fit in.

“Tommy Shelby” Hill smiled, holding out his hand walking towards the Shelby’s. Neither three of them moved in the slightest, Tommy continued to puff on his cigarette. Hill dropped his hand back down to his waist and sat down opposite the boys. You followed behind sitting down next to him.

Tommy looked at you, and it wasn’t like a glance, it was a long look, he looked you up and down without any expression on his face. You felt slightly embarrassed so moved your eye contact to something different in the room pretending not to notice or be bothered. He turned back to Hill, still smoking on his cigarette “It’s Mr. Shelby to you Lennie. Let’s be professional now…. You know John and Arthur” Tommy gestured to either side of him where a brother sat.

“Of course Mr. Shelby” Hill replied, the nerves had faded from his voice and he sounded serious and a bit more composed.

Tommy finished is cigarette putting out the butt on the table before lighting up another one, he inhaled a long puff “Well…. Lets talk business Mr. Hill”

Harry entered the room, smiling at the Shelby’s, they didn’t seem to mind, you assume they trust him and he knows to keep what he hears to himself. He places another round of drinks on the table for the Shelby’s and gives each of you and Hill a glass of the same before leaving the room again. You managed to nod at him before he left to say thank you, remembering you was under strict instructions not to speak.

Hill took a swig of his drink before explaining his situations and proposing a deal “I’m in a war with the Nickson family. I have more power and money than them but they have a lot more people. I need protection and a title. I need more men and I want the three of you to fight with me if need be.”

The three Shelby brothers looked at each other and rolled their eyes grinning. This is probably a ‘deal’ they are asked for every day with other gangsters as well…. A deal for protection.

Tommy doesn’t hesitate to answer “No”

Hill is slightly taken back by his sudden abrupt reply. He stutters and thinks of something back to say to persuade the Shelby’s.

“Who’s this?” John points to you, turning his head to Hill.

“My secretary. This is (Y/N)”

“Is she mute, why does she not speak?” John raises his eye brow amused at the conversation

You cock your head to one side and smile at him. So desperate to talk. You reckon you could persuade them to make the deal… don’t know how but you’re sure of it. You must be going purple you’re so busting for all these different sentences and words to fly out but you continue to smile at him.

“She knows to be quiet, this is adults business…. It’s not (Y/N)’s strong point” Hill replies with a sly dig to you followed by a laugh. Nobody joins in the Shelby’s sit in silence and look from yourself to him again.

“That’s not very polite” John wags his finger at Hill before looking back to you “I don’ see why you can’t talk love. Your boss hasn’ even proposed a good deal so I would exclude this from adults business” He smiled

You blushed and opened your mouth to reply but you were cut off “Are you a whore?” Your head shot to Tommy who has a blank expression on his face.

Frowning you were about to start insulting the sod for calling you that. Hill could predict what you were about to do so spoke before you could respond. “She’s my secretary”

“I’m talkin’ to the fuckin’ girl, if I wanted to fuckin’ ask you a question I’d fuckin’ talk to you not ‘er” Tommy raised his voice in reply before turning back to me “Are. You. A. Whore?”

Everyone looked to you for a response, you were absolutely fuming, how dare he ask you that, you felt so humiliated and embarrassed. No, you wasn’t to be intimidated by Tommy Shelby like everybody else was. No, you were going to play the bastard at his own game “Do I look like a whore?” you replied politely.

Tommy seemed taken back by your response he took a long puff of his cigarette before furrowing his eyebrows “excuse me?”

“I said, do. I. Look. Like. A. Whore?”

The air was silent for a few seconds “No” Arthur quickly responded before Tommy could say any more on the matter.

“Look Mr. Shelby. I’m prepared to offer a percentage of my income whilst you Shelby’s work with me and on top of that I am prepared to pay a lump sum now” Hill changed topic of conversation, clearly feeling as unpleasant as you did, he too just wanted to settle a deal and leave.

“I fuckin’ said no” Tommy bluntly responded

“Okay, what about thirty per-”

“D'ya not understand you fuckin’ idiot we said no” Arthur shouted, almost repeating his brothers words.

“Look Lennie, I’ll ask you the same thin’ as I ask everyone else who offers us fuckin’ stupid deals. Why should I? How will this benefit us? It will only benefit you. We have our own money and power, we don’ fuckin’ need yours” Tommy questioned Hill making a good point.

Clearly defeated, Hill let out a long exasperated breath. “Very well”

Relieved you both start to get up, Hill realising there’s no way the Shelby’s want business with him. Thank god, you can get out of here.

“Why does she work for you Lennie?” Tommy questioned, talking about you. Your eyes narrowed, why the hell is he bringing this up again.

Feeling deflated Hill responded in a bored, tired manner “Cos’ she does Tommy. Cos’ she’s smart an’ I see potential in her. She’s loyal an’ I pay her well”

Tommy nodded accepting the answer he was given. Just was you were both about to leave he stopped you “Wait”

Hill turned slowly, with his jacket slung over his arm, all he wanted to do was get out of there. He needed to try make new arrangements and plans on what step to make next with his war against the Nickson’s. “Yes?”

“Actually, maybe you have something I want” Tommy stated. John looked towards you and smiled. Your stomach sunk and you got a rush of butterflies all at the same time. You had a very bad feeling about this.

“Anything” Hill replied with a twinge of hope in his voice, suddenly coming to life again.

“(Y/N)” Tommy responded with his demand. Reaching into the inside of his jacket pocket and pulling out another cigarette to smoke.

What do you guys think? I literally just had idea to make a Peaky Blinders fanfic tonight so I haven’t got a title nor many ideas right now for future chapters. I’m not even sure I’ll make more yet. It depends on the response. Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions on what I can do in the future or what I could call the fanfic…. I’d love to here from you!

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I guess you can call this fanart of a fairy tale AU fanfic - namely, The Glass Hill by Igris on AO3. Very well written, and I highly recommend you guys check it out! 

MY GOSH I love Fantasy AUs. 

(P.S. King doesn’t actually show up in the story, but I’d like to imagine he’s Prince Saitama’s unnecessary personal bodyguard or something)