What Would Happen if...

((Hey guys! @asktahliathings and I decided to do a what if scenario where Glass and Tahlia don’t get off to… the best of starts when they first meet. Basically we decided we wanted to see what it would be like if our muses attacked each other right off the bat :3 If you haven’t read our other thread that’s alright you don’t need to to understand what’s going to happen but I suggest you check it out all the same! Obviously this is going to be a non-canon event but I hope you all still enjoy it :) ))

Glass jerked his head in the direction of the noise, eye lights locking on the person who apparently just fell out of a tree. That alone was startling as he thought he had moved far enough away from Snowdin not to run into anyone and it was night, but after a moment of staring through the gloom, he realized that the shadowy figure was a human.

He was on his feet in an instant, more driven by panicked instinct than a conscious thought as he picked up her body with magic and slammed her into the tree behind her. Glass’ left eye glowed a chilling blue as he summoned long, thin bones and pointed them directly at her.

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Currently working on my 3D design hw! Putting scissors through glass heads at 2 in the morning. What are you doing? haha

The task is to choose any well known person and make use of the head to represent who they are, or something about them.

I chose Edward Scissorhands.

Still in progress. Few more pairs to attach.
The scissors are made out of smooth-cast 300 from a mold using styrene & Vacuform. 

Interview at a collage
  • Interviewer:so what would you say is the one main thing your life revolves around?
  • Me:*in my head* probably throne of glass
  • Me:*in my head* or maybe my kittens
  • Interviewer:...
  • Me:*in my head* nope definitely throne of glass
  • Me:well... Erm
  • Me:*in my head* oh god what the fuck am I going to say? Maybe I should make a joke about the sun
  • Me:*laughs* probably my passions, I-i think my passions are defiantly the thing that drives my life the most *awkward smile*
  • Interviewer:*awkward smile back* and what are your passions?
  • Me:*in my head* throne of glass, scratch that all Sarah j Maas books if I'm being honest
  • Me:art, writing and reading
  • Interviewer:*nods* so what books do you like?
  • Me:*in my head* oh for fuck sake
  • Me:well I'd ermm I'd say Of mice of men, definitely a literary masterpiece *laugh*
  • Me:*in my head* more like an absolute pile of depressing dog shit
  • Me:I also love fantasy
  • Interviewer:OH! So like Lord of the rings?
  • Me:*in my head* no. That's the most overly descriptive, wayyyyyy 2 long and boring fantasy book I've ever read
  • Me:oh yeah *smile* that's the one
  • Interviewer:*nods and scribbles on paper, probably writing down about how he can see straight through my lies*
  • Interviewer:and what is the one thing you'd most like to do in life?
  • Me:*in my head* rowan whitethorn
  • Also me:*in my head* Rhys too
  • Me:*smile* well...