FRANCE, Paris : Visitors take photos as they lie down on the new glass floor at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on October 3, 2014. The Eiffel Tower is inaugurating a new glass floor on October 6 that is turning the heads of the millions of tourists who flock to Paris’s best-known landmark every year. AFP PHOTO LIONEL BONAVENTURE

‘Glass floor’ persists in UK research

Young people with parents in highly paid professions still take most of the jobs in science, an analysis of UK labour data suggests. But once they enter a science career, people from different backgrounds tend to earn similar wages, according to the study.

Sociologists have chronicled multiple ways in which the science community does not reflect the diversity of society — including imbalances in gender, race and ethnicity. Studies often find, for example, that women and minorities face a ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents them from advancing to the top levels of their careers. Now, Daniel Laurison and Sam Friedman, two sociologists at the London School of Economics, have looked at scientists through the prism of socioeconomic class, looking for evidence of a barrier to entry, or 'glass floor’.

Their study, which appeared on 23 June in American Sociological Review1, looked at data from the UK Labour Force Survey collected in from July to September 2014, when the survey’s questionnaire for the first time included a question about a parental occupation.

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to go into a science career, but those who do will not face pay gaps similar to those that exist between men and women. Jacobsen/Three Lions/Getty

Happy 180th Birthday Toronto!

In honour of your birthday I am dedicating today’s Throwback Thursday to your most iconic landmark.

The CN Tower

The CN Tower opened in 1976 and was once the tallest free standing structure in the world, today it is only the tallest structure in the America’s, but we don’t tell people that. It is however considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers and hold the record for having the highest wine cellar in the world. The tower cost $63 million to build and took 1,537 workers 40 months to erect this Toronto landmark that welcomes over 2 million visitors a year.

Going up the CN Tower is a really amazing experience.  The elevator makes your ears pop as you ascend high into the sky overlooking the city below. Some of the features that tourist visit while at the CN Tower include: the observation deck, glass floor, 360 revolving restaurant, which is the site of many proposals, and the Sky Pod which is 33 storeys above the observation deck and is so high that you can see Niagara Falls and Rochester, New York. The CN Tower also hosts the annual Edge Walk, which allows daredevils to walk the outer edge of the tower, and a flight stairs which is used for charity events and during power outages.

But let’s focus on my favourite thing which is the glass floor. Now if you are afraid of heights you’re most likely going to hate the glass floor because it looks straight down at the ground which is 1,122 feet below. I loved standing on the glass when I was a kid and I used to jump up and down just to freak out tourists and my dad who thought the glass below would break and send us all to our bloody deaths. The glass floor opened in 1994 at a thickness of 2 ½ .“ It is 256 square feet of solid glass and can support 14 large hippos. It is tested annually to make sure you don’t fall to your death.

We, as Torontonians, know the CN Tower as our major landmark. It is famous for the number of lightning strikes it gets every year, for the various colours it illuminates at night and personally it is my beacon when I am on a bus coming in from out of town, for I know as soon as I see that tower I’m almost home.

Happy Birthday Toronto