Code script put together by Julian Oliver which detects Google Glass devices on a WiFi network and blocks them:

This script is a response to a comment by Omer Shapira that the presence of Google Glass worn by audience at an ITP graduate exhibition left him feeling understandably uneasy; it was not possible to know whether they were recording, or even streaming what they were recording to a remote service over WiFi.

The … script will find and detect Google Glass on the local network and kick them off.

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Steuben Glass, NYC, NY
Photo by Samuel H. Gottscho, 1937

Image via Museum of the City of New York (Prints Available)

Gorgeous office and work spaces of of Steuben Glass, 718 Fifth Avenue. Notice how the glass block walls allow sunlight to filter through the interior. And these people are designing glass, remember! 

This exterior shot shows that it wasn’t only the front of the building that was faced with glass block, but the side:

External image