glass widow

Episode 11 of Here’s Wynonna!

I notice my post are getting too long so for now on I’m going to try and short and sweet. Plus for some unbeknownst reason every time I do one of these post lately my computer sticks and I lose all my hard work. (It probably didn’t help that I threatened to put it down like a revenant scum)

So here goes!

The barn blows up and everyone dies!

Not really.

Doc is stuck in the well, but gets out thanks to Steve who points out that Doc’s the Boss and is in control of the Revenants, and finds out that Waverly’s surname in now Gibson?? and that Wynonna’s Nedley is dead *sob*

*Sheriff* Nicole Haught is dealing with paperwork (and a Lonnie) when she notices that it’s nearly 12 o’clock and decides to freshen up

Just in time for an angel to arrive

Waverly Ear-Gibson has brought her some lunch 

Pickles? Oh! now that tweet makes sense!

Waves needs to fill out a change of name forum for when she “marries” Perry, so Nicole fills it out for her.

September 8th right? *scribbles that down in note book*

Waverly nervous about getting married, saying it’s like running to a cliff getting ready to fall.

Beautifully said.


Waverly gets a text from Perry saying he’s outside, so she leaves while Nicole has lunch.

God damn it Lonnie! Let the woman eat her disgusting pickles in peace!

After facing Doll’s, getting knocked out by Nicole, stuck in a glass cell with Black Widow Mercedes, having said cell broken into by Black Widow Beth, and nearly getting shot by Jeremy (phew!) Doc convinces Jer that the time they’re in is altered and goes to find Waverly

But Waverly does not recognise him and then Dolls turns up so they have a shoot out (that does “not” involve Waverly!) with Dolls shot and on the floor Doc leans over him and gets shot by Dolls, but it’s his works to Waverly that’s hits the mark.

“baby girl”

Waverly is upset that Doc is dead, but tells Nicole that he mentioned an Iron Witch, Nicole recognises the name and knows where to find her, Waverly asks her if they can go to her, Nicole says yes (unofficially)

Smooth move Haughtstuff

So, your marrying Perry but you’re sniffing another woman, hmm?  

Jeremy finds Doll’s at the boarder, he’s dying and is happy he’s killed Doc, or so he thought

With his last breath, the name of love passes through his lips, and like said name, ceases to exist.


Waverly and Nicole find Gretta, she’s got one eye and her sister is still dead, she wants everything back the way it was and shows them the spell she’s worked on to try and lift the wish she made.

Soft Nicole, Warm Nicole, little ball of Love. Happy Nicole, Sleepy Nicole, wake the f**k up.

After visiting him once (which was supper creepy) Waverly frees psycho Bobo to help them get onto the Earp land

Bad Bobo! Bad!

While helping them to find where the talisman is buried, Bobo realises that this is another “tap” in his coffin

She most certainly is.

Nicole and Waverly take on the Revenants 


and find Jeremy and Rosita hiding in the barn

Rosita tells Waves where the trophy is and goes outside to buy them some time

Waverly gets a call from Perry and tells him it’s not a good time because she’s in a barn covered in explosives 

That’s what you get for staring at Nicole for too long

They need to destroy the trophy with fire, so Waverly decides to blow herself up

and so does Nicole

and Jeremy to

Um, guys? there’s like, no time for that.

And so, they blow themselves up

This looks like something out of Looney Tunes.

Jeremy thinks they should find out if Doll’s and Doc are back

Damn it guys, not again!

Waverly decides that to truly find out if the sell has been reversed (and see if Bobo is really back) they first need to find Wynonna

Laying on the Earp land, a big belly and it’s groggy owner begin to wake up

Could the “different” be that one minute you were talking to Doll’ s holding the plate, and the next minute you not only ceased to exist, but have somehow ended up laying on grass by where the third seal is broken by Bobo?

Typical Wynonna, who cares if the end is neigh when you’ve got grass in the ass.

Though hopefully now things will all work out, positive thinking can be helpful

Yes, it is.

Shut it brain.

Sea Glass

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Summary: Bucky has never been to the beach and you are determined to get him there.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, mentions of Clint Barton

Warnings: None

A/N: This is literally just fluff, fluff, and more fluff. Hope you like it! // Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. School just started and I am really overwhelmed right now. Hopefully I can get something else out soon. Please send in requests!

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the jealous!mercy au

suggested by an anon!

  • mercy isn’t really the type to get jealous
  • that’s what she’s always told herself
  • so the reason she’s staring daggers at the woman sitting with fareeha is not because she’s jealous
  • it’s because she’s concerned for fareeha’s safety
  • you never know what might happen
  • despite the fact that the woman was her childhood friend and fareeha’s armed with no less than three guns
  • the woman laughs and touches fareeha’s arm
  • angela’s jaw clenches.
  • lena slides in next to her.
  • ‘y’know, there’s an expression that goes, if looks could kill…’
  • ‘what do you want, lena.’
  • lena’s eyebrows rise slightly at her tone
  • ‘i was just checkin’ up on ya. you’ve been glarin’ over there for the past hour.’
  • the past hour, during which fareeha has decided to become best friends with this fucking woman
  • ‘i’m. fine.’
  • ‘okay, okay.’
  • lena disappears to a little booth in the corner, and whispers in widow’s ear
  • the woman smiles, leans closer. fareeha grins, lopsided. mercy scowls.
  • ‘careful, dr. ziegler.’
  • widowmaker.
  • ‘what?’ she snaps.
  • ‘one might think you were jealous.’
  • ‘i am not. i am looking out for her.’
  • ‘you know perfectly well how capable amari is of defending herself.’
  • ‘that doesn’t mean anything in a setting like this.’
  • widow scoffs. ‘of course not.’
  • they sit in silence for a moment, and then widow leans closer.
  • ‘i do not think that you care for her as a friend. tell me, what is your word- ah, yes. die Freundin.’
  • mercy tenses. ‘i told you-’ she growls, voice like shards of glass, but widow cuts her off.
  • ‘imagine,’ she whispers, voice low, ‘imagine her smiling at someone else, whispering quiet words of love to someone else, playing soft guitar for someone else, carrying someone else into the sky, imagine her making coffee for someone else, cooking for someone else, kissing someone else, imagine her loving someone else.’
  • the woman leans closer, presses a kiss to fareeha’s cheek. fareeha laughs.
  • ‘and imagine this. i know you’ve thought about it before- imagine her moving underneath you, muscles flexing, whispering low, fast arabic, your nails leaving bright red streaks down her back, how she would tense as you tipped her over the edge- you’ve imagined it.’
  • mercy’s muscles are tight now, shaking.
  • widow leans in, delivers the killing blow.
  • ‘so why can’t you imagine her with someone else?’
  • the stem of the wineglass snaps, and crimson wine swirls down mercy’s white knuckles.
  • widow smirks, rises to leave.
  • ‘you do not have much time, dr. ziegler,’ she calls. ‘fareeha amari is extremely desirable.’
  • and now the woman’s leaning in, and mercy rises, shoving her way through the crowd, and then she strides toward fareeha, and in one quick movement, pushes her up against the bar, and kisses her
  • it’s hot and hungry and a little bit mean, and both of them moan slightly
  • mercy pulls back, gauging fareeha’s reaction with terrified eyes
  • fareeha looks at her, and shakes her head, smile slowly growing.
  • ‘took you long enough.’
Glasses- Natasha Romanoff

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You sighed as you rummaged through everything on the table, but it was pretty much impossible to find what you were looking for. It was kind of a cruel situation.

Without your glasses you couldn’t see, but you needed to find your glasses so that you could see. It was a vicious cycle. As you couldn’t see without your glasses, you could find them, meaning you couldn’t have good sight until you were wearing them.

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Deleted lines from The Avengers script #448
  • Loki: If it's all the same to you...I'll have that drink now.
  • Tony: Sure.
  • Tony: *(heads behind bar)* Let me make you my signature cocktail...,maple Bourbon, banana puree, apple cider...
  • Loki: *(eyes widen in anticipation)*
  • Tony: ...mayonnaise, peppercorns, mustard powder...
  • Natasha: Don't forget the Tabasco.
  • Loki: *(smiles)* "Ta-ba-sco"...?
  • Tony: *(passive-aggresively shakes cocktail)*
  • Tony: *(pours Loki a glass)*
  • Loki: *(gulps entire thing)*
  • Loki:
  • Loki:
  • *(LATER)*:
  • Loki: *(continues to puke)*
  • Loki:
  • Thor: Hahaha!
  • Thor: *(drinks third glass)*
  • Thor: Lightweight.
TOG + Marvel universe Civil War

Bucky = Dorian

Steve = Chaol

Tony Stark = Rowan

Black Widow = Aelin


 - Chaol would do ANYTHING to protect Dorian just like Steve would do anything for Bucky

- Rowan and Chaol are friends even though they come from totally different backgrounds and don’t always see eye to eye just like Steve and Tony

- Aelin is a total badass just like Black Widow

any other comparisons??

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 25- Do You Believe in Magic
Summary: He’s waiting for her to finish her shift at the hospital, when a very intriguing patient of hers catches his attention. Kids are certainly weird creatures.
A/N: AHH! Another theme I had to struggle to write! All the ideas were AUs and then I kept thinking about that quotation, and then there was Moana and then I cracked XD Just kidding, guys… I’ve tried something different with this one, and I wanted it to be shorter, too, but in the end I guess I couldn’t really write less than 2,5K words XD Still, I loved the way it turned out! Hope you enjoy it, and please, tell me your opinion!!
The hospital cafeteria is by far the best place where those destined to wait can literally sit and relax. The chairs are comfortable, the disinfectant smell gives the feeling of a safe atmosphere and the large variety of food certainly helps those who must spend hours confined in those white walls. It’s the perfect place for those who want to take a break from all that stress caused by all kinds of illness and procedures; and certainly the one place where those who can’t allow themselves to sleep go to remain awake for the following hours. The demand for coffee is abnormal, but thanks to her, the Uchiha understands the importance behind that beverage.

For the Konoha Hospital is never quiet or empty not even during peaceful times, the medics aren’t allowed to be sleepy or tired at all. They have to be alert at all times whether they like it or not, and of course the pink haired woman- aka the head medic of the hospital, is one of those whose vital functions are fueled by caffeine. If she has coffee, he’s seen, then she can go on for days without anything else in her stomach. That woman is certainly neglecting when it comes to her own health, therefore his presence there is more than just necessary, as he waits for her shift to end so they can go grab something decent to eat.

What an annoying woman, he thinks. Making him wait like that almost every week after her night shifts. She should feel guilty for making him go through those silent, lonely hours just so that he could make sure she would take care of herself.

Annoying, indeed.

Luckily, waiting was never a problem for Sasuke. As long as there’s nothing bothering him, the raven haired man can be alone with his thoughts for hours. Time is precious, and thanks to his grumpy reputation, no one in the hospital dared bother him.

No one who actually knew him.

“ Hey, ojji-san… Do you believe in magic?”

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