glass ware


The cover for this week’s issue, “Mirror,” becomes a story of its own in an animated video. The story, narrated by Ira Glass and co-produced by “This American Life,” was illustrated by Chris Ware and John Kuramoto and features music by Nico Muhly. Learn more about how it came to be. 

Lapidot Wedding Headcanons

Just for fun, and for the @lapidot-week-2016 prompt

  • Lapis definitely doesn’t wear shoes, even in her big puffy white sundress
  • They both have red bow ties and Peridot has a top hat with a green alien pin on it
  • It was Steven’s idea, he’s the ring boy, priest and flower bearer 
  • On the off chance someone mistakenly shows Peridot anime, she does do the naruto run down the aisle and runs headlong into the podium
  • Their reception music is a combination of metal spoons hitting glass ware and this song over and over again (as Zuke predicted)
    • it’s awkwardly ominous and lil sexy 
  • Lapis vapes during the dinner to make people uncomfortable (as she does), while she asserts without blinking ‘it’s who I am now’
  • They nose bump gently before they the big kiss and do a lil forehead tap afterwards while giggling
  • They quote CPH as their vows, not even good ones, but ones like ‘poutine has some of the highest calorie counts. But it’s still worth it.’ And other stuff like ‘you are the phone charger to my 1% battery.’
  • Steven is incredibly satisfied by having a wedding anyway and Lapis and Peridot wear each others gemstones on rings for months after