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Center Stage

This is my first Malec week submission. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Hope you like this.

Magnus had been in a frenzy all week. He was planning a birthday party for Alec and he wanted everything perfect.

He’d been trying to do most of the work while Alec was at the Institute so he couldn’t complain about him over doing things.

“Just don’t go over- board, please? You know I’m not that sort of person. That’s your department.” He had said to him one night a few weeks before hand when they had been snuggled up on the sofa together in the loft when Magnus had told him what he wanted to do.

“I know, my love, but I just think it would be a great opportunity to get all our friends and your parents and Max together. We haven’t had a party since Max’s ruin ceremony.”

“Yeah, and look what happened then. Just promise me you’ll keep a lid on it. It will be the first time that Mum and Dad will be here since they divorced. Dad mentioned the last time I spoke to him that he was seeing someone so that should be interesting.” Alec raised his eye brows. Magnus gave his hand a comforting pat.

“I’m sure it will be fine. It’s been two years since then and I’m sure they have both moved on from any hostilities.”

“Yeah, I’m not holding my breath on that one.”

It was now the day before the party and Magnus was in a whirlwind of activity in the loft. He had done the decorating himself, basing the theme on their last trip away together in Morocco. Rich, deep jewelled colours of dark red, peacock blue, emerald green, dark pink and a rich gold filled the living area in beautiful glass mosaic lamps and candle holders. He had tented the roof from the centre of the ceiling in heavy silk material in the chosen colours, a magnificent coloured glass chandelier the centrepiece.

Magnus had replaced the sofas with piles of large floor cushions and richly upholstered chairs. He had organised caterers to prepare a buffet of traditional food with a few planner dishes as well. He had to laugh a little when Izzy had offered to help with the cooking.

She and Simon had been together for just over a year now and they had moved in together about six months ago but from the amount of times they had ended up at the loft for dinner with he and Alec, Magnus was sure her cooking skills still left a lot to be desired.

The caterers arrived to start bringing in their equipment and unpacking the crockery, glass ware and cutlery. Magnus smiled when he saw Clary sneaking in behind them. She stood in the room, hands on her hips, looking around.

“Well Magnus, I have to say, I think you’ve out done yourself this time. It looks absolutely beautiful.” She said, smiling at him.

“Thank you, Biscuit, I’m glad you think so. I just hope Alexander feels the same. He did warn me about over doing things.”

“I’m sure he’ll love it. Especially when he gets his “special” present. It will all be worth it.”  Clary gave him a wink.

Magnus had let her in on the special gift he had prepared for Alec. He had gotten it a month ago and he had needed to trust someone with it so he hadn’t been tempted to give it to him early or run the risk of Alec finding it.

Clary was the only person he had entrusted with it. He had thought about giving it to Caterina but she was so busy with Madsi now be didn’t want her to forget to bring it with her to the party.

“You haven’t told that big mouth boyfriend of yours, have you? I know what Jace is like. He can’t keep anything to himself for long.” Magnus asked, giving her a worried look.

“No, I haven’t and it’s not from his lack of trying to get it out of me either. He’s done everything but hold a seraph blade to my throat and he knows that I’d probably beat him with that as well. You’re secret’s safe with me, Magnus. I can’t wait.”

Alec had arrived home just as the last of the caterers had left for the evening. He walked in the door and just shook his head. Magnus obviously had no clue what ‘keeping it simple” meant. But he had to admit, it did look fantastic.

Magnus came up to him and handed him one of his special cocktails.

“Welcome home, my love. Hard day at the office?” He took a sip from his own glass, his eyes never moving from Alec’s face.

“I thought we agreed to tone it down, Magnus? You call this simple?”

“well, yes, actually. It could have been worse, I could have moved the loft to Morocco for the night. This was much easier. I heard from your parents earlier. They arrived here safely from Idris and are very comfortable at the apartments I organised for them.”

“I hope they’re on separate floors.”

“Oh don’t be like that, they were fine with the arrangements and they said to tell you they would see you tomorrow night.”

“Did Max come as well?”

“Yes, he’s staying with your mother. Maryse did happen to mention he is currently going through his angsty teenager phase so we should be prepared for that.” Alec gave a small laugh. It was hard for him to realise that his little brother was growing up. It only seemed liked yesterday when his mother was accusing him of being the same way. Only he knew it was for a different reason than Max’s would be.

The next day went quickly and Alec had Clary and Izzy pushing him out the door early so he could go home and get ready for his party. He had already had a small celebration with some of the other Shadowhunters at lunch time in the Institute’s dining room. Izzy had proudly brought out a rather lop sided, frosting smothered cake that she had made for him and the members that had been there all sang happy birthday to him.

He had arrived at the loft to find magnus running around attending to all the last-minute details and he had shooed him into the shower the second he had hit the door. He was already looking wonderful in his signature silk shirt, embroidered waist coat and black slim fitting pants. His makeup done perfectly as always.

Alec found a brand-new suit and shirt waiting for him when he came back into the bedroom. It was beautifully tailored and he shook his head when he saw the designer label inside the coat. Magnus never did things by halves, that was for sure.

Two hours later, and the room was filled with their family and friends. Maryse came with Max, who looked like he would of rather been running drills with one of his instructors instead of being there.

Robert Lightwood had arrived with his girlfriend and introduced her to Magnus and Alec. She had seemed very nice if not a bit nervous. Clary and Jace were sitting on the floor cushions with Izzy and Simon, laughing and joking with each other. Caterina was there with Madsi who was clinging shyly to her arm. She was still not used to events that had a lot of people at them.

As the night went on, Magnus sought out Clary and they ducked into the bedroom together.

“Here it is, Magnus. Safe and sound. I hope you don’t mind but I did have a peek at it and it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen, so unique.”

“Yes, you have no idea what I had to do to get it but I’d do it all again for Alexander. Wish me luck, Biscuit.” Clary gave him a warm hug.

“It’ll be fine. Go for it.” She told him and they headed back out to the party. Magnus searched the room for his boyfriend. He was talking to his mother on the other side of the room. He took a deep breath and started towards him when one of the caterers came up to him about a problem in the kitchen. He went with her to sort it out and then headed back to find Alec.

He only got another two steps before someone pulled him up to talk to him and he tried to be polite but his nerves were really getting to him. After the third person had stopped him he had reached his limit.

“Excuse me, everyone. I want to thank you all for coming to help celebrate Alexander’s birthday with us and I hope you are enjoying yourselves. I have been trying to get to my beloved for half an hour now and I can’t wait any longer. Alexander, can you come here please?” He looked around and saw Alec weave his way to him and stand at his side. Magnus closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“My special Shadow hunter here didn’t want a fuss made for his birthday and he probably thinks that I went too far, yet again but I wanted to make tonight as special as possible for a good reason.” A round of laughter went around the room as everyone watched them. Alec ran a finger around the inside of his collar, nervously. He had always been uncomfortable being the centre of attention. Magnus turned to face him and grabbed his hand. There was something about the way he was looking at him that made him hold his breath.

“Alexander, I want all our friends and family know how much I truly love you. You’ve been there for me in so many ways over the past two years and I hope I have done the same for you. I told you once that you had unlocked something in me and I was right. You had the key to my heart.”

 Magnus took a small red leather box out of his pocket and went down on one knee. The room went completely silent and Alec felt his heart jump into his throat. Magnus opened the case and held it up to him. His eyes grew wide as he saw a ring that had a magical jewel in its center. It was a deep purple and seemed to swirl around like a miniature galaxy. It was breath taking.

“Alexander Gideon Lightwood, would you marry me?” Magnus said, his voice wavering slightly with emotion.

Alec looked to his face and saw tears filling his eyes.  There was only ever going to be one answer.

“Yes, Magnus, I can’t wait to marry you.” The tears streamed down Magnus’ cheeks and he took the ring from its case and slid it onto Alec’s finger before standing up to take him in his arms and kiss him soundly. A loud cheer went up from around the room and everyone came over to congratulate them. Alec felt overwhelmed by all the well-wishers and never let Magnus’ hand go once. Clary, Izzy and even his mother were all in tears and he ended up with a damp shoulder by the time they had let him go. This was one time that Alec had never been happier to be center stage.

almost everything that I love in one photograph ~ crystals, seashells, plants and antiques 😌 there’s vintage glass ware and trinkets, the ivy plant I just bought, the daisies and wildflowers I picked (some are dried), a few crystals and even some moss and feathers I’ve found 🌿🌸🌾🐚✨

First day nerves.

day five of Malec week  - non supernatural Au

Alec Lightwood said a silent prayer that his nerves wouldn’t get the best of him as he got off the elevator and into the offices of the advertising agency that he was about to have his first day of work with.

He went up to the high reception desk, it was all polished wood and stainless steel and told them who he was. The pretty young girl with a thick mane of long red hair directed him to a waiting area and he sat down on a hard-black leather sofa, probably designed to keep people from getting too comfortable.  The view from the floor to ceiling windows was spectacular, a complete vista of the bustling city below.

“Mr Lightwood, Mr Bane will see you now, please follow me.” Alec got up, pushing his dark framed glasses back up his nose and followed the pretty redheaded receptionist up a hall way to his right. As they walked, Alec couldn’t help but notice the size of the heels on the girl’s shoes as the clicked on the tiled floor. He was so glad that he wasn’t female and have to deal with such seemingly impossible tasks such as walking on high heels. He could be so uncoordinated at times, he’s probably break his neck if he’d have to of done it.

They stopped at a set of clouded glass double doors, a stylized letter ‘B’ etched in the glass. The girl knock softly before opening the door and walking through. Alec took a deep breath as he heard her tell the boss that he was here. She opened the door wider and waved him through.

Alec squared his shoulders and tried to seem as confident as possible before he entered the office.

A large desk with a glass top sat in front of the same huge windows as the reception area. Aa high backed office chair was turned backwards behind it and he could hear a deep male voice talking from behind it. He took the opportunity to look around. The office seemed bigger than his own apartment. There were shelves with various expensive looking glass ware and figurines on them and the white walls had antique advertising posters on them. There was even a pair of white leather sofas and a glass coffee table to one side. A door stood slightly ajar on one side of the room where a glimpse of tiled floor showed through which looked like a bathroom. Alec snapped back to reality when he heard the man behind the chair finish off his conversation. Here we go, he thought and took in a deep breath.

The chair spun around and the man occupying it was the hottest guy Alec had ever seen in his life. He really had to fight with himself to maintain control of himself. Black hair that was cut very short at the side of his head was longer on the top and fell over one side of his brow. His skin was a light mocha and its smooth surface made Alec’s fingers itch to feel it beneath his fingertips. His eyes were a deep enough brown that the pupils weren’t visible from where he was standing and his small nose and perfect mouth completed his handsome face. He wore a suit that was perfectly tailored for him and Alec knew it would of cost more than he made in a month. He stood up and buttoned the jacket with long elegant fingers which were adorned with several rings.  He came around from behind the desk to greet him. He seemed to move his tall frame with a fluid motion of a dancer. He smiled, curving those fabulous lips up at the corners and stuck out a hand.

“Alec Lightwood? Magnus Bane. Welcome to the company.” Alec took his hand in his own. He almost lost control when he felt the soft skin against his. He’d been so right about that.

“Thank you, Mr Bane. I’m happy to be here.” He said, hoping his voice didn’t betray the way he felt inside. Now he was this he could take in the smell of his exotic aftershave or cologne, it made his already racing heart beat even faster.

Those bottomless brown eyes seemed to bore into him and Alec prayed he wouldn’t blush. Did the man always look at new employees like that?

“Let me show you to your office and you can get started then. And please, call me Magnus.” He walked to the door and pulled it open waving Alec through and the headed back up the hallway and back through the reception area to another hall way. Alec noticed heads turning as they went. Not that he could blame them Magnus bane was hard to miss.

The stopped at the third door on the left-hand side and Magnus opened it for him. The room held a desk, computer and a set of shelves. A sloped drawing board sat to the left of the desk and faced a large window. Wow, he was going to have a view.

“I hope you find everything to your liking. I’ll get our office manager to come in and give you all the details you’ll need and show you around the rest of the office. I hope you’ll be happy with us. I’ve heard great things about you.” Magnus told him.

That’s very kind of you, thanks I’m sure I’ll have everything I need.” Alec pushed his glasses back up his nose again. He could have sworn he saw a small smirk tilt his lips before he headed for the door. He paused in the hallway and turned back to face him.

“I hope to see you around, Alexander.” He said before disappearing back up the hall way.

Alec fell into his chair and put a hand over his chest feeling the rapid thump of his heart. Wow, that was totally unexpected. It was going to make things difficult for him to be the new guy and have a giant crush on the boss.

Alec settled in to his work and was pleased to be able to immerse himself in it so it left very little time for his thought to stray to the exceptional Magnus Bane.

Just before lunch, Alec had gathered a pile of papers he needed to copy and he scooped them up from his desk and headed for the door, rifling through them as he went. He collided with a hard surface that also smelt very familiar. His head flew up to see Magnus Bane only an inch in front of him. His paperwork fell to the floor in a flurry of paper, clouding the floor. He felt like a deer caught in a set of headlights, dazed and temporarily rendered immobile. God, why did the man have to smell so damn good? He had little choice but to look directly into his eyes and he thought he saw something flicker in them. Alec realised that magnus had moved his face slightly closer to him and he felt a warm heat rising from deep with in him. Holy shit! Was this really happening?

Then he made the mistake of blinking and Magnus seemed to snap out of it and pull back. Alec dropped to his knees, frantically gathering his paperwork. He tilted his head up to look up at his boss. For a few seconds, Alec saw the man look down at him with gaze that was pure sin. His blood ran cold through his veins. sweet Jesus, had he really seem that?

“I’m so sorry Mr Bane. I should have been looking where I was going.” He stuttered and he slowly stood back up clutching the shambled papers to his chest.

“That’s fine, Alexander, and please call me Magnus. How are things going?” he asked.

“It’s been great so far, thanks.”

“I’ll let you get back to it then. Hope to bump into you again sometime.” He said, smiling back at him. Alec’s knees wanted to give way.

“Ha-ha, yeah me too.” He laughed nervously. Magnus continued to move down the hall way and headed for the copy room. When he reached it, he closed the door behind him and dumped the papers on top of one of the machines before leaning his arms over the top and resting his head on them.

Had that really happened? Was he imagining things or did that gorgeous hunk of a man look like he was tempted to kiss him? Of all the ways he had thought his first day would go, this wasn’t even a possibility. He pulled himself together and took a couple of deep breaths before he got on with the task he had gone there for.

The afternoon passed quickly and as it got nearer to the end of his day, Alec realised he was disappointed that there had been no more chance meetings with Magnus. He straightened his desk and was turning off his computer when a knock on his door made him look up. The red headed receptionist came into his office.

“Mr Bane would like to see you before you go, Mr Lightwood.” She said and then left. OH God, here were go, he was probably going to get fired for being a  bumbling idiot and stuffing something up. Alec over looked his clothes and buttoned his suit jacket and headed up the hall way.

The office had grown quiet, most of the other employees having already gone for the day. He walked passed the reception desk and saw that even it was empty. Alec paused half way up the hall. Oh no, what if Magnus had picked up on his attraction to him and he was going to tell him it wasn’t going to work out if he felt that way? Maybe he had imagined everything from earlier that day, that it had all been just his over active imagination. He swallowed hard and headed for the two glass doors.

He knocked and heard Magnus tell him to come in. He stepped through the door and it closed behind him with a click. Magnus was leaning on the front of his desk, his butt just resting on the surface. He had taken off his jacket and was only in shirt and tie, his long legs clad in the dark material of his pants were stuck out at an angle, ankles crossed.

“Please Alexander, come in.” he encouraged and Alec walked a few more steps into the room, close enough to be able to admire those broad shoulders and the way the material of his shirt hugged his biceps. No, stop it! He had to quit that. If it didn’t get him fired now it would eventually, he was sure.

“So, how did your first day go?’ Magnus asked, slowly undoing the knot of his tie. Alec wished he would stop doing that. Why it was affecting him so much he had no idea.

“It was great, thanks. I really enjoyed it.” He said and he was dismayed to hear the slight tremor in his voice.

Magnus got up from the desk, his tie in his hand, and walked over to him. Alec felt his breath hitch and then stop completely.

“You know, when I saw your resume I had no idea how good looking you were.” He said, his voice low and deep. Wait, what? When Alec didn’t reply, he went on.

“Am I right to presume you feel something similar about me?” Magnus was now standing an inch from him. His hand came up and fingered the lapel of his jacket, his eyes capturing his full attention. Alec couldn’t think straight anymore. This was too surreal. He felt his head nodding and he automatically raised his hand to push his glasses up on his nose. Magnus took in a deep breath, closing his eyes in a slow blink.

“Do you have any idea how hot that is? But I bet you look even better without them.” He reached up and removed Alec’s glasses making him blink rapidly to refocus his eyes.

“I was right, you are. There’s something I’ve wanted to do all day, since you stepped foot into my office.” He half whispered. Alec could feel his whole body bunched up tightly, dare he ask?

“What’s that?”

“this.” Magnus plunged that beautiful mouth down on his, kissing him with a force that had Alec wanting to melt in a puddle at his feet. A hand came up behind the back of his neck, fingers digging into the skin. Alec found his own arms circling his narrow waist, feeling the firmness of his solid body below the material of his shirt. When Magnus finally raised his head, his eyes shiny with need, Alec gulped in some hard breaths. How had he not taken a breath for that long? A slow smile played across his whole face. Magnus returned his look.

“Welcome to the company, Alexander. I can tell you have a lot of promise.”  Alec have a short laugh.

“Best first day ever.” He whispered before tasting those lips once more.

Inexplicable Pull

Prompted by the fabulous malkkum about seven months ago, and it’s finally done. 

Word Count: 15,164

Rating: M for smut 


It was unavoidable. Cordelia knew the day had to come, but that didn’t soften the blow one bit. It was a distant thought, then month away, then only a week and suddenly she was setting her alarm knowing that she would have to wake up to everyone congratulating her.

It was the anniversary of her Supremacy and though the girls had managed to keep most of the details quiet, the headmistress was expecting a celebration. Cordelia had done good for the Coven; it was in a better place than it had ever been before. She couldn’t deny she was a good Supreme. 

But as she laid her head on her pillow, alone in her king sized bed, all she thought about was the fact that she’d done it all without Misty Day by her side. A tear slipped down her cheek and onto the pillow and she wiped her eyes in hopes of keeping the rest at bay. She knew this pain would only be worse tomorrow, but she resolved that no matter how much her heart ached, she wouldn’t show it in front of her girls. 

Misty had been the greatest blessing in her life. Cordelia knew it was her job to protect Misty—to teach her, guide her, help her grow as a witch— but in the end Misty had done that for her. Misty had looked at her like she was the most important person in the world, listened to her every word, reminded her that she still had something to give. Somehow, she seemed to know exactly what Cordelia needed, be it a lengthy hug, dancing to Stevie or time alone under the evening sky, even when Cordelia herself didn’t. In the eventful few weeks they’d spent together, Cordelia felt more deeply connected to Misty than anyone she’d ever known. She hadn’t realized it until Misty was gone, but she was in love with her. 

Cordelia rolled over onto her side, looking wistfully at the left side of her bed that she still didn’t dare sleep on. Misty had once slept there, an angel with long eyelashes fluttering against her cheeks and her wild blonde hair fanned out across the pillow. Cordelia thought about the nights she’d shared her bed with the swamp witch often. She replayed every moment in her head, how soft Misty’s skin was, how many times she’d been inches away from kissing her, how perfectly their bodies melted together. None of that had crossed her mind while it was happening—she was comforting her closest friend, nothing more. She tried to push the thoughts of how things could have gone differently out of her mind, but they always seemed to lie there on the empty side of the bed.

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breannestyles  asked:

Heyy my name is breanne I'm 16 and I was wondering if you could write an imagine for me with Ethan I was thinking that it would be smut at first and lead in to fluffy and cute 😊 I'm 5'4 I have long brown hair with natural blonde highlights, I have green eyes and also ware glasses. I love to listen to music and hang out with my friends and oh yea I love food 😍 Yea that's me, Thanks !!

Hey! I can do this idea and use your looks, but I’ll still use Y/N!


The cover for this week’s issue, “Mirror,” becomes a story of its own in an animated video. The story, narrated by Ira Glass and co-produced by “This American Life,” was illustrated by Chris Ware and John Kuramoto and features music by Nico Muhly. Learn more about how it came to be. 

Supercorp: Supergirl, Thats a window!

Kara smiles as she flies over the city lights becoming brighter as the sun begins to set. Today was a hard and long day, she was working at Catco working on a new piece then got called in around 3pm at the DEO where she had to wrestle some prisoners back into their cells then Alex wanted to try some more workouts and weapons out with her superhero sister. Then around 6pm Kara was sent out to go stop a car chase and give back the money that they had stolen. So finally at 7:45pm when Kara was told she could go home for the day she jumped up and flew before anyone could say Supergirl.

Closing her eyes the hero flew up high and then just stopped letting herself fall and let herself enjoy the feeling of the window in her hair, the cold air washing over her face. 
Suddenly Kara thinks of Lena, the brunette who’s taken over Kara’s thoughts ever since she met the CEO when she was with her cousin. Thoughts of her smile, her lips take over Kara’s brain. She smiles thinking of Lena’s voice, the way it captivates her and has slowly become Kara’s favourite sound. The bright colour of her eyes that have now become her favourite colour. All Kara can think is how she wants to be around the other woman all the time, how she wants to take her out on dates, make her smile with stupid jokes and how she wants to be the first thought of the beautiful woman when she wakes, how she wants to kiss her.

Kara is snapped out her thoughts when she’s suddenly falling faster then she thought she would be, how she’s not high up in the sky anymore, how she is now suddenly face to face with a huge clear window. In a split second Kara is slamming straight into a window and is now laying on the floor of someone’s balcony.

Jumping Lena spills her wine at the sound of a huge crash, jumping to her feet Lena rushes over to her balcony to see Supergirl laying on her floor having just crash face on with her window. The blonde is adorably rubbing her nose and Lena can’t help but think she still looks beautiful even though she has just facepalmed straight into her window.
Opening her door “Supergirl? Are you okay?” Lena says watching the blonde.

Kara snaps her head up at the sound of Lena’s worried voice, ‘oh god I’ve just flown straight into the woman I was thinking about window’
“Lena, oh god I’m so sorry” She stutters out “God come in, what happened?” Lena says looking up at the sky to make sure no one is planning on coming to blow up her building.
“I am so sorry, I was thinking about y-stuff and just got carried away” Kara says following the other woman who has now walked back into her office.
Lena stops in front of Kara checking her over even know she know’s that the blonde hero can’t be hurt from a window, well apart from her ego. And it melts Kara’s heart to think that Lena actually worries about her.

Kara notices the spilled wine and rushes over to clean it up “I’m so sorry” she repeats and franticly cleans the drink up but stops when Lena places a hand on Kara’s back “Hey, Kara stop” Suddenly Kara freezes “What, how-I’m not Kara” she says making Lena smile “It’s okay I won’t tell a soul, if I was going too I would of already” She smirks “How-how do you know? Am I that obvious?” She says franticly trying to now think of how many others know who she is really.
“Kara, I only know cause I pay attention too you, how when you’re waring glasses you always push them up but when you aren’t you scrunch up you’re nose adorably” she says smiling at a now blushing Kara “I knew because of your eyes, they are the same beautiful colour and how you’re never in the same room together even know you’re ‘friends’ and how protective you are over Supergirl” Lena finishes now having Kara facing her fully.

Kara blushes and scrunches up her nose “Yeah that” Lena laughs she watches as Kara see’s the doughnuts on her desk “Do you want one?” she says and watches as Kara stutters out a “No I’m fine thankyou” but she gives it away by not looking at her and licking her lips. Slowly Lena picks one up and hands it to Kara, who’s eyes light up. “Here” she whispers and smiles at the blonde as she takes the sugary treat eagerly.
Lena leans back and picks one up herself. She captivated by the strong women who suddenly becomes a puppy when sugar is in the equation. Lena smiles as Kara licks her fingers and hums in approval “Kara you have a little-” Lena says noticing the sugar on the corner of her lips.

Kara blushes and moves her hand to wipe it away but is stopped by Lena “Let me” she whispers and Lena leans forward and kisses Kara. Kara gasps at the feeling of having the woman she is slowly falling in love with lips on hers. Suddenly Lena pulls back “I’m sorry” Lena says and Kara smiles “No” she says and carefully takes her face in her hands and pulls Lena back in for a kiss who is now smiling.

Resting their foreheads together after 10 minutes of kissing and smiling Kara speaks up “I should of flown into your window earlier.”
Laughing Lena nods “Maybe but you have now and you should do it more so we can do this more” she says kissing Kara again who grins.
“Only if I can take you out on a date” She says nervously.

Smiling her beautiful smile Lena nods “Tomorrow, pick me up at 7pm and don’t fly into any other windows she says making Kara blush.

Lapidot Wedding Headcanons

Just for fun, and for the @lapidot-week-2016 prompt

  • Lapis definitely doesn’t wear shoes, even in her big puffy white sundress
  • They both have red bow ties and Peridot has a top hat with a green alien pin on it
  • It was Steven’s idea, he’s the ring boy, priest and flower bearer 
  • On the off chance someone mistakenly shows Peridot anime, she does do the naruto run down the aisle and runs headlong into the podium
  • Their reception music is a combination of metal spoons hitting glass ware and this song over and over again (as Zuke predicted)
    • it’s awkwardly ominous and lil sexy 
  • Lapis vapes during the dinner to make people uncomfortable (as she does), while she asserts without blinking ‘it’s who I am now’
  • They nose bump gently before they the big kiss and do a lil forehead tap afterwards while giggling
  • They quote CPH as their vows, not even good ones, but ones like ‘poutine has some of the highest calorie counts. But it’s still worth it.’ And other stuff like ‘you are the phone charger to my 1% battery.’
  • Steven is incredibly satisfied by having a wedding anyway and Lapis and Peridot wear each others gemstones on rings for months after

theprex  asked:

I'm interested in the glass breaking tip, can you elaborate on that?

Sure! This effect is specifically for when an actor needs to throw a drinking glass (or bottle) to the ground where is shatters into a billion pieces. It’s obviously not safe to shatter actual glass on stage, and it’s an effect that never times out quite right as a sound cue, so put on your Foley Artist hat and do it live!

What you’ll need: 

You probably have most of this stuff lying around somewhere, but I’ll provide links to examples.

1 Plastic Milk Crate
1 Towel, a thick, fluffy bath towel will work the best
12 or so Hollow Metal Chimes of varied lengths
1 Piece of Acrylic Drinkware (ask your Props Master)

What to do: 

- Remove any strings or accessories from your chimes. You just want the metal tubes, ya know, the actual chimey things.

- Line the bottom of the milk crate with the towel. 

- Lay the chimes on the towel. Some overlapping is preferable.  

- Hide this box on stage, like behind a bar or couch, where ever the glass breaking actor is going to stand.

- When the time comes, throw the acrylic glass ware into the box and listen to the beautiful sound of breaking glass. 

- Enjoy a perfectly timed, repeatable live sound effect that doesn’t leave broken glass all over the floor. :D

Note: there is a sweet spot for throwing the glass, where it is hard enough to look convincing, but not so hard that the acrylic glass bounces out of the crate and clatters on the ground, ruining your effect. Have the actor practice a little 

This effect is a play on an old foley trick of grinding a shot glass into a set of drum chimes on a towel to make a small breaking glass effect. 


Forging a Rainbow Connection with @debbie.bean

To learn more about Debbie’s stained-glass creations, follow @debbie.bean on Instagram.

Debbie Bean (@debbie.bean) first forged a rainbow connection with stained-glass in high school. But it was an art class later in life that compelled Debbie to change her career course. “There was a moment that I had my first piece of glass again, some 20 years later. I just knew that this was what I wanted to do,” the artist from Southern California says. Now, Debbie’s time is dedicated to creating 1970s-inspired stained-glass wares. What wisdom can she impart to fellow small business owners on Instagram? “Just tell your own story,” she says. “If you do, you’ll find the people who are really interested in what you’re doing.”

Home Sweet Home

This was written with the incredibly talented undrthesstars so a huge shout out to her! We hope you enjoy <3

Selena’s POV 

“Oh look. That would go lovely with the bed set. Don’t you think, Jay?” I hummed, looking up to him. But he wasn’t behind me, like I expected. No, he was in the back playing video game demos. I groaned, marching back to him. 

“Justin Drew.” I said sternly. He jumped and blushed. Backing away from the device.

“Sel, I can explain.” He mumbled, putting his hands in the air. I scoffed, taking his hand and pulling him with me. 

“You are a child. I turn my back and you run off into the gaming section.” He always made me sound like a mother.

“That’s what they made it for! Boyfriends and sons that don’t like shopping!” He defended, pouting his lip adorably. 

I sighed, “No baby. They made it so you can try out the game.”

His hands wrapped around my waist, “I’m sorry, babe. But house shopping isn’t really my thing.”

I nodded, looking down. “I just wanted to spend some time with you before you left. And you’re going to be in the house a lot, so I wanted you to be comfortable.” 

He smiled, pecking my cheeks and lips. “You know,” peck, “I could make,” peck, “It up to you.” His teeth lightly biting at my neck. I giggled, pushing him off me.

“Not here, Justin.” I blushed, looking away from him. 

"Really? I think everyone would enjoy it.” He smirked, pressing his lips to mine. Out of instinct I kissed back, not able to stop myself. But then his hands traveled lower, making me gasp. 

“Justin! Would you stop playing around.” My cheeks burned deeper, and I looked around. Of course there were people watching. But Kenny kept them at a safe distance. I smiled, grateful for him helping us out today.

He laughed, grabbing my hand. “I’m sorry. Its just nice to be able to do that again.” I rolled my eyes, swinging our hands. 

“Oh come on, Jay! My grandma could move faster than that!” I quipped, earning a glare from my boyfriend.

Kenny laughed, “She got you that time, Lil man.” I giggled, walking into the house. 

“You have a few pillows. I have glass and dining ware! I’m sure its heavier.” He yelled, trying to catch up to me. I rolled my eyes, setting the box down.

“When you’re done complaining, come help me put this food up.” I heard an exasperated sigh before Justin appeared in the doorway.

“I feel like you don’t appreciate me, Sel." 

I scoffed, “Are you sure you’re the guy in our relationship.” He pouted, crossing his arms.

 “You’re a meanie.” His tone was overly hurt, indicating he was kidding. A small smile played on my lips, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. 

"I’m sorry baby. Forgive me?” I asked. He shook his head, the pout still on his face. I sighed, pecking his lips. The corners of his mouth rose a little. I kissed each corner, then making my way to his lips. 

When we pulled apart he smiled, but it vanished as soon as it came. I huffed, pulling away from him. “Fine, Jay. You leave me no choice.” Before he could ask me what I meant, I started tickling him. 

Those eyes I loved so much widened, and he let out a shriek. “Sel! No! Stop it!” I giggled and kept sweeping my fingers across his sides.

“Say you forgive me.” He laughed, trying to pull away from me.

“S-Selena please!” 

“Say it!” I said.

“Fine, fine, fine! I forgive you, Lena! Just let me go!” I giggled, removing my hands and kissing his lips.

“Thank you, Jay. Of course you’re the guy in our relationship.” He nodded, pulling me into his chest,

“You better remember it, baby." 

We finished the food and eventually made our way into the master bedroom. This was always something I was particularly indecisive about. It had to be perfect or I would never be happy. 

"No, I don’t want that there.” I argued again.

“Well its been in three different spots. Where do you want it, Sel?” I shrugged, plopping down on the ground. Justin rose his eyebrow, then put the picture down. He grinned, laying me on my back. Slowly straddling me.

“Well I know where I want something else.” His eyebrows wiggled suggestively. 

I gasped, swatting his chest. “Justin, Ken is outside.” He rolled his eyes, leaving open mouthed kisses down my neck.

“He’s putting furniture in the living room. He won’t even notice us… well if you don’t scream to loud.” I shut my eyes when his hot breath hit my skin.

 A loud crash shattered. Resonating throughout the quiet house. I shot up, Justin groaning and getting off me.

“Selena why won’t you let-”

“Did you not hear that, Justin?” 

He shrugged, “Ken probably just dropped something.” I shook my head, standing up.  

“It didn’t come from the living room. And if he did, I want to know what he dropped.” He sighed, and stood up with me. 

“Fine. Let’s go investigate.” He rolled his eyes, speaking sarcastically.

“Stop thinking with your penis, Jay.” I said. He chuckled and nodded. 

“Ken? You okay?” I called. Kenny rushed in the room, hushing me.

“Go back upstairs.” He rushed over to me and Justin.

“Wait why?” Justin muttered, latching onto my hand. 

“I didn’t drop that glass. Go hide upstairs, Now!” Justin looked at me, pulling me quickly up the stairs. My shoulders shook, as he pulled us into the linen closet.

Thump, thump, thump. I could feel the palpitations of my heart, racing, pounding.

“Justin?” I nearly whimpered, reaching out for his touch. The darkness of the closet swallowed us whole albeit the light of the house leaking beneath the crack of the shut door.

“I’m right here baby,” he murmured softly. I shuffled from my position, a sense of security washing over me as soon as his strong tattooed arms encircled me in an embrace.

“I’m scared.” He touched his calloused fingers to my cheek, sweeping his thumb lightly over my skin.

“Don’t be scared,” he whispered, “I’ve got you.”

My eyes found his hazel ones, the intensity of his stare obliterating the situation at hand and capturing me in the way only he could; tugging at me like gravity. A small sigh escaped my lips as I rested my head against his shoulder, one of my arms wrapping around his back while I reached up with the other to play with the gold chain dangling from his neck.

My head perked up at a noise. Distinct clamor of footsteps against the old oak floor caused creaks. A moment of unnerving absolute silence engulfed both me and Justin and for a second time, I could feel my heart begin to beat fiercely at my chest. Justin tightened his grip on my waist protectively and I could feel his body going rigid beneath me, probably out of instinct, before he forcefully relaxed his muscles.

“I’ll keep you safe.” It was an effusive promise to make but I valued it nevertheless. I knew if come to it, Justin would do anything in his power to keep me from suffering in any way, shape, or form. That’s just the kind of person he is. He would go to the ends of the Earth for the people he loves.

When the footsteps passed by the closet door and continued on until out of distance, relief flooded me. But I couldn’t help but worry simultaneously. Though we had no way of keeping track of time, surely 15 to 20 minutes had passed and still, no sign of sirens or law enforcement. Is Kenny okay? What if’s sent my mind into a frenzy.

“I’ll be right back.” Justin lifted me off his lap, scuffling for the door.  I grabbed the back of his shirt, refusing to let him go.

“Justin, no.”


“Stay. Please.” Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought of him walking into a situation he wouldn’t be able to walk out of. And selfishly, I didn’t want to be left alone either.

“It’ll only be a second,” he reasoned, turning his head back to me. I choked back a sob inaudibly, shaking my head.

“Please.” With one last plead, he sat back down, allowing me to curl up against him. As if on cue, sirens were heard from outside and we could only pray that they were destined for my new home.

“Shh,” Justin cooed gently when I couldn’t hold my cries back any longer. He found my hand and tangled our fingers, interlocking them, “its okay. We’re okay.”

“Will you stay with me tonight?” I hiccupped, “when it’s all over.” He lifted my chin with his free hand, pressing his lips to mine with so much love.

“I’m not letting you sleep here tonight. Not ever.” I clung to him like a little girl, connecting our lips once more.

“Alright lovebirds, coast is clear. But by all means, keep making out in the closet!” Kenny’s voice boomed. I giggled against Justin, squealing as he stood up with me still in his arms.

“We weren’t making out!” Justin called, navigating us through the rack of coats and out the door, the daylight blinding us.

“Whatever you say kid.”