glass upstairs

Tom helping you study:

-Coming home after a long day and knowing you need to study but wanting so badly to avoid it once you walk in the door and see Tom’s face

-“Alright sooo, I got some of that cheese you like, and some bubbly, I thought we could catch up on House of Cards? Or whatever you want to watch sweetheart, doesn’t bother me.”

-Just feeling really sad and disheartened because you know you can’t and him picking up on it straight away

-“What’s wrong darling? I’m sorry, we don’t have to do that, we could go out or something? I just thought you might like to have a night in.”

-“It’s not that, I just really need to study for this exam tomorrow and I’d love to do all that but I’m gonna fail if I don’t study, Tom I’m sorry I jus-”

-Tom steadying you with his hands on your shoulders, putting his hand on your cheek and bending down to look in your eyes to reassure you

-“Hey, hey now. Love, your studies are important, you know that, I know that, don’t you dare be sorry about it. Now I don’t know how much help I can be, but what if I be your study buddy? I’ll help you in any way you need me to.”

-“You’d do that?”

-“Only for you my love.”

-Both of you sitting on the ground with your legs crossed, your books and notes spread out on the coffee table with your laptop, and he’s just staring at your notes in awe of how much you take on

-“You just tell me what you’d like me to do and I’ll do it. No questions asked.”

-“That’s very ballsy of you Tom.”

-Getting him to highlight certain words in a word passage for you and him not knowing what colour you’d prefer

-“Okay so you’ve got pink, orange, yellow or green here, which should I use love?”

-“It doesn’t really matter Tommy.”

-“You wore green knickers yesterday, so I’ll use green.”


-Just KNOWING Tom has so many questions about the depths of what you’re studying because he’s a curious little puppy but he holds them back because he doesn’t want to distract you

-“You have lovely handwriting darling.”

-“Thank you Tommy.”

-Tom rubbing your back while he waits for you to give him something to do


-“Yes love, what can I do??”

-“Could you maybe make me a snack?”

-“Crackers? And that cheese I got for you?”

-“Yes pleaseeee”

-“I’m on it.”

- Tom wanting to feed you the cheese and crackers so you ‘don’t have to waste your study time picking it up yourself’

-“Tom I can feed myself, you don’t have to do that.”

-“But I’m helpingggg”

-“Okay okay, fine”

-Getting him to quiz you and him being so serious about it, covering the back of the page with his hand so you can’t peep through

-“Are you gonna have a buzzer?”

-“No Tom, I don’t need a buzzer, I’m the only person answering.”

-“But it’s a quiz show.”

-“It’s a quiz for study, not a quiz show Tommy.”

-“…….it’s a quiz show and your buzzer is ‘ribbit’.”

-Watching some recorded lessons on your laptop and Tom watching with you even though he clearly finds it boring af

“Tom you don’t have to watch this if you don’t want to.”

“No no I want to, this is great.”


-Struggling to read your notes because you left your glasses upstairs and Tom knowing exactly what’s up

-So he goes upstairs and grabs them for you but you’re too focused to notice

-He comes up behind you and slides them on your face, and it’s the littlest gesture but you’re so so grateful

-“You need to wear them darling, your eyes are probably sore enough as it is”

-“I love you Thomas”

-“I love you too.”

-Tom looking through the novel you’re studying and reading all your annotations because he just loves to see your thoughts written down

- Starting to feel really sleepy and Tom noticing your eyes drooping

-“How’re you going love? Maybe you should head off to bed soon”

-“I’m almost done, I just need to go through this last few notes and summarise them, would you make me a coffee please?”

-“No love, it’s bloody 12am. You can have tea, coffee will have you wired and you still need to sleep.”

-“Thank you for making my good choices for me”

-“That’s what I’m here for”

-Finally finishing up and just collapsing back into the gap between where his arm is holding his also very tired body up and his torso, his hand resting gently on your hip giving it a tap

-“Alright, time for bed I think.”

-Tom helping you to bed, and letting you wear his lucky socks, the fluffy blue ones with clouds on them

-“I always wear them to my auditions, you can wear them tonight to give you luck for your exam tomorrow”

- Thinking it’s a little ridiculous, but his sweet soft boy face is utterly serious

-“I’d be honoured to wear your lucky socks. They have been washed though right?”

-“I think so.”

-Tom slipping into bed beside you pulling you into his embrace, one arm under you neck, the other curled around your waist

-“Alright love, one last question. Buzzers ready. Who’s the best Spider-Man?”

-“Ribbit. You are, you idiot”

-“That’s what I like to hear.” 





Some of my friends are currently doing their exams (they know who they are), and I’m very proud of them and I think they deserve Tom as a study buddy highkey (not to mention all the goodness in the world), I know I would have fucking loved him as a study buddy when I was at school. S/o to anyone currently doing exams/hardcore studying! Get that education xxx

Kim Jongdae//Collision Course Part 3

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Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1 / 2/ 3/ 4 /5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 4,766

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“After She Ran” Part 3 of Series

Words: 1,829

Warnings: Swearing, death, angst

Links to Part One and Part Two

Summary: The story of how everyone felt after your death.

A/N: I know it seems like I posted this story in a really odd way. But personally, I feel like it reads better this way. If I had posted it in chronological order I don’t think the story would have been as good, or as exciting. BUT, S/O to the anon who requested this! :)

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Rick had a hard time doing it.

They had been walking in the woods, him, Daryl, and Glenn, when they saw her. She was still wearing the same clothes as she had been the day of her birthday, but it wasn’t her anymore. She was dead, she was a walker. Daryl started crying immediately, and he couldn’t do it. He was so choked up on his tears, hyperventilating, that he couldn’t even look at her. He couldn’t bring himself to kill his daughter. Sure, it wasn’t her anymore, but that didn’t stop Daryl from feeling any differently.

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Glenn couldn’t do it, either. He just kept uttering “oh my god” over and over again, unable to look at Y/N in the face. He didn’t talk to her often when she was alive, mostly just about patrol or small talk if they were having a conversation, but it still hurt him to see her like this. They had already lost so many people, and they had finally thought that things would be good now that they were in Alexandria.

Glenn looked at Rick, who was just standing there. He was staring at her right in the face, but not moving to grab his weapons. He was transfixed, unable to move, unable to believe what he was seeing. Rick didn’t like Y/N, and that was no secret to anyone. He thought she was irresponsible and a troublemaker. But this? He never wanted this. He wouldn’t ever wish this on anybody. Y/N was just a kid, she didn’t deserve this, no matter how much trouble she caused.

“Get Daryl outta here.” Rick had said to Glenn. Glenn tried to pull Daryl away, who was screaming and trying to get out of his grasp, and the weakness of Daryl’s body at that moment was enough for Glenn to get him away.

Daryl could barely walk, blinded from his tears and his ears filled with screams he didn’t recognize were his own. But, Glenn handled it. Glenn knew that Daryl’s pain was more than his would ever be for her, and he needed to pull it together. He needed to be there for Daryl.

“She was pregnant,” Daryl managed to get out once they were almost back to the gates of Alexandria. Glenn didn’t know how to react, except for just hugging the man. He could feel his own tears building up, but he pushed them away, reminding himself that he needed to be strong.

Rick didn’t want to shoot her. His hand was shaking as he pulled out his gun, mind racing. All he could think about was Daryl and Carl. He knew that the worst reaction this would get was from Daryl, since she was his daughter, but he could handle seeing him like that. But Carl? Rick didn’t want to have to see Carl’s reaction. He knew that he had lost so many people already, that Rick didn’t think that he himself could handle Carl losing another one. Especially someone that he was in love with, no matter how much Rick had tried to keep them apart. Carl was in love with her.

He shut his eyes, and pulled the trigger.

Rick was walking through the gate when Michonne came up to him, wondering what was wrong. She had seen Daryl and Glenn come through earlier, Daryl acting like a maniac, but nobody told her anything.

“What’s going on?” She questioned Rick.

“Y/N didn’t make it.” Is all that Rick managed to get out. Michonne just nodded, but was quite upset on the inside. Just like Rick, she hurt for Carl, knowing what this would do him.

The look on Carl’s face when Rick came home that day, with his blood stained shirt and a hurt look on his eyes, was the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

“Dad?” He had ran up to him, setting Judith down on the floor. “Is she… Was she… Why is there blood on your shirt?”

“She’s gone.” Rick said.

Carl could feel his heart physically breaking. He dropped to the floor, tears falling down his face as he mourned the loss of Y/N. The loss of his child. Carl had felt heartbreak before, with his mother and Sophia, but this? This seemed ten times worse than any pain he had felt in his life. He loved you so much, and that baby that you were carrying in your stomach.

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“I’m sorry, son. I’m so, so sorry.”

“You hated her! You don’t get to say sorry!” Carl yelled at his dad, making Judith start to cry.

“I didn’t hate her.” Rick said softly, feeling immense sadness at seeing his son’s loss.

“I could’ve done something, I could’ve kept her from running, if you didn’t set that stupid ass rule that we couldn’t see each other. Did you know she was pregnant? Huh?” Carl shot. Rick’s face fell, and he took a seat on a chair to keep from passing out. “Yeah, you didn’t. Well, she was. I was going to be a dad. You were gonna be a grandpa. Fucking congrats.”

Rick wanted to cry, knowing that Carl had not only lost one person, but two. His face seemed frozen in shock, unable to find anything to say back.

“This is all your fault, you know. It’s your fault that she’s dead! Yours and Daryl’s!” He yelled, getting up and stomping out to the door. He knew he was being unreasonable, but he didn’t care. At the moment, he didn’t care about anything. “I’m going on a walk. I’ll see you later.”

Carl ran outside, kicking the grass, yelling. He paced up and down the street, spotting Glenn and Maggie talking in front of Daryl’s house.

Maggie looked at Carl, sadness growing in her heart for him. She knew of Y/N’s relationship with Carl, and knew that it was pretty serious. When Glenn had come to find her when he got back with tears in his eyes, she knew immediately what happened. Glenn didn’t even need to tell her.

Like Glenn, she and Y/N didn’t talk often, but she considered her to be like her little sister. Y/N had grown up around her ever since the farm, and was Beth’s best friend.

Maggie didn’t think that learning of her death would affect her, but it did. Especially when Glenn mentioned to her that she was pregnant.

“Did anyone know?” Maggie asked, not quite crying but tears forming in her eyes.

Glenn shook his head. “Not anyone besides Carl and Daryl, no. I don’t even think Rick knew.”

“Rick was so unnecessarily mean to her, I don’t blame her or Carl for not telling him.” Maggie let a tear fall. Glenn brought her in for a hug, comforting his wife. “She was just a kid, Glenn.”

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“I know, Maggie. I know.” He rested his chin on her head.

“What’s going on?” Carol walked up to them. She had noticed some of the group, particularly Daryl, being quite upset and he refused to talk to her. Carol had an idea of what happened, but refused to believe it until someone confirmed it.

“Y/N, she um…” Glenn started. “She was a walker when we found her.”

“Oh my god,” Carol gasped, flashbacks of Sophia running through her brain. “Is Daryl ok?”

“He’s taking it pretty bad.”

“Oh god…” Carol put her hand to her forehead.

“Rick put her down. Made me take Daryl back. He’s in his house right now, wanted to be left alone. He might be open to seeing you, though.”

Carol nodded, and went inside the house. She could hear glass breaking upstairs and what sounded like his fist hitting the wall repeatedly.

Carol ran upstairs, seeing Daryl in the doorway of Y/N’s room, with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. There was broken glass inside of Daryl’s room, and a hole though the wall in the hallway, presumably where he had punched it.

“Daryl…” She went up to him.

“I threw her necklace out the window. Guess she won’t need it anymore, huh?” He was drunk. “Leave me alone.”

“No,” She said softly, walking closer to him.

“She’s dead, Carol. She’s dead.” He started crying again, and Carol wrapped her arms around him. He cried onto her shoulder.

“I’m here for you, Daryl. I’m here.”

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It had been a few weeks since Y/N’s death. Most of the group were moving on, but Carl and Daryl were still having a hard time processing it. Daryl had been pretending to be ok on the outside, but on the inside, he was destroyed. He cried himself to sleep every night.

Carl wouldn’t talk to anyone. Not even Rick. He stayed quiet, hurting. Rick was worried about him, but tried to give him his space as well.

“We need to do something. He’s not taking this well at all.” Carol had gone up to Rick one day as he was patrolling.

“Just let him grieve. It’s normal.”

“I think we should do something for him, to show him we’re all here for him. Him and Carl.”

“What do you propose we do?”


Daryl got back to his house later than usual that night. He’d been out killing walkers all day; his favorite past time lately. It was a way to get his anger out.

He was exhausted as he walked onto his front porch, setting his crossbow on by the door before he walked in.

“What the hell?” He mumbled as he walked in and everyone was sitting in his living area.

“We have food! And dessert.” Maggie was the first one to say something.

“What’re you guys doin’ here?” He huffed, taking off his shoes.

“Daryl,” Rick started. “We just wanted to all let you know that we are here with you. We’re here. You’re not doing this alone. We’ll all miss her.”

“You didn’t have to do this.” Daryl said quietly.

The night was good- everyone tried to forget the recent events and just tried to be happy. Daryl managed to crack a smile at one point in the night. Carl did, too.

“You’re my brother.” Rick had come up to Daryl at some point again during the night, this time away from the crowd. “You’re my family. Everyone here, this whole group- we’re family. And we love you.”

And in that moment, Daryl knew that he would overcome this, that he would be ok eventually.

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a/n: this was the last of the series! hope you liked it :)


Requested by Anon: Ballerina Lily meets Street Dancer James. read on FF

In other news, this is my 30th jily fanfiction. Congrats to me having no life! 

In ballet, an adagio (uh da zhe-o) is a succession of slow, soft, lyrical and continuous movements.

It was while at his brother’s class at the Potter Contemporary Dance Studio that James first saw the lovely red haired ballerina. She was dressed warmly in thick tights, a woolen company jacket embroidered with pink ballet slippers, and furry boots. Red hair stuck out of a purple knit hat, the red strands matching the blush from the cold wind on her cheeks. James was in the back of the class (Sirius refused to let him at the front claiming it was nepotism) and kept getting flashes of her as she posted the flyer at the front of the classroom. If Sirius spotted her, he made no motion to say hello. She turned to face the group of dancers as quickly as the swooping feeling in his stomach when he saw her smile at the other girl she’d come in with.

The ballerina’s green eyes glanced once more around the classroom and landed on James for a few seconds. She offered him a smile before she and her brunette friend left the dance room. James tripped slightly, catching himself and fixing his movements from unyielding to flowing. Sirius shouted at James not to miss his steps and James allowed himself to focus on his ending rotation so as to keep Sirius off his arse.

As soon as the music was off and Sirius’ class was dismissed, James quietly walked over to where the girl had stood taping a poster to Sirius’ wall of motivation. It was covered in various flyers, posters from Broadway musicals, and pictures of past students. James found the flyer right next to the picture of Sirius and James in their mum’s production of The Sound of Music when they were eight years old. It was a bright orange flyer with a swan at the top, promoting Levinstown Ballet’s tryouts for Swan Lake.

“What were the pointes doing in here?”

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Gypsy Intuition

The cold floor was soothing as you lad in the bathroom near the toilet. You felt fine for the moment but soon you knew you’d be wrenching into it again. The morning sickness had started only a couple days ago, while Arthur was taking care of business in London. You had told Polly of your suspicions and went to the doctor, but you wouldn’t get results for another couple days. It was all you could do while you waited, wondering when Arthur would return. You lost all sense of what day it was as your body, and possibly your knew baby, rejected anything you ate or even smelt.

You jump up, your head in the bowl as you throw up again, when you hear the door open.

“Arthur?!” You ask.

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How The World Works, Chapter one

I ran across the crosswalk, throwing my hood over my head to avoid being attacked by the rain. I had tried to make a beeline to the nearest bus stop until I was stopped in my tracks by a car flying past me, a book being chucked out the window, landing in a puddle. I tried shouting to get the driver’s attention, just in case that this was an accident, but by the time i looked up, the car was long gone.
Naturally, I was curious about the book, so I walked over and picked it up, brushing the grime off of the cover. It read: Hamilton: A History Of The $10 Founding Father. Unfortunately, the only thing I could make out of the author’s name was Li. The rest of the name had been ripped off, as if someone had tried to hide it. I carefully placed the book into my bag, as not to damage it any further and continued my trek home.
I quickly closed the door to my apartment, happy to finally be out of the rain. I slung my jacket onto it’s hanger and threw myself onto my sofa, sighing in content. I was about to close my eyes and try to go to sleep, but then I remembered the book. Sitting up, I pulled the book out of my bag and opened it. Suddenly, a bright, white light filled the room. However, it was gone as soon as it came. Opening my eyes and looking down at the book, I realized that all the pages were blank. Every single one. Panic began to rise within me. I was about to call my friend, F/N, when I heard a loud crash from my bedroom. I grabbed a kitchen knife and began creeping towards the noise.
I reached the door and opened it as quietly as possible to see a freckled man with long, curly brown hair and hazel eyes, looking around in panic.
“Who are you and why are you in my bedroom?!” I shouted, pointing the knife at him.
He raised his hands in surrender, “I don’t know! I was shot in battle and appeared here!” He replied, fear evident in his voice.
“Battle?” I asked, easing my grip on the knife. He seemed like he had no clue what happened.
“Yes. Wait… What year is this?” He asked, studying the room.
“2017… Sir, are you sure you’re okay?” I put the knife down completely.
“2017? That isn’t possible.. It- it was just 1782…” He said, growing pale.
“I think you should sit d-” I was cut off by his eyes rolling back into his head and him passing out. “Shit!” I shouted, doing my best to catch him. I threw his arm over my shoulder and dragged him to my bed. After flinging him onto the mattress, I ran my fingers through my hair.
What was happening?! A man claiming that he is from the 1782 just magically teleported into my bedroom and collapsed. Wait, wasn’t that Hamilton guy alive in the 1700’s? This couldn’t be because of that dumb book.
Could it?
Suddenly, I heard another voice from downstairs. It was another guy calling out to see if anyone was there. Whatever this was, it couldn’t be good. I ran my hand over my face and hurried down the stairs. Once I saw who it was, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was George Washington! Yeah, this was definitely from the book.
“Sir?” I asked nervously, stepping into my kitchen. “If I may take an educated guess, you are George Washington and you just died, yes?” I questioned, avoiding eye contact. He turned around to look at me. He looked calm enough.
“Yes, may I ask who you might be?” He asked. I finally gained the courage to make eye contact and man, was he intimidating. He seemed kind, but then he stared me down like… Well, like a general would to his soldiers. It makes sense, I suppose.
“My name is (Y/N) (L/N), and you are in 2017.” I replied, “I don’t know how this happened, but there is man here who just appeared here as well. However, He passed out before I could catch his name. He has long, curly brown hair, freckles, and hazel eyes? He was wearing one of your uniforms, so I’m assuming that he is one of your soldiers? He said he died in 1782..”
“John Laurens?” He asked in disbelief. “He is one of my soldiers. May I see him?” His calm stature cracking for just a second.
“Of course. He is upstairs, second room to the left. Would you like anything to drink? Water? Some coffee?” I asked, desperately trying to be polite, as he was the first president, after all.
“Just water please. And thank you, Miss (Y/N).” He picked up my hand and kissed my knuckles, then rushing up the stairs. I couldn’t help but blush at the action. I grabbed two water bottles out of the refrigerator. Then, I remembered that he was about 280 years old so he probably wouldn’t know what Aquafina was. Therefore, I poured the bottles into two glasses. I took the glasses upstairs, and I peeked into my bedroom to see George sitting in a chair next to my bed, murmuring something under his breath. I knocked on the open door, gaining George’s attention.
“Oh, thank you, Miss (Y/N).” He said, gratefully. He accepted the water and took a sip. I pulled another chair from my desk and sat across from him.
“You’re taking this surprisingly well.” I commented, setting the other glass next to John for him to drink once he wakes up. “How are you not in this massive panic? I mean, you’re almost 200 years in the future.”
“It takes practice. I mean I was a general, after all. I’m used to masking my emotions from my soldiers. Admittedly, I am afraid, but I have confidence that you will take care of us. You seem like a kind woman.” He confessed, smiling at me.
“Why, thank you. You’re not so bad yourself, Mr. Washington.” I replied, a grin spreading across my face.
“Oh, call me George, please.”
I looked down to see John coming to. He tried sitting up, but I pushed him back down.
“Take it easy, Mr. Laurens. You just passed out and your friend, George Washington joined us while you were gone.” I spoke softly. “Are you alright?”
“I’m alright. This is just difficult to process.” John replied, giving me a sheepish smile.
“That’s understandable. Here, I got you some water.” I handed the glass to him. He thanked me, drinking the whole glass.
“Miss, I’m afraid I never got your name.” He said, looking up at me.
“My name is (Y/N) (L/N).” I replied, holding out my hand for him to shake, which he gladly took.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss (Y/N).”
Then suddenly, there was another crash from the laundry room.


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Author’s Note: Hi guys! So sorry I haven’t updated in a while! I got sick and I had final exams and yeah.. I hope you understand and… I tried to make it longer so you guys can forgive me :) Requests are open and please enjoy!!

Warnings: Swearing, angsty ish? idk lol

Pairing: reader x all the members ft. Yoongi

Summary:When your life comes crashing down, who will be there for you? How much will you change? Will you ever be ready to take emotional risks?

You get out of the car while Yoongi helps you with your bags. As you walk towards the house, no words are exchanged. He knows that you’re still mad and he understands. I mean, who likes to move in with strangers, right? Yoongi open the door, and the both of you are welcomed with silence. The grey haired man turns to you and mumbles ‘’You’re room is upstairs, at the end of the hallway. Everything is there, ready for you.’’ You look at him, silent. You’re thankful but too mad to speak. The man in front of you just sighs and squeeze your shoulder before leaving. As you walk further in, you hear people talking in a low,deep tone. The voices were so low that you almost couldn’t hear. But as you approach the staircase leading upstairs, you heard someone say: 

‘’ Namjoon said that she’s a new member, what the fuck is a girl useful for other than being a toy!’’

 But then another voice, even deeper, commented: ‘’ Will you shut up,Jimin? Yes I understand that it’s always been the seven of us and the three of us in this house, but that girl might actually have skills.’’

‘’ It’s not because we fuck girls every night that the thought of one being a gang member is impossible” a silky voice added. 

“ That girl is not going to get herself comfortable so easily. This our house.” was the last thing you heard before heading to your room. 

You were amazed at how beautiful it was. You had a queen sized bed, a huge closet with clothes already in, you’re own bathroom… You knew that at least your room will be a place you’re welcomed to. You turn around to get your bag but you were met with someone, startling you. 

“ Oh! Sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t mean to scare you! You must be the member Namjoon told us about? “ 

You nodded.You were surprised he would be so friendly with you. You associated his voice with the deepest you heard before going up. He had bright red hair, strong facial features and a boxy smile. Maybe you could make a friend after all? 

“ My name’s Y/N.” 

He grinned. “Taehyung.” 

After a little while, Taehyung broke the silence: “ Need anything? Water? Snack?” 

You were starting to get thirsty, so you asked for a glass of water. 

“ By the way, make yourself home. If you want anything you don’t have to always ask.”


I couldn’t get my eyes off of her. She had long curly dark brown hair,the color  contrasting with her hazel-green eyes. She looks strong and confident for a newbie. The guys know that if  I’m thirsty,I’d just drink in the kitche. I never bring anything in my room. So, as I was making my way upstairs, the glass in my hand, Jungkook noticed and looked at me suspiciously. 

“ Hyung, who’s this for?” 

“ Oh, that’s for Y/N.”

“ Who’s Y/N?”

“The newbie.” Taehyung said, smiling. 

“ Oh she’s here!?” 

The bright red head, still smiling, gave the glass to the maknae and said: “ Just say I had to take care of something.” 

// END OF P.O.V//

You were hanging your clothes when you heard a knock on your door. You turned to see who it was and saw a different boy from the one you just met. With a glass of water. 

“ Hyung said that something came up,so… here.’’. He gives you the water. 

The boy had the same hair color as you. You were attracted  by his dark,doe looking eyes. His jaw looked so sharp, you wanted to touch it. You didn’t even register the fact that he put the glass in your hand and started to leave. He turned around and said

” I’m Jungkook, by the way.”

 “ Oh,uh,yeah, I’m Y/N.” 

Later that night, you were on your bed studying and doing homework. Yes, despite you’re in a gang, you still do your schooling. Well, sort of. You’re studying to become a nurse, and due to fact that you don’t have time to go to an actual school nor practice, you just read a lot, test yourself and do researches. You just hope you’re doing a good job when you take action, but seeing as nobody died yet, you’re doing a pretty good job. You were starting to feel thirsty again, so you made your way down to the kitchen. It was pretty dark in the house, assuming everybody was asleep as it was also late at night. You felt as if someone was following you. You looked around but saw nobody. You shrugged it off. You refill your glass with water and was about you were to take a sip but was soon interrupted. 

‘’ Feeling at ease, aren’t we?’’ the voice said. It was deep, low… Husky almost. You put down your glass and said

 “ I live here now, remember?’’  

A man walked to you slowly.As if you were his next prey. His eyes were dark, full of hate. Hair jet black and clothes showing off his muscles. 

“ Now, where are your manners?” the man said. 

You look at him and scoffed. “ I know very well my manners, thank you.” 

JImin was not used to being talked back.  He slams you against the nearest wall stares you down. “ Listen baby girl-” 

“ Drop the pet name,asshole.” You find it funny how it’s easy to rile him up. 

“ Shut the fuck up,will you? You’re just nuisance to our group and I will make sure you won’t feel accepted easily.” 

You laughed. “ Okay, so you slam me against a wall and you yell at me because you’re scared I’ll take the spotlight of of you? Honey, you won’t even notice I’m here.” You spat before pushing him away from you. 

“ You don’t know me, kid. You don’t know what i can do.” 

“ Same goes for you, pretty boy.”

Cygnets (7/?) - Crime & Punishment

Summary: In which Ian comes home drunk, Killian has to clean him up, Emma’s annoyed, Jackie and Ian bicker a bit, and Evie deals with a bully–or rather, Ian takes care of a bully for her. 

Also posted on: AO3

Chapter 7: Crime & Punishment

Killian returned home from the bar just after 2am. The house was dark, which meant everyone was asleep–there was a slim possibility that Evie was still awake, reading by flashlight beneath her blankets, but he thought it was rather late, even for her. He parked the yellow bug, and was just stepping onto the curb when a brief flash of red and blue lights caught his eye.

He stopped and turned. A squad car was rolling up the street silently. He watched it approach, and as it drew nearer he saw Lancelot was driving, though he couldn’t imagine why he would be-


Bloody hell,” Killian huffed.

The squad car halted in front of him with a faint squeak of the brakes. The passenger side window was open, and Killian leaned down to peer inside.

“Evening,” Lancelot said, grinning.

“Good evening,” Killian returned evenly, then shifted his eyes. The rear passenger window was rolled down as well, and wedged into the gap between the frame and the curved slice of glass was a blonde head. There was a streak of vomit down the door, originating roughly from where Ian’s face lay.

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For @ashinblack, who knows me very well and requested “Sam dragging himself out of a burning warehouse after killing a djinn with a broken tibia and shards of glass in his hand and arm.”

The djinn has Sam on the ground with her hands around his throat long enough that black spots are dancing at the edge of his vision before he finally manages to fumble a grip on his gun and put it to her head. It makes an awful mess, but has the intended effect.

Sam shoves the body away from him and lies there for a while, struggling to get his breath back. His neck aches from being strangled—and he’ll bet that’s gonna bruise and swell so he won’t be able to speak properly for a few days at least. His left arm and hand are mangled from taking the brunt of a tumble through a plate-glass window upstairs down to the warehouse floor below. He’d landed on his left leg and the sickening pain of it had sent him floating away for a good while, long enough for the djinn to follow him down and get her hands around his neck. From the unnatural way his shin is bent sharply outward about halfway down, Sam knows it’ll be a hospital trip and probably surgery, or else he’ll risk permanent damage.

Shit. Dean is gonna be pissed. He’d been dosed with djinn venom and Sam had tasked him with getting himself and the victims to safety before he passed out, promising he could handle it on his own. Neither of them had counted on there being a second djinn.

The smell of smoke is what finally gets Sam moving again. His own fault, of course—he’d started the fire burning the first djinn’s body before he realized its mate was upstairs. Now fire is spreading rapidly through the warehouse, sending the tinder-dry walls and old wooden shelving and boxes full of equipment around him up in a wall of flame.

He’s maybe fifty feet from the warehouse entrance. Smearing blood all over the cement, he rolls onto his side and fights to get to his knees, but the nauseating spasm of pain in his leg makes him cry out sharply and the limb buckles under him, refusing to support his weight.

He sighs. With his leg badly broken and his arm full of glass, the entire left side of his body is functionally useless. He’s in for a rough trek.

Woozy with pain and blood loss, Sam shifts onto his good side, plants his elbow and hip on the ground, and begins dragging himself—inch by agonizing inch—toward the door.

The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple - Part 2 - Our Time

Word Count: 1879

Warnings: Implied smut, cheating. I, in no way, condone cheating on your spouse or partner. This fic is the result of a dream my friend @spntrista had one glorious night. Remember, this is strictly a work of fiction and should be regarded as such. We mean no disrespect to Jensen or his beautiful family. 

A/N: The first part was co-written by @spntrista, inspired by here dream. Unbeta’d but thank you @chelsea072498 for reading it over.

Italics indicate internal thoughts. 

Read Part 1 here (sorry the link is not working - thanks a lot Tumblr)

I was in the kitchen making coffee for Jensen and frying bacon for breakfast by the time everyone made it downstairs. Jensen thanked me for the coffee and went out to the patio. I needed just a moment with him. I asked the children to go play until breakfast was ready and I joined him outside.

“Mornin’ Darlin.” It was simple, Southern and made my heart skip a beat.

“Good morning Jensen.” I replied.

He turned to face me. I could tell he wanted to reach for me but was holding back in case one of the children appeared.

“I know what happened last night was wrong, but I don’t want to be right. Not anymore. I have held my tongue for far too long. I have let her walk all over me and I won’t do it anymore. When I go back to Vancouver, you and the children are coming with me.” He kissed my cheek and walked back in the house, leaving me stunned.

“Jensen? Wait.” I reached out for his arm, stopping him. He turned back to me. I attempted to gather my thoughts before speaking, never taking my eyes off my feet where they stood planted on the patio.

“Jensen, how do you even know you want me? Last night was the best night of my life, but how do you…how do you know that I am what you want?” The silence was deafening, neither of us knowing how to move forward.

I slowly peeled my eyes from my painted toes and looked up to see his emerald orbs fixated on mine. The look on his face was one of confusion and something I couldn’t put my finger on. Had I said something to make him think he wasn’t what I wanted? There was no doubt in my mind that if Jensen wanted me, he could have me for the rest of my life. I just wasn’t sure that I was truly what he needed. Did he really want to end his marriage? Split up his family? He has only known me for 48 hours.

He extended his arm, placing his hand gently against my cheek, making me weak in the knees once more. The look on his face, in his eyes, changed. I now saw heat, desire, passion. How could one person say so much without uttering a single word? It took all the strength in me, but I took a step back from his touch. I think it surprised, even shocked him.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, I spoke. “Here is what I think. I think, no, I know that I could spend every day and night doing we what did last night, but I want you to be sure. I don’t want you to look back a week, a month from now and regret making love to me.” Holy shit! I just laid it all out there. I am laying my heart out for him to either embrace or crush. My eyes returned to their previous spot on the patio. Did I just screw up potentially the best thing that has ever happened to me?

It could have been seconds, minutes or a millennia before Jensen spoke, “wait here” before turning and heading back into the house. I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I was holding, before collapsing in the nearest chair. The cool morning air enveloping me like the thoughts swirling through my mind.  A few minutes later, the patio door opened and my head turned toward the sound, seeing Jensen emerge from the house, I stood, waiting for him.

He glided towards me, a look of determination etched in his beautiful face. “I have a charity event tonight. I will be leaving around six, but will not return home until late. I have called my mother and she will come pick up the children around eight o’clock. She offered to keep them overnight tonight and tomorrow.” He paused, his eyes searching mine.

“You are afraid you aren’t really what I want, what I need.  I plan on spending tomorrow proving you wrong.” He announced, leaving me speechless.

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Anger- Klaus Mikaelson

In celebration of 100 followers I am posting this smut!

Tags- @geminioriginalsimagines @hybrids-ego @eleventhcenturyoutcastimagines

Warnings- smut (wrap it before you tap it, children)


“Maybe you can get through to him.” Elijah says as he walks passed you and out the front door, obviously mad that Klaus wasn’t listening to him. The sound of glass breaking upstairs gets you to run up the stairs.

“Klaus!” You yell, looking at the broken glass bottle laying on the floor.

“What?” He snaps harshly and you take a step back, afraid, for just a moment. His eyes soften, just a little, and you walk towards him slowly.

“Stop breaking things.” You say as you take his hands in yours, running your thumbs over the back of his hands slowly.

“I can’t just sit here and be angry, I have to do something.” Klaus was going crazy not being productive, he had done so much to try and stay mobile.

He would paint for hours, not stopping until you wanted him to come to bed. Or he would read books with you, silent, other than your giggling because you loved funny books and hated classic literature. One night, on your anniversary of a year together, he tried to cook you dinner and was successful until you bit into it and grimaced and he knew after that that cooking for you was pointless, you were too picky.

“Come to bed.” It was night time, about a little after eight o’clock and even though neither of you were tired you wanted to lay with him, for a while.

“Alright.” He agrees reluctantly and lets you take him by the hand towards your shared room. You giggle on your way there, an idea popping into your head.

“What are you planning, love?” He asks when you turn around to smile at him. Klaus smirks and you walk through the door, kicking it shut with your foot.

“I am planning,” You pause to guide his hands to your hips, “to let you do whatever you want tonight.”

“Do you know what I want?” He leans down, lips grazing your jaw as he brings his lips right next to your ear.

“No.” The close proximity makes you whisper.

“I want you on that bed, naked.” The air in the room shifts as he smiles widely, the dangerous smile that makes you feel intimidated. You nod and start to undress, leaving your shirt on but taking your bra off.

“Much better.” He puts both of his hands beside your head, knees between your thighs and searches your eyes with his own.

“What do you want, Klaus?” You ask, whispering as his lips just barely just yours.

“You.” Klaus’ lips move onto yours and you kiss him back immediately, just kissing him makes you try to wrap your legs around your waist. You push his pants and boxers down his legs and reach down to stroke his cock.

“Y/n.” Your name on his lips makes you speed up your hand but he pulls it away.

“Klaus.” You respond as he slides down your body and moves your baggy shirt up your hips.

“Klaus tonight is supposed to be-” You cut yourself off with a moan when he pushes your hips into the mattress and licks a bold stripe up to your clit.

“Shit.” You mumble and toss your head back, eyes shutting, hands finding his curls trying to push him away and pull him away all at the same time.

His hands go from your hips to your thighs, spreading you out as he absolutely devoured you. Klaus’ lips wrap around your clit and you cry out, trying desperately to buck your hips but his strong hands keep you in place.

“Please, Klaus, please don’t stop.” You cry out and grip his hair tighter as your whimpers get louder and higher.

Your back lifts off the bed, your hand pulling on his hair and your hips bucking into his mouth as you lose all control over your body and the noises that come from your mouth. He moans and it vibrated and you scream, loudly, not caring who heard as every sensation becomes heightened unbelievably.

“You are so hot when you lose control like that.” He kisses your twitching muscles and chuckles.

“Klaus?” You ask as he moves back up you, lining up with your entrance. “Can I be on top?”

He doesn’t answer, but he does roll you both over. Without missing a beat you sink down onto him and moan, grinding your hips and reaching up to play with your nipples over your shirt.

“Love, you have to move. I won’t last very long.” You nod and place your hands on his chest, starting to bounce. His hands grab your hips and he pulls you down onto him as he thrusts up towards you.

“Klaus, Klaus.” You chant his name and moan loudly.

“Close already? Didn’t know you liked it that much, so dirty.” He whispers and you moan again eyes shut as you near your second orgasm of the night.

“Cum for me, dirty girl.” You ignore him and smack your hand to his chest, pushing him down as you ride him.

“Dominant, didn’t know you had it in you.” You continue bouncing, and he moans loudly, close.

“Fuck.” He curses as he tumbles over the edge, you following swiftly behind, riding out your orgasm before falling next to him.

“I love you.” You pant out after you both come down.

“I love you too.”

Behind Closed Doors

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Summary: Negan constantly shows his liking to you around your father, Rick, knowing it gets under his skin. You, on the other hand, are intrigued by Negan so you approach him while he stays with you and Carl when your father goes scavenging for the Saviors. 

Warnings: Language, Negan’s vulgar mentions.

Your father called out your name from downstairs causing you to groan in annoyance.

”I’m coming, dad.” You shouted back while you sketched the final part of the drawing.

As you dropped your pencil against the finished project, your cheeks began to feel heated. It was of a familiar man with scruff on his face, wearing a leather jacket that complimented his broad shoulders while a smug expression rested upon on his face.

You were unknowing doodling a drawing of the most hated man; Negan.

You felt sick your stomach at the idea, quickly hiding the drawing in the nightstand drawer beside you.

If your father found that, he would skin you alive. Though, who wouldn’t blame him?

You waltzed downstairs to find your father pace around the dining room with beads of sweat resting against his forehead causing you to instantly frown.

“Dad, what’s wrong? Is it?..” The ‘it’ you implied was the man himself.

He quickly shook his head, trying to reassure you as he placed his hands along your shoulders in sympathy.

 “I just have to leave for a while to scavenge for them, sweetheart. I know you’re responsible enough to look after Carl considering you just turned twenty two last week.” He chuckled softly causing you to crack a slight smile as you glanced down at the gift he gave you. It was your mother’s ring he kept till she passed.

“Be careful.” Worry was imbedded in your voice as you pulled him into a tight bear hug, fearful of his safety.

Now ain’t that shit fucking sweet?” Both of you jumped at the sudden voice, instantly turning around to find Negan standing in the doorway with Lucille draped across his right shoulder.

Your father was clearly pissed because of his sudden entrance while you were dumbstruck in the presence of Negan.

You instantly felt the adrenaline as his glance met yours.

“Mmm.. What a damn doll. Every little inch.” He responded as he circled around you with lust in his eyes making you bite your lip to keep from blushing.

From the corner of your eye, you could see your father clench his fists.

Negan smirked before chuckling dryly at his anger, finding it amusing to know he could lash out any minute, giving him the excuse to threaten the hell out of him. He knew using you or Carl would do the trick and he would apologize and be back with no back bone what so ever.

“What the hell are you going to do, Ricky?” He taunted as he stood in front of him while your father avoided eye contact. “Kick me in the balls for complimenting your smoking hot daughter? I think not.”

Your father finally looked him in the eye with his jaw clenched.

“Aw shit, there you go giving me that fucking stink eye again. The same damn look your one eyed son gave me. Small ass world.”

“Why did you come? You ordered us to go scavenge for you and your group.” He inquired as he stood in front of Negan with his arms crossed.

Negan slouched back before facing him with a toothy grin. “I came to see if you and your minions were following orders, but with the way it looks, your ass is still here with no goods in your hands. Now, go and get the shit for me.”

His tone began charismatic then led to a demand as he gripped Lucille, staring at your father coldly.

Rick quickly glanced over at you with worry written across his face. “I-I can’t leave her-”

Negan guarded you, his tall figure making yours disappear. “I’ll keep her company, daddy o. Go and get my shit.”

“Dad, it’s okay. You need to go. I’ll be fine.” You reassured him with a slight smile to calm his nerves.

He had to do what Negan said or he would obviously be killed or someone else would. You weren’t going to let him risk that, and deep down, you were excited for the man you drew in your notebook to stay alone with you without the rest of the group or your father to be here. Carl would be up in his room most of the time so it’s not like he’d care.

He finally let out a shaky breath before shooting Negan a deadly glare.

“I love you, baby girl.” He lightly kissed your forehead before shutting the door from behind, leaving you with a dangerous yet attractive psychopath.

Your heart began to pound. You were actually alone with Negan.

You cleared your throat as his eyes traveled across your body.

“Do you want a drink or something?” You were raised to be polite and you were always used to giving your guest a beverage or a snack, but asking Negan?

You felt embarrassed as you fiddled with your fingers nervously.

He licked his lips before facing you with a smirk plastered along his face.

“Kitten, I want something and that something is you.”

You blushed as your eyes met the floor. “How about you go up to my room and I bring you some of my dad’s whiskey?”

“What a bad girl taking her daddy’s whiskey,” He smirked causing chills to run down your spine. “I’d like to get to know you better, (Y/N).”

He whistled Beethoven as he walked upstairs causing your cheeks to redden.

You equally poured whiskey into two shot glasses before walking upstairs, passing Carl’s room until an arm jerked you backwards causing some of the liquid to spill onto the floor.

“What the hell are you doing with dad’s whiskey? He told us not to touch it, and what’s he doing here?” Carl spat with disgust in his voice.

You rolled your eyes, “Carl, he told you not to touch it. I’m not underage so I can drink what I want. Anyways, he’s here because dad left to gather supplies for them.”

Carl scoffed, “And you’re having a casual drink with him up in your room? If you haven’t noticed, he has a sick crush on you.”

“Carl, I can take care of myself. I’m an adult. Might as well entertain our guest.”

You walked into your bedroom to find Negan with the drawing you sketched in his hand causing you to drop both the glasses of whiskey on your carpet.

“I- um..”

He cut you off with a smirk along his lips, “ You know,” He removed his leather jacket. “I thought you were just a good girl who obeyed her daddy, but shit, this tells otherwise, sweetheart. Knowing you laid your sweet little body on your bed while drawing me is oh so satisfying.” 

Your heart pounded as anxiety rushed through your veins, and your legs felt like jelly as he spoke to you seductively.

“Don’t be shy, sweetheart. Come over here to me.” He cooed with his arms in open access.

“Boss!” Simon called from downstairs causing Negan to hiss in anger.

“What the fuck does he want this tim-”

You cut him off as you jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist as your lips pressed against his hungrily.

He groaned in satisfaction against your lips as he dug his nails into your flesh, his gloved hands gripping your waist as his lips continued to brush against yours.

He pulled away to face you with a sly smirk, “You gonna tell your daddy about this, sweetie?”

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

You quickly shook your head causing him to chuckle. “To be continued.”

He placed his finger along your bottom lip, dragging it down slightly.

I ordered a Negan shirt and phone case and I’m legit so hype. Hope this was a good imagine, guys!

Conjugal Visits: Part 1 - Cowgirl

Title: Cowgirl

Summary:  Dean and the reader have a purely “friends with benefits” arrangement. One that comes with an interesting twist.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1316

Warnings:  explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex

Author’s Note: This is a series. Here’s the Prologue. I will be making a master post soon. Thank you @katnharper for your invaluable help and the plethora of ideas you gave me.

Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

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Newt with a bespectacled partner

Originally posted by coffeestainedandersmythe

He will sometimes steal yours, if his reading glasses are upstairs.

“Newt I need those to see’ ‘I’m just borrowing them for a second love’ ‘there you go, perfect as ever’ 

The niffler likes how the light catches the lenses, so they go missing quite often

You wake up and reach over to the bedside table and grope around for your glasses, with a sigh ‘newt niffler’s got my specs again’

Newt will always get them back for you, he might turn the house upside down in the process, but he gets them back every time.

Newt ever so gently taking them off just before a kiss

Finn likes to get a ride on them

You always end up cleaning newts glasses, they are forever covered in smudges.

Pickett likes to swing from the arms

If you fall asleep while reading, newt will gently take them off, so you don’t hurt yourself, before wrapping you up in a blanket.



Have a great day and be safe

FREE Hidden Mickeys checklist for Disneyland - Anaheim. Please print it out and take the Hidden Mickey list with you to the park! [Last update JANUARY 07, 2014]

Parking & Surrounding Areas

[ ] Disneyland Drive (satellite photo or Paradise Pier window to see a giant Mickey)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (U-turn signs)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Daisy level Concrete Mickey 3A-3B)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Daisy level Concrete Mickey 2A, 2 spots away)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Character Celebrate Level Signs - confetti)

Entrance Plaza

[ ] Compass Rose (Classic Mickey Compass Rose, center of esplanade)
[ ] Personalized Bricks (Classic Mickeys inscribed on bricks)
[ ] Benches (Classic Mickey benches are scattered around the entrance plaza)
[ ] Disneyland Kennel Club (Dalmatian spot Hidden Mickey in the office)
[ ] Information Booth (guest information sign features a Classic Mickey)
[ ] Security Check Queue (several of the fun tip signs)
[ ] Ticket Booth (Classic Mickeys top each ticket booth)
[ ] Ticket Booth (each window features a Classic Mickey cutout)
[ ] Ticket Booth (paired Mickey brackets supporting each window counter)
[ ] Street Lamps (gas-style street lamps are topped with Classic Mickeys)
[ ] Sign Post (sign posts bases are covered with Classic Mickey patterns)
[ ] Sign Post (sign posts are topped with Classic Mickeys)
[ ] Tree Guard Rivets (Classic Mickey rivets on iron tree guards)
[ ] Turnstiles (backsides of the turnstiles feature Classic Mickey cutouts)

Main Street, U.S.A.

[ ] Disneyland Railroad (Engine No. 3 - Fred Gurley tender tank stop bracket)
[ ] Disneyland Railroad (Engine No. 5 - Ward Kimball tender tank stop bracket)
[ ] Disneyland Railroad Station (two Mickey flags)
[ ] Disneyland City Hall (Mickey flag above the guided tours building)
[ ] Emporium (Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey in a mural behind a register)
[ ] Main Street Magic Shop (playing card in the Harry Houdini window display)
[ ] 20th Century Music Company (three tamborines)
[ ] Disneyland Casting Agency Door (Classic Mickeys in the door’s design)
[ ] Main Street Cinema (Classic Mickey lights inside the cinema)
[ ] Main Street Market House (Classic Mickey iron wall decor) 
[ ] Main Street Fruit Cart (Classic Mickey under the green iron fruit cart)
[ ] Penny Arcade (Pinocchio Arcade Game console)
[ ] Penny Arcade (Stitch pressed quarter machine, Mickey stamped on machinery)
[ ] Penny Arcade (Antique Scale - Brass Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Main Street Photo Supply Co. (Classic Mickey shaped lens on antique camera)
[ ] Corner Cafe (Classic Mickey planters hanging from the wrought iron marquee)


[ ] Peter Pan’s Flight (Mickey’s silhouette in the Big Ben clock tower)
[ ] Peter Pan’s Flight (teddy bear paws, 2nd floor window, outer facade)
[ ] Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure (Pleasure Island gates in loading zone mural)
[ ] Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure (popcorn Mickey in the popcorn machine)
[ ] Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure (popcorn Mickey on floor)
[ ] Pinoccio’s Daring Adventure (Classic Mickey tops the ship case)
[ ] Snow White’s Scary Adventures (Loading Zone - 3 trees in mural)
[ ] Snow White’s Scary Adventures (three red gems in the jewel barrel)
[ ] Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (Toad statue in queue, left eye Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (faux pink stained glass Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (Eaves seen from queue, red berry Mickey)
[ ] King Arthur’s Carousel (three jewel Hidden Mickeys on Jingles)
[ ] Pixie Hollow (Faeries Welcome sign - Hidden Mickey on the post)
[ ] Matterhorn (tiny black Mickey, red & white key crest, along queue)
[ ] Matterhorn (Occasionally - Wells Expedition Rope Loop Mickey)
[ ] Alice in Wonderland (painting the roses red paint splatter Mickey)
[ ] Alice in Wonderland (picture frame in White Rabbit’s house)
[ ] Casey Jr. Circus Train (gauges on locomotive control panel Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Village Haus Restaurant (painted stern of a wooden model ship)
[ ] Village Haus Restaurant (Stained Glass Window - Pinocchio)
[ ] Storybook Land (Flora - painted on port side)
[ ] Storybook Land (Snow White - painted on aft side of the deck house)
[ ] U.S. Mail Box (between drawbridge & Peter Pan’s Flight)
[ ] It’s a Small World (three control towers in the loading area)
[ ] It’s a Small World (holiday season - Hidden Mickey on santa hat on clock face)
[ ] It’s a Small World (holiday season - holly berry Hidden Mickey towards end)
[ ] It’s a Small World Light Show (holiday season - Hidden Mickey below clock face)
[ ] Water Tower (behind the train station, Mickey Mouse logo on water tower)


[ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (planet Ska-densii)
[ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (Green Planet - green swirl Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (Mickey on orange Scrabble tiles in first room)
[ ] Star Tours (Flight Attendant’s Mickey hairdo)
[ ] Star Tours (Ewok with a Mickey Mouse plush in the safety video)
[ ] Star Traders (Star Wars inspired Classic Mickey in display window)
[ ] Star Traders (three flying saucers inside the shop)
[ ] Space Mountain (speakers in the coaster cars form a Classic mickey)
[ ] Space Mountain (Command Center shielding)
[ ] Space Mountain (Hidden Mickey craters on the floating asteroid)
[ ] Pizza Port (Mickey molecules on the Adventure Thru Inner Space poster)
[ ] Innoventions: Entrance (Classic Mickeys above the doors)
[ ] Innoventions: Entrance (Partial Hidden Mickey on the double doors)
[ ] Innoventions: Tom Morrow (Mickey shoelaces & Mickeys in pockets)
[ ] Innoventions (grape Hidden Mickeys in the hallway mural downstairs)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (video window near Dream Home front door)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (Mickey porch railing)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (circle patterned yellow carpet Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (Mickey silhouette book end)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (thank you sign)
[ ] Innoventions monitor camera (Mickey shaped webcams found upstairs)
[ ] Innoventions (artwork in Honda Theatre, Mickey hidden in a green square)
[ ] Innoventions (red glass bead Hidden Mickey, under the glass floor upstairs)
[ ] Tomorrowland Terrace Stage (metalwork Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Autopia (Classic Mickey license plate sticker)
[ ] Autopia (Classic Mickey - Mouse Crossing street sign)
[ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (coral wall in queue, near Monorail elevator exit)
[ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Observation Outpost locker Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Occasionally - Rope Loop Mickey on docks)


[ ] Jungle Cruise (cast iron frying pan Hidden Mickey aboard “Suwannee Lady”)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Mara Temple script - MM)
[ ] Indiana Jones (well cover hieroglyphs Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Eeyore parking sign above the queue in the projection room)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Hidden Mickey shadow on the wall in projection room)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Classic Mickey shadow on the wall in movie room queue)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Mickey Mouse Life Magazine cover in Indy’s office)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Idol of Mara - cleft in upper lip & nostrils Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Bones, the skeleton, wearing personalized Mickey ears)
[ ] Indiana Jones (coiled cobra icon Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Tarzan’s Tree House (curtain hooks)
[ ] Tarzan’s Tree House (Classic Mickey steel drums)
[ ] Tarzan’s Tree House (steel drum & smaller barrels)

New Orleans Square

[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (shell Mickey in beach scene)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (treasure room treasure chest lock)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Davy Jones projection, barnacle Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (fort wall impact crater)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Mickey decorated armor in the gunfight room)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Exit Corridor - antique lock outside Pieces of Eight)
[ ] Blue Bayou (stained glass Classic Mickey in lobby)
[ ] Club 33 (gold detail Hidden Mickey on cast member vests)
[ ] Jewel of Orleans (Hidden Mickey projected onto the ceiling)
[ ] Court des Anges (look for this secluded area’s sign)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (wallpaper in the haunted art gallery)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Classic Mickey arrangement of plates on ballroom table)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - stained glass holly berries)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - snowdrift in ballroom)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - black plate place setting)
[ ] Disney Dream Suite (special star lighting in master bath)
[ ] Disney Dream Suite (red Hidden Mickey on carpet)
[ ] Disney Dream Suite (blue Hidden Mickey on carpet)


[ ] Golden Horseshoe stage vent (Hidden Mickey on center vent)
[ ] Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (three giant gears Hidden Mickey) 
[ ] S.S. Mark Twain (Classic Mickey ironwork between the smokestacks)
[ ] S.S. Mark Twain River Excursions sign (Hidden Mickey silhouette)
[ ] Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (above the cave entrance, left from the raft)
[ ] Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (Mickey in cement on top of the chimney)
[ ] Rivers of America (Classic Mickey river rocks)
[ ] Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (wooden post Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo (wooden sink counter, Mickey knot hole)
[ ] Big Thunder Ranch House (reigns & bridles feature Classic Mickeys)
[ ] Big Thunder Ranch House (horseshoe Hidden Mickey in the giant horseshoe pile)
[ ] Shooting Exposition (Mickey-shaped cactus)
[ ] Pioneer Mercantile (Mickeys on the various wall lamps inside the gift shop)

Critter Country

[ ] Splash Mountain (height requirement sign, faux wood knot Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Splash Mountain (hand crank gears form a Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Splash Mountain (photo of Mickey Mouse riding Splash Mountain)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (Mickey hidden in the wood grain, right side at entrance)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (Hidden Mickey on the side of Gopher’s Burrow)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (Mickey ears on bookcase behind sleeping Pooh)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (honey splatter Hidden Mickey)
[ ] The Briar Patch Gift Shop (cabbage Mickey hidden on the shelves)


[ ] Order of the Mouse Seal (Classic Mickey above Toontown entrance)
[ ] Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin (paint bucket swirl Mickey hidden in queue)
[ ] Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin (Classic Mickey hidden on hubcap in loading area)
[ ] Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin (room with buildings, back of double doors)
[ ] Fireworks Factory (look closely at the rockets protruding from the brick facade)
[ ] Toontown Firehouse (ring the bell and look for the dalmatian puppy in a window)
[ ] Clarabelle’s Frozen Yogurt (Classic Mickey only seen when closed)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Mickey shaped mailbox)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Meet Mickey Sign)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Mickey shaped window on front door)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Classic Mickey welcome mat)
[ ] Mickey’s House (various books feature Hidden Mickeys on their spines)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Surrealist Mickey Artwork)
[ ] Mickey’s House (notepad on Mickey’s desk)
[ ] Mickey’s House (photo of Walt Disney & Mickey)
[ ] Mickey’s House (metronome on Mickey’s piano)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Hidden Mickeys in the player piano sheet music)
[ ] Mickey’s House (One Hidden Donald in the player piano sheet music)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Movie Screen - Hidden Mickey countdown)
[ ] Mickey’s House (Hidden Mickey on paintbrush in Tuxedo Mickey’s photo area)
[ ] Mickey’s House (sheet music Hidden Mickey in Silly Symphony photo area)
[ ] Mickey’s House (starry night Hidden Mickey in Sorcerer’s Apprentice photo area)
[ ] Mickey’s Toontown Car (Hidden Mickey on hubcaps)
[ ] Minnie’s House (orange book on Minnie’s bookcase)
[ ] Minnie’s House (pictures feature Mickey & Minnie)
[ ] Minnie’s House (balls of yarn Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Minnie’s House (Mickey on the front of Minnie’s fridge)
[ ] Minnie’s House (relish inside Minnie’s fridge)
[ ] Cast Member Exit (stone Hidden Mickey on wall)
[ ] Toontown Port Office (Post Office Letter-shaped sign has a Mickey stamp)
[ ] Mickey’s Post Office Box (each character’s box features their silhouette)
[ ] Toontown Lantern (outdoor lamp features a Classic Mickey pattern)
[ ] Toontown Telephone (Hidden Mickey in the canter of the rotary dial)
[ ] Toontown’s Third Little Piggy Bank (Mickey faced coins on sign)
[ ] Gadget’s Go Coaster (Classic Mickey shaped rocks in queue)
[ ] Gadget’s Go Coaster (partially Hidden Mickey on blueprints)
[ ] Toontown Toonhole Cover (manhole cover)
[ ] Mickey’s House (holiday season - Xmas tree with Mickey topper & ornaments)
[ ] Minnie’s House (holiday season - Xmas tree with Minnie topper & ornaments)

Mousellaneous Disneyland Resort

[ ] Long Lost Friends (Pocahontas Backdrop)
[ ] Holiday Season Mickey Popcorn Bucket (Holly Berries on Top Hat)
[ ] Holiday Season Cups (Hidden Mickey Snowflakes)
[ ] Cast Member Service Ring (Mickey’s silhouette adorns these gold service rings)
[ ] Cast Member Keychains (keychains feature Classic Mickey cutouts)
[ ] Disneyland Security Badge (burgundy Classic Mickeys centered on each badge)
[ ] Disneyland Security Logo (Classic Mickey logos found on neckties and patches)