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Give me a character that isn’t a “geek” or a “nerd” with asthma. Give me a track star that has to use an inhaler. Give me an Olympic swimmer that has to work harder and harder to breathe because their lungs need to be trained for the vigorousness. Give me a ballerina, a baker, a flourish, a cyclist. Give me ordinary people from all walks of life. Give me a character that isn’t portrayed as weak because their lungs didn’t form fully when they were born. Give me someone who was the best at what they did and then asthma was formed, and then show them working harder and harder to get what they have always wanted. Don’t tell me you can’t, because we exist in the world, and it’s not fair to pretend that we’re only stuck in one corner of an entire cinematic universe. Put us in books, give us a voice.

Let Your Minis Have a Religious Experience: Stained Glass - The Miniatures of Tomorrow Method.

Hey there true believers, today I’ve got the long promised tutorial on how to create your own stained glass for diorama & display. This method, creates a very true to life effect, that while not as fast as printing on transparencies, replicates both the texture and actual principle of stained glass. This means that it casts a colored light like stained glass, and has the same high gloss as glass proper. 

We’ll get started with supplies after the jump. 

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“Lady Madonna”

I know the character described in the song is a saintly single mother so why didn’t I depict that? Because my favorite lyric from this classic was always “lying on the bed, listen to the music playing in your head”. The song is so sunny and upbeat that I wanted to illustrate a part of the song that reflects that. Hoping also that the stained glass treatment would hint strongly at what the song was. And I’m sure her kids are just fine, off in another room. She’s just enjoying a bit of a reprieve here.

Basically just a better break up for Chaol and Aelin. Like I ship Rowaelin and I love Chaol with all my heart. He is my favorite, yes. Also there is a lot of inaccuracies I haven't read QoS in awhile.

Chaol x Aelin


Aelin’s boots smacked in the wet puddles of the sewer. The last time she was here was… yeah, then.

“They’re up ahead.” Said that girl. Nesryn was her name. Honestly, Aelin couldn’t say she was all that prepared to see Chaol. The last time they saw each other, she wasn’t Aelin. She barely even wanted to move let alone lead a rebellion against a dictator.

But she had to. And she would. Without backing down.

The group turned a corner and found a settlement. People bustled around the makeshift campsite hurrying from place to place. He really did turn against him. As pissed as she was at him, for believing in that king. For lying for.

“Chaol’s in here. We’ve been planning for a way into the castle for weeks. Slowly we’ve been gaining new members from the castle. ”

Nesryn pulled aside the flap and went inside. Followed by Lysandra and then, followed by Aelin.

“Nesryn who is…” Chaol’s eyes found Aelin. “This.”

She looked up to him. She lifted her head proud. “Hi Chaol. ”

He stared at her, almost like seeing a ghost. “Celeana.”

“It’s Aelin now. ”

“Right.” He spit out. “Anyway…”


Chaol glanced to the side at Aelin. They looked the same, sort of. When he left she didn’t look this confident.


“Chaol I’m not going to do this forever.”

“Do what?”

She turned to him. He expected her to be angry, to look at him pissed in the way he had seen too many times haunting his nightmares. But instead, she was calm.

“I’m not going to pretend that what … happened. Didn’t.” Her face was dead set and her eyes bore into him.

He looked at her, trying to find a joke or a laugh. Trying to find her mocking him, hating him. But I’m honesty, she didn’t hate him. Not anymore.

“Aelin. ” he sighed. “Your different… but not that much.”

“I take offense to that.”

He chuckled. “I should give you this back. Cel-… Aelin.”

He unwrapped the necklace from his chest. He still carried it. Still wore it. She took it.

She took the amythest ring from her pocket.

“Aelin I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

His hand hesitated from the ring when she spoke. She placed it in for him and looked to his face. “Don’t be sorry. Because I’m not sorry for being me.”


“You loved Celeana. And im so grateful you did.. now that is.” She laughed, thinking back to the turmoil she went through thinking about him.

“But don’t apologize. Because I will not.”

And she was off. Chaol was left with her ring, once her ring, sitting warmly in his palm.


“Chaol how are you feeling?”
Aelin slipped into the room and walked up to the edge of his bed.

“Not great.

“That’s the understatement of the century.”

He laughed a little at that.

He sighed and looked around the room. Something he knew so much before about, shattered. Aelin did too. She looked around slowly, at the room where she first met him, where she first talked to him, where they came after that night, where she tried to kill him. Where they said goodbye.

This was where they existed.

This was where he existed she realized. This was all he knew for so long. He had lost so much.

Her eyes drifted back to him as he continued his search around the room.

“Aelin, if I knew what you were before. I would’ve never loved you like I do now.”

Now? “Chaol-”

“And I can’t apologize for that. I’m learning still. But know this.” He turned to her.

“I loved you, with everything I had.”

He paused and watched her. She looked st him, unwavering and He was stern. “Aelin, I love you now too.”

Her heart shuttered. She did love this man once. Actually, she still did. Not the same, or maybe just not as passionately. But.. “Chaol, I love you too.”

She moved from her idle position to give him a hug. She did love him. She loved him before and she would probably never stop. And it was the same for him.

“Thank you… ” she spoke to him. “ thank you for everything you gave up.” For me, she left unspoken.

She pulled away and smiled at him. He followed suit.

“I’ll leave you so you can rest. And, I’ll make sure to tell Nesryn to take care of you down there. ”

He nodded.

“Until we meet again. Queen Aelin.”

“She stood strong. She stood strong becashe she had support. Not just Rowan but Chaol, Lysandra, Aedion, and all her subjects. She loved them all. “Until then.” She left the room and closed the door behind her. She looked up to see Rowan leaning against the wall.

“Wow. Never pegged you the easedropper type.”

“Whatever.” He responded.

“Come on Fluffy.”

“I swear to Wyrd Aelin if you start calling me that.”

She walked up to him and wrapped her arm around his waist.

“But you get to call me Fireheart, I want a name too. It’s just fair.” She shrugged, grinning away.


This Roman period glass bowl is made of translucent, light green glass. The bowl would have been formed by blowing a bubble of glass into a mold, creating the ribs on the vessel’s exterior and leaving the areas between the ribs extremely thin. Despite its age, this glass object is intact with the exception of one small, oblong loss in the thinnest part of the wall. Conservators do not always fill every loss in an object, especially when an object comes from an ancient and/or archaeological context, or when the loss is small; however, in the case of this bowl, the glass surrounding the area of loss is so thin that filling the loss actually improves the object’s stability by protecting the edges of the loss from further damage.

The loss in the bowl’s wall was filled with a thermoplastic acrylic resin called Paraloid® B-72. Paraloid® B-72 is a favorite material in conservation, used as an adhesive, a consolidant, a fill material, and a coating. B-72 is versatile as it is soluble in a variety of solvents in a range of concentrations, and particularly well suited to conservation as the resin is chemically stable, reversible and manipulable with solvents and heat, structurally strong, optically clear, and bonds well to many materials. Paraloid® B-72 finds use on a wide range of materials, but because the resin sets through solvent evaporation, tiny bubbles visually disrupt the resin film, making B-72 less aesthetically appropriate for glass. To help conservators use this excellent repair material in glass conservation, conservators at the Corning Museum of Glass developed a way to cast Paraloid® B-72 resin films without bubbles.

To make the fill for the bowl, B-72 resin was tinted with dyes and dry pigments, poured into silicone rubber molds, and cast into thin sheets. The molds were placed into polyethylene bags (left) to allow the solvent to evaporate slowly, reducing the formation of bubbles in the resin film. Once set (right), the film was cut to shape and adhered to the loss by applying a tiny bit of solvent to the edges of the fill; because B-72 is itself an adhesive, no additional adhesive is necessary.

Through exposure to its archaeological burial environment, the surface of the bowl has developed a layer of iridescence often referred to as “weathering products.” Unlike accretions that have become adhered to the surface of the glass, weathering products are actually the original surface of the glass that has delaminated, or split, into many layers. As light passes through these extremely thin layers of glass that are separated by small pockets of air, the light bends or refracts, the optical effect creating iridescent colors like oil on water or the colors of some butterfly wings.  

To make the Paraloid® B-72 fill resemble the weathered glass, a layer of goldbeater’s skin painted with acrylic iridescent paints was added. Traditionally used in the beating of gold sheet into gold leaf, goldbeater’s skin is thin, strong, translucent, and has a satiny sheen similar to the glass weathering products. This bowl will be part of the upcoming reinstallation of the Brooklyn Museum’s Asian and Islamic Galleries.

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If you are still taking prompts: kitty Tony! I don't care how or why, just Tony turned into a kitty and everyone gives him love and pets and he marks everyone as his.

By the time Tony got turned into a cat, the Meowstro had already worked his way through a bevy of Avengers Agents over the course of a week, so they knew he’d be fine from the get go, and JARVIS just flew him back to the jet. 

What they didn’t expect was that he would be bright, ridiculously plush white mainecoon. 

Once they got home, Steve asked JARVIS to open the armor and ask Tony to come out. Tumbling out of his cosy nest in the armor’s torso, he flowed down the armors legs and sat on the grating to look up at Steve. His fur was thick, at least doubling his size, and he was already enormous; three feet from nose to tail, if he was an inch. And he had a mane; thick and sweeping back from his face to fluff out into a riotous frame for his leonine face.

He had tufts on his ears.

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so you might've thought about this, but i wear contacts myself and i started wondering how bad eyesight or bad hearing would be 'solved' in the rq books? do people wear glasses or contacts? can skin healers heal something like that? what if people are born blind or deaf? very curious to hear your take on this, and i love love love your writing!!

Oooh, good question! I also have horrible eyesight myself and I’ve been wearing some form of corrective lenses since I was 5. 

I picture the technology level of Norta (other countries vary) to be the equivalent of the 1950s/1960s US (minus any reliance on oil or nuclear power). So forms of contact lenses exist, and glasses definitely exist. Glasses are more prevalent considering the expense of lenses. 

And yes, Silvers would absolutely utilize healers to improve their eyesight or hearing, if improvement is physically possible. Many Silvers, especially the nobles, unfortunately live in a warrior culture of strength, so physical prowess is really important to them. Depending on the healer, one could actually remove a person’s eyes and grow new ones, although something like that would be extremely, extremely complicated and require a huge amount of skill. I imagine constant correction would be needed, much like laser surgery today needs to be supplemented as eyes worsen again over time. 

Reds, on the other hand, are much more in line with humans of the 1950s/60s, limited by the technology available to them, and their own ability to pay for treatment. Glasses would be very common. Something I never realized I did a bad job of describing up until this exact moment. Will absolutely work to be more representative of this in future writings. This may be a combo of glasses being so prevalent in my life that I don’t notice them anymore and my remaining screenwriter tendencies of not over-describing characters, but that’s not an excuse in the slightest.

Thanks for the question!

As Though Fire Burns Under Your Feet (2/2)

A slight twist on the events of “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester.” Kurt and Blaine are just back from their honeymoon when Dalton catches on fire, with Blaine and all his students still inside. Part of my asthma!Blaine verse. 9.5K [AO3]
TW: Detailed descriptions of medical procedures and references to fire.
Read Part 1 | Read the other installments in this verse

The thing that scared Kurt most was seeing the crowd of medical professionals that met the ambulance as it pulled up to Westerville Memorial Hospital. He’d had his fair share of hospital experiences in the past. Hell, he’d even taken to Blaine to the exact same hospital before after a particularly bad asthma attack, albeit many years ago when he and Blaine were both still students at Dalton. But in all his visits to the hospital with Blaine and his dad, he’d never seen such controlled chaos. It was clear that the doctors and nurses had been briefed for Blaine’s arrival and that terrified Kurt.

He had to fight to stay at Blaine’s side as the medical professionals descended upon the ambulance.  His gurney was quickly lifted out of the ambulance and Kurt had to jump out, nearly tripping over his own feet in his haste to return to Blaine’s side. A swarm of doctors and nurses rapidly pushed the gurney  towards the double doors that led to the emergency room. Kurt ran alongside them, matching stride for stride, all the while keeping a tight grip on Blaine’s hand, remembering the promise he’d made him in the ambulance: stay. And stay he would, even if it seemed like Blaine was no longer registering his presence or touch.

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A new coat of paint can totally transform the look of a room, but to breathe dramatic personality into your walls, try painting with pattern. We love the checkerboard look of this basketweave technique adding texture and a sense of movement to this otherwise plain wall.