glass transition

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Imagine everything's the same except Kara's glasses have transition lenses

She learns about the ‘deal with it’ meme and tries to recreate it by standing in the light during punchlines of jokes

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Think about it - amazing and quick at math - loves to tinker and fix stuff - hands on learner, has to figure things out himself - those cute glasses with the transition lenses - THE WAY HE BLUSHES when people talk to him/about him - beautiful smart boy 11/10

lmao he has to DO. Tyler teaches Tyler.

my beautiful hot nerd.

But also I think about meeting him and telling him he’s handsome because HE FUCKING DOESN’T THINK SO. HE’S SO FUCKING GOOD???? AND GOOD LOOKING????????


After years of watching Scooby-Doo... I just noticed this for the first time.

In the first episode, we get the first instance of Velma losing her glasses…

plus the first instance of Velma being hilariously poorly-drawn, but that’s besides the point.

The glasses-lost bit transitions into a bit with the Black Knight getting stuck…

…Velma thinking he’s Shaggy, and producing medicine that she… somehow keeps on her person at all times?

I don’t want to know how.

But the point is, no glasses. Glasses lost, no clue know where they are. Classic Scooby-Doo plot device.

Here, she talks to the Black Knight like it’s Shaggy, and she still doesn’t have her glasses…

…and then Shaggy runs in a moment later, and… she has them again?

And they just keep going on with the episode like nothing happened?

Y’know, I’d criticize the creators for abandoning their first-ever use of the iconic glasses-lost gimmick, but then again… I didn’t notice it until now, and I prolly saw it 15 times when I was 7. I guess they got away with it!

Okay so update
Im 16 years old for those who dont know.
3 months on t & I believe my doctor told me that bloody kansas would stop this month aswell.
Voice is deeper
Curves are less curvy
More muscle
Jaw looks better
More facial hair
Body hair is darkening