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  • me: i have nothing to read
  • me: *has 20 unread books on bookshelf*
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-Six of Crows duology
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-Song of Ice and Fire series
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-An Ember in the Ashes series
-The Night Circus
-Rebel captain
-Ready player one

-the Illuminae files

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*walks into a book store*


The sound of the waves is so relaxing 🌊🍃

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Person: have you been up all night reading?


When someone speaks about one of my fandoms:

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The Room That Echoed.

(warning: long story)

I never really appreciated just how much like a storybook castle my great aunt’s house was.
Four stories tall, with two spires and three attics, it was a monstrous edifice of pocked stone, time-darkened wood and yellowed glass. I spent so much time there in the holidays as a child – especially over Christmas – that it became a secondary home.
And when a place becomes so familiar that it seems like home, it no longer seems so special or unique. It’s just alwaysthere; occupying the same frame of reference as an old coat, a favourite teddy bear or a well-worn book from your personal library.

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When your explaining your favorite book/ tv series to your friend:

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