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Mom: Just leave the book at home.


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  • Sibling: I'll mess up your room.
  • Me: Whatever. I'll mess up yours.
  • Sibling: I'll touch your books.
  • Me: ...Please don't
  • Kilorn: They call me coffee because I grind so fine ;)
  • Mare: Oh my God
  • Cal : They call me coffee because I keep you up past 2am
  • Mare : Cal, stop it
  • Maven : They call me coffee-
  • Mare : Please no
  • Maven : Because I’m dark and bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of who I am.
  • Mare: Oh.
Cal Calore VS Mare Barrow's Dad
  • Cal Calore: I'm a Silver general, I was meant to be the king, I'm the most powerful Burner alive in Norta. No one can scare m…
  • Daniel Barrow: Hi, I heard you like my daughter
  • Cal: Oh shit

When your explaining your favorite book/ tv series to your friend:

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Me: *just finished a book/ good series*

person: *tries to tell me something


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