glass shade

RQ Characters at Disney World
  • Mare: *uses everyone's fast passes for Space mountain, roams all of the parks till she's dragged into the last trolley by Shade at 1:30 am*
  • Cal: *cringes at the sight of crying children in mouse ears, is more impressed by the mechanical structures of the rides than of the park itself*
  • Maven: *Is that one guy that gets spooked by the fireworks and drops the drink tray with everyone's coffee, somehow gets pictures with Darth Maul and Kylo Ren*
  • Shade: *compulsively buys Mouse ears and churros for everyone*
  • Kilorn: *is the ride buddy, most likely to get sick on the teacups *
  • Farley: *takes advantage of Epcot's alcohol, won't go on any rides unless expressly begged by Shade.*
My favorite snarky lines in the RQ series

“You’re a special kind of stupid” -Farley to Shade in Cruel Crown

“You don’t get points for being dramatic” -Mare in Glass Sword (tied for my personal favorite)

“Worried we aren’t getting a work out? I promise we are” -Shade in Glass Sword

“How does it feel to be used Mare Barrow?” Cal in Red Queen (the other one tied for my personal favorite)




  • Cal: *drunk off of his ass*
  • Cal: One day I'm gonna tell Mare that she's amazing and pretty and I want to touch her hair and I want to kiss her on her tongue doors.
  • Shade: You mean her mouth?
  • Cal: Oh yeah. I couldn't think of the word.