glass reliquary

The Etsy curio shop is officially open! Please take a peek, I hope you find something you like. :3 

I’ll gradually be adding more listing over the next few days, so keep checking back for updates! Eventually I hope to have a listing schedule arranged. 

I will be stocking a range of curio pendants featuring a variety of interesting objects including - bees, butterflies, moths, bugs of all kinds, herbs, flowers, gemstones, mini tarot cards, and more curiosities as I find them! Each is made with love and a touch of magic. :) 

A huge thank you to everyone who’s supported this little idea of mine! 
Check it out

I am on FIRE! 3 in one week. I’m slowly but surely working out the kinks and bugs and work-arounds.

This time, we have Nilesy using the Emperor’s Chalice, more or less an infinite portable pool or bucket, you know, whichever fills your pools.It seems like he’s planning to fill a room up to the brim with water or maybe he plans on drowning the whole world no one knows.

There is an alternative use to it, though its debatable if its useful or not. By clicking rightclick when no blocks are highlighted, you drink from it, exchanging half a heart for half a drumstick of food.

Ps: is that a smoulder? Have I made a smoulder? Have I made Nilesy smoulder?