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Yuri on Ice fic preview because oh God I’m so tired why not someone please put me out of my misery, please

So if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I am writing a Yuri on Ice fan fiction and that it is k i l l i n g me because it is 118 pages. So I thought, why not share the pain. Keep an eye out. I’m posting this before the end of February if it kills me. 

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Remembering the original “Image Works” at Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion. 

From 1983-1998 you could visit a magical place in Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion called the “Image Works” Yes, I know there is currently “Imageworks: The What If Labs” in the Imagination Pavilion, but it is not the original and doesn’t even come close to being as amazing as its predecessor. The original was located at the top level of the pavilion allowing guests an outside view through the glass pyramid. The beautifully designed spiral staircase and glass elevator which took you to the “Image Works” is still there and can be seen in the current Imagination store.At the top of this staircase/elevator you would enter the “Image Works”, a place where guests could test their imaginations. At the heart of this creative playground was the Rainbow Corridor/Sensor Maze, a colorful tunnel of neon that changed colors as you walked through. The “Image Works” also included: Figment’s Coloring Book, Magic Palettes, Light Writers, Stepping Tones, Pin Screens, Bubble Music, Dreamfinder’s School of Drama, Giant Kaleidoscopes, Image Warp, Lumia and Electronic Philharmonic. The “Image Works” closed on October 10, 1998. The new “Imageworks: The What If Labs” opened on October 1, 1999, in the new downstairs location. Sadly, the whole upstairs area that housed the original “Image Works” is now closed. Check out the awesome video posted here for a look at the sad current state of the “Image Works” next to footage from back in the day.


etsyfindoftheday | 2.20.16

glass and metal geometric planters by montibymonti

the clean, minimalist lines of these clear glass-and-soldered metal planters is a brilliant contrast to the organic green things you’ll put inside them. love both shapes, and all the sizes.

In Serious Steven...

I noticed that in the Diamond Heart that there were two faces on the square faced pyramid; a smiling and frowning face. 

Now at first you may think this is the same gem: it’s not it’s four people. As you can see, ¾ of the faces are frowning (most likely blue white and yellow diamond.) However when Steven in the episode Serious Steven touches the prism, it rotates to the smiling side ( most likely rose quartz.)

And look at the diamonds surrounding the face, what colors do you see? White and Pink! This temple belonged to Rose Quartz and White Diamond! This was the very place that Rose Quartz hid White Diamond over thousands of years after she killed her during the war. Only the pyramid could unlock the hide out, that’s why she hadn’t come out all these years! Pearl said that gems could be prevented from regeneration if contained in an object:

White Diamond was trapped in her temple

Blue Diamond was in Lars and Ronaldo’s tree house

The Desert Glass is in a pillow

and Bismuth is in lion.

What if Steven tries to free them?