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Manhattan Project Glass from Hanford, Washington

This glass was used at the Hanford Washington Manhattan Project location, one of the biggest and most undercover operations the United States military has ever done. It started during WWII in the late 30’s and went on through the cold war era. There were three main facilities around the nation that took part in the making of the first atomic bombs. At Hanford, they created the first plutonium ever to exist, which went into the Trinity bomb in New Mexico, the first man-made nuclear blast, and the plutonium for the Fat Man Bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan.

This piece is 70% lead with a deep yellow color. It comes on basalt pillar base, cut flat, polished top, core drilled with a LED light set into the stone to illuminate the specimen. The base is 8" in diameter and 34" tall.  Approximate weight of display is 200lbs.


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’


K The Stage Cast Appreciation:
     Suzuki Hiroki (June 4, 1985) as Fushimi Saruhiko

We would like to thank for all of the support everyone has shown for our new project, Little Goody Two Shoes!

While searching through the German fairy tales and scenery central to LGTS’s atmosphere, everyone began to feel a longing for sausage.
And then something wacky like: “When we could no longer control our hunger, the group began working toward a project that embodies everything Astral Shift´

Weenella is a new game, taking place before the events of both Pocket Mirror and Little Goody Two Shoes.
Help Weenella make her way to the ball, meet Prince Heinz, and realize the truest treasure is the weens we make along the way. We are proud to share with you some of our work so far! 

As a group we have always found the figure of a hotdog in a bun quite mesmerizing. We hope you will find the beauty in hotdogs, just as we have.Please look forward to Weenella ~and the glass croc~ coming in 2069

You Are Your Work, And Nothing More

“Have I become my work and nothing more? I know that’s not what I’m living for!”

I was originally going to name this piece “A Throne of Lies.”

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