glass pennies

Gilmore Girls Revival: The Men

-Logan keeps saying he is ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative” so many times, you almost start to forget the portrait of Ronald Reagan he has over his fireplace mantel

-Jess says his only regret in life is that he can’t go back in time and reread Naked Lunch as if he’s never read it before

-Dean’s favorite television show isn’t exactly Big Bang Theory, but yeah, he’ll keep it on if it’s marathoning

-Logan and his friends see Zoolander 2 and keep quoting it to each other, high fives and all

-Dean slowly eats a ham sandwich he made himself

-Jess keeps popping in, asking if anybody noticed his tattered DVD copy of The Royal Tenembaums. He leaves it in the bathroom so people can read the back.

-Somebody asks Dean a question and he goes “what?”

-Jess isn’t Banksy, perse, but he does keep a glass jar of pennies on his kitchen table that says BREAK THIS IF THE BANKS HAVE WON, and he breaks it with a hammer every time guests come over

-Logan knows Martin Shkreli well enough to have been invited to his Big Pharma Toga Party last year, but in his defense he didn’t even RSVP

-Dean slowly stares at his hands

-Jess turns off the television after a few minutes. “This shit will rot our mind,” he says. A few minutes later: “Although I do stream Mr. Robot.”

-Logan, unprompted, reminds us of his ethnic friends

-Dean shares a story: last year, he couldn’t find his socks. But later on, he did. They were IN his boots.

-Jess rolls his eyes. He didn’t have to watch Making A Murderer to learn about how deeply fucked up the system is. He takes out a match. “Today,” he announces, “will be the last time I ever let the government speak my name.” He burns a checkbook. It isn’t his.

-”No, I don’t have a checkbook. Why do you ask?” Jess, not so unprompted.

-Luke comes in, looking for his checkbook.

-Logan goes, “no problem, sport”, and gives Luke his checkbook.

-Dean, four days later, understands what just happened.

poetcc-things  asked:

Would you like to write about encouragement TY C.C.

Sorry I’m just now getting to your prompt! This one took me a couple of days to get in the right mood for.

For everyone who hasn’t followed me for super long, I run an ongoing contest! Every Friday, I check my blog statistics to see who was my biggest fan for the week, and they get to commission a poem!


When keeping your chin up
takes too much, look
to the ground. Keep searching
until you find it—the spark
of shattered glass, a penny
filled with fortune, a forest
of moss, thriving where
you thought nothing could
thrive—and carry it
in your heart if not in your
hands. Hope is everywhere.