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Omigawwwdd I had an idea!!! Pennywise finding an interest in s/o's glasses. S/o has really bad eyesight and dosen't perfer contacts so they have to read dorky cute glasses. Idk this sounded so cute, and seeing Pennywise being curious as to why da fuck his s/o has to wear them. Probably taking them from them and putting them on only revealing a glass wearing Pennywise to see how horrible s/o's eyes are. (This idea come from me who wears glasses lol)

Oh my God. YES! I wear glasses too. So, I know the struggle 😂🎈

- Penny is always so confused as to why you always have those weird things on your face
- He always looks at you weird when you put them on
- “What are these human?”
- He pulls them off your face
- You grumble becauss you’re now borderline blind now
- “They are glasses, Penny. They help me see.”
- He gives you an even weirder look now
- “Help you see what?”
- He’ll hold them up to his eyes, squinting
- With the curiosity getting the best of him, he’ll slide them into his face
- His face is much bigger than yours though, so he does stretch the frames
- “Penny!” You whine.
- Penny laughs, squinting even harder as he looks through them
- “I can’t see a thing!”
- He pulls them back off quickly
- He narrows his eyes at you
- “These do not help me see.”
- you have to explain that they are meant for him, they have to be prescribed by a doctor
- He shakes his head, putting your glasses bad on you face
- “I’ll leave these to you then, darling.”
- He stares at you, frowning a little
- “I’m sorry for your terrible vision, human.”
- You roll yours eyes, chuckling.
- “Thanks, Penny.”
- He gives you a mischievous smirk and licks your face

business plan, seeking investors

-buy everyone’s eclipse glasses for “pennies on the dollar”
-hold them for 20 years until next big eclipse
-hope glasses technology hasn’t improved at all
-hope the great robot wars haven’t started yet
-sell them back to the same people you bought them from

I caved

sketching cyborg orca mermaid dad and his adopted spotted dolphin daughter was too much a temptation to pass up

why do i love mermaid aus so much ;_; 

wait no, better question, why do i love mermaid aus with (hot) single dads and their eccentric children so much????


before anyone says “but kay you already have a mermaid au”,  l i s t e n  i already got like full specs of why tucker as a mermaid is an entirely different thing than james as a mermaid okay i have the full monty of it figured out okay they’re not the s a m e  i mean i’m lame enough that they’d look a bit alike but LISTEN THEY’RE DIFFERENT OKAY THEY’RE DIFFERENT like James and Penny can change into the animals their tails are, but Tucker can walk on land for a few hours without having to feel excruciating pain in every step

i also just realized i haven’t gone in depth about the mermaids in the other mermaid au

fuck i need to get on that

During World War II, the United States experimented with glass pennies like this one. Copper was extremely scare, and extremely valuable for munitions, as gun ammunition casings and bullet jackets. In 1943 the US Mint tried making coins out of steel. Then out of glass.

But the problem was making glass coins – they kept cracking during production. The coin above is worth above $60,000 because so few glass coins have survived unbroken!

Contacts Pennywise x Reader

Pennywise x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Can i request where Pennywise is with his girlfriend and he stays the night and watches her get ready in the morning. He  watches her start putting contacts in and tries to fight her because he thinks she is hurting herself by poking her eyes. Just a funny/fluffy idea.

Warning: None that I think think of 

Note: Enjoy! 

You were busy singing along to your music blasting from your radio as you put your dishes away in the cupboards. You weren’t exactly the best singer but you weren’t the worse but you were sure your neighbors were used to it.

Even though you lived mostly by yourself you liked  to be lazy and wait a while to do the dishes so when you did you had a lot to put away. You did occasionally have your boyfriend sleep over but he didn’t exactly eat human food.

He was strictly carnivourious so all he ate was meat and usually he didn’t like to use a plate. You heard a loud knock on your door and you turned down your radio. When you walked over to the window sure enough when you looked through a rain dotted window it was your one and only boyfriend himself.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Ya know the 6 foot tall one that is an alien that lives in the sewers and eats children. Well when he is unsuccessful he comes to your place where you make him human food.

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“I don’t know shit my dudes” protection jar

So I’m a new witch, and I’ve been getting into stuff with jars. I made my first jar, which was initially for protection and purity of my room, very recently. I’m going to admit, I just added what felt right, but here’s what ended up in it after.

  • A fresh white candle. (never been used, mostly because I can’t burn candles in my house)
  • A bit of salt. (That stuff’s good for protection, right?)
  • Glass beads. (they came in the jar, but I put a small sigil for protection on one of them.)
  • A small piece of rose quartz. (The jar had a rose painted on it and I figured it couldn’t hurt. I kinda felt like I should put it in, so…)
  • A few rose petals. (See above for reasoning?)
  • A piece of snow quartz. (White = purity, and this stuff’s white, right?)
  • Three clean 2011 pennies. (The last full year of the Canadian penny while it was being made, the pennies in the jar symbolizing protection for the whole year around.)

I might add more as I think of it. Feel free to let me know if I’m absolutely messing up here!!

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The Sun Was Going & The World Was Wrong

“What were you doing during the eclipse of ‘79, Scully?”

She’d been drowsing next to him in bed for the last quarter hour. He knows she’s almost awake — she snoozed her alarm a few minutes ago. His first words of the day to her come without preamble. He’s like that; picks up the conversation they fell asleep having the night before as though they were never interrupted by, ideally (for her at least), seven hours of rest.

She frowns against her pillow, curled up on her side, angled toward her phone on the nightstand — which, even in sleep, she’s poised to grab and silence. He was awake before it this morning. She can tell by the way his voice is clear and the cool feel of the air. He’s gotten up at least once, let the cocoon of warmth dissipate. His breathing next to her is fully present and waiting. She stretches her eyes open and rolls over onto her back, unsurprised that when she opens them he’s above her, endeared to her.

“When was it?” she mumbled, “1979 – ?” Her eyelids fluttered closed against her still sleep-sallow cheeks. She feels his cool hand brush against her forehead, coaxing her back to him.

A smile tugs at her lips, at how he misses her in sleep; how tangible his disappointment that they have yet to meet in a shared dreamscape.

“I was in high school,” she yawns as he nuzzles the velvety spot behind her ear with the tip of his nose. “It was a few days after my birthday. Bill and I made viewers out of a month’s worth of cereal boxes.”

“You didn’t have eclipse glasses?”

She chuckled, “That would have been too easy.”

“Did it work?”

“Mhm,” she sighed, rolling toward him, tucking her fists beneath her chin and pressing her forehead against his chest. She was slightly disappointed to realize he’d put a tee shirt on at some point. “But I got in trouble because I skipped school to go to Mission Trails Regional Park — which had actually just been finished, I think. I remember the city had a contest to pick the name.”

“And that’s what they picked —?”

She snorted, “Anyway, it was a great spot. The conditions for viewing weren’t ideal, but we could see it.”


“I made Missy drive me.”

“Somehow I find it hard to believe you had a hard time convincing her.”

“This was before she got into all the new age stuff,” she stiffened in his arms as the memory returned to her, weighted by her sister’s ghost. “She had something else she wanted to do. Go off with a boyfriend, more than likely. She thought it was just geeky kid sister stuff and …I remember her leaning up against the car smoking a cigarette and saying to me, “It’s not like it’s the only chance I’ll ever have to see one, Day.”

He refrained from stating the obvious; that it had been. That youth blinds us to the more unfortunate, but entirely possible, permutations of our lives. 

“I felt like I had to see it,” Scully said softly, turning her face toward him as she spoke, “It felt essential, somehow. I guess maybe I didn’t believe that I’d have another chance. Or maybe I did, but I couldn’t help but think — what if this is the only chance I’ll ever have?”

He kissed the top of her hair, “Was it worth the punishment for truancy?”

She smiled, reaching up to pluck a downy feather from their pillows from his mop of bedraggled hair. “Yeah. It was.”

He leaned down to kiss her, “Wanna relive the delinquent-for-science ways of your younger years today? Wanna call in sick and watch the sun disappear?”

“You can’t look straight at it, Mulder.”

“I know,” he said, giving her a look that she recognized as one worn by a man with a plan. Or, more accurately, a scheme. “I’ve prepared.”

He threw back the covers and turned away from her long enough to dig into the drawer of his bedside table. When he turned back, flopping against the pillows, he brandished two pairs of eclipse glasses.

“Mulder, how much did you pay for those?” she sighed as she sat up, taking one pair from him and inspecting them with her half-asleep, but no less skeptical, gaze. A task which, in the poorly lit bedroom of their farmhouse, reminded her that she really could no longer forgo reading glasses.

“Not one penny. You’ll recall that I have at my disposal purveyors of such semi-occasional gizmos.”  

She blinked, “The Gunmen—?”

He grinned, donning his glasses with a flourish, “Who else? Are they not the Fathers of the Far Out?” 

“I’m tempted to suggest that we not miss work, because part of me supposes that to have seen one total solar eclipse is to have seen them all…” Scully began, scooting to the edge of the bed until her legs were dangling over the edge of it. “But I get the sneaking suspicion that your particular brand of helical enthusiasm comes from a place not of reverence or nostalgia — but inexperience.”

She turned to look over her shoulder at him. From behind his paper goggles a blush spread across his cheeks. He grinned — or maybe grimaced, she wasn’t sure — giving her a slight, stalling, heh.

Scully padded around to his side of the bed. Standing before him, she leaned down and plucked the glasses from his face, setting them on the night stand.

“What, pray tell, were you doing during the eclipse of 1979, Mulder?” She folded her arms, raised her eyebrow expectantly, and simply waited.

“Not a matter of what but, uh, who —” he admitted with a slight wince. 

Her eyebrow hiked itself up a bit in intrigue. 

“It was the last semester of my senior year,” he said, “I’d already been accepted to Oxford. I was kind of dating this girl, thought it would be romantic to take her to the bluffs on the Vineyard for the eclipse. We weren’t really on its path, but uh, it didn’t really matter because — you know, we did drive out to the bluffs but we were … engaged in a non-astronomical kind of syzygy.”

She smirked, “By definition that would be the alignment of three celestial bodies, not two.”

“Well, her mother was the head of the Edgartown Liturgical Arts Center, so we did try to leave room for Jesus.”

He could feel her roll her eyes even though she’d turned away, toward the connecting bathroom door, as soon as he’d opened his mouth to respond.

“Hey,” he said softly. She paused as she reached the threshold, looking back at him, heavy-lidded with the remnants of sleep and the ever-present heft of love. “I did miss it. The eclipse. But I’m kind of glad I did.”

She sighed, leaning up against the doorjamb, watching as he rose from the bed, grabbing the glasses from the night table as he did. When he was standing in front of her — and above her, as they were both barefoot — he settled them on top of her head, then let his hand come to rest against her cheek, his thumb stroking her earlobe.

“Mary-Lee Skiff was a very nice girl,” he said, “But she wasn’t the woman I’d want beside me when the sun goes out.”

She sighed, looping her arms around his waist. “The light comes back, you know.”

“Well, if it doesn’t, you’re the only person I’d want to watch the world end with, Scully.” He said, resting his chin atop the soft crown of her hair.

They stood there suspended in complete alignment. Having spent half their lives together in places light had forsaken, they were unafraid. They had always, somehow, been able to find each other in the dark.

The title is from Annie Dillard’s beautiful essay about the ‘79 eclipse.

Prompt: Penny with an female short s/o that wears glasses! Like Penny help me get this jar off the top shelf I’m short and I can’t see either I’m a mess lmao

A/N: Thank you so much for request this it was super fun to write! It’s a lil bit different than what you wanted but I had to add a lil humour into it bc cmon. it’s penny. and this is like my first official request for a fic on this blog! (´∀`)♡

Disappointment vibrates through your core and a deep sigh escapes your parted lips as you wave your hand above your head for the third time, desperately trying to grab onto the sugar on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet. You huff in annoyance, reaching down to massage your aching calf, the muscle burning from you being stood on your tip toes for so long. Sudden, slender digits slide against the base of your spine, sending a shiver of delight through your veins. The smallest of touches from him drove you wild and you loved it; it reminded you of how vulnerable and exposed to him you really were. His long arms snake their way around your waist as he presses his torso against your back, holding you in a gentle embrace. Dirty, ruffled lace comes into view as his arms reach around to in front of your now improving vision, your glasses being placed onto your face thanks to your wonderful boyfriend. You hum delightedly before thanking him. He takes hold of your wrist and spins you around so that you’re facing him and he leans down to place a gentle kiss on your nose before sauntering away.

“Wait! Why did you give me my glasses? Could you he-“ He giggles manically, cutting you off.

“Why, so that you can see what you’re struggling to reach easier, silly! It’s far more entertaining watching you scramble to grab something you can actually see.” He proudly proclaims, flashing a smug, albeit cute. toothy grin before he walks off and takes a seat at the kitchen table.

“You son of a bitch.” You hiss at him before turning your attention back to that god damn bag of sugar, more determined than ever to get it down so you can throw it off his head and wipe that smug look off his face.

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Yo, what if s/o had these adorable geeky glasses, kind of like Richie, and Penny just has a terrible habit of taking them off to either tease them, or when he first meets s/o (and somehow manages not killing them) tries them on just to experience and sufferer s/o shitty ass eyesight. This happens to me all the time! Love your hcs btw keep it up!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like them! 
Pennywise x Reader with glasses headcanons  

  • Penny would find you just as attractive with glasses on as without.
  • Taking them off would happen frequently because he would find it funny that you can’t see without them at all.
  • He would LOVE guiding you around then.
  • Sometimes he wouldn’t warn you when something’s in the way, and seeing you trip over various things would amuse him to no end.
  • When you ask if he wants you to have an accident, he just tells you not to worry, he’d catch you in time.
  • Playing games with you: he’d hold your glasses high up in the air, saying: “You want this? Huh? Here. Take i-t”. Of course, you couldn’t reach up that high, Penny is way too tall. 
  • He’d find your pouting adorable.
  • He’d definitely try them on, pretending to be you.
  • Making you laugh at his impersonation would spur him on, he LOVES seeing your smile.
  • He’d keep telling you how sorry he feels for you having such bad eyesight. 
  • He wouldn’t fix it though (even if he could), for messing around with you really amuses him.
  • When he finally gives your glasses back, you find it doesn’t sit as comfortably on your face as before. When you tell Penny that his big ‘alien’ head is responsible for this, he’d try to straighten your bent glasses, but this would eventually result in him breaking it.
  • An “ooops“ would leave his mouth, then he’d burst out laughing. You couldn’t help but join him in his delight.
  • This would happen way too often, and when he sees how much money you spend on a new pair each month, one day he suprises you with like 20 glasses that he stole from a store. 
  • You’d try to explain him that you can’t see in them because you need different type of lenses in the glasses. He wouldn’t understand though, arguing that he sees just as badly in the ones he stole as in the glasses you have bought yourself.  

Title: Endgame

Summary: You can tell that Dean has been struggling lately and think it’s about time you two talked about it. What he suggests surprises you.  

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 526 (Drabble)

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers (If you haven’t watched 12.03, “The Foundry” then you should probably catch up first), angst, feelings of abandoness, insecurities

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @angelschallenge gif+adjective drabble challenge. Thank you so much for organizing this, Angel! 

My adjective prompt was “troubled” (it is included in bold in the text below) and my gif prompt is under the cut. 

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You tiptoed to the library carefully, not wanting to wake up Sam. Dean hadn’t been in bed when you’d woken up in the middle of the night -again- and you knew he’d be there; he was predictable like that.

Leaning against the doorframe, you found him on the couch, a bottle of amber liquid in front of him, half empty glass in hand.

“A penny for your thoughts.” You murmured softly and he looked up, surprised and troubled, that half smile that meant to reassure you everything was fine but did anything but, spread across his lips.

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