glass palm tree

Jackson the one who can’t let go
Jinyoung the one that left
Bambam the one who bouta go thottin (Yuggie the bitch he talkin too who bouta go thottin with him)
Jaebum the crazy one (WE GOT NORAS BITCH!1!2!2!2!2!)
Youngjae the one that need help moving on (there’s plenty fishes in da sea dory)
Mark the boyfriend

Varadero Rain

I’m going to post this because I’m proud of it. Just some fluffy, post-Voltron Klance. Take it. Also if u like it I love praise!! And I love writing requests!!

Author: ace-of-babes-98
Words: 699
Rating: E (it’s literally just fluff)
Pairing: Klance (Voltron legendary defender)

* * *

Keith wakes slowly. For a moment he lays with his eyes closed, body still drowsy even as his mind begins to stir, and lets himself enjoy the comfortable warmth that envelopes him and the soft pitter-patter of rain on the window.


He’s back on Earth.

He opens his eyes, taking in his surroundings. Space themed posters cover the walls. On the ceiling, stick-on glow in the dark stars. Beside him on the bed, illuminated by grey morning light that filters through the curtains, sleeps Lance.

Lance’s room, exactly as he’d left it many years ago when he’d departed for the Space Exploration Program at the Garrison. Before everything that has happened.

Before Voltron.

Keith watches as Lance sleeps. It’s been four and a half years since they’ve been on Earth. Memories from the night before come back slowly - Lance coming home for the first time after being reported missing. After Hunk, Pidge and he had snuck out of the Garrison to investigate the crash site and ultimately become Voltron Paladins, those in charge of the Garrison had been forced to report the three of them missing because nobody knew where they’d gone.

Lance’s family had thought him to be dead in space. They didn’t need to know about the times while facing the Galra that he almost was killed.

Keith had felt like such an outsider last night as Lance and his large family had hugged and cried. Then Lance’s mom - a short, somewhat chubby woman with short, curly brown hair (really she looks nothing like Lance at all) - had motioned to Keith and demanded Lance introduce him. Lance had introduced Keith as his boyfriend, which is technically true but still made Keith blush. They’d promised to tell the family how they’d met at a later date. When it was mentioned that Keith had nowhere to go, the family had hugged him and brought him in as one of their own.

“You’re staring at me,” Lance mutters, words a little slurred as he wakes up.

“Your family is very kind, letting me stay here.”

“Pssh,” Lance rubs his eyes. “They love you already.”


“That’s why they wouldn’t leave you alone at dinner. I think they were more excited about you than about me being home and not dead in space.”

“That’s not true.”

“You’ll probably get grilled with all kinds of questions today. Hope my loud ass family doesn’t overwhelm you.”

“It’ll be fine. There’s only, what, 11 of them?”

“All as loud and obnoxious as me.” Lance grins. “We’re loud, overbearing, and too-friendly; the whole lot of us. Really, it’s chaos.”

“I think I can handle some chaos.”

“Maybe life-or-death fight with an alien chaos. But you’ve never experienced the chaos of living with 11, 12 if you count me, loud and overbearing people yelling constantly in Spanish.”

Keith laughs. “I think I can handle it.”

Lance laughs a little, too, staring out the window at the rain that drums out a rhythm on the glass. At the palm trees that sway as a breeze rolls in off the ocean.

“I’m home,” he whispers. Under the blanket, his hand finds Keith’s and their fingers twine together. He looks back at Keith. “We’re home.”

Keith knows that was Lance’s way of saying his home would always be Keith’s home, too.

Keith can feel his heart clench and do a dumb little stutter when Lance smiles - soft and warm and so painfully genuine, the type of smile where happy tears seem to become a real possibility. The kind of smile that makes it clear Lance would rather be nowhere else. The kind of smile that makes Keith want to laugh and cry at the way it makes his heart twist and his head spin.

Instead, he pressed his face into Lance’s shoulder.

“I love you.” Lance murmurs, voice soft but still giddy. “We’re home.”

“I love you,” Keith repeats, and knows his words won’t be swallowed up by the void of space.

Outside, the rain continues pitter-pattering away. The palms sway and the gentle waves lap at the sand of the beach.

Keith squeezes Lance’s hand, still snuggled in the safe warmth of bed.

They’re together.

They’re home.