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Okay, a bit more on the violent, semi-pessimistic, more stereotypically Orcish side of things. Possible triggers. Graphic. R-word.

A bit of backstory to this little hypothesis: Humans figured out our differences somehow. Terrorism peaked, religions crumbled, and we had one REEEAAALLY big bad bloody war. Lots of people died. Man’s inhumanity to man. Rape, humiliation, genocide, slaughter of innocents, Armageddon, Ragnarök. That sort of thing. We vowed through accords and treaties, even in the colonization of other worlds and systems (and any conflicts that may result from such) we would seek to end things peacefully, because everyone’s just so tired. They don’t want to spill blood anymore. They vow to protect their societies and their children from such horrors ever again, and never visit such a low point ever again for the sake of humanity. Call it the Blooding Years. Makes the World Wars, Holocaust and the Crusades look tame.

Jump forward a few hundred or good thousand years.

Race really isnt a thing anymore, save for a few varied vestigal traits here and there. People are still spiritual and have faiths and superstitions, and we have made our peace with nature and spirituality, but organized religion itself is something mostly relegated to our bloody past. Although we put the Blooding Years behind us, something so profound is sure to leave some marring and scars on the general psyche of a people, even generations down the line. We are as peaceful as we can be, despite gallows humor and general mental maladjustment taking a spike in recent generations. So, in short, we’re just a bunch of vaguely beige space monkeys with twitchy temperaments trying to be peaceful and stuff.

We have spread to a few systems outside Sol. We’ve contacted a handful of species out in the stars. Xenophobia was a thing, but we’re getting over it. We have a few ‘hybrid’ systems where we coexist, a la [insert sci-fi title here] style. Aliens are learning to like us for our resilency and hard work, but having learned from our history (which was liberally gifted to those among them that would read it), they give us a wide berth, despite keeping steady trade and peaceful relations.

And then, as the old saying goes, shit happens.

A bunch of genocidal xenophobic maniacs come out of nowhere and decide “WE OWN THIS SHIT, AND YOU ARE AN AFFRONT TO GARGASCHMARGAL THE BLOODY! YOU MUST BE [insert evil villain endgame here] !!!” and essentially try to out-Space-Orc the Space Orcs. The Galactic Union, or whatever the assembly of alien races view themselves as (and with which we are allied with but decide not to unify with) launch an offensive! They fight! They clash! In the words of Willem Dafoe, “THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT!”

Annnnd they lose. Horribly. Entire fleets are laid waste. Worlds fall. Star systems crumble. Trillions die.

And then, after their bloody campaign, having beaten back even the forces bolstered by humans, and after enslaving or euthanizing any other people that stood before them, they arrived at the doorstep to human space, and after a gorefest, essentially Hiroshima a garden world. Eden-in-the-Wind.

-cue the seriousness-

Word got back to Earth, Inner, and Outer Colonies. Eden-in-the-Wind is gone. Dust. Vids came back from the now-dead world. Women and children executed. People being eaten as they are simultaneously being used for sexual pleasure. An infant used as a soccer ball. Skulls with still-bleeding vertebra dangling from belts.

Mayhem bore its crown. The wolf stirred. And Hell reigned.

Those allied aliens that remained and sought refuge on human worlds watched in horror as formal governments dissolved, treaties were burnt, and every human down to the last howled into the winds. We embraced the ways of old. We broke hockey sticks for impromptu spears. We cannibalized vehicles for their precious metal, so that they could have blades to drink blood with. We melted down memorials, so that we could have bullets to slay foes with. We renamed our ships, which served as names of peace and progress and remembrance. They now beared the names of hatred, and death, and destruction; Sathanna, Gehena, Lucifer, Ragnarök, Deluge, Armageddon, Uziel, Uoke, Shiva.

What once was an organized military force was now a hodge-podge fleet of battleships, cargo ships, carriers, dreadnoughts, and even civilian transports. Children carried rifles. Mothers carried swords. Fathers carried axes. Brothers and sisters exchanged spears and pistols. Bitter neighbors mended fences in the name of vengeance. The wheel turned once more, and the wolf within no longer stirred, but ruthlessly hunted, awoken by the stench of blood and gore.

The ships more or less crash, stead of land. We find whatever worlds these bugs have taken, and fall upon it as a horde of foaming teeth.

Allied aliens deemed it appropriate to seek revenge alongside, but were appaled by the horror that humanity was so easy and ready to visit upon these foes. They partook in adrenaline shots and metabolized psilocybin. They drunk of alcohol distilled from the blood of these genocidal demons. They detonated bombs that had still-screaming enemies piled atop them beforehand. They sent crates full of heads back to hostile commanders. They glassed entire worlds from orbit. They beat these foes back to their homeworld, having ruthlessly dogged them to the edge of oblivion.

Eventually, there were no new bodies to crumple. Eventually, there was no fresh blood to spill. Eventually, all that was left of this enemy that had scourged this corner of the galaxy for 75 years was a whimpering, bloodied remnant of their hierarchy, and a dwindling few thousand left to their populace.

Their god-king laid beaten and bloody upon the crumbled remains of his golden throne. He asks to but a girl, no more than 14, that approaches him, sadistically grinning in the dim light of the royal chamber.

“Why? Why have you come here? Is your bloodlust not sated!? We conceded five of your cycles ago! We know what you are capable of! We fear you! Why?! Why do you still come?!”

The girl stops, close enough to smell the copper tang of the alien’s blood on its breath.

“Sic semper tyrannis,” she blurted out, in a dead tongue that the alien did not understand. She drew the knife in her belt and beheaded him, his gurgling screams resounding through the chamber.

She left through the front doors of the palace, the bronze sunset glinted off the golden palace buttresses and arches. She still clutched the god-king’s dripping head by his antennae, her purple-stained hand white-knuckled in victorious fury. A small congregation of aliens bowed and knelt before them, raising claws and feelers in terrified begs and prayers. She tossed the head down the steps, and watched it bump and roll the length down, halting with a wet thump at the base.

And as the congregation shuddered and yelped, completely catatonic at the realization that their god-king is dead, they turned their gaze to the humans, boarding their dropship, ascending into the clouds. They never returned.

Humanity drew back its severely-pruned numbers. They retreated to Earth, to serve a self-imposed penance. The remaining allied aliens, now repopulating their numbers, were gifted the colonies that humanity had once taken. They wondered why humanity was retreating to Earth.

Shexan, a member of the founding race of the Galactic Union, confronted his human friend, Jonathan, though keeping a healthy distance after what he had witnessed.

“Why do your people leave, Smith-Jonathan? You have won, why do your people not rule?” it inquired.

“We did not want to win. Because we knew what we needed to do to win. And we did not want to return to that.”

“To what, Smith-Jonathan?”

“To what we learned not to be.”


“The lessons of the past will be repeated until they are learned.”

Jonathan turned from his new friend, tears streaming down his ragged face, as he departed into the darkness of the transport, its heavy bulkhead doors clunking shut behind him. The transport lifted into the stars. In all the years since that Shexan lived on TRAPPIST-1-b, he did not see a single human return.

The Sol system was, at the behest of humanity itself, marked as an uninhabitable system, and was restricted from entry. And, so has it remained, since.

Submitted by: @bartwelchii 


Stellar - a brand new cosmic headdress with sparkling hand crafted polymer details, glass pointy crystals, iridescent beads, silver lace and 4 natural amethyst elements (round, triangle and 2 drops)

Inspired by everything cosmic: stars, orbital movements, interstellar space, nebulas, planets, auroras and the moon.

I got tagged by @avaleahblog
I’m a female
I got a phobia that I’m scared of crustaceans ( not shrimps though ) like I’m scared of Crawfish, crabs, and Lobsters
I usually dress all in black
I love fall and winter
I usually listen to “ Orbit Of Glass ” from Halo 2 soundtrack
I usually get a dirty mind of my Dansling ( my male sole survivor and Danse )
@ my fellow tennos if you want or don’t have to do this


5 Hour Atmospheric and Relaxing Video Game Music Compilation

0:00 Madam AC2 Jesper Kyd
1:01 Midna’s Lament TP Toru Minegishi
4:48 Deep Sea of Mare SMS Koji Kondo
9:03 Peril Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
11:48 The Harbor City Risen Kai Rosenkranz
14:10 Trophy Gallery Theme SSBB Takahiro Nishi
19:11 Hydrodynamo Station MP2 Kenji Yamamoto
25:07 Sorrow XC Manami Kiyota
27:15 Stickerbush Symphony DK Country 2 David Wise
31:41 Faron Woods TP Toru Minegishi
36:35 Orbit of Glass Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
37:51 Leonardo’s Inventions Pt. 2 AC2 Jesper Kyd
40:34 Boss Room Calm TP Toru Minegishi
45:31 A Walk In The Woods Halo Martin O'Donnell
47:21 Torvus Bog MP 2 Kenji Yamamoto
52:19 Gallery Theme Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
53:37 Menu Theme Mirror’s Edge Magnus Birgerrson
59:18 Blue Mountains The Witcher Adam Skorupa
1:05:36 Under Cover of Night Halo Martin O'Donnell
1:09:04 Outside Theme Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
1:13:59 Echoes of the Roman Ruins ACB Jesper Kyd
1:16:42 Ghosts of Reach Halo 2 Martin O'Donnell
1:17:52 Border Village Dali FF IX Nobuo Uematsu
1:22:18 Jazz Sections Halo 3 ODST Martin O'Donnell
1:29:48 Skytown, Elysia MP3 Kenji Yamamoto
1:33:15 Ordon Village TP Toru Minegishi
1:35:18 Ambient Wonder Halo Martin O'Donnell
1:37:12 Frostfall Skyrim Jeremy Soule
1:40:08 Astral Observatory MM Koji Kondo
1:45:27 Temple of Time Intro TP Toru Minegishi
1:50:13 Night Hub Theme Sonic Unleashed Tomoya Ohtani
1:55:32 Intro Theme MP2 Kenji Yamamoto
2:00:42 Hotel Delfino SMS Koji Kondo
2:06:24 Lake Hylia TP Toru Minegishi
2:11:24 Chozo Artifact Temple MP Kenji Yamamoto
2:12:24 A Flight of Light and Darkness POP Inon Zur
2:14:34 Far Horizons Skyrim Jeremy Soule
2:19:48 Save Theme RE4 Misao Senbongi
2:24:50 Dream of Venice AC2 Jesper Kyd
2:28:57 Phendrana Drifts MP Kenji Yamamoto
2:32:47 Space Junk Galaxy SMG Koji Kondo
2:37:46 Snowpeak TP Toru Minegishi
2:43:01 Snowman Earthbound Shogo Sakai
2:45:51 Main Theme ACR Jesper Kyd
2:47:24 Family SMG Koji Kondo
2:52:53 Zora’s Domain TP Toru Minegishi
2:58:09 Building Mode 3 The Sims Jerry Martin
3:03:51 Eryth Sea Night XC Manami Kiyota
3:06:59 Vigil ME Jack Wall
3:13:04 Dark Grotto TP Toru Minegishi
3:13:45 Dire Dire Docks SM 64 Koji Kondo
3:18:39 Stage Builder Theme SSBB Takahiro Nishi
3:23:21 Twilight Realm TP Toru Minegishi
3:29:24 Crashed Space Pirate Frigate MP Kenji Yamamoto
3:34:25 Luma SMG Koji Kondo
3:35:55 Shooting Star Summit PM Yuka Tsujiyoko
3:41:08 Twilight Zone TP Toru Minegishi
3:46:58 Sirena Beach SMS Koji Kondo
3:51:55 Forest of the Napon Night XC Yoko Shimomura
3:55:28 Rutela’s Theme TP Toru Minegishi
4:00:32 Sacred Shrine The Wind Waker Kenta Nagata
4:05:28 Intro Story PM Thousand Year Door Yuka Tsujiyoko
4:07:20 The Sewers Up Your Arsenal David Bergeaud
4:11:31 Sacred Grove TP Toru Minegishi
4:13:42 Tour of Venice AC2 Jesper Kyd
4:16:53 All’s Well Oblivion Jeremy Soule
4:19:15 Theme From Edanna Myst 3 Jack Wall
4:20:25 Bamboo Island SS Hajime Wakai
4:25:21 Intelligent Sea Waterway Opoona Hitoshi Sakimoto
4:28:43 Crossing Those Hills FF IX Nobuo Uematsu
4:33:22 The Shimmering Marsh Night XC Manami Kiyota
4:36:39 The Streets of Whiterun Skyrim Jeremy Soule
4:40:39 Fi’s Theme SS Hajime Wakai
4:45:37 Wiyar MOH Ramin Djawadi
4:46:37 Reminiscence XC Manami Kiyota
4:50:04 Observatory Luigi’s Mansion Kazumi Totaka
4:53:02 Peaceful Stars SMG Koji Kondo
4:54:27 Hyrule Field Night TP Toru Minegishi
4:59:40 The Maw Halo Martin O'Donnell

I don’t even like half the games on this playlist but def some relaxing deep level shit. Enjoy my fellow post-human entities.

My girlfriend and i have been together for over nine months and it has been the best nine months of my life. We have been through the worst of times together and it only made us stronger in the end. 

This picture was taken shortly after our car accident. It was truly an awful car crash that almost took my life. My girlfriend (Tenysha) was driving when the crash took place, the impact had caused my pelvis to break and my glasses had broke my orbital bone causing an inch deep gash by my eye, resulting in 11 stitches. It had severed an artery in my face causing me to lose 2 pints of blood in 45 seconds resulting in a seizure and unconsciousness. Keeping in mind Tenysha  had to endure watching my lifeless body seizure and blood squirt from my head. Glad to say a passer by had stopped and came to help my unconscious body laying in the back of her car, he had stopped the bleeding and saved my life. I was in the hospital all night and Tenysha refused to leave until i was sent home. Despite her own injuries she never left my side, and made it known that we were going to get through this together. 

This girl is my best friend, my rock and the love of my life. I dont know what i would do without her. I look forward to many more years head with my sweetheart. 

Keir: (Right)


Tenysha: (Left)


anonymous asked:

Do you thi nk Liam will come out as gay in the interview?


Cause that would equal admitting Soph*a is his beard and - who comes out while still having a beard?! There’s simply no time to end Liard and have him come out in the span of three days without everyone and their mother knowing it was a scam all along. And I mean…IF he comes out in the future everyone’s gonna connect the pieces anyway, but it’s basic celeb etiquette to put some effort in the narratives you sell to people, at least.

BUT. But. This is still hugely important! Apparently there won’t be much promo for the album, and the one outlet they chose is ATTITUDE?! And why is Liam alone? Maybe they’re indeed pegging him for the new frontman or he has a new team that is pushing him hard and wants him to be a solo star. Then there’s the Girl Almighty incident that, in retrospect, seems probably planned? For the record, I do not regard that one as homophobic - I regard it as heteronormative. But I’m resigned to the idea that anything that comes out of Liam’s mouth could be interpreted as homophobia, so…*sigh*

The great news is Liam’s image could finally change!!!!!! And I say ‘‘could’‘ cause I’m bracing myself for some ‘‘I am an ally of the lgbt community but I am a very straight man who loves women who, in fact, have lady parts’‘ shiz. I mean, that’s still better than his past image, but doesn’t do much in the way of putting him into glass closet orbit. Everything has been looking fucking great lately, for Liam, for Zayn, for their connection in the media, it looks like competent teams are in charge, BUT - like I said, Liam is stlll bearded, and Zayn seems to be after an R&B career and I am not sure what’s gonna happen there? Liam could come out on his own, but I personally believe he’d choose glass closet in that case.

However, this interview would be a great opportunity for him to explain himself and how some of his tweets have been ~misinterpreted, and, even more awesomely, he could casually mention that he’s never stated his sexuality. He could say he’s very sad he’s seen as homophobic, and state that ‘‘people don’t even know his sexuality’‘. Cause the closest we’ve had to a label for that is ‘‘100% not gay’‘ which, oh the shock, does NOT mean 100% straight. He could play this so right, oh my. Especially if he was single it would have been glorious, but oh well.

Speaking of that, where have the people that wrote these articles BEEN? He’s ‘‘rumoured’‘ and ‘‘believed’‘ to be with Sop*ia Sm*th? Where did that one come from, all of a sudden?? And - rumours about his sexuality have circulated for years? Yeah, sure. Among the 235,7 Ziam supporters they have *snorts*. Like I said in my tags I find this change in narrative very significant cause, in the event of a coming out, the general public will look back to this stuff and say ‘‘oh, wow, it really was under our noses all this time!’‘ - and even more importantly, there’s seeding happening now. This issue is set to become wildly popular, meaning lots of people from OUTSIDE the fandom could read it, and what THOSE people are served as the ‘’truth’‘ will be very telling. If they pick the magazine up and read that Liam’s sexuality has been questioned for years and that he’s probably, maybe, possibly in a relationship with ‘‘a person he’s known since school’‘, they’re very likely to think ‘‘hmmm, the guy’s probably not straight’‘, right?

So. The short answer I think he could at most allude to being bi/pan/queer, cause he’s still tied down with Soph*a and just - no no. He cannot come out as GAY, that one’s out of the question, like come on. IF he had broken up like at least a month ago he could come out as bi and transition, but obviously that didn’t happen either. And ofc we have to look at Zayn for all this. His new/old team (whatever, I’m confused as fuck there) COULD have stopped all the Ziam linkage in the press, right, but instead it looks like there’s coordinated effort (with the instagram stuff, both smoking, the tattoo linkage and the love child this past week ALONE) to keep these two connected - so maybe Zayn won’t be pushed into more het promo to support his new career, after all.

Idek. I was very cautious before, like, this damn band has BURNED us, but this interview is a pretty big deal and I don’t think I need to be as paranoid anymore?

In ANY case, the guy is gonna appear in a gay magazine, he’s at least gonna set the record ~straight wrt his alleged, imposed on homophobia, AND he’s gonna transition in the minds of people, from dudebro no homo fratboy to a more eloquent adult who’s glad to be associated with lgbt community. Now in WHAT capacity he’s gonna be associated with the community come the 16th, we’ll see. Je suis cautiously optimistic, but consider this seeding. Major seeding, but seeding all the same. Cause a coming out, or a glass closet, has got to start somewhere. And this is a great place :)