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Hurt Working

*Requested: Y/N gets hurt but decides to go back to work with Gally, and Newt gets upset.*

You woke up with a jolt and noticed after a few moments that you were in the Medjack hut. You had a pounding headache that distracted you from the real problem; your bloody hand. You noticed it when you reached up to scratch your nose. Then it all came rushing back.

You’re a Builder. You were carrying some planks of wood over to your work area and nailing some pieces together to fix the Homestead when you drove one nail right into the outer part of your left hand. To be completely honest, you weren’t really sure how it happened. The next thing you remember is being really light headed and feeling faint. Seeing the nail with the blood made you nauseated and even thinking about it now was making you dizzy.

“Y/N.” you heard and saw Newt at the entrance of the hut.

“Hey.” you said with a weak smile and a rapid heartbeat. Newt always made you feel that way, and you had some confidence that you have the same effect on him.

“You should stay in bed for tomorrow too.” he said and took a seat next to the bed. He handed you a glass of water and you drank it all gratefully.

“Thanks.” you said and handed him the empty glass and soon the hut was silent again and there was a dull pain in your hand.


“Oh. Hey.” you heard a surprised tone in Gally’s words. You know Newt doesn’t want you to be working but you woke up refreshed and wanting to help finish the damage in the Homestead.

“I’m ready when you are.” you said and Gally was a bit hesistant.

“Y/N, are you sure?” he asked and you saw him glancing in the direction of the Gardens.

“Oh, come on Gally. Are you really going to succumb to Newt now? And it doesn’t hurt.” you said teasingly and he shrugged, handing you a hammer. You smiled at your small victory before heading to your work area.


You always tried to eat dinner with Newt when you could, so when you didn’t see him at his usual table, you were a little worried.

“Where’s Newt?” you asked Minho and he nodded towards the outside of the Homestead.

You walked over and saw Newt and Gally arguing.

“How could you let Y/N work?” Newt asked angrily and Gally spat back an answer with the same amount of force.

“Because I can’t help losing a worker! I was told by Y/N that it didn’t hurt!”

You watched the rest of the scene play out. Newt walked past you and gave you a slight glare.


“Minho, tell me.” you said and he sighed.

“He’s mad at me, Minho. I know that, but why? Minho? Are you listening to me?” you insisted on Minho telling you why Newt has been mad at you for a few days.

“Ask him yourself, Y/N.” he said and walked away, leaving you to yourself.

You walked over to Newt and crossed your arms.

“Tell me why you’re mad.” you said and he sighed.

“I told you not to work.” he said and you rolled your eyes.

“You’re angry about that still?” you asked and pouted without thinking about it. Newt stood up straighter and examined your face.

“I care about you a lot, you know that?” he said in a low tone with a hint of frustration.

“How much?” you asked, stepping closer to him.

“This much.” he said and pulled you close to him in one swift motion, placing his lips on yours.

Luckiest Girl (Part Two to Irresistible)

REQUEST: Hey! I absolutely love your blog omg!! Can you do a part two to Irresistible? Where Y/N and Daryls relationship develops further, maybe they try to hide it for a while? I don’t really mind what happens:) thankyou! X

let’s pretend Dale & Oscar are still alive yea?

It had been a few months since the incident between Daryl and I out clearing walkers and things had been going smoothly. We both agreed to try to keep it as low-key as possible in front of the group, both valuing our privacy. At this point everyone had known and it was pretty obvious they did but no one said anything. I had moved on the perch with him two weeks in and now we took shifts regularly with each other, like tonight. I climbed up the latter, our blanket in hand and a couple snacks Carol gave me to meet him for our shift.

“Here, lemme help.” He says grabbing the things from my arms and giving me a hand to pull me up. Once my feet hit the top of the floor he pulls me in and kisses me softly. “Missed ya today.”

“I missed you too!” I say grinning up in his arms. He nuzzles the side of my neck, burying his head in my hair, and hugs me for a while. I stroke his head and lightly run my fingernails down his back. “You okay?” I ask unsurely and he picks his head up, resting a hand on my cheek softly.

“Jus’ been a long day, common.” He takes my hand and lead me in to the little glass hut. We munch on then stale Doritos Carol gave me while watching the fences. “So I was thinkin’,” he doesn’t meet my eyes “I know we haven’t really been together for long and uh I don’t know. You know what? Never mind this was stupid.” He gets up and huffs over to the railing.

“Daryl.” He doesn’t turn around “Daryl”

“Just, just never mind! Get some sleep, I’ll wake you when we gotta go down.”

“Daryl Dixon!” I say more forcefully and he whips around. “Get over here.” I soften my tone as he trudges back, “Finish.”

“Well you said you were Irish and you know I am too and uh on the run the other day,” he fished through his pocket and pulls something out but keeps his fist tight. “And I found this claddagh ring and I though about giving it to you.” he says opening his palm revealing a simply gold claddagh ring.

“Oh Daryl honey, it’s beautiful.” I pick it up and put it on the ring finger of my right hand, the hands facing in towards my wrist, and look up at him with a smile.

“No.” He shakes his head and my face falls. “No no, god I’m so stupid.”

“What? Do you want me to wear the hands facing out?” I ask, very offended.

“No, no! I’m really happy you put them facing in, but, no forget it. Keep them facing in I like that.”

“No Daryl finish what you were going to say.”

“I meant for you to put it on your left hand! God, I told you it was a stupid idea. I just though since it’s the end of the world and whatever, we don’t have that much time and, and there’s no one I’d rather give my last name to and, and, fuck! I don’t know! Fucking forget it!” He hangs his head and punches the wall defeated. I walk over to him and stand in front of him, put my hands in his line of sight, and silently transfer the ring from my right to left ring hand, the tiny hands on the ring facing in towards my wrist. He looks up, tears in his eyes, and holds my gaze for a while before taking my head in his hands and crashing his lips on to mine.

“You’ll do it then? You’ll marry me?” He whispers eyes filled bewilderment and love.

“Yea sorry, looks like you’re stuck with me Dixon.” I smirk, wrapping my arms around his neck. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer, mimicking my smirk.

“Is that so?” He leans down and kisses me while we’re both still smiling.

The girls at the prison insisted we have a wedding once we told everyone, small as it may be. We were having it outside in the yard so the girls got me ready in one of the guard towers. They got makeup on a run and forced me along to find a dress at a bridal store. It was short and lacy and I knew Daryl would love it. I used my old boots as shoes and we found a bunch of fake flowers to cover everything, including the little alter gazebo thing Rick made. Glenn was the photographer, we had taken a whole stack of film cartridges on the makeup and dress run.

They kept my hair down in its waves, Beth made a braided headband in my hair too. They did my makeup really simply but very beautiful at the same time. All the while Glenn was buzzing around taking photos. Once we were done Rick knocked on the door saying Daryl was just about peeing his pants and that the longer we kept him waiting the worse he would get so we wrapped up and got ready to walk. All the girls went with the guys down the isle. Beth and Carl, Carol and Oscar, Maggie and Glenn, and finally Rick and Michonne before it was time for Dale and me to walk. Leaving the doors my eyes immediately catch Daryl’s panicked blues. I watch them squint as he takes me in, keeping the tears at bay but ultimately failing. He has black pants on, a black short sleeved shirt and a white bow tie with his old boots on. I feel my eyes fill too when we reach him, Dale kisses my cheek before whispering to Daryl and sitting down. Daryl takes my hands and leads me back to Hershel.

“I never thought anyone would be walking down that isle towards me.” He chokes out with a smile as I wipe the tears from his cheeks. “I can’t believe this is real.”

“This is very very real,” I whisper “I’m not going anywhere.” We both smile before Hershel starts talking. The ceremony is short, the vows are too.

“Daryl, you can kiss your bride.” Hershel says and Daryl grabs my face in his hands, much like he had when I agreed to marry him, and kissed me long and hard. Both our salty tears mixing on our cheeks. Everyone cheers louder when he dips me, the shudder of the camera clicking wildly. He sets me back and we pull away, he puts his forehead on mine, and smiles once more.

“Hello there Mrs. Dixon.” He laughs grabbing my hips.

“Hello Mr. Dixon.” I wrap my arms around his neck.

“I think we’re being beckoned to the reception.”

“Let’s not keep our lovely guests waiting then.” We walk hand and hand to the outside patio to eat and dance. We turned a car on and used the CD player with all of our favourite songs. We danced and drank and danced and drank and the entire night was fantastic. We walked back to the cell block and at the door Daryl picked me up bridal style saying “It may not be a house but a threshold is a threshold” and carries me up to the perch. I fell asleep that night wrapped in his arms and his t-shirt, feeling like the luckiest girl the apocalypse could put out. Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Y/N Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Dixon, I thought over in my head. Yea, I could get used to that.

jyushisushi  asked:

*Alex and Mike left their hut, their glasses removed.* Alex: Ah gee... I hate airports. ((Fact. XD)) Mike: Chill out; maybe this one won't be as bad as the others! *They started walking towards a city that was not far beyond the woods.*

Echo kept as silent as possible. She had managed to slip into Alex’s luggage last night. She didn’t appreciate them leave without telling her first, especially when going out of the country. She had to got to the bottom of this, and find out why they had left so suddenly…