glass frit

This is a WIP of the frit assignment for my glass fusing class. I used a watercolor brush to carefully sweep the frit, which is essentially ground down glass, into place onto a drawing of a swallowtail butterfly. Once completed, this was placed into the kiln and the frit melted together into one piece of glass. Unfortunately, once it melted it became riddled with holes due to it not being melted on glass directly initially.

‘Ice Bed’, fused glass, 17″ x 17″ x 1/4″. 

Not a great image - just a quick shot with my phone (I’ll post a better one later, probably), but this is one of those pieces that sort of toes the line between 2-d and 3-d art. It’s all glass - the image was ‘drawn’ with glass powder, and the diamond-y looking bits are just pieces of glass called frit, all fused onto some white sheet glass. They come off the surface about a quarter of an inch. It’s a hard thing to capture even in a good photo, but it may be easier to see here…


Made some frit spoons last night.

25 bucks for the ones without the marble, 40 for the one with the marble.

Kik zzvspecial or message to purchase. Read that line again. And again. Im sure someone is still going to ask me how to buy one.

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