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Emergency Commissions

Hi everyone! So like, short explanation of the situation. Im applying to college right now and will be leaving home in less than a year, completely independently (scary!) at only 16 years old (yikes) and due to my age, I am unable to get a job. However, my family is living paycheck to paycheck and can’t even afford a haircut (glad I can do those) let alone pay $50+ for even a single college application let alone 2 or 3. However, my family does not make little enough to qualify for any sort of waiver (the reason we are living down to the dollar would be my hospital bills). In addition, I need money to save for college in general, and on a note of lesser importance, transitioning. Cosplay comes way after all of that and honestly it’s only through my friends that I have been getting so much done.

So I am opening up commissions! You can see some examples of my stuff on my cosplays and you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram (insta is still not set up) by searching for altruistic cosplay commissions or altruisic commissions. If you don’t want anything but would like to donate (appreciated but I don’t want to just ask people to send me money) you can message me for my paypal.

Commission Prices:

Tavros: $35
Captor: $20
Vantas: $15
Leijon: $15
Maryam: $25
Pyrope: $20
Serket: $30
Zahhak: $25
Makara: $30
Ampora: $25
Peixes: $25
Any Ancestors add $5

Calliope: $25
Fantrolls/Speciesswaps: Dependent on design
Unavailable currently: Megido, Rufioh/Summoner

Any Beta Trolls unless listed below: $15
Karkat (turtleneck sweater): $25
Karkat (long sleeve)/Eridan: $20
Feferi/Equius: $20
Cronus/Meenah (shirt or crop top): $15
Latula (top shirt): $20
Dead characters: $20
Alpha and Beta kids: $25
Godtier tshirts: $20
Camp Half Blood shirt: $25
Chara/Frisk sweater: $30

Aranea dress: $50

Meenah braids: $15 a pair any length
Meenah glasses: $20
Ear fins: $15
Vriska glasses: $20
Meenah bracelets: $20 a pair
Dead Tavros Head: $50
Dave turntables: $35 a pair
Vriska robot arm: $35
Hetalia curls: $20-30 depending on character

Willing to make any props for any characters, including weapons.

Make godtier wings, price based on the godtier/character.

I can also make any skirts and small clothing items you may need.

I also do art and wig styling commissions! I can do basic character sketches, watercolors, etcetc.

Please message me if you want to discuss anything and I am always willing to negotiate prices!!


Snakes & Ladders by Nikos Liapis

merelivia  asked:

Hi I’m in college and thinking about getting a betta. I was wondering what youd recommend me getting or give me like a list of what all I need. I plan on using tank about 2.5 gallons.

hey there @merelivia​ :D sorry it took me so long to reply <3 hopefully i’ve covered all the bases tho!

this post is a great starting point! :) there are probably a few things missing from the supplies list i included in that post (i really gotta update that post), so here’s a more accurate one!

- 2.5+ gallon tank (the bigger the better tho! a 5.5 gallon is a good minimum to start with imo…and it’s easier to keep a stable cycle with!)  you can buy an all-in-one tank like the fluval spec or the top fin glass tank, a starter kit (usually 5 gallon kits don’t come with heaters, but some 10 gallon kits do), or buy all of the items separately.
- filter (after having HOBs, built-in filters, and sponge filters…sponge filters are my fave .-. but built-in filters like the fluval spec’s and top fin glass tank’s are 2nd fave). if you get a hob, you may need a baffle! if you get a tank with a built-in filter, you may need to buy a sponge to slip over the out-spout.
– How sponge filters work + how to set them up
– Pros + cons of sponge filters

-heater (76-82F) i have three of these heaters and they’re great! the cords are really short tho, thats the big downside :T this post has a ton of other heater suggestions!
-thermometer glass ones are my personal fave, and way more accurate than the sticker kind. i think theyre 1-2$ at walmart!
- 1+ hide (caves, terra cotta pots, an ornament, just a place where they can hide out or chill in)
- decor (lots of decor ideas listed below!)
- silk/live plants (plastic isn’t the best idea since plastic plants can tear a betta’s delicate fins)
– craft mesh “betta beds”
– dollar store flowers (remove wire, soak to make sure they don’t bleed)
- pvc, terra cotta pot, mug, glass, jar hides (your cabinet, goodwill, dollar store)
– dollar store betta tanks
– diy decor
– craiglist, facebook marketplace, offerup, letgo, etc. BE HUNTIN!
– petco’s plants are bogo rn (i thought they were buy one get one free, but my receipt tells me they’re buy one get one 50% off…either way its a win~)
– petco and petsmart usually have plants and supplies for sale on their website but not in the store. if you show the cashier the online price, they’ll match it at the checkout so make sure to do some online window shopping before you go!
– hobby lobby and micahaels have a ton of their floral stuffs on sale right now as well!
- quality food i like new life spectrum thera +a pellets (long name, i know, but i know u can buy them at petco!) or omega one pellets or the betta buffet flakes. frozen foods like blood worms and shrimp are also good additions to a betta’s diet :)
- test kit this kit is my favorite! the value is faaaantastic and the tests give more specific readings than the strips :p
lid bettas can be jumpers so lids are recommended. if your tank doesn’t come with a lid or is an odd shape and you can’t buy one, then craft mesh may be good option! it’s really cheap at walmart or craft stores and you can cut it with regular scissors. it’s basically plastic mesh…you can weigh it down or create a frame for it since it’s pretty light ^-^
- light if you don’t buy a kit that comes with a hood+light combo, or any light at all…you’ll probably need one! leds are a good choice :) i just bought 2 of these nicrew lights and they work amazingly! definitely bright enough for at least medium light plants and super white~ you can also buy clip-on LED with a gooseneck like this one (tho i’d be sure to check the measurements on lights as cheap as these!) or even a light from home depot~ for a tank that small, you could also use a desk lamp. with a desk lamp you could probably grow low-light plants like anacharis and anubias. when i had a little planted vase on my desk, i just went to goodwill and got one for $3 ^-^”
- water change bucket it’ll make water changes so much easier. one of the best $3 investments i’ve ever made. you can get 5.5 gallon buckets at walmart and home depot :p
- aquarium siphon (also called a gravel vac) helps remove water during a water change and can suck up gunk from the substrate
- water conditioner i love seachem prime!

If you’ve never had fish before, these posts might also be helpful!

General Fishkeeping + Equipment:
Fishkeeping 101
“Seeding” a tank
Why do we do water changes? How much water do I change?
Invest in a waterchange bucket
Aquarium siphoning + vaccuuming
Baffling a filter 
Everything I’ve learned about filters and filter media

Decor + DIY:
DIY Aquarium Decor
An ask that lists some easy aquarium plants
How to superglue plants to stuff
Tidbits for Planted Tanks

Care Guides:
A betta care guide: All about bettas!
I bought a betta, now what do i do!? (fish-in cycling included!)

Other handy dandy posts (written by other awesome tumblrs):
Fishless Cycling Masterpost
There are a few different ways to cycle a tank and this post is insanely informative!
How to do the thing (cycling)
Cycle your tank!
Handy Articles Master Post
Getting the most out of aquarium plants
Plants melt and that’s okay
Big list of aquarium plants
List of low-light aquarium plants
Planted Tanks for Beginners and So Can You
Comprehensive Planted Tank Guide
Dollar Store Fish Tank
“Cleaner Fish” Why They Don’t Exist & Your Aquarium Doesn’t Need One By Ren Brooks

//if anyone has any info to add, please do!

Films watched in 2015.


1. Brand Upon the Brain! (Guy Maddin, 2006)

2. L'Eclisse (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1962)

3. Possession (Andrzej Zulawski, 1981)

4. Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979)

5. Brief Encounter (David Lean, 1945)

6. Through a Glass Darkly (Ingmar Bergman, 1961)

7. Sans Soleil (Chris Marker, 1983)

8. Portrait d'une jeune fille de la fin des années 60 à Bruxelles (Chantal Akerman, 1994)

9. Wendy and Lucy (Kelly Reichardt, 2008)

10. The Last Picture Show (Peter Bogdanovich, 1971)

PD: El orden se puede considerar anecdótico.

I had some item digging to do for bios, so have a list of interesting items with canonical uses (or potential uses based on their canonical description) according to item descriptions:

Luminous Shortfin = Flashbang (light only)
Oasis Songbird = Leads dragons to water
Lesser Shallowshark = Probably reared by maren sharkhunters to hunt larger sharks
Pale smallmouth = Indicator species [water purity]
Withered Rose = Outhouse freshener
River Wiggler = Leech control
Lovebird = Scale cleaning
Dayglo Thresh = Magic indicator
Featherback Pelt = Bedding
Flamerest Embers = Flameless heating [baths, drinks, etc]
Glowing + Bioluminescent Tails = Lighting [lamps]
Fallout Streak Pinion - Lighting  [candle]
Carpenter Wax = Waterproofing

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What the Storm Brought In

Part One of Two: For SasuHina Month- Mermaid AU

Just a quick warning: Suicidal thoughts are part of this fic- nothing graphic or disturbing, but please take note

It moved like silk, there was no sun to reflect off it’s face, just the moonlight and the gray expanse before her, glaring with it’s anger. She stood on the rocks and shivered despite the warmth of her jacket, her rubber boots useless. With the rain falling and the ocean raging the water had made it’s way into their depth anyway, and her feet were numb enough that she wasn’t sure they were still there, inside the dark material of her shoes. 

She squinted through the darkness, inching forward towards the beach. Beneath her the rocks crowded into the coarse sand, cracking together like eggs as she slid along them, trying not to trip. There was so little light, in the vast expanse of the world just the moon seemed capable of brightening the black and she was hiding, nestled in her covers of soft gray cloud. 

Pupils dilated partly from fear and partly from the shadows Hinata struggled through the shore, skipping over the rotting logs and sand blasted stone, stumbling over the crustacean covered rock, and the sea weed that threatened to tangle her feet until she felt it’s breath on her face. 

The sea, the salt and brine and cold slap of it’s wildness staring out in a tossing angry tantrum panted at her, rustling her clothes, tearing at her body heat.

“Why are you so mad?” She whispered, and in the downpour with the whistle of the wind ripping her black hair around her face there was no way she was going to hear her own voice. She could hardly hear her own thoughts. 

Although she did wonder if maybe they would be smooth and shiny with the sandblasting they were receiving in this storm. Would she be able to rinse them in the cool calm of her bathroom to reveal bright colored glass that was once shards?

Probably not. 

Her feet met the first wave as it tossed to the shore, encroaching on the land with dislike, biting it, trying to drag it and her along with into it’s arms.
She pondered for a moment, if she would let it. 

The water roared, a deep beastly growl as it flung itself forward again and she watched in fascination as the waves licked at her calves, then her knees in rapid succession, filling her boots, sucking hard on her limbs so that she staggered in an attempt to stay standing, feeling the pull of the sand as it dragged into the vast abyss of the rolling darkness. 

Panic finally fluttered at her chest and she let out a cry, something between a strangled sob and a scream and felt herself slam to the sand, it’s corrosion on her elbows, knees, shoulder and then face drawing out a hiss from her lips as she struggled to hold on to the land, to the place where by all rights she should belong. 

Why was it tearing away at her then? A million knives biting her skin, taking it apart.

A sound, a boom so loud she was sure it was right above her ripped through the world and hardly a second after a flash lit the world in it’s glory, just as the water was hitting her mouth, filling her nostrils, burning with the salt. In the lightening she stuttered, stupefied as the world exploded from black to light, hurting her eyes.

She could see the jagged shape of the rocks, and the shape of her home behind it, tall and empty and dark. The beach was void of life, just the emptiness of the decaying bodies of trees, green tendrils of seaweed and the shining reflective faces of millions of smooth sand battered stones. 

And as she gasped, gripping the slipping dissolving sand in frantic fingers she turned and saw his face in the light. Half a second of brightness as his dark eyes penetrated into her. Eyes so black she had only seen that color blue in the depths, out on her father’s boat, looking straight down into the endless unknown that was the ocean’s heart. 

When the water swirled above her and dragged her into an embrace that choked her of life she wondered if maybe she could be with him then, and was less worried, despite the pain. 

Waking had never been quite this painful. Usually the pain came after. When she was thinking about the day, about dragging her body out of bed, facing her family, facing her empty studio, the faceless void canvases lined along the walls, the brushes dry, the paint cracking with age. 

This time the pain was the first thing she knew, it shot through her chest, it burned her throat, it ate like acid at her nostrils as air was pushed hard into her unwilling bathing lungs. 

She felt the lips that closed over hers, they were smooth, unnaturally so, so soft she wondered if they were actually lips, but then there was the voice that came with them. 


She coughed, and the blinding pain intensified with each retch of her body, the water pumping out of places it should never have been. A sound like a dying creature escaped her as she rolled onto her knees and hacked, the liquid spilling between her lips. Wincing she looked up, in time to see the stunned look on his face. 

They were on the shore and though the rain was still pouring the storm had passed, the lightening a distant scratch of light across the harbor, the clouds receding with it, allowing the moon to filter down her sight, lighting on him. 

It happened in a mess of sparkles, the glitter began on the reflective surfaces of his scales, on the smooth glass-like fins where toes should have been and then brightened until she was blinded and had to gasp and cover her face. 

He exploded, light and water and the smell of the wild wind and when it faded to just the soft moonbeams and glowing falling snowflakes she could see, just as he could, that where his tail had been, there were instead legs. 

Her chest was burning, still aching from the salt water in her lungs but even if she had not nearly drowned she was sure the pain of her heart beat attempting to get out of her body would have hurt just as much. 

“You’re a…” she began, her voice wrecked by the salt, sand and water she had swallowed. The ocean was in her mouth, and it had demanded her voice. She cleared her throat painfully, and scrambled to remove her jacket. 

He sat beside her on the sand and stared at his feet as though they were new because they were, behind his ears she was sure there had been sharp angled scales that now were just jagged lines of his black hair. 

Handing him the fabric to use to cover himself she shook, her body freezing in the aftermath of the storm, her clothes plastered to her and heavy. “You’re a…” she tried again, and found she could not finish the sentence. He finally turned to her, and his dark eyes were less than impressed, the force of his displeasure rankled her almost as much as nearly drowning. 

“So this is why they say never to kiss those of The Shore.” He hissed.
That’s when she realized, as her fingers touched her mouth where he had breathed life back into her. She owed him big. 

He could not go back into the sea, it would not want him as he wanted it, and reluctantly he had agreed to come with her. He was cold, probably a first for him, and the body shivers that were taking over her own limbs seemed to be transferring to him. 

Thankful that she lived alone she stumbled up the steps, half dragging, half carrying him as the realization that he didn’t know how to use his legs dawned on her. 

The muscles were all there, but the idea of being vertical was probably new and together, clasping at each other they stumbled into the glass and metal and tile of her house sitting by the sea. 

The door opened with a silent hinge and as soon as they were inside he crumbled to the solid cold tile floor, breathing hard as though he had run a long ways. 

Panting a little herself she scrambled past him, trying not to step on him in the dark and shoved the door with a grunt to shut it, slamming it and filling the space between them with a silence that was unnatural after the screaming storm and the howling sea. 

Windows, floor to ceiling spread from beside the door along the main sitting room where her guests sat before being brought into her studio. Before when she had actually worked they had been offered things like wine, cheese, champagne and caviar to munch on as they waited for her to be ready to allow them into her sacred space, the place where she painted. 

However the room had been unused in so long she had nearly forgotten it was there, despite living in the house and thankful for the smooth white couch that lined one wall along the windows she reached down and took him by the arms, feeling the incredible smoothness of his skin beneath her fingers. 

“Here. Come sit here, it will be less c-cold than the floor.” Heaving to get him to his feet she stumbled and they nearly fell but righted themselves at the last second, just in time to let him collapse onto the couch. 

Somewhere behind them was the jacket she had offered him and he was naked, completely and utterly naked. 

Usually this would have made her supremely uncomfortable but to her surprise she actually did have an ultimate level of discomfort and it had been breached, nothing could phase her at this point. Not after seeing fish tail turn to strong legs. 

Swallowing hard she stood there face in her hands, breathing hard through her abused painful throat and lungs. 

“…you’re a…” she tried again, and the words wouldn’t come, they caught on her larynx, clinging to sanity for her in a way she felt she must have lost some time ago. 

“We are called Sylph.” He snapped, and his mood reflected outside as another string of lightening and thunder screamed across the harbor, making her jump and look past him through the window to the drifting storm. 

“Sylph.” She whispered, dragging her gaze from the tantruming nature outside and back down to him, jumping at the glare of his black eyes gazing back at her. 

“Ah! I… clothes.” she stated and turned, running and stumbling through her house and up the stairs that floated from the wall up to the landing in her chrome and glass world. 

“Where is this place?” He shouted, and his shout was no less impressed than his quiet melodic voice. Panting and not from the run up the stairs Hinata ripped through her wardrobe, knowing there were some of her cousins old things around here somewhere. 

“…I…” she stuttered, unsure of what he was saying. “My house. We’re at my house.”

Turning around she jumped, finding him in her bedroom, a shadow in the dark with only the moon and the stars outside finally recovering from the chaos to illuminate him. 

Glad for once that she forgot to turn the lights on she breathed in sharply, realizing… there was a man. 

A naked man. 

In her room. 

“Here.” she threw the clothes at his feet and scampered into her en suite bathroom, turning the hot water on, keeping the lights off for both their sakes.

“You… you can shower… if you want… to get warm, and there’s towels… and I… I… I will make us something warm, to drink…” she scrambled past him, ignoring his penetrating dark stare and down the stairs, before he could say anything else in the melodic voice she knew was going to haunt her dreams when she slept. 

Alone, finally in her kitchen she realized, the lights wouldn’t be coming on. The power was out. Swallowing hard she lit the gas stove and put the kettle on, realizing that the reason there was liquid all over the counters was that her wet clothes were dripping everywhere, coating her usually clean sterile world in the sand and salt and gritty water of the seashore. 

Shivering in her damp mess she breathed in and moved towards the stairs, staring up at the mouth of the hall where her room was. Dry clothes would be nice… and a shower… but…

She could hear the pounding of the water in her bathroom, and steeling herself she moved forward slowly, breathing in through her nose to keep herself as calm as possible before peering into the room to find it empty. The clothes she had thrown at him still sitting on the floor, where she had last seen them. 

I’m having a nervous break down.

Blinking owlishly in the dim light she moved forward, expecting the bathroom to be empty too. She had gone down to the shoreline with little intention of returning so surely, this was the follow up to that disaster. Maybe she had hit her head, when the wave had tried to eat her? Maybe she had gone mad living alone in her glass and metal house by herself for months?

Swallowing hard she peered into the bathroom, the tiles reflecting the broken light from the window above the claw foot bathtub and the shower head that was pounding water down. She stared, startled to see through the curtain his shape in the darkness. 

She blinked, hard, painfully hard, trying to dispel the image, but opening her eyes did nothing. He was still there, head bowed, face in his hands, just breathing. 

Slowly she pulled back into her room, swallowing the knot that seemed determined to make a home in her throat. 

This can’t be happening. 

Slowly, with trembling pale fingers that she had not noticed were turning a little blue she pulled a pair of dry pants and a baggy long sleeved black shirt from her closet. Shutting herself up in the darkness of the walk-in to change, fumbling with her bra and panties, stuck on to her body by the wetness of the sea. 

Her breathing was shaky, she could hear it in the stillness and shuddering she pulled on her clothes, her skin sticky with cold and salt. 

“…girl.” His voice made her freeze and then panicked she yanked on her shirt, pulling it down just as he peered into the closet. He stared, studying her intently. 

“You have new skin.” His statement was so unbelievable she just stared, and then slowly lowered her eyes to herself. 

“They… they’re clothes.” she whispered, and jumped as he entered the closet, which was big, but not exactly for sharing. His eyes traveled over her shape, and to her shock moved to pull on the hem of her shirt, tugging on it.

 "Not skin.“ His gaze lifted and in the dimness she couldn’t decipher his expression as he studied her, taking her chin in one of his hands, almost able to envelope her small features in his grip. "This is skin.” he muttered, almost to himself, uncaring of the panic widening her pale gray eyes. 

Aware that he was probably still naked in this moment Hinata felt the old resurgence of her blush coming back, heating her face. Startled he jumped back. 

“Your skin burns.” He studied her again, the same way, she realized, she was studying him, with barely contained terror. 

“Sorry.” She whispered. “You… you have to put the clothes on. They’re over… out… out there.” Her hand lifted to point and he took it, pulling her. 

“Show me.”

“Ack!” her gasp escaped her as she was propelled into her bedroom, and eyes down she grabbed the clothes, showing him with her gaze firmly fixed on the material in her trembling hands.

 "This… is the shirt. This is… this is the pants- top and bottom.“ she stretched them out to him and with a curious expression he took them.

"Bare skin disturbs your kind.” It was a statement, more than a question.
She swallowed, more awkward now that he seemed to realize her discomfort. 


Slowly, as he seemed to be trying to figure it out he pulled the pants on beside her, and then fiddled with the shirt until his frustration came out in a “Tch.” of displeasure. 

“Here.” she mumbled, taking it and untangling the knot he had made of it. Hands shaking she helped him get his head and arms into it, stepping back as he pulled the white shirt down. 

Able now to look at him she stepped back some more, feeling the lightheaded pull she had been ignoring filter through her body. 

“What… what did you say you were?” She breathed in, and he looked at her with the same eyes she had seen in the flash of the lightening at the shore, almost in a different life. The same dark agonized blue that was closer to black. 

“Sylph.” the word had the same familiarity on his mouth that “girl” or “human” had on Hinata’s and she swallowed hard, feeling the frame of the door way hit her shoulder. Slowly she leaned on it, staring at him. 

“I really…I really messed up.”

His eyes did all the talking. Yes. You did.

She struggled to sleep, tossing and turning, knowing that he was downstairs, wondering if, when she woke he would be gone. 

He did not want to talk. He did not have questions. He was mad. Angry that his fins and his scales and his freedom had been taken. He glared at her with a venom she found hard to match, and despite her thanks for his saving her life he remained unmoved. 

It was her fault, and therefore, he wanted her to figure out how to make him… Sylph again. 

Merman. He’s a merman. 

Her head was pounding, and no amount of water, or closing her eyes or painkillers seemed willing to get rid of the pain, not until she finally fell asleep, with a worry that she would wake and he would still be there, on the couch downstairs in her house.

Or worse, that he would be gone. 

She still had not decided which was worse when she jolted awake to the feel of someone grabbing her wrist and pinning her hard to her bed, the blast of the sun ripped through her eyes and made her wince, her curtains were open and like most of the house a whole wall of her room was made of glass. It allowed her stare out to the sea she loved so much she had thought to let it drown her. 

“Ah!” she gasped, and felt her heart stutter as she turned to look up at him. He was more broad shouldered and muscled than she had realized in the dark of the night and his skin glowed in the brightness of the sun, porcelain was not the correct way to describe it.

Like dew, translucent. 

Her cheeks blazed red and she stared up at him in half admiration half terror. “You need to figure out how to get me back home.” He snapped. “Enough sleeping.”

Mouth agape she stared some more. “Back… back- how am I supposed to know how to-”

“You’re the one that changed me into this.” He gave her a shake that made her gasp although it lacked force against her mattress. “Why did you lure me to the sands?”

“L-lure-?” the brightness of the morning was dazzling her tired confused brain. He was dazzling. The whole situation was a sparkly frightening mess. “I didn’t lure- what?” Her confusion in turn confused him and with a slow uneasy breath he searched her face, as though looking for a clue as to her plans. 

“What were you doing in the water?” There was no room for arguing, his tone was deadly and straight, like the edge of a blade, his grip on her wrist tightened and she felt the weight of his new legs along her thighs, threatening.

“…I… I don’t know..”

“Don’t lie.”

She blinked, thinking back. What had she been doing? 

There was the storm, the flash of thunder in the distance across the water. There was the pelting of the rain, the drag of the wind. There was the pain, eating her alive in her chest. The hollow nothingness. Her pills untouched in her nightstand table. 

She shivered beneath him, and he wondered for a moment how someone could have eyes that were like the clouds. Insubstantial things he had only seen once or twice in his life, pale gray and white. They were pure. Like the light that filtered from her world to his. 

“I…think I was….planning to die.”

Her words made his mouth, soft and delicate looking, like the smoothness of a new born’s lips, part. 

“That’s…” He breathed slowly, releasing her wrists and sitting back on his brand new heels, shoulders loosening in defeat. 

“That’s what I was trying to do.”

They stayed still, eyeing each other with mirrored confusion and wariness. Hinata’s cheeks still blazing red, although her breath had finally slowed to a steady rhythm. 

“I’m… my name is Hinata.” She whispered. He lifted his gaze again to her, and the light stroked through the iris, setting the black into a dazzling show of blues and greens. Light, passing through the ocean. She sucked in air hard, trying to dispel the feeling of drowning that washed over her. 

“I’m Sasuke.”

Slowly, delicately, she pushed herself up to her elbows, swallowing the knot that had made camp in her throat again. “We should… I… let me make you breakfast?” It was almost a question, and he stared at her for a moment again, unflinching in his gaze, uncaring of her discomfort beneath it’s touch. 


“So…so you were…” She paused, rubbing her still gritty, salty forearm over her forehead for a moment. Her hand was occupied with a flipper that was stirring eggs around in a pan less carefully than she usually would, seeing as there was a distracting merman sitting on her bar stool at the island. 

A merman. 

I’ve gone crazy. I’ve gone completely off the rails crazy.

“You think that we…that people- me, girls… that go into storms are luring you- your people to their death.” She stared at the counter, trying to equate that. 

“You’re called the Sufines.” He frowned at her. “We are told not to kiss you, or we die." 

Her pale gray eyes lifted upwards to him and if only for a moment held his dark stare, an ache that was unfamiliar wriggled in her chest. An ache that was not for her, but for him. 

"I… I don’t kill people.” she whispered softly, turning back to the eggs on the stove. “We call you mermaids…or men, depending… and… some of you drown us.”

“We do not.” He sounded offended, and she raised her shoulders nearly to her ears in defense, refusing to turn around. 

“Well… I’m sorry but I…” she sucked in air again hard. The feeling of drowning was coming and going like the tide. “I barely decided to let myself go and so, I’m not going to go and kill you.” I could barely even try it on myself.

“No.” His tone had changed, just a bit and she glanced over her shoulder at him. He sounded tired.

 "I don’t know how… to fix it.“

His eyes held hers, the same impassive disinterest there in her discomfort looking back. When he didn’t say anything she turned back around, and began to dish out the eggs, slicing the avocados and tomatoes to go along with it, hands shaking slightly. 

"Why did you?” He finally asked and she stiffened, wishing that he had not asked the question she had been dreading. She didn’t know the answer herself. She didn’t know why letting the ocean have her had even been an entertained thought. In a show of force, like a kicked dog on the street she turned, pushing the plate of food towards him, jaw tight. 

“Why…did you?” She looked up at him as she cracked pepper onto his omelette. 

Everything about him looked…new. Soft and delicate, despite the masculinity in his structured jaw, his cheek bones and elegant nose. Everything looked, glossy… fresh. She studied her chapped hands and wondered if she looked raggedy to him. 

“Maybe I’m dead already.” He muttered, frowning a little at her. “Maybe…you did kill me.”

Hinata looked up, surprised by his reply. “…maybe there’s no way back.” She whispered it, as she realized. “Maybe that’s why…your people think we kill you.”

His gaze held the sickening truth, the acknowledgement of her words. Because even as she voiced it she knew. That’s what it was. 

They never went home. None of them. So then….

I have… a permanent merman….

This is a day late because I evidently can’t count, but a quick piece for #barisiweek

day five: heart eyes

Sonny thought Liv was probably the best boss he’d ever had, except for maybe the owner of the bakery he’d worked in the summer he was 16 who used to pay him in cash and boxes of cannoli. He hadn’t made the best first impression, but she’d given him the time to prove himself and let him find his place at SVU. She’d even saved his life, which he’d never be able to repay her for, though he’d keep trying. He admired her, and he wasn’t the only one. There was something about Liv that made people gravitate towards her; victims drew strength from her, and her squad was inspired by her.

All that to say he got why people tended to gaze at Olivia Benson. He just wished some people would avert their eyes.

Like Barba. He understood that Barba was closer to the Lieutenant than he was with the rest of the squad. And he appreciated how much softer he was around her, how he was quicker to laugh and joke without his usual hint of snideness. It was like seeing the real man behind the suit and the sarcasm, and every glimpse made Sonny’s stomach do backflips. So really, he was fine with their relationship. He had his own relationship with Barba that had built up over the years. It had ground to a bit of a halt ever since Sonny realized he was falling for him and decided the best way to deal with it was to aggressively avoid eye contact, but the point stood. He wasn’t jealous.

He just thought all the heart eyed mooning after her was getting ridiculous.

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I finished Meenah and I’m super super stoked about how nice it came out!!

Friendly reminder that I do commissions for basically anything, especially props and accessories! For Meenah, I made her horns, fins, glasses, braids, and crop top. Message me if you’re interested in commissions!

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kakairu prompt: iruka seducing kakashi and kakashi trying to be cool about it but internally he's all shy and blushes a lot

Bwahahaha!!! Yes! 👏

Iruka knew he was being stared at. It was impossible not to notice, the man only had one eye showing, there was no where else he could be looking.

And this wasn’t the first time he’d caught the jonin staring. In the mission’s room, at the Ichiraku Ramen counter, anytime they seemed to be in a place together, he started to suspect.

Iruka wasn’t an idiot either. Someone doesn’t just stare like that and that often for no reason.

He smiled to himself. “Okay, Hatake, if you won’t do it then I will.” Iruka slid from the bar stool, walking past the chunins beside him towards where a group of jonin were occupying a table.

He smiled at them, “Good evening, Gai-sensei, Asuma-sensei, and Kakashi-san.” They nodded back at him saying their hellos. Iruka turned his attention away from Kakashi, towards Asuma, “How are my former students doing?” He laughed a little throwing the third jonin a glance, “I already know plenty about Naruto’s team. If he’s not telling me himself Kakashi-san likes to keep me up to date. Almost like he needs an excuse to talk to me.”

The jonin at the table seemed to grow tighter jaws, blinking, not sure who that was actually meant for. So Iruka looked back at Asuma expectantly.

The man cleared his throat into the hand holding a cigarette. “Well, they’re still learning. Team work has never been their strong suits.”

Iruka laughed softly, nodding. “No. I apologize for that. I did what I could, honestly.” He turned to Gai, “I’m sorry I didn’t have your students, Gai-sensei.”

“Of couse, Iruka-sensei! There’s more than one teacher at the academy!” The man laughed and saluted with his sake’ cup.

“Thank you, Gai-sensei,” he smiled. His eyes drifted back to Kakashi, “though I suppose I’m the only one that matters to some.”

Kakashi’s single visible eye couldn’t leave the table suddenly.

“Has Naruto mentioned me lately, Kakashi-san?” Iruka asked in a lighter tone.

The jonin crossed his arms, seeming to try and hide a hard swallow. “A-all the time, sensei. He truly admires and looks up to you.”

“That must be difficult for you,” Iruka tried not to grin too hard. “As his new teacher. I hadn’t meant to set such an unachievable standard.”

He felt the other jonin staring between them, clearly somewhere between not knowing what was happening and knowing all too well.

“I’m sure he’ll come to respect you in time. You are the great Hatake Kakashi afterall. Maybe you’re just more of an acquired taste.”

He couldn’t see anything but part of an eyebrow and an eye but somehow he just knew the man was blushing and paniking.

He reached out, touching the man’s shoulder, dropping his voice a little, “And now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten in awhile. Let me know if you get hungry, Kakashi-san.” He waved to them, saying his goodbye and walking back towards the seat he had left.

For once Kakashi wasn’t the only one staring at his back as he walked away. Kotetsu and Izumo didn’t even look away as he passed them. He smiled to himself, picking up his glass again.