glass filled with red wine

Milestones pt. 2

More family adventures with you, Spencer, little Maximilian, and the new addition!

This was completely unprecedented and unlikely to be recreated anytime soon, but now for the second Milestones installment because I was overcome by more familial feels and needed to get them out.

Also, thanks to Mr. Stevie Wonder for the song.

Milestones pt. 1


Spencer had gasped gale-force when you broke the news to him. Eyes wide, hands grasped in his hair, spinning once in a frantic circle before running over to crush you in a hug.

A girl! There was gonna be a little Miss Reid!

You prepared Max well for the new addition to your family, reading all the right books and talking it out as you took the second pregnancy in stride with a little more ease than the first. You and Spencer scoured and debated names back and forth as vigorously as with little unborn Maximilian and it was you who finally breathed the perfect name into your quiet bedroom.

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For your entertainment

Word count: 1853

Warning: smut

Based on ‘Adam Lambert - For your entertainment’

Kai was sitting across from you, your elbows firmly pressed on the beautiful and long mahogany table with a lustruous varnish, your reflection visible on the shiny cover that spread all over the table. Kai’s eyes were constantly focused on you, his beautiful blue eyes turning a bit darker, filled with lust, making you bite your lip. Sexual tension between you and Kai at that moment was more obvious than ever. You’ve always been attracted to Kai and you told him that multiple times. He said the same to you but neither you nor Kai did anything about it. Instead, everytime you were near one another, you were taking eachother’s clothes off with your eyes that were piercing into one another’s soul, telling how much you wanted eachother. There wasn’t anything romantic going on between you two, it was pure sexual tension and as it seemed, tonight would be the night you’d finally give in.

Kai lifted his glass up that was filled only halfway with red wine as he brought it up to his lips, taking a sip and then placed it back on the table, but your eyes caught  the sight of something else. He licked his lips with his tongue agonizingly slowly, as your breath hitched for a moment, the thought of his tongue doing that to your lips or body driving you crazy. You crossed your legs and squeezed them a bit, obviousness of how turned on you were making Kai smirk at you.

He trailed his fingers on the edge of the glass a few times, his movements making you take a deep breath and sigh. He smiled to himself and then slowly got up. He walked towards you, his hand trailing on the table varnish, his fingertips visible on top of the lustrous cover. He stopped behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders as he squeezed them slighty, his mouth suddenly found it’s way to your ear.

‘You only need to ask me and I’ll do it.’ He whispered, his hot breath on your ear turning you on even more.

'How do you know I want the same thing you want?’ You stuttered, your legs still crossed, trying to hide how Kai made you feel, but the rest of your body giving you up.

'I can see how you’re pressing your thighs together and your breathing is very shallow. You cheeks are flushed. I could make you feel so good, you just gotta say the words.’ He whispered and placed a gentle kiss on your neck, which sent you over the edge. You turned around and cupped his face with your hands, his mouth instantly finding it’s way inside your mouth.

Let’s go
It’s my show
Baby, do what I say
Don’t trip off the glitz
That I’m gonna display
I told ya
I’m a hold ya down until you’re amazed
Give it to ya 'til you’re screaming my name

He pulled away and reached out his hand, your plate suddenly flying off the table and onto the floor, his hands finding their way to your ass as he picked you up and placed you down on the table, his body standing firmly on the ground and inbetween your legs.

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over

His hands found their way under your dress and lifting it over your head, throwing it across the room as it fell down onto the wooden floor that was just barely covered with a white carpet. Your hand slipped inside his jeans and his briefs, finding his lenght that was already semi - hard. You started to stroke him slightly but the grabbed your hand and took it out, his hands pinning yours above your head, your back laying firmly on the table’s hard surface.

'Do not move your hands, got it?’ He asked with a serious voice, not even a hint of smile showing on his face. You swallowed hard and nodded, fighting the urge to touch him. He pulled down your panties in a swift motion, leaving your bottom half completely exposed to him. He smiled, making your heart beat faster with each second. He got on the table and placed your panties around your wrists, tying them just enough so you couldn’t spread them apart.

Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m 'bout to do?
'Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

He placed his finger on your cheek and at agonizingly slow pace trailed it down your neck and kept going lower and lower until he reached just a bit under your belly button. You squirmed and closed your eyes but you knew the smirk that you saw before was still on his face. He lifted your legs up and placed your feet on the table, your legs spread as much as possible, your heat aching for his touch. He placed his finger back on the spot where it was before and started trailing it again, stopping at the spot where you wanted him the most. He teased your entrance with his fingers, spreading your arousal around, covering his fingers. He bent down and came closer to as he slightly blew on your clit, making you arch your back at the feeling. Not even a few seconds later, you felt his fingers dipping into you and then slowly pulling them out only to be pushed back in as he kept curling them around your walls, your hands immediately wanting to find him but he placed them back where they were. Above your head, still firmly tied with your panties. You lifted your head up a little bit, finding Kai’s eyes strongly focused on you as he licked your folds swiftly, a quiet moan escaping your lips.

'Kai’ you whispered and brought your hands back down, your fingers finding Kai’s soft hair as you pulled on it slightly.

'No, no, no. If you keep doing that, we’ll never finish.’ He trailed off and pinned your arms down as his tongue found your clit again, this time, firmly pressed against it, swirling it around, getting you closer to your release. He started sucking on your clit while his fingers worked perfectly inside you, his eyes finding yours every once in a while.

'Kai, I’m close.’ You moaned out as Kai kept working on your body with his tongue and his fingers. Your moaning was getting louder with each second as at one moment, your whole body froze and your legs started shaking, your release taring through your body, but Kai didn’t stop. He kept repeating his actions, your body getting closer to yet another release. Your walls started clenching around Kai’s fingers as you finally reached another orgasm. Kai stopped and caught you by your arms, lifting you up so your and his chest were only a few inches apart. He untied your arms and threw your panties onto the floor as his hand reached behind you to unhook your bra, your body completely naked in front of him.

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
'Ya thought an angel swept you off ya feet
But I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

He quickly took his shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans, your hands pushing them down to his ankles. You pushed his briefs down a bit, somewhere under his ass, enough to set his hard length free. Your fingers instantly wrapped around his shaft, yor thumb slowly caressing his tip, collecting the pre cum that was visible. Kai’s mouth fell slightly open, his eyes piercing into yours. With your every stroke, he let out a more audible moan, you mouth forming into a smile. You picked up your pace and felt him twitching as he came on your hand, his hips thrusting into your palm, looking for more.

'I wanna be rough with you.’ Kai whispered making your breath hitch.

'Then be rough with me.’ You trailed off, satisfaction in your voice. He bit his lips and thrusted into you with a swift motion, making you scream out his name.

It’s alright
You’ll be fine
Baby, I’m in control
Take the pain
Take the pleasure
I’m the master of both
Close your eyes
Not your mind
Let me into your soul
I’m a work it 'til you’re totally blown

He pushed you down, your back pressed firmly against the shiny mahogany table underneath you. He pinned your arms above your head again and started thrusting deep and as fast as he could, your breath hitching in your throath with each thrust. His hand found its way to your clit, rubbing it swiftly, getting you closer to your third orgasm. His thrust never stopped and your bodies fell into a perfect rhythm. His thrusts began to hurt a little bit, a tear escaping your eye. You arched your back and let your orgasm tear through your body once more as Kai’s thrusts never lost their pace. He lifted your leg up on his shoulder, straightening it as his hips met yours every second, the room filled with the sound of your skin meeting one another’s and your loud moans.

No escaping when I start
Once I’m in I own your heart
There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm
So hold on until it’s over
Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m 'bout to do?
'Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

'Fuck.’ Kai moaned out as his thrusts began to lose their pace and your bodoes weren’t at that perfect rhythm as before, but his thrusts were still fast and deep.

'Kai, please, I can’t.’ You cried out, feeling your fourth orgasm approaching. You felt weak and your vision was already blury from ocassional tear.

'Yes, you can. C'mon, for me. Let yourself go.’ He trailed off as you started clenching around him once more, your vision getting dark.

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
'Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
Well I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment

'Hey’ you heard Kai’s voice as you opened your eyes and looked around, noticing you werr laying on the bed, his shirt covering your body.

'Wha- what happened?’ You asked him, your fingers running through your hair.

'You passed out. How do you feel?’ He asked and kissed your forehead, his arms pulling you closer to his body. You winced a little bit and muttered a soft 'ow’.

'I feel exhausted and it hurts a little bit, but other than that, I feel amazing.’ You trailed off.

'Me too. That was incredible. I think we should definitely do it again.’

'Definitely.’ You lifted your head up a bit and kissed Kai’s lips as you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep in Kai’s bed.

Just a Loner?- Jeonghan Fluff

Originally posted by dongbunny

Request: Hi!! Can you write a jeonghan imagine where the reader is basically a loner because she seems so indifferent and keeps to herself all the time but jeonghan can see right through her and finds out she isn’t who she seems?? Thank you :)

Word Count: 2022

Member/Group: Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN

Summary: It takes a bit more than just looking at somebody to get to know them, let’s just say Jeonghan found this out the hard way.

Author: Admin Cloud

 Jeonghan felt a rush of calmness and peace come over him as soon as he stepped into the library that had become a second home to him. Everything here made him forget the ache in his muscles after rehearsal; the smell of paper, the sound of somebody turning the pages of a new novel they had began reading, even the faint squeaking of the hamster that the head librarian kept at the check out counter to greet guests. It was here that he spent most of his days off, nose tucked into a book as he curled up on one of the couches they had scattered across each floor. To his surprise, though, his usual reading spot was taken by a slightly familiar face.

 “Oh sorry… do I need to move? I wasn’t sure if somebody had called dibs on this spot, so I went ahead and took it like the idiot I am…” Jeonghan was perplexed when he saw your worried face accompanied by an abrupt flash of you picking up the pile of books you had picked out, bowing to him, and scurrying away.

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Crashing Into You

Gillovny RPF
Rated: R
Word count: ~10k

Chapter One

A violent wind ripped through the window screen of his trailer causing the cheap, nylon curtains to fly into his face. He swatted them away and considered tying them back. He needed the air, but right now he needed the cover more. He stood to the side of the window where he knew his shadow would be unseen if she were to look.

Drops of sweat picked up pace as they lined his temples and fell to his jawline. The humidity in the Vancouver summer made the heat feel so much more intense than it was. In the dry desert it would’ve been a cooler day, but the water in the air made his clothes cling to him, his hair fall flat and each breath stick to his throat. He wanted to open the curtain and feel the breeze so badly, but made the choice to go unnoticed and listen instead.

Hearing her argue with her husband was like watching a derailing train, still amped with power, flying without a track or direction, waiting to see where it would finally crash. Its cars piling into each other, becoming a weapon to itself. It wasn’t his fault they hurt each other with their misconnections and differences. No. He couldn’t be blamed for anything, and it was always a nice feeling to be able to sit back and watch the accident unfold without the feeling that he fucked with that track.

He listened to them whenever they did this, which these days was almost daily, because he was curious and addicted. He wanted to know that they were almost over, and he wanted to know why. He loved hearing her fight, her passion, her strength, she was so fierce when she was angry and it made him burn for her. Maybe that’s why she did it where he could overhear. Maybe it was a side of her that she wanted him to know was there. And maybe, she knew him well enough to know that it was making him want her.

“There’s nothing wrong with leaving her with Sara for the night, Gillian. That’s why we have a nanny,” Clyde yelled.

“No. That’s not why we have a nanny. We have a nanny for when we’re working! All I’m asking for is one night. I haven’t been out with Renata and Danni for a goddamn year, but I’m not gonna go if it means she needs to be with a nanny for another evening!”

“You know I had plans for tonight, too!”

“So, you’d rather be with the guys instead of your daughter? That’s what you’re saying.”

“No! Hell no! Say that again and I’ll…”

“You’ll what? What will you do? Take off for another weekend? Week?!”

“Stop, Gillian. Enough. I won’t go tonight then. It’s not worth another fucking fight. You win.”

There was a long silence. David considered whether they’d moved inside. He waited through four more of his own heavy breaths before he used his index finger to pull the shitty curtain aside to peek out.

He startled to find her still standing there, alone, staring at her feet while she brought a cigarette to her lips and inhaled. Her red hair looked tousled from the wind and humidity and she tried with her free hand to smooth it out. She was merely feet away from him, but she seemed so far. So untouchable. He watched her lips wrap around the small filter and inhale. There had been so many times he’d come so close to kissing those lips. But he always knew his boundaries, or at least she’d remind him of them. These days though, it’d been harder to stop thinking about her, someone who’d been there for three years, now is someone brand-new, and he was starting to think, fuck boundaries.

The train had come to it’s final resting spot, on fire, crumbled upon his front lawn and he was ready to look for survivors.

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Imagine the Countess talking to James

Part One

Originally posted by sadnecessar-y

He stormed up to the room where his widow lived, double door shielding her from his view as he appeared at the top of the stairs. However soon he could see into the room as the space filled with the loud crash of the doors against the wall. 

 "Oh Darling!“ He called in the empty room as he sauntered into the room, her figure entered the room from the wing of the bedroom. 

 Her figure was being strangled by the fabric of her white dress, pearls leading down to her cleavage which was tumbling out of her collar. Her hair was up upon her head in an updo, and her face covered in makeup. In her hand was held a crystal wine glass filled with a deep red liquid. 

"James. What a pleasure.” She sarcastically snapped as she ascended into the living space. 

“Darling, how are you?" 


"Well at least you…." 

"What do you want James? I thought I made it clear I no longer wanted to see you, unless it was at one of those Awful dinners you are forcing me too." 

 "It is those beautiful dinners I wish to discuss.” He smiled lovingly as she rolled her eyes and elegantly sat on the couch, “I was informed that [Y/N] told you that we were no longer having dinner together?”

“That is correct, seems she sees something in you that someone of a normal mind could not find, even with the proper tools. I told her that if she wanted a dress from me, she had to free me from your dinners.”

“But my Love….”

“Are you blind you miserable, self centered murderous fool! I don’t love you, I despise you, I wish I never had to see your face again. I have never loved you, only the money you possessed, and now that you are dead, and have lost all your fortunes, I wish I could just rid of you. However you are so blind you can’t even see that someone in this lonely world has found a way to love you, and not hate the very ground you walk on. You however can’t see how good you actually have, and must pine after someone who would much rather run you through then someone who would do anything for you.” The Countess snapped as she got up in his face, his smile dropping as her words sank in.

“What have I done?” He whispered as she stared at him

“Probably angered her, because she only did it to please you, and knowing you…. you lost your temper, and have now made the poor girl sad, because she gave her life to you, and you just toss her aside like she is a rag.”

“How can I make her forgive me?” He whispered dropping to his knees as he grabbed at the ankles of his former lover

“I do not know, However I advise you to think quickly, before she comes to her senses.” She snapped as she backed away, and stalked back to her bedroom, where she slammed the doors, and created an echo throughout the small space, where her first lover lay, weeping for his actions.

By the time James peeled himself from the carpeted floor of the suite, the lights of the city were shining, the room was filled with the soft, colored glows of the neon and the street lights. He slowly started to descend to his courtiers as the thought of your face filled his mind, the look of hurt you wore was something he would have never been able to erase. As his hand met the handle of room 64 he could hear the soft groans of a record, and knew that you were no doubt behind the door, sitting in the dark wood chair with red velvet covering, a glass of red in one hand and a book in the other, a sight he so loved to see. However upon entering the room he saw that you were seated in the chair, your hair damp, as though you had showered, your figure was freed from the dress you once wore and was now safely wrapped in a robe. Your chin rested on your knees as you looked out the window at the glowing lights and the moving bodies of the city below you, not even acknowledging the fact that the door to your room had just shut, or that footsteps softly padded across the hardwood flooring of the shared space. 

James just looked at you, his non beating heart breaking at the sight of you looking so depressed in the chair, he slowly started to advance towards you, your head never moving to see who it was, or snap at him. Once he reached the edge of your chair he slowly lowered himself to his knees and placed a cold hand atop your wet foot, which received no reaction.

“My love.” He whispered delicately, assuming to get some response from you, however all he got was silence. 

“I know you must be cross with me, but please my love, just look at me. Bless this poor soul with the gleam of your beautiful [Y/E/C] eyes.” This time, you slowly looked at him, and he could see the damage. For your face was stained with tears, the makeup that once graced your face washed away, leaving a reddened tint to your face, your eyes were swollen, bloodshot, and raw. The gleam that usually lit up your eyes were dimmed, and it was all his fault.

“I must admit I have been blind for many years, I have ignored the very thing which laid right under my nose. Elizabeth was never in love with me, she only loved me for what she thought I could give her, what I gave her for years. When she divorced me… I could never figure it out, but now I can see why. And then I met you, and the sting I felt from her betrayal hurt less and less. And then I died, and I took you with me. I cheated you of all the glories of life, and I could never truly give you what you asked for, the only thing you asked for. I always knew Elizabeth despised me, but there was a part of me that wanted to believe I was wrong. I forced her to those dinners so that maybe one day she would see that she still loved me. But she can’t. I have loved you since the day you walked in those door, but I have never truly shown you how much an old, dead fool such as myself could love someone like you. But that is going to change.”

“Then prove it.” you choked out, your throat raw from sobbing, and a hint of sadness filled your voice.

“I will everyday, even if I must never kill again just to show you my love for you.” He vowed as you leaned forward, and wrapped him into a hug.

“I love you James.” You whispered as he slowly returned the hug

“I love you as well my dear, now let us go to bed.” He cooed, before leading you to the bed in which he would start to prove his love for you.


An anon requested a fic from Nesta’s point of view, reflecting on Feyre and Rhysand and their relationship. It’s been a while in the making, but here it is!


I hated the fae. I always had, and I always would. No matter that I had now become one. I wasn’t a real fae, just like Elain wasn’t. We’d been forced to become this. But those around us were real fae, through and through.

And Rhysand was the worst of them.

He had this act that he put on around Elain and I. He would be polite, respectful, but not friendly. He was kind, but never overly so. It was like he was indifferent to us, but still harbored something inside that was repulsed by us.

Most likely, because fae hated humans. So now that we were fae, he had to be kind. But because we’d been mortals, he didn’t want to be.

I had made it my goal to protect Elain from these people, and to keep Rhysand from forgetting that he had no right to treat us as any less than honored guests after what his fucking cause had put us through.

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Apple Pie Life

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: Language, very fluffy, slight insecurity, average sized reader, filthy dirty talk, SMUTTTT

Request: Dean x Reader where the Reader doesn’t feel like she’s pretty enough to catch a man’s eye…has a hard time at work, has aching muscles, is in desperate need of a hot bath and sleep…has a massive crush on the green eyed Winchester…eats apple pie with vanilla ice cream…maybe some shower sex?

A/N: Okay, I loved this idea. I added a little bit of flare and made reader the most average female out there. It helped I channelled some of my own insecurities into this fic so I hope I did your idea, justice honey :)

Brrrrrrttttttt…..beep beep beep beep beep…

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You smacked the photo-copy machine on the side, followed by violently slamming the restart button. “Dominic! Come in here and fix this fucking machine! I have 1,000 copies of the manuscript cover to print by 2pm and I swear to god if it doesn’t work soon, I’m throwing it out the window,” you shouted at your co-worker, storming off with the most pronounced, practiced and perfect bitch-face glaring at everyone who you passed.

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‘Well sweetheart, your wish is my command’

[I keep saying I’ll do a one shot for another member but Namjoon is a bias wrecker so here you go. I will probably put up a Yoongi one shot tomorrow though. Gang AU is going well, I’m debating a fanfic for one of the members but I can’t think about commitment cause it’s Sunday. Someone shoot me please]

Genre: Gang AU

Member: Kim Namjoon

Description: When a blonde haired gangster threatened you into showing up for a nice evening meal at a fancy restaurant you didn’t know what to expect. But when he gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse, it was either that or staring down the barrel of a gun.

Warning: Same old same old. Swearing, violence, Namjoon being a suggestive little shit.

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6

Part 3:

The sounds of chatter surrounded the table, clinks of silver cutlery on china plates a sharp sound that pierced through the murmur of conversation that flooded the restaurant. 

You counted six waiters, standing near the walls, ready to jump at the chance to serve overly priced main courses to obnoxious patrons with too much cash to spare and too little life experience. They were dressed in black, suit and ties, all of them male.

There were five at the table next to you, a rowdy group of thirty something’s who seemed to be a bit more than tipsy. One women kept calling her husbands name and you swore he was ignoring her on purpose.

You counted four chandeliers, hanging above head, shiny ornate detailing having imprinted itself onto the giant structures. They were gold and bright and you found yourself not wanting to look away. It seemed gold was the restaurants theme, rich, just like the patrons that infested it. Were they really rich though?

Three windows were near the front of the restaurant, giving the grey outside world a glimpse into the grand golden room. You did not sit near them.

Two glasses of wine stood on the table, filled with a red liquid that you knew you would drink more of as the night progressed. Two was too little on your account. Not that alcohol would make your situation any better.

And there was one scolwing man seated across from you.

“Have you gone deaf?” he asked, eyebrows raised “I asked you a question”

No. He had demanded an answer more like.

“It’s fine” you said after a few minutes, gesturing to the meal in front of you “Honestly”

“Are you sure? We can always send it back if you’re unhappy-”

You’d had enough of his games and you butted in with a brief “It’s nice. Really”

For the past half hour he had been the perfect gentleman.

When you arrived at your table, he had stood smiling that deadly smile of his. He wore a suit, like always , this time a cobalt tie had replaced his usual grey one. When you moved to sit down he was too quick and he was already behind your chair, helping you push it in.

He made small talk with you as you browsed the menu. You could get whatever you wanted. That’s what he’d told you. All you wanted to do was leave. When the waiter arrived he said please and thank you and it was one of the strangest thing you’d ever seen.

He was just so normal.

But when you’re main courses were taken away and Namjoon had ordered dessert for you both, he had turned to you with a serious expression.

And so the games have ended, you thought.

“So” he stated, still as nonchalant as ever “Let’s get down to negotiation”

He pulled on the cuffs of his white shirt, pulling them down as he extracted a packet of cigarettes from his jacket pocket. His hands effortlessly brought the death stick to his mouth once he had lit it and took a long drag, before he breathed out the addictive nicotine, now smoke. He sighed, getting comfortable in his chair.

“You’ve probably assumed the worst by now” he stated, pointing at you with the cigarette he held between his fingers “Not that I’d really blame you”

“That night on the bus was a fluke really. Carelessness on my part for not seeing you, misfortune on yours. And now you have my name. Which most people know already, but the problem is you have my face too. And to be honest that’s not a big problem most of the time, cause anybody whose seen me I usually know. And the rest end up with bullet holes in their heads”

He tipped the debris from the cigarette into the ash tray on the table, still talking like he was telling you about his day.

“On any other day I’d have put a bullet square between your eyes but you’re in luck. I’m a gracious man and I’ve decided that you’re pretty face doesn’t need a closed casket funeral and I’ve decided to offer you a solution to our little predicament”

You stared at him then, waiting for his reply. The seconds ticked by and you felt sicker by the minute. And you were beginning to feel less and less sure as to why you were even there in the first place. 

“You can pretend to be my fiancé”

You had expected a possible demand that you’d move, possibly a death threat, though he’d sort of given you that already. You were expecting something, anything but that.

“What?” you had asked, your shocked tone making him chuckle.

“Oh sweetheart, don’t look so surprised. I just need you for a day or two, that’s all. Then I’ll forget about you and you can forget about me. Quite frankly my parents have been bugging me about marriage for quite some time now and you were just the perfect opportunity. Most women I’m acquainted with they already know so that idea was down the drain and I can’t exactly walk in the door with a hooker on my arm now can I?”

He continued, despite your confused look.

“It allows me an easy cop out and well, this is just the compensation we talked about”

It wasn’t compensation for you, like you had assumed. It was for him. 

“I think it’s a much nicer solution then me having to kill you. Besides, you’ve seen one of the most wanted faces in the country, you can’t have expected to have walked away without any consequences”

You had assumed this dinner was to make sure you’d keep quiet. Make sure you wouldn’t tell anyone about your meeting with the devil himself, but no. Your assumptions were shattered and you realized you were in far more danger than you had thought before. Because he already had the reassurance you wouldn’t say anything, you were scared out your wits being in his presence and he was guaranteed silence already.

“So sweetheart, what do you say?” he asked, raising his glass of wine to you in a mocking tone.

He knew he had you. You were his puppet now. He could do whatever he wanted with you. And you would have to smile and obey because if not, you’d end up just like the rest.

Face down in alleyway left for dead.

“I want my ring to be big” was all you muttered bitterly, your eyes staring at your own glass of wine.

“Well sweetheart, your wish is my command” he replied in a sarcastic tone, downing the rest of his drink.

And you almost laughed at the bitter irony of his statement.

Imagine being scared from a nightmare and Bruce comforts you.

(Imagine done by self)

750 words

 Reader X Bruce Banner

Another night, another dream. You were used to your weekly nightmares, but this was the 4th night in a row and they had been getting worse. It would be another night with little sleep. You get out of bed and walk passed your sleeping roommate, Natasha.

Stark tower was always eerie at night with all of the glass and the city lights glowing, but tonight the main room was lit up. Tony must still be working in the lab. Your bare feet lightly smacked the tile floor as you made your way down into the main level and over to the personal bar. A glass of wine ought to calm your nerves. You grabbed a glass from the shelf and pulled one of Tony’s better bottles of red wine out and filled the glass about ¾ of the way full. In between sips, you stared down into the burgundy sea. As it sloshed and swirled in your hand, the visions came into focus and the last 4 night’s nightmares began to play in your head. You began to feel hot and your heart was pounding from the sudden push of adrenaline.

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I am not afraid of you

Based on the prompt: “I am not afraid of you” 

Pairing: Crowley/Reader 

 Warnings: None, just fluff 

Note: This fanfiction is a part of the challenge by @roxy-davenport and also a way to celebrate 3k of followers

“Really? You guys have to solve a case on freaking Halloween?” You laugh loud, balancing your smartphone carefully between your ear and your shoulder, while you try to clean another dirty plate in the sink. Hunting with the Winchesters makes you a real pro in multitasking. 

“So you both won’t come back to the bunker anytime soon, huh? I made pumpkin cake?” There is a short time of silence on the other side and then you hear them both fighting about if pumpkin cake should be a reason to let people die. Dean’s voice is surprisingly loud in this topic and after a while Sam sighs and just says 

“We will try to kill the ghost fast.” Then the call is over and after you clean the last plate. you dry your hands at the red towel. With your smartphone in your right hand, you grab a bottle of wine and two glasses before leaving the kitchen, turning off the light behind you. The loud but yet calming music guides your way back to the library, where Crowley is already sitting, smiling when he sees how you slowly enter the room. 

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Drabble: Winter

It was a cold day of winter, and it was snowing. The sunlight was weak, and many clouds had gathered up in the sky. It would snow all day, and the streets and the paths were white, covered in snow. But Tuor was feeling the warmth of the fire that he had lit.

He was hungry and thirsty. So he cooked meat and he drank some red wine. He loved its taste but he rarely drank. He stared at the roaring fire, liking the red colour of the flames. He suddenly felt sleepy but he tried to stay awake. It was too soon to fall asleep.

He filled his glass with red wine again, drinking it slowly. He stared at the snow that was falling and he was glad that he did not have to walk outside that day. For winter had come and it was a cruel season.

Patagonia Paradise. Day 1.

Torres del Paine National Park. 

I really can’t describe how fabulous this place is.  We arrived to clear, blue skies with the spectacular Torres (towers) after which the park was named rising majestically over the horizon.  We have views of the Torres from all angles of the camp. 

I’m gazing up at a star-filled sky, enjoying a glass of wonderful Chilean red wine. 

Dinner was delicious and was served in a cozy communal dome complete with warm fireplace.  Speaking of fireplace, ours was lit while we were at dinner so it was quite a nice surprise coming back to our toasty warm geodesic dome with windows looking out at the sparkling sky.

Complete (Part 2)

Pairing: Reader/Calum Hood

Words: 2000+

Request: No

Rating: R

At about eight o’clock the wind picked up, and by nine it had turned into a gale. The tress in the park bowed their heads, and some branches broke off. Grey clouds scudded across the sky, making it seem as dark as night, and the wind howled like a wolf.

I stood on the balcony watching as the clouds ski past me and over the land. It began to rain. The first drops fell, big heavy drops that splash one by one on my bare arms. I stepped back a pace before turning around and shutting the glass door and stepping onto the warm heavy carpeting. I could hear the rain hitting the gravel- softly at first, but then ever louder, ever faster. I heard the pebbles grinding together under the weight of the water, and saw the drops jumping up again through the sheer force of the impact, as if they wanted to fly back into the clouds. It was the most powerful, most wonderful downpour I had ever seen. I stayed at the glass door to watch and listen before a voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Y/N” I hear Mrs. Markas voice call, I turn my head just in time to see her head pop in. “Dinner is ready,” Mrs. Markas specks while a smile forms across her lips. I nod my head before draping my Egyptian cotton robe over me and following Mrs. Markas. My bare feet made practically no noise on the marble floor of the corridor before Mrs. Markas opened the door to the banquet hall. Again, Mrs. Markas and I toke are seat in the vacant spots once again today.

The tall French doors opened and in walked the chefs and the servants. The man and women made a deep curtsy before they begin walking towards the mahogany craved table and setting down plates and rose coloured porcelain with gold edges, like the ones we had at breakfast. A light weight pot covered is reviled and roast meat is filled in front of Mrs. Markas, Calum, Christopher, and my Fathers eyes. All sorts of spices are welcomed in the air before the chef begins to cut the roast and place it on the season rice that was on our plates.

“Thank for this delicious meal that you kind and generous people have created,” I state while a stout woman wearing a cook’s hat with a few reddish curls peeping out from underneath fills our glasses with red wine. The women nods before smiling a happy smile and then bowing and leaving with the rest of the chefs and servants. I take my wine glass between my finger tips and sip a generous amount before sending a wink towards Calum’s deadly stare at my hollowed cheeks. A smile is etched across my lips before I begin to cut into the amazing mouth watering roast.

Dinner goes by smoothly. Small conversation and jokes are shared before my Father asks Calum to go to his office after dinner. From there I tense up and barley finish the bits and pieces of my roast and season rice. “I gonna head to my room now. I’m getting tired,” I speck. My Father nods his head before running his hand over his slick brown hair. I walk towards him and place a gentle kiss on his forehead before uttering out a ‘goodnight’ to everyone and heading to my room.

I lay in my four-poster bed and stare at the canopy above my head. Why did my father ask to talk to Calum. Officially it has to do with something that I’ve done. Calum doesn’t do anything. From what I know Calum is kind, generous, hilarious and remarkably adorable I don’t see how he can even get in trouble.

Duh? I thought. Officially my father has found out about us?! Us! Oh my god this is terrible. My father can’t find out about us, he would put a restraining order on Calum and fire him from being my body guard. I pulled the duvet up to my chin. Shit, I’m so fucking scared. This shouldn’t be happening. How did my father even find out about us? Could one of the servants have seen me kissing Calum while he left my one night. Shit this is terrible.

Before can even let warm tears cascade down my cheeks, there is a knock at the door. I quickly remove the Ambra bed sheets and shuffle out of my bed and make my way towards the door. I clench onto the cold gold handle of my door and open it to reveal Calum. I quickly grip his prominent broad shoulders and tug him into my room before slamming my door shut.

“What happened!” I exclaim while staring into Calum’s chocolate orbs. Calum stiffles a laugh before gripping my hips in his hand. “Nothing, he just wanted to talk,” Calum says while drawing slow circles on my hips, I roll my eyes before taking his hands off my hips. “No shit Sherlock! I mean what did you guys talk about?” I state before walking towards the expensive Ambra sheets and falling back into its comfy confines.

I hear Calum let out a breath before slipping off his shoes and walking towards the front of the bed frame while looking at me. I entwine my arms together over my chest while giving Calum a stern looking before I hear him speck. “Fine all tell you. Your Father told me that he went in my room earlier on this week and he found the- the condoms and he wanted to know what I was doing with them,” Calum states while rubbing the back of his neck, tousling a little bit of his raven locks. My eyes blow wide as I hear the information, while my cheeks turn a rosy shade.

“So what did you say?” I ask a hint of worry in my question. “I told him that I had a girlfriend and I would leave here so she didn’t know were I live and that we we’re at that stage in our relationship,” Calum says while giving me a hopeful smile. I shake my head while a smile stretches across my lips. I quickly undo my arms and gesture for Calum to come to me. I watch as he pads across the short space between him and I and sets himself right in front of me with his hands on my waist. “I didn’t want to let what we had go. I mean, I don’t have another girlfriend. I only have you, and your the only one that I will ever want.” Calum breaths while his eyes meet mine. I smile before gripping his face between my fingertips and pressing a slow teasing kiss to his lips.

“Don’t tease,” Calum voice breaths against my lips as we pull away. “Or what?” I say and smirk while he chuckles and tightens his hold on my hips, “Or you will be punished,” Calum states while I already feel wetness already beginning to drip down my thighs from his voice. “I really want to be punished. Daddy,” I speck my voice sounding small as a smile welcome itself on its lips. I hear Calum growl before roughly pulling e onto his lap, his lips by my ear while moans slips past my lips while Calum rocks my clothed heat against his nearly hard member.

“What do you want me to do to you? Mhm? You want me to hold your head down while you choke around my cock. You want my to spank you until I leave my hand print on your perky arse. You want me to choke you while I slam my cock into you repeatedly until you come all over my cock.” Calum’s husky voice whispers into my ear while I whimper in vulnerability. I feel Calum smirk against my ear before placing a kiss behind my ear and gently pushing me off him. “Get on your knees for me princess,” Calum orders, I quickly shuffle around before I’m on my knees and look up at Calum while I see him unblocking his belt while winking down at me.

I suck in a breath when Calum thick throbbing member is met before my eyes. I rise my hand and begin to stoke Calum for a few moments before I place the tip on my mouth before slipping it past my lips. Calum is huge, which is no surprise when I feel Calum’s girth stretching my mouth and it’s only the tip. Calum’s breath comes unsteady when I begin to give small kitten licks to the head of his member while Calum reaches out and begins to thread his fingers threw my hair.

It doesn’t take long before Calum can’t wait any longer and pushes more of his member into my mouth. I breath out threw my nose before I hollow my cheeks in the most sinful way and begin to bob my head. I alternate from taking Calum deep and swirling my tongue along the head, licking up the sensitive underside of Calum’s member when I come up for a breath. “Such a good girl, princess your doing so well,” Calum praises before gripping tightly on to my hair and begins fucking my throat. Calum guides my head while he snaps his hips which makes me lightly gag around Calum. Calum thrusts a few more times before tears spring from my eyes and trickle down my warm cheeks.

Calum pulls away before kneeling down and placing a kisses on my wet cheeks, sometimes capturing a tear. “You okay baby?” Calum questions, while rubbing slow circles on my neck, I nod my head and giving Calum a reassuring smile before pecking his lips and roughly tugging off his black t-shirt. Calum shakes his head while chuckling while he slips out of his shirt, he presses kisses down my neck to my collar bones. “Turn around for me princess,” Calum hums against my skin. I let out sigh before turning around, my perky ass set high in the air. I hear Calum suck in a breath before I feel his raven hair tickle down my backside.

“God, your dripping princess, do even need me to eat you out? Or do you just want my cock,” Calum chuckles while I feel his index and middle finger collect my wetness and raises it to my lips. I gently suck on them, swirling my tongue around his fingers before releasing his fingers with a ‘pop’. “No Daddy, just want your cock” I moan when I feel Calum’s  member run up in down my heat. “What do you want princess?” Calum ask in a questioning tone, my legs nearly shake when Calum rubs his member on my clit.

“Your cock Daddy, I want your cock!” I exclaim while Calum pushes in. We both moan at the same time as as my warm heat wraps around Calum’s throbbing member. Once I get use to Calum size and I tell Calum to move, his thrust are deep and rough. I moan as I feel Calum cool hand and come down on my arse repeatedly that it feels numb. “Fuck Daddy,” I moan when I feel Calum’s finger come down and begin to rub figure eights on my clit, my legs nearly shaking from the sensation. “God your beautiful,” Calum moans while he runs his hand down the curves of my body. I could feel the vein around his throbbing cock against my walls as I knew that Calum was close. We knew each others body perfectly, like we have sculptured each other.

I rise one of my hands and entwine it with Calum and with that small gesture I come while I feel Calum spill into the condom, I moan while Calum grunts while he rides out our highs. My shaking legs finally calm down when Calum slips himself out of me and walks over to the garbage and ties the condom and throws it away before making his way back to the bed. “Are you okay baby?” Calum ask in concern as he examines the red hand prints on my perky arse and and his fingertip leaving bruises on my hips. I nod my head while smiling, Calum shakes his head before gripping the Ambra sheets in his hand and pulling it over our body’s.

“Goodnight beautiful,” I hear Calum’s voice speck before I feel his soft lips press a kiss to the back of my neck. A smile is left on my lips while I entwine my fingers with Calum’s.

“Goodnight handsome.”

( If you want to request any imagines, one shots, or blubs. Or if you want to tell me how you felt about my recent work feel free to ask, I don’t bite!)

moustachioed-tactician  asked:

Sebastian and Grell's S/O comforting them after they've had a long day?

You knew Sebastian barely slept. According to the amount of work he had to do everyday, it stopped to surprise you that he was always the first one to wake up and the lat one to go to bed. And yet, even though you knew exactly what he was, there was still something which concerned you about him. You couldn’t believe that he didn’t feel any kind of tiredness, not for a single moment.

That is why you were in his bedroom right now, placing your hands on his arms, gently rubbing his muscles with your thumbs, not bothered by the fabric of his shirt and vest. You weren’t sure if he even felt this, sitting still next to the desk, sorting his master’s old letters, not saying a word.

“You should take a rest.” You suggested, stopping movements of your hands.

“I don’t need sleep, you are aware of that.” His answer may sounded harsh but the tone of his voice stayed soft, as usually when he was talking to you alone.

“I am not talking about sleeping, just stop working for a while.”

Sebastian took one more letter but didn’t put him anywhere, looking at its envelope as if he saw something interesting in it, which you weren’t able to see. That was the moment when you understood he was considering your request.

Just when you were about to doubt he will agree, the butler stood up and turned toward you.

“Alright.” He said. “Lets go for a walk.”

You gasped, staring as he took his coat and walked to the door. Was he serious? It was late and he was supposed to start his job again in about four hours.

But, on the other hand, you knew the sky was cloudless tonight and the shining stars were more visible than usually.

The scent of fresh roses filled the air as few bloody red petals were swimming on the surface of delightfully hot water. Candles standing on the edges of the bath shined brightly making a sensation of warmness, wax slowly flowing down. Two glasses filled with red wine were fulfilment of this fine scenery you have just smugly prepared.

And then, there was him. With long, red hair partly sinking into the water, eyes closed and mouth gaped slightly, Grell Sutcliff seemed to be finally relaxed. Crimson lipstick adorning his lips was now smudged after he kissed you passionately, realizing which kind of surprise you have planned for him this evening. You could see artisticaly carved frame of his arms becoming less and less tensed as the water in the bath heated his body, wine loosening up his mind.

Suddenly he smiled widely, showing his sharp teeth and opened eyes looking straight at you, sitting on the opposite part of the bath, with this unnaturaly colorful gaze, finally not dulled by his glasses. He blinked, long eyelashes almost fluttering.

“Maybe I should convince Will to give me a little bit more job for the next time, only if it will result in receiving surprises like this one more often…” He purred and cupped your chin, gently pulling you closer to him.

“I will think about it.” You teased.

Grell sighed dramatically.

“Oh, my dear, you always know how to pleasure a woman…”


          friendly smiles are offered all around as the new comers enter deanna’s party. one in which she helped plan, of course. it was the only job she found herself capable of, with her mind always on her missing daughters. arm extends, hand gripping the stem of a wine glass. dark red liquid filled half way, and offered to the woman as she enters the kitchen.

          “welcome to alexandria. my name is alice cooper, and i’m one of deanna’s right hand women. pleased to meet you.”

New Years

TitleNew Years 

Summary: In which Riley figures out her true feelings for Lucas

Genre: Rated T

Word Count: 2,383

A/N: This was rushed and unedited and just all over the place, but I wanted to post it nonetheless. I made a previous post about this and decided to make it into a little short fic/one shot. I haven’t written in a long time and am kind of rusty so please bare with me. Anyway, this is unrevised so if you happen to notice any mistakes, please let me know nicely!


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Imagine being a healer and comforting Thranduil after the battle when he sees how many are injured

For wickedrum :)

Part 2


The battle was over which meant you could finally get to work. You were an elven healer but had tried your best to fight alongside your kin, nearly getting killed more times than you can count, but now that it was over it was time to put your healing skills to use.

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hailtostjames  asked:

Could you recommend some really good Coliver fics? Preferably in Ao3?

Okay, prepare yourself for the longest list ever. (fics are no particular order)

I Kinda Need A Hero (Is it You?) by thelilacfield

Summary: There are very few things Connor is scared of. Jail, of course - he’s already the black sheep of his family without becoming an arrested law student. And commitment - being tied down to a single person. Falling in love. Now he finds himself facing both fears at the same time. A/N: Connor/Oliver; Headcanon continuation from 1x04; Title from Nightingale by Demi Lovato

Tell Them This Love Hasn’t Changed Me by conwalshs

Summary: Connor’s first dream about his soulmate didn’t feel at all conventional, though there wasn’t much logic to be found in a theory that suggested soulmates existed, anyway.At least in Connor’s eyes, there wasn’t.

Crash Into you by nontoxic

Summary: Compound fracture of his left tibia, shattered patella requiring replacement, broken ulna, two broken ribs, and three fractured vertebrae. Fantastic.His doctor was just as warm and nice as the nurse – Oliver, he learned his name was – and Connor hated it. He wanted to hate them. —Connor is in a bad car accident. Oliver is his nurse.aka the hospital au no one asked for.

We’re Not Boyfriends, You Had No Right by oh_shipp

Summary: “Who’s your friend?” Connor asked. He had a smile on his face but Oliver could tell that he wasn’t happy. Wait, was Connor jealous?

Shut Up Michaela, I’m Having A Revelation by oh_shipp

Summary: He should have apologized, he should have said something, but he stayed silent. He watched Oliver down his drink and leave the bar.Basically, ‘We’re Not Boyfriends, You Had No Right’ but from Connor’s perspective

Just say a word by Rukiacat

Summary: “Can I help you?” spoke Connor eventually, as the other student still haven’t said a word. “I-I’m Oliver” started he finally, stuttering a bit. “I’m an arts student, and… well, uh…” he was searching for the correct words so desperately, Connor couldn’t help but quirk a little smile. “So… our project in photography is to take photos of someone in various situations and places, and when I saw you I thought that you know… you could be my model?”

Colorblind by iamsiriuslyriddikulus

Summary: The world is in black and white until the day after you sleep with your soulmate.

Turn if Off and On Again by matchsticks_p

Summary: A ten-thousand word office AU, written for the prompt “Connor really does work at the bank across the street and his idiot coworker, Asher, keeps getting viruses on their computer by downloading porn. Eventually, the bank borrows some IT guys from the advertizing firm across the street, including Oliver. Connor tries to ask Oliver out, but Oliver mistakenly thinks Connor is straight (because of Asher’s porn). So, Connor starts infecting the office computers with more viruses to get another excuse to talk to Oliver and try again.“It isn’t exactly like that, but it sort of is exactly like that.

Not Boyfriends by greatappreciations

Summary: Connor Walsh had always said that he doesn’t do boyfriends. Oliver makes him reconsider this.

How To Get Away with Kissing Your Best Mate by thewriternurse

Summary: To say that Connor Walsh fancied Oliver Hampton would be a severe understatement. Hogwarts AU!

I Got My Mind Made Up by thewriternurse

Summary: A moonlit picnic by the Black Lake, kissing, and a question. Hogwarts AU!

Stacking the Dice by thedeadparrot

Summary: High School AU. Connor makes a bet with Michaela. Oliver gets caught in the crossfire.

Play it Again by the deadparrot

Summary: Future fic. Five years ago, Oliver left Philadelphia and Connor behind with the intention of never seeing either of them ever again. But then Connor shows up in Seattle asking for Oliver’s help with a case, and Oliver is forced to re-evaluate his priorities.

Worth Your While by sterica

Summary: “Stop looking at me.” Oliver says, noticing for the eighth time that Connor hasn’t stopped staring at him since he sat opposite him in the library just ten minutes ago.“I need your help.” Connor is still smiling and Oliver half-hates himself for the way he always bends to Connor’s will. “I’ll make it worth your while.”Hogwarts AU - Connor always gets Oliver to help him out with his pranks. But when it goes wrong, it backfires only for Oliver.

Turned On by sterica

Summary: Connor is on YouTube and he’s clicking through Coming Out videos. He feels like each one is the same until he clicks on a video entitled “Coming Out” by a user called theITguy. Connor Walsh is fourteen years old when someone who doesn’t even know who he is gives him the courage to do something wonderful. He’s twenty-four when he has the chance to do something wonderful back. YouTube AU - Connor watches Oliver’s videos as a teenager and, years later, meets him in a bar.

Play Pretending by ilikeyouxactually

Summary: In preparing to meet Oliver’s mom, Connor suggests that they act more like a couple. It all works fine, until Connor has had enough and wants to be like this all the time.

The Wretched and Joyful by horchatita394

Summary: “And for the record, it is marriage, is it not? Someone is going to die.”

Prerequisite by horchatita394

Summary: i had a one night stand the night before i started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR au.

You’re a bow and arrow, a broken guitar by calissequecestmignon

Summary: in which Oliver and Connor dance around each other trying to figure things out, think about sex, are mean and are kind and finally live happily ever after.

So Alive with wild hope by calissequecestmignon

Summary: This is the Oliver POV to my other story "You’re a bow and arrow (a broken guitar)”. Some is the exact same, just from a different angle, some is completely different. But the dance is the dance and the heart wants what it wants, same as always. Oliver and Connor fluff and smut and happy endings.

Coming Alive by Bartholemew

Summary: Each relationship goes through a series of firsts.  

We are such stuff as dreams are made on by Bartholemew

Summary: It was the absence of noise that bothered him more than the constant laughing, keeping him awake until the next morning, forced to listen to sweet nothings through thin apartment walls.

More by alittleintoxicated

Summary: words about a first year law student and a programmer when they were together. words about them when they were apart. words from the playboy, and words from the introvert. words from the poured, half-filled glass of red wine and words from the yellow knitted hat. Connor and Oliver, the words that happened. the words that were thought, kept, exchanged, rejected, given. the words that were more, that meant more. the words that were theirs.

I don’t do Boyfriends, except you by HoneyBadgerInHanover

Summary: Oliver, it turns out, is not HIV positive - but he is very sick, and it’s all going downhill for Connor.Michaela just thinks they’re both idiots, to be honest.

Nothing I’d Like More by skuttlebug

Summary: “There was also the rather significant issue of Connor having much deeper feelings for Oliver than college roomies often do. Connor had spent the last seven months that Oliver and Sophie had been dating trying not to get jealous over the time they spent together, and trying to push aside the fluttery feeling in his stomach every time Oliver smiled at him.”

Blade Runner Blues by checkyourthreadtension

Summary: “I’m not afraid of you. You can’t fuck me up more than I’ve already fucked up myself.”

The Marks You Left On Me by samanthaB

Summary: In a world where your words get marked on your soul mate’s skin as handwritten tattoos, Oliver considers himself quite unlucky with his soul mate. He doesn’t like him too much but they never even met. That will change soon though, not without a few bumps on the road of course…

Five Years and Two Thousand Miles by the_worldbutler

Summary: Connor leaves Middleton by tacking a note to Keating’s door:  Leaving town, and Middleton, and all of this bullshit.  I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.  Don’t try to contact me.

Everything written by thekingslover (Total of 40 coliver fics)

Everything written by jooliewrites (Total of 79 coliver fics)  


Killer Instinct

Band Member: Luke

Type: Assassin AU

Description: You were trained to kill and you’d forgotten what it was like to be loved but Luke shows you what it’s like again. But things can’t be perfect, they’re never perfect when it’s your life, Nine.

Warnings: Blood/Death mention.

You knew you were in this too deep when you actually showed up to his dinner party.

The thing with Luke was supposed to be a casual thing for when you were in the city but somewhere in between the heated kisses and the sleepless nights, you’d fallen for him. The infrequent visits slowly turned into buying an apartment close to his, it even became your new home. You’d never had a home before, you’d had a base perhaps. But never somewhere that was yours. A place where you had your own space to be you, whoever that was.

Luke filled your glass again with the red wine he’d picked up especially, since you had mentioned once that you liked it. He smiled at you as he did as if he was checking that you were still enjoying the company of his friends, the three boys he’d talked about a lot since things shifted into being more personal. You joined in with the conversations, never giving too much away but just enough to keep them from prying.

“You found yourself a funny girl,” Michael said as he raised his beer in response to your story about the time you’d almost been arrested for trespassing at some famous band member’s house. You left out the part where you had just killed a man ten minutes before you’d stumbled into their garden. You didn’t reckon that was something you could share at a dinner party.

“What did you say you did for a living again?” Calum asked politely as he brought his beer to his lips.

You took this as your cue to leave as you glanced at your watch. “It’s nothing exciting, I work for an office based in London. Speaking of which, I need to get back home since I have an early morning conference call. It’s been nice to meet you all.”

They all said goodbye while Luke found your jacket in the pile of discarded coats. You’d expected him to say goodnight on his doorstep but instead, he walked you home claiming the streets weren’t safe at this hour. You wanted to laugh and say you could show him a thing or two that would ensure you’d never be mugged or attacked but Luke couldn’t know about that. So instead, you linked your hand with his and talked about how sweet he was for caring, which was true.

He followed you upstairs into your apartment, trailing behind you as you took off your jacket and threw your shoes by the door. You watched him while he walked around your apartment, looking at the pictures of supposed childhood friends and your fictional parents. You’d only added them when Luke had mentioned your place lacked any trace of memories of friends or family. It had taken you an afternoon to carefully select the images, made sure the people in them were plausible and the pictures looked aged enough. The picture of your fake parents was just a couple on holiday in the south of France, both were dead now but that didn’t matter. You’d told Luke your parents were dead and that you were an only child with no traceable relatives – it wasn’t a lie if you didn’t know the truth. All you knew was that you’d been handpicked and trained to be a ruthless killer. But with Luke, you felt human again. He reminded you that good things still happened in a world of bullet wounds and blood pools. He made you feel less monstrous when he whispered your name at night and pulled you back into his arms. He made your head spin and your heart ache, and that was a dangerous but wonderful thing.

“You’ve got some more pictures since the last time I was here,” he commented before he picked up one frame, a slight trace of surprise crossed his face. “Who’s this?”

You walked over to look at the picture properly under the lamp light. He handed you a wooden photo frame with three smiling teens. You felt like somebody had punched you in the stomach when you realised that it was the only real picture in the entire apartment. You traced the outline of the two girls that stood either side of your smiling thirteen year-old-self. It had been taken a few weeks after you’d transferred to the assassin’s league. You bit your lip as you tried to block out the memory of that day, you’d been assigned to share a room with twin girls and you had been so excited about it. You’d never had real friends until Four and Five. You would stay up all night together, giving each other real names and birthdays since you didn’t know your actual ones anymore or talking about what dreams you had if you ever got out of the league. You all knew you only left the league one way, but you all focused on the great what if. You still used the fake name they gave you paired with their made-up birthday.

“My best friends,” you answered simply as you set the picture back on the end table.

“When will I meet them? You haven’t told about them,” Luke said.

You looked up at him with a faint smile. “You never will, they died when they were eighteen. Five years after that was taken.”

“I’m sorry,” he said regretfully.

He pulled you into a hug, letting his hand weave into your hair while the other held your back against him firmly. He hummed softly as your head was against his chest. You closed your eyes, here you could forget you were a government assassin. It was where you were no longer the agent who had killed too many people to remember. Here you felt safe enough to let go and just be you for a short while.

“Hey,” he mumbled softly into your hair. “These last few months have been amazing since you moved here. I just wish you didn’t have to do to London so much.”

You sighed slowly. When your targets were all over the world, you usually took off without a word except from a quick sorry I have work :( text sent in the early hours of the morning. When Luke had assumed it was London, you’d left him to imagine you sat in endless meetings staring out at Big Ben.

“I know but my boss lets me stay here with you, Luke,” you replied.

He pressed his lips against your forehead and smiled when he pulled back.

“I know,” he said softly. “I’ll let you get some sleep before your call tomorrow. Does this mean they need you back in London?”

You tried to ignore the hurt puppy look on his face and shrugged. “I’ll know tomorrow. Now goodnight, Luke.”

He let his lips linger on yours for a moment too long before he whispered goodnight, princess and left you wondering how you were ever going to explain this too him if it got any more serious.

The next morning, you did your usual trick of working on the top half of your body: making sure your hair was done, your shirt was ironed, and that your eyes weren’t bloodshot. But you left on your pyjama bottoms, it had been a trick that you, Four and Five had used during official calls back in the old house. The last time you’d seen them alive had been in their matching pink pyjama bottoms which were covered in poodles. When you’d returned home, you had found them in the hallway as they’d tried to evade their killer. You’d had to dance around the pools of their blood to call for help. It made you sick just imagining it.

You shook your head to get rid of the images from that day. That day you’d realised how fragile you were, the three of you had considered yourselves virtually immortal now you had all become official government assassins. You had the strength, the knowledge, the ability to stay alive but that didn’t mean you’d survive.

The call came through and you took a deep breath, answering it after three rings. The screen expanded and you saw your boss, Smith, sat with her usual happy smile on her face. The woman always looked like she had a lemon to suck as a baby instead of a dummy.

“Nine,” she addressed you curtly. “You are looking well.”

“So are you, Smith. The monthly aerobic sessions are doing you a world of good,” you said sarcastically, you’d always had a love/hate relationship with her.

She rolled her eyes and looked at you with more distaste than before.

“Your next target is in,” she began as she dug through the pile of paper next to her. “Maybe this time, we could aim to make it a little more natural than a bullet to the chest. This target works for a rival agency, we have intel he was partially responsible for the deaths of some of our agents.”

You tried not to sigh, you hated these kinds of targets. You couldn’t be mindless for a while like you could with targets who didn’t think like hunters. You had to be on the very top of your game to take on a rival assassin and lately, since Luke had reminded you what it was like to feel love again, you’d been at your weakest. You knew you’d have to tell Luke you were going away for a few weeks, give yourself two weeks to readjust before tracking the target down.

Smith sent the file and you braced yourself for some old guy called something like Dave or John who had killed an agent back before you were even born.

“I swear I’m due to have some attractive man who is at least pretty to look at while I stalk him,” you muttered as the picture started to load up.

“You’ll be happy to know that I handpicked this one for you,” Smith said smugly.

You sighed again, Smith enjoyed talking in riddles.

The picture finished buffering and you sat back in your chair in shock.

“Luke Hemmings is the enemy agent?” you asked in disbelief. “Fuck me.”

“You know him?” Smith said with a raised eyebrow. “He’s linked to the deaths of Four and Five, it was his mentor actually. The girls didn’t stand a chance.”

You felt sick. The room felt like it was closing in on you. You couldn’t breathe.

“Smith, I can’t – I can’t do this. I can’t take that target.”

She tilted her head. “You either take the target out or we’ll have to take you out, Nine. Now, I don’t know why you’re resisting and I don’t think I want to know, but I want you to think seriously about this. Is one boy’s life worth more than your own? Because if it is, you’re better off dead than in love anyway. You refuse to do this and I’ll make sure he’s dead before morning. Do you understand?”

You nodded slowly, you understood but you didn’t want to.

“If you care about the boy so much, you won’t want one of your fellow agents to do it. They’re sadistic, their kills aren’t as clean and painless as yours. You developed a conscious after the deaths of your friends, they never did. If you don’t do this, he’ll end up dead anyway and so will his family and his friends.”

You avoided Luke’s calls while you tried to get your head straight. Luke was an assassin too? Luke Hemmings? Your sweet boyfriend who was afraid to let you walk home alone? That Luke? It almost felt like the universe was laughing at you. You’d finally found a guy that made you happy and he was just like you. You wanted to laugh along with it because you felt the only alternative was to cry. You took a deep breath and tried to make sense of what Smith had said. No matter what you did, he would die and that thought alone was enough to send you spiralling.

You had to disappear. Go under the grid, pretend this never happened. But that didn’t help Luke. They knew who he was, they had his location, they knew what he did. You had to protect him. Luke had a life. He had friends and family who loved him. You had nobody who would miss you, Luke would get over you in time. You had to help Luke vanish, at least until the agency forgot about him. Who were you kidding? You were going to have to find a boy who looked like Luke and kill him in such a way that there was no way to identify the fact it wasn’t Luke. It wasn’t going to be easy but you were ready to protect Luke until your final breath, and that was looking like it would be soon. They might not find Luke, but the agency would definitely find you.

The banging on your door startled you. Normally you’d have anticipated it but you didn’t, not today. You wandered over, peering through the spyglass. You jumped back when you realised it was Luke.

“I know you’re in there,” he said to the door. “We need to talk.”

You shook your head like he could see you.

“I know what you are,” he continued. “You know what I am too.”

Shit. That meant his agency were aware you’d been given a hit on him and that made him a target too. You unlocked the door and walked away from it again. You turned your back to it, in case Luke put duty above you and decided now was an ideal time to finish this when you heard him lock the door.

“You should never turn your back to somebody who might kill you, babe,” he said but his voice was light. “So whoever trained you fucked up if they didn’t mention that.”

“I can’t do this, Luke.”

You heard him sigh and come closer. “I know. I can’t either. I’m guessing you’ve worked out that my agency want you dead to prevent you killing me.”

“We’re fucked.”

You felt his hands on your shoulders as he turned you around. You looked at him, his eyes were bloodshot like he’d been crying. You knew he’d see the mascara smudges so you didn’t even attempt to hide the fact you had been crying too.

“Hey, we’ll work something out,” he said with a ghost of a smile. “We have to.”

He pulled you into his chest, his hand cupping your head to him while his other hand rubbed your back soothingly.

“I know what we have to do, Luke,” you mumbled into his shirt. “You’ve got to kill me and disappear, take your friends with you. My boss said I either kill you or somebody else does and they go after the people you love. You’ve got to kill me. We’ve got no other options.”

He froze for a moment as your words sank in. He stepped back though his hands found their way to the top of your arms as he looked at you for any sign that you were joking.

“What? You’re not being serious, are you?”

“You have to kill me, Luke. It’s the only way you might have a shot at getting out of this alive.”