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Sketchdump. Annie Leonhardt with donuts (looks like Mona Lisa or and The girl with peaches both), Howl Jenkins (Howl’s moving castle). Felix as a 10-years old child (I tried to design school outfit) and another old OC - Hector (from VOD, he is a vampire, malkavian, crazy scientist and a very big looser).

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hello. have concern as humaine's rude friend makes fun of me??? can not see beauté and majesty of cat??? calls me fat boy??? am very fit, does rude humaine need glasses???

😾 is just jealous donut have the BODE

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Can I please make a request (if its not already been done) for the RFA+V reaction to finding out MC wears glasses and cant see well without them at all? (from a lil muffin who wears glasses :3)

I freaking love this. I headcanon one of my MCs is in a similar situation lol. Although I don’t know the pain of wearing glasses, I’ll try. 


  • in the years you had your contact lenses, you always hated them 
  • so one day you decide to don your backup pair of glasses
  • you come home from grocery shopping
  • Yoosung is too busy playing LOLOL to notice you
  • later when he comes by the kitchen for a quick snack
  • you’re busy organizing the cabinets
  • he does a double take
  • “Hon’? When did you get glasses?”
  • he’s all in your business
    • omg Yoosung personal space yo
  • “I’ve always had them, I just wore contact lenses.”
  • “There was something always missing from your pretty face!”
  • one time you smeared the lens, took it off, dropped your glasses and you spent fifteen minutes on the floor trying to find it
  • when he came home he tripped over you
  • after that incident, he always makes sure you take good care of your glasses 
  • keeps your kit in the bathroom and a spare by the desk
  • leaves cute notes (with very large print) if he’s not home to remind you to put on your glasses
    • >-> i STILL CAN’T READ IT
    • he let’s you pick out his glasses because 
    • cute glasses couple
    • but when both of you lose your glasses, you have to depend on his good eye to navigate the two of you ^^;;


  • you were putting your contacts in the morning when your butterfingers dropped one down the drain
    • (; 〇□〇)!
  • and you were definitely not going to walk around with just one clear eye
  • you remember Jaehee keeps her glasses in the nightstand when she’s at home
  • carefully traverses from the bathroom to the bedroom
    • bumps elbow on the doorknob
    • ヘ(。□°)ヘ 
    • curses under breath
  • when you finally reach the nightstand you put on her glasses
  • hearing you yell, Jaehee checks on you
  • when you turn around she notices you’re sporting her glasses and she’s taken aback 
  • “Why are you wearing my glasses?”
  • “I dropped my contacts, and I now regret my decision of getting rid of my glasses.”
  • she giggles and kisses your nose
    • ー(°◇°〃)
  • “Try and get ready so we can pick out a new pair for you”


  • you wear your glasses every time you’re at home
  • of course, he notices it, he’s OBSESSED WITH IT
  • “MC, wear it to bed”
    • “wHHYY???”
    • “i want to SLEEP zen”
  • but he doesn’t know how bad your vision is
    • always thought they were non-prescription
  • one day you two are sitting on the couch watching TV
  • for fun, he decides to try on your glasses
    • holy shit you’re freaking blind!
    • strains his eyes and gets an immediate headache
  • “Oh!”
  • you can see his eyes cross for a minute omg
  • after explaining to him that yeah those are my real glasses you dope
  • “MC, wear it to bed”
  • “WHY?”
  • “How else are you supposed to admire the view?” 
    • ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ~ ❤
  • “Haha nice try, I’ll see you clearly in my dreams. Goodnight.”
  • (╬ Ò ‸ Ó) !


  • you were planning on taking it easy and study all day (as contradictory as it sounds lol)
  • but you lost your contacts
    • you could have sworn you left them on the nightstand
    • maybe Elizabeth 3rd got to them >->
  • regardless, you don your old pair of glasses and buckle down with your studying
  • hours later you go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea
  • Jumin comes home around the same time 
  • you greet him and he’s just like ???
  • but at the same time, he’s like ♡ ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
  • “Why are you wearing glasses? Is it a new trend?”
    • ??? 
    • why else would I wear glasses you donut
  • “No, I just lost my contacts so I’m wearing them. I can’t really see without them”
  • ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
  • he takes your glasses off
  • “look at me”
  • everything is extremely blurry so you squint to find his eyes
  • with that he puts them back on you
  • “I will have you pick out ten pairs you like”
  • (⊙ロ⊙) ;; nO! 
  • you tell him your old pair is fine and you just needed no contacts
  • you two compromise: you get new contacts and he picks out ONE pair of glasses for you


  • one of the many things that he forgot during his background check on you
  • and since you were living with Seven your contacts were uncomfortable
    • it had to be the dust in the air or something :/
  • so you made the switch to your glasses
  • one morning he’s going through his morning ritual
  • when he reaches to grab his glasses
  • he sees that they are PLAIN
    • the Great 707 wears no ordinary spectacles!
  • ???
  • puts them on anyways and immediately knows it’s not his 
  • he figures it has to be yours so he decides to have some fun with you
  • he leaves his glasses out for you to try on
  • and when you can’t find yours you put on Seven’s
    • not like you can see with them anyways ;;
  • you go ask if he’s seen them around
  • when he swivels in his chair, he immediately gets nauseous
    • immediate regret
  • he takes your glasses off and runs over to the trash can to retch
    • he was REALLY committed to this
    • the doof (*゚ー゚)ゞ
  • “Why would you wear them if they’re not yours!?”
  • “the…GREAT 707…always–” stops to retch, “–never chokes…on a prank”
  • ._. alright jellybean


  • one of your eye contacts popped out while you were in the bus
    • no freaking way you were going to pick it back up
  • luckily you’re always prepared and after taking out your other contact you put on your spare glasses
  • you were planning on making a surprise visit to V at his gallery
  • you find V watching one of the curators adjust one of his photos on the wall
  • sneaks up behind him
  • “Keep your eyes closed!”
  • hearing your voice he smiles and obeys
  • you get in front of him to kiss him
  • he feels your glasses squish his face
    • ???
  • “Are you wearing sunglasses?”
  • you tell him about the incident on the bus
  • he has you take off your glasses to see his photos
    • “What do you see?”
    • “Uh…lots of green and uh…yellow blobs.”
TalesFromYourServer: Maybe if you didn't steal my shit...

Where I work, we have a small bar/quicker service food counter along the side (trust me, it makes sense to have if you knew what the building is). We serve gourmet donuts there, and after a fairly drunk girl ordered her food, reached around the glass and swiped a donut.

She leans over to the girl standing next to her while she’s paying for a beer and asks ‘hey, want me to steal you one too?’ but little did she know, the girl getting a beer is a manager here. She just says 'actually I work here, and I’m gonna have to get someone to escort you out’. But this is where it gets better.

The drunk thief walks away, so I radio to security to grab her. Figuring she isn’t coming back, I go ahead and liberate myself to her paid food. Free dinner, thanks! Security goes to look for her for a bit, but she walks up with her boyfriend who has her held tight against him by the waist. I think oh shit, I just ate her food, and ask the chef to make it again.

She’s forced by the boyfriend to pay for what she took, and while using the debt machine she suddenly blurts out “I can’t believe it’s that much for a donut, you’re raping your customers here!! This is ridiculous, how can you possibly justify charging this much for a goddamn donut, you are raping me right now!!. I pause for a second, figure out exactly how to word this, and let out my most proud line to date.

We have to charge that much to make up for people that steal them and run away“ I keep a straight face, and the boyfriend bursts out laughing. She’s still mad, but oh well. They go on their not-so-happy way with a security guard to the front door.

But we made her food again and she just got the boot, I’m thinking a second dinner.

By: CanadianPablo

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hey hey! so as always I am super late to the party (sans Starbucks) but I just watched the force awakens for the first time and then read your bb8 fic like 👌 and I'm so sorry about your account!! if you feel like a prompt perhaps consider finnpoe meetcute at a pet shop or dog park where bb8 is a corgi or smth?? thx either way & I hope you have a lovely day! 💛

Poe doesn’t even like coffee, but BB8 really, really loves donuts, and he can’t quite bring himself to go into a store solely to buy his dog something Poe should be eating, so coffee it is.

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If he’s got his face buried in your crotch, he’s probably not going to be put off if the taste he’s experiencing isn’t that of a donut or glass of fine whisky; your vagina is never going to taste like a fruit salad, and that’s okay. Remember: if he wanted to have a sweet snack, he’d go get a damn smoothie rather than eat your pussy. Enjoy it, Lady MacGyver. You’re delicious.
—  To girls who worry their vaginas won’t taste good enough