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A Klance Oneshot


“Have you ever considered the idea that maybe this world doesn’t revolve around you and your problems?”

Keith’s words echoed in Lance’s mind, swirling and cutting into the wound it originally caused, digging in deeper and burying its sharp claws in his aching heart. It wasn’t his fault. Home was just, so far, so so far. He pressed his palms against his eyes, trying in vain to push away the stinging pain of unshed tears.

He knew Keith hadn’t meant it that way, the other boy had enough weight on his shoulders without having to worry about Lance’s insecurities. With Shiro gone, the black lion was without a paladin and frankly no one knew what to do about it. Team Voltron was in panic mode, and unfortunately, so was Lance.

The past few months in space weighed heavily on his mind, his family probably thought he was dead, Shiro all but ignored his suggestions. Hell, everyone did. He was all but invisible. Especially to Keith. Fuck that guy. Keith, the guy who was perfect in every way except for his delinquent attitude and stupid hair. Lance would never be enough for him, the former cargo pilot knew it. It was the driving reason for his forced rivalry. He wouldn’t fall for the red paladin if he pretended to hate him, right?

Wrong. That’s why Lance was here, on the observation deck, staring off into space, wondering exactly where his plan had gone wrong.

“This isn’t what I wanted” he said to no one in particular, burying his head in his arms. “I just want to go home” his voice cracking, betraying his emotions.

He quickly wiped the back of his hand over his eyes, wiping away his sadness.

“Come on lance. Pull yourself together man.”

He quickly stood and moved toward the large windows, looking out into space. A familiar smile pulled at his lips as tears spilled down his cheeks.

“this isn’t you. At least not the you they know” he ran a hand through his hair and tilted his head back with a loud sigh.

“This isn’t about you man.” he told himself, looking back at his reflection

“The universe needs you. At least… It thinks it does.” he leaned forward, staring himself in the eyes as he leaned his forehead against the glass.

“Keith always does cool stuff, and Hunk holds us all together, and pidge is really smart. And I thought I was the sharpshooter, but I guess I really don’t have a thing. Five lions, and they get stuck with me as a paladin. Im sure blue would pick anyone else over me if she had the chance. So would Keith.” he straightened up and wiped his face yet again, picking up his jacket before charging back through the castle, a smile plastered on his face, as if nothing was wrong.

What he didn’t notice was Keith, hiding just outside the door, a stricken look on his face.

Negativity banishing spell

This gets a little specific because Saskatoon is blanketed in smoke filled air (our air quality is at 16 and anything past 10 is basically “stop breathing you’re going to die!!!”) and I have some broken glass. So if you don’t have smoke filled air outside, make some with a candle as incense will not work for this.

You will need:
A jar
A smaller jar that fits inside the larger jar that you can turn around
Regular stones from gravel or the street or wherever you can find them
A little bit of unlit incense
Broken glass
Three matches

Fill the smaller jar with some of the smoky air (I swished mine around outside and looked like a complete jackass) and close it off.
Fill the larger jar with your water and say or think “cleanse with this water”
Add the matches and say or think “cleanse with this fire”
Add incense and say “cleanse with this air”
Add the stones and say or think “cleanse with this earth”

Take the smaller jar and submerge it in the larger one, so that the air will have to go through the water to get away. Empty the smaller jar.

Add the broken glass pieces (carefully!) and say or think “as the air clears up, soften the blow of these sharp words” and the. Close the jar. Shake it up once it’s tight and imagine all the sharp words and thoughts being trapped somewhere they are not going to hurt anyone and imagine the air clearing of the negativity.

If so inclined, bury the jar somewhere by your house and add more glass when you find yourself getting sensitive to others sharp words.

Note, while doing this spell, don’t think of other people. This is to protect you from negativity in your life, not to stop other people from being negative. If that’s their deal, let them. This is also good if you have well meaning people in your life who often say the wrong thing. It should help you be able to ignore what they say or give you the strength to ignore it.

Also, you could use sand in the jar and shake it when you find there is too much negativity going around. If it’s so bad you get smooth glass, well, at least you get smooth glass?


Screenshot redraws. With some alternate color palettes.

I really love the lighting in a lot of scenes in this game. Also, yeah, sorry for -All the Bedman- I find him really relaxing to draw. If I redraw any screenshots from later scenes I’ll be putting them under a read more. Just in case.

I really wanted to see what 8% was going to be…


And that’s a sharpie by the way, genius.

Alfred looks pretty awesome as a Jedi Master.

This is for the Star Wars au @ziashetalia and I have been talking about, which has been a lot of fun!