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Sharkkin room decor

Seashore scented gel candles -$19.00

Beware of sharks sign -$10.05

9 Shark wall decal -$42.00

Wave wall decal -$9.99

Bubble glass doorknob -$6.25

Five sea shell magnets -$10.00

Ocean fleece blanket -$47.00+

Navy blue string lights -$35.00

Wall clock -$21.95


“Abandoned Parisian Flat”, overview. 2015 by Carrie M. Becker
Via Flickr:
Detail of 1/6th set. Foam core, plastic, balsa wood, stain, paint, glass, decals, wax, found objects, webbing spray. Set approx. 18"x22"x14".


“Abandoned Parisian Flat”, overview. 2015 by Carrie M. Becker
Via Flickr:
Detail of 1/6th set. Foam core, plastic, balsa wood, stain, paint, glass, decals, wax, found objects, webbing spray. Set approx. 18"x22"x14".

The results of being lost in thoughts all alone

Fire emblem will be my example for this since I’ve heard and seen horror stories.

Okay, so, I think this is really dumb:

Veteran gamers [gamers who have been with a series since the beginning] being all bitchy to new comers to the series.

Now let me clarify. I think it’s fine to whine or poke fun at how much easier things have gotten in the game series. Like the easy battle system or the easier game mechanics in general, because yeah new gamers get the fruits of the game. The game developers have had time to perfect or introduce new things to the game and new coming gamers have that benefit; they don’t have to deal with the awkward clunky stuff or they get the brand spanking new mechanics or the easy mode on games that used to have very punishing game difficulties. 

However, I don’t believe it’s fine to ridicule or bully the new fans for not being “real fans” of whatever series they happened to jump into. Yes, they were not with the series from the very beginning like you were, yes, they are spoiled compared to you, who toiled with the weird ass mechanics of the earlier games, and yes, they get an easy mode. 

That does not give you the right to bully them or heckle them for not playing the earlier games in the series. Lets face it guys: the older games are challenging to get a hold of by legal means, the games are on older consoles that are outdated and no longer widely available, not everyone likes to set up emulators or hack their systems into backwards compatibility, and the games are tough. Let’s be real here: most of the new comers are in their teens and not every teen has money to bust on a copy of radiant dawn or fire emblem for the GBA. Not everyone has time to toil over the maps you remember so fondly, not everyone can spend hours on that one map playing on hard classic like you. 

No one has to play on hard classic mode to be a true “Fire Emblemer”. You can be a true Emblemer by playing on Normal Casual or even Normal Phoenix if that’s what floats your boat.

The difficulty of your game play and the number of games in the series that you’ve played does not dictate the caliber of  fan you are of something. I seriously can’t seem to make this clear enough.

So you’ve played every single English release of the Fire Emblem series. Great you’re a fan.

So you’ve played just Awakening and enjoyed it. Great you’re a fan.

So you’ve played Fates and Awakening or maybe you just picked up Fates, and you enjoyed it. Great you’re a fan.

So you’ve played every single fire emblem game under the sun that illuminates the sky so brilliantly. Great. You’re a fan [and have a lot of time and money holy shit bro].

So you like to play on Lunatic Classic. Or maybe just Normal Casual. Great you’re both fans but one of you is playing for story and the other might be playing for a challenge. Great, you like a challenge that’s nice and cool dude power to you.

You all like the series. Get along. Just because someone hasn’t played the same number of games as you or plays at a lower difficulty than you doesn’t make them any less of a gamer or fan that you are. Yes, they might not know as much as you do, but they’re new. It is their decision whether they’d like to find out more on the series or not. The fact that they’re new and don’t play like you or hasn’t played as many games as you does not give you some special privilege to look down on them.

You both enjoy the same game series but in different ways and that’s okay.

If you think you’re hot shit because you have like thirty statues of Lyn in various poses in your fire emblem decal glass display case next to your fire emblem bed with your fire emblem tiddy mouse pads and your roy amiibo: then I’ve got some news for you. You are hot shit. But you’ll never be hot enough shit to talk down to anyone. So suck it up and accept that not everyone can be as “amazing” as you.

Just respect other people got it? What the hell is so hard about that?

I didn’t expect to find Kingsman merch at a first year gaming con (XPO in Tulsa), but I’m so glad I did! is the seller responsible, and while she doesn’t currently have Kingsman things in her shop, I’m sure you can send her a message about getting her decals/glasses/whisky glasses!

Closed AU

James took a deep breath, straightening his collar in the reflection of the glass door, reading the decal lettering. ‘Manhattan Police Department’.

He opened the door, walking in and up to the officer standing at the desk. “I’m looking for…” He trailed off. Shit. He’s forgotten to ask the recruiter what his partners name was.