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What Passengers Do In Private

Request: “Hi I’d like to request just some jealous sirius, well not jealous more super protective and possessive (is that the word I’m looking for, idk😅) And the reader doesn’t really mind and that’s what makes them the power couple from Hogwarts. Hope you understood everything 😅💚”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k


Originally posted by ferxxy

The vibrations of the moving train cart caused your head to gently bounce on the glass window you leant against, watching the monotonous landscape sweep by while you waited for your friends to come back after packing their luggage away. You peered up keenly as a knock sounded from the compartment door, only to realise it was one of the prefects, a young man named Johnathan. You nodded at him to come in, and he slid the door, quickly coming to sit beside you.

“How are you (Y/n)?” He asked, sitting a bit too close for comfort. “I couldn’t help but notice you’re all alone in here. I’m just in the cart next door.” He motioned with his thumb. “Would you mind if I kept you company?”

You fought the urge to roll your eyes. Always a million questions with this guy; none of which he’d ever wait for you to answer. It was obvious from the way he spoke in a condescending tone that he only initiated these conversations to get into your pants, not caring about actually getting to know you.

“I appreciate it, really Johnathan, but I’m waiting for my friends.” You forced a polite smile, edging away from him.

“Aren’t I your friend?” He questioned, placing his hand firmly on your thigh. At this point your back was up against the train window, attempting to recoil away from his touch. You opened your mouth to reproach him, but was interrupted by the sounds of boyish laughter flooding into the cart, only to be instantly cut off.

Sirius eyed the scene, analysing your uncomfortable posture, as his three friends stood awkwardly in the hallway behind him.

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fight me || park jimin

summary: park jimin has become infatuated with his patient. 

based off this

nurse!jimin, stupidcollegestudentwhoistoostressedtoeatandisalsoeverysingleoneofusreadersoutthere!reader

fight me? 

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The Donor Story - Part 3

*Faris and Yousra join Papyrus and Alphys on the other side of the portal. The portal brings them to a public park located within their hometown so to avoid attention from night owls that may be wandering the streets*

Papyrus: *looks at the two, grinning* Been wondering when you two would show up~

Faris: Sorry about the wait *he shows Papyrus a little smirk* So, how was your portal experience?

Papyrus: Er… Kinda anticlimactic. You were right. It is like walking through doors.. *his face then beams with a big smile* But it was still pretty amazing how we made great distance in a single bound~ Straight from-wherever we were-all the way to the park!

Faris: Heh, yeah..

Papyrus: So how do you make those portals work anyway? Can you actually go wherever you want??

Faris: Only to areas I’m familiar with.

Papyrus: Ooohh~

Alphys: *scans her surroundings, then turns to the others* Okay, follow me. I will lead you to the hospital. I-It’s not too far from here *she starts shuffling away, followed by Papyrus, Faris, and Yousra*

*Alphys takes them out of the park, down a street until she meets with an assemblage of buildings illuminated by street lights and room windows. They enter through the automatic sliding doors and approach the front desk. Alphys pulls out a lanyard containing her ID and shows it to the human receptionist*

Alphys: Th-These guests are with me. They have my permission to enter the ER.

Receptionist: *checks the ID tag, then nods* You may proceed, Dr. Alphys. Welcome back.

Alphys: Th-Thank you so much *she guides the group down the halls*

*Faris decides to start a small conversation with Papyrus as they follow her*

Faris: So Papyrus, about this donor.. What do you know about him?

Papyrus: Oh, he’s one of Alphys’ patients. He used to come here often for treatments, but lately.. the treatments haven’t been working well, and he’s been very sick, so he’s had to stay here to be looked after. I’ve visited him a few times before while you were away. He’s a really nice guy! I think you’ll like him!

*Faris falls silent. He didn’t know what to expect of the donor. He had no idea how serious this illness was. He wondered if it’d affect him at all. Alphys didn’t seem all too concerned about it, or else she wouldn’t have permitted this kind of transplant in the first place*

*Alphys finally stops at a particular room, separated by large glass doors and a curtain. After giving the glass a few light knocks, she slides the door open and draws the curtain away. Inside the room are a couple of medical beds, one currently being occupied by a young human male who appears to be sleeping. A female fire monster is sitting beside him in a chair, her flames producing a green overlay of light throughout the room. The fire monster lifts her head up when she hears company arrive*

???: Aw welcome back, Dr. Alphys~

Alphys: *approaches the patient from the other side of the bed* Hello, Fuku. How is our patient doing?

Fuku: He seems to be doing fine. He’s been resting.

Alphys: Have there been any complications?

Fuku: None that I’m aware of.

Alphys: I see. W-Well, thank you so much for watching over him while I was away. You are dismissed.

Fuku: Of course~ *she bows, then slips past Papyrus and the others, exiting the room*

Alphys: *lightly taps the patient on the shoulder* Andrew.. Andrew..

*the patient, named Andrew, stirs*

Andrew: Mm..?

Alphys: I’m sorry to wake you this late in the night.. W-We have visitors.

Andrew: Ooh..? *he still sounds a little groggy after being woken up. He tries to sit himself upright, but Alphys tells him to relax. She goes on to elevate the head of the recliner slightly*

*Faris watches the two. The human is rather pale in appearance with dark circles under his clouded green eyes. It’s apparent that he has blonde hair, but it’s been shaved down to a fuzz, similar to a peach. A set of nasal cannulas are arranged around his nostril area where he can gather oxygen. Regardless of his condition, he still delivers a friendly smile*

Andrew: You must be the one I’ll be donating myself to… A pleasure to meet you at last..

*his tone is husky as he speaks, and he takes a short breath every time he pauses. Looking at him makes Faris a little uneasy*

Andrew: *looks up at Alphys* Could you give us a few minutes..?

Alphys: *places her hand on his shoulder* Don’t push yourself too hard *she then steps away, taking Papyrus along with her out of the room*

*Yousra is about to join the others in the hall until Andrew speaks up*

Andrew: You may stay if you’d like..

*Yousra pauses, then stands beside Faris to keep him company. Faris eyes Andrew*

Faris: …Why… Why do you want to help me? You don’t even know me, yet you-

Andrew: *smiles warily* Just because I don’t know you, doesn’t mean I can’t help you.. People help each other all around the world, whether they are friends or complete strangers… It’s not uncommon…

Faris: But why? Why are you willing to help me? What is there for you to gain out of this??

Andrew: ..My freedom..

Faris: But by giving up your body, you would be giving up your free will. How is that freedom?

Andrew: Is that really how you see it..? You think that sacrificing myself will cost me my freedom..? Heh… Giving myself to you.. will finally put my long fought battle to rest..

Faris:  ..What do you mean?

Andrew: I’ve been fighting against this disease for a while now, and I no longer respond well to treatments.. Typically people at this stage would be turning to magic as a last resort in order to prolong life… but I refuse to do such a thing. I’m already satisfied with the life I’ve been given up to this point.. Now I want to give my body to someone else who needs it.. Someone like you *smiles*

*Faris turns away. He had to think about this for a moment*

Andrew: I don’t want you to take this the wrong way.. By doing this, we would be helping each other…. You would be ending my pain.. and I would be giving you a full life.

Faris: *looks at Andrew, then turns to Yousra, clasping her hand in his* What do you think..?

Yousra: *gazes up at him* It really is up to you.

Faris: It’s just so sudden. I wish I had more time to think this over… Are you really okay about this? About him.. being my vessel?

Yousra: As long as you are still you, it doesn’t matter to me how your new body will look.

Faris: … *he nestles his nasal bone into her headscarf, letting out a long sigh, then lifts his head to look at Andrew* …Okay… I’ll accept your offer.

Andrew: Are you sure you want to go on with this..? I’ll understand if you’d rather decline..

Faris: No.. this is something I’ve been wanting for a while now.. I’ll take this chance.

Andrew: *bows his head* Okay then.. *he then fidgets around for a small wired controller and holds it daintily in his hand. With a press of the button, a faint buzz resounds. Within seconds, Alphys pokes her head into the room*

Alphys: I-Is everything okay?

Andrew: *turns his attention to Alphys* Dr. Alphys.. we’re ready for the transplant…

Only the Good Die Young

When I was posing for this picture, I had that old Billy Joel song on – ‘Only the Good Die Young’   Somewhat of a coincidence, or was it??  

Come out Virginia, don’t let ‘em wait
You Catholic girls start much too late
Aw but sooner or later it comes down to faith
Oh I might as well be the one

Well, they showed you a statue, told you to pray
They built you a temple and locked you away
Aw, but they never told you the price that you pay
For things that you might have done
Only the good die young
That’s what I said
Only the good die young
Only the good die young

You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd
We ain’t too pretty we ain’t too proud
We might be laughing a bit too loud
Aw but that never hurt no one

So come on Virginia show me a sign
Send up a signal and I’ll throw you the line
The stained-glass curtain you’re hiding behind
Never let’s in the sun
Darlin’ only the good die young 

Its like Hogwarts in here

Request -  Can you write one where Freya teaches you magic? Reader is a female and they’re best friends.

Im so sorry its so short but i couldn’t really think of anything else that i could add but anyway, i hope you like it! :) 

Word count - 638

Ever since Y/N was little, she had been close to the Mikaelsons. She had become homeless at a very young age and Elijah was the one the save her. He brought her back to his home and ever since then, she has been like their sister. 20 years after Y/N first encountered the Mikaelsons, a new sister came into the picture; Freya Mikaelson was their oldest sister who they all thought was dead and because she was in a sleeping curse with their Aunt Dahlia, she had never got turned into a vampire and was still a witch.

Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

What everyone in the family, including Y/N, didn’t know, was that Y/N was a witch. It all came to light one day when Klaus’s daughter was in danger, Y/N got angry and managed to snap a unknown vampires neck with the magic she didn’t know that she had. 

After this, Freya and Y/N became closer. Freya had started to teach Y/N magic and no matter how hard Y/N tried, she couldn’t control her magic. Some days she couldn’t even do a simple magic spell and other days she was burning the curtains across the room. 

Phasmatos Tribum Nas Ex Veras” Y/N started chanting. Klaus and Hope were somewhere in the city and Y/N was trying to find them using a locator spell. This was her first time doing a spell like this and it scared her. “ Sequita Saguines” She continued to chant. By each word, she was getting more confident and with every word the blood was moving closer and closer to the location of the father and daughter. “ Ementas Asten Mihan Ega Petous” And with the last word, the blood stopped moving and Y/N was able to see where Klaus and Hope were located. In the record shop. 

Freya then called Klaus to know he was no longer needed and that he could now come home. 

“Well done, your first successful spell” Freya screeched while running to Y/N, hugging her. “Now you know you can do a spell, you’ll be able to do more powerful spells and eventually be at the same level as me. Im so proud of you”

“Thank you Freya. I couldn’t have done it without your help” explained Y/N. Just as Y/N was going to ask Freya if they could try one more spell for that day, they were interupted by a loud, angry-like voice.

“Blood hell, it looks like Hogwarts in here!” Klaus announced. And sure enough, as Y/N and Freya looked around, it did. There were grimoire’s everywhere, broken glass and burnt down curtains. “Yeah okay i was expecting a mess, but not this bad. Please tell me either you two are going to clean this up or you have a spell that can do it in less that 1 second”

Originally posted by margotskarsgard

“Klaus, don’t worry. All this will be over with in a few days” Freya explained, while slowly pushing Klaus out the room.

“Why a few days? I thought it would take weeks to teach Y/N magic”

“Hey! im not that bad” Y/N objected. She knew herself that she was lying but she didnt want to admit it. 

“No you’re amazing Y/N” Freya answered. “Any other witch in your position wouldn’t be able to do that locator spell so soon, so i can tell that, if you put a lot of effort and concentration into the next few days, you will be like me sooner than you think”

A few weeks later, Y/N was on the same level as Freya. They did most spells together to make them all quicker and a little more effective. Y/N was so happy that she was now a witch because now she could help protect her family and not just be kept at home like a child. She had a purpose and she loved it. 

Bite Me (Part I)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings as of yet!)

Warnings: Minor character deaths, violence, the occasional swear word

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,436

A/N: This is my first ever fanfic. It’s a slow burn all around thanks to my inability to write without sounding like the opening of a biography. Thank you @wheresthekillswitch for giving me the baby push that I needed to put this out there. Received well or not, I’m four chapters in and have no plans to stop. These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

What overloaded my senses the most was the drastic change from warmth to a harsh cold. Goosebumps were immediate in forming on my skin. 

Had the power gone out again?

My arm extended towards the foot of my bed, searching for the soft fabric of my blanket. My fingers were met with a scratchy sheet right about the time that the smell of mildew and…was that sour meat?… hit my nose.

My brain kicked in.

This wasn’t my bed.

This isn’t my room.

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t the first time I had been in a situation like this. What was surprising is that I couldn’t remember how I had gotten here.

“I think she’s awake.”

The voice made me freeze in place and I stilled the shivers that had been slowly increasing in magnitude, cursing myself for not wearing socks to bed with a knife tucked into the side. That’s what my uncle had trained me do. In the five years that he had been gone, I had let the habit slowly slip. I had let myself start to believe that I was safe. Like an idiot.

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Be Mine... Morphine, Please?
  • Tentoo x Rose
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Fluff, hurt/sick, holiday, valentine’s day, drabble, one shot

“Hi, I’m looking for the Doctor?” Rose said breathlessly as she arrived at Urgent Care.

The lady behind the counter pursed her lips.  “Which one, love?”

Rose closed her eyes and shook her head as if to clear it.  “Sorry.  I mean Noble.  Doctor John Noble.  He’s a patient.”

“Ah!  I see,” the woman tapped a few keys on her computer.  “He’s in room 160, down the hall on the left.”  She pointed.

“Thank you,” Rose said hastily as she turned away and hurried in the direction the woman had indicated, her boots clicking rapidly on the mottled yellow linoleum.  She sailed past several glass walls with curtains drawn, room numbers embossed on plastic tiles that were epoxied firmly on the door frames.  120… 140… 160!  She flew through the door, jerking the curtain aside–and there he was, stretched out on the bed, several pillows propped behind his head and back, and a couple of ice packs draped across his ankle.

“Rose!” he cried, a grin splashed broadly across his face.  “You’re here!”

She was at his side in an instant, bending to give him an awkward and painfully tight hug.  “Of course I’m here, you plum!  God, what happened?”  She sat on the edge of the bed and he winced slightly as the mattress shifted.


Rose arched an eyebrow.  “Puppies?”

“Yes, puppies.”  The Doctor grimaced.  “Puppies.  In our back garden.  I didn’t see one of them and tripped backwards over it.  Got myself a nice concussion to go with my sprained ankle.”

“Oh my god… hold on a second…”  She furrowed her brow, sitting up straighter.  “What were puppies doing in our back garden?”

The Doctor chewed the inside of his bottom lip and studiously avoided her gaze.  “Well… it was either that or the living room, and I wasn’t sure you were quite ready for that…”

She blinked several times, mouth moving in an attempt to form words, but nothing came out at first.  “What?” she finally squeaked.

The Doctor grinned sheepishly.  “Happy Valentine’s Day?”

Body Language

by mldrgrl

Rated: R

Summary: Best described as PWP. Scully realizes there’s something more between her and Mulder than a platonic partnership. Written for @leiascully‘s Release challenge.

Something changed.  It had to have been a gradual shift, but it happened so abruptly it took her by surprise.  One minute she looked at him as her partner, and then suddenly…

They were sitting together at the counter of a diner in Missouri.  There was nothing unusual about that.  They’d sat together at countless diners in countless states over the years.  It was July and it was hot.  Mulder had his shirtsleeves rolled up past his elbows and Scully had taken off her blazer before they got out of the car.  

Mulder was rambling, as usual, and half-stood in his swivel seat to reach over her for the ketchup.  As he sat back down, his arm brushed hers and then came to rest a hairsbreadth apart, not quite touching, but still, she felt it like an electric shock.  As he continued rambling, she stared at the gooseflesh that rippled up her forearm as desire coursed through her veins.  It had been a long time since she’d felt it, but she certainly remembered what it was like.  Her heart hammered swiftly in her chest, knocking against her breastplate with an intensity that was almost painful.  Her stomach dropped and then her whole body flushed with heat.  Unable to stop herself, she gasped and then held her breath.

He didn’t seem to notice.  She finally looked up and he was still talking.  She focused on the muscles in his jaw and at the delicious mole on his cheek.  Dear God, she thought, delicious?  Her mouth was dry and she realized she’d been breathing heavily, lips parted, sucking in air to keep up with her rapid pulse.  She licked her lips and swallowed.

This couldn’t be happening.  Maybe she was sick.  Maybe she’d been drugged.  There was no impetus for these feelings.  One moment there was nothing, and then the next, everything.

“…supposedly they were able to catch the ghost on film, but…Scully?”

“Yes?” she answered, proud of herself for the neutrality in her voice.  She had a hard time tearing her gaze from his mouth, but she looked up into his eyes and he cocked his head quizzically.

“Were you listening?” he asked.

“Mmhm.  Ghosts on film.  I always listen.”

“You look flushed.  Are you all right?”

“Never better.”

“Are you sure?”  He leaned in a little closer to her, holding her gaze hostage.

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