glass curtain

What Passengers Do In Private

Request: “Hi I’d like to request just some jealous sirius, well not jealous more super protective and possessive (is that the word I’m looking for, idk😅) And the reader doesn’t really mind and that’s what makes them the power couple from Hogwarts. Hope you understood everything 😅💚”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k


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The vibrations of the moving train cart caused your head to gently bounce on the glass window you leant against, watching the monotonous landscape sweep by while you waited for your friends to come back after packing their luggage away. You peered up keenly as a knock sounded from the compartment door, only to realise it was one of the prefects, a young man named Johnathan. You nodded at him to come in, and he slid the door, quickly coming to sit beside you.

“How are you (Y/n)?” He asked, sitting a bit too close for comfort. “I couldn’t help but notice you’re all alone in here. I’m just in the cart next door.” He motioned with his thumb. “Would you mind if I kept you company?”

You fought the urge to roll your eyes. Always a million questions with this guy; none of which he’d ever wait for you to answer. It was obvious from the way he spoke in a condescending tone that he only initiated these conversations to get into your pants, not caring about actually getting to know you.

“I appreciate it, really Johnathan, but I’m waiting for my friends.” You forced a polite smile, edging away from him.

“Aren’t I your friend?” He questioned, placing his hand firmly on your thigh. At this point your back was up against the train window, attempting to recoil away from his touch. You opened your mouth to reproach him, but was interrupted by the sounds of boyish laughter flooding into the cart, only to be instantly cut off.

Sirius eyed the scene, analysing your uncomfortable posture, as his three friends stood awkwardly in the hallway behind him.

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The Recruit (Chapter 27) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 104, Part II”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Aiden Breen, Stan Hurley, Ghost & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Violence, hopefully graphic depictions of it if i did my job right.

Author’s Note: Watch Me :D (OR ME!)

Summary: Mitch goes after Hamdi Sharif, only to find himself walking into Sharif’s heavily defended hotel room.

Chapter Twenty-Six - Chapter Twenty-Seven - Chapter Twenty-Eight

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“He just took off after Sharif, Sir.” Aiden updated Stan, coming off as a little more frantic sounding to his superior than he had hoped.

“Where is he, Y/n. I’m driving blind here.” Mitch spoke through Aiden’s computer speakers and your earpiece.

CUT HIM OFF, BREEN.” Stan screamed through the speaker on Aiden’s computer. Aiden glanced at you, who had paused from typing on your laptop, trying to pinpoint Sharif’s exact location to give Mitch directions.

“Y/n.. come on, I’m gonna lose him.” Mitch begged.

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the bachelor

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muses: dad!jimin / ceo!jimin x reader
genre: fluff (?)
word count: 2.2k

“Ten years from now, what do you see yourself doing?”

“Enough to put food in my papillion’s bowl and a proud father to our child… If you let me.”

Ten years ago, Park Jimin, tinted with shyness around the edges of his smile but a sure hand around your body, proposed to you. Promised you, perhaps not a luxurious life, but a cozy home, a stable job - enough. To raise a family.

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fight me || park jimin

summary: park jimin has become infatuated with his patient. 

based off this

nurse!jimin, stupidcollegestudentwhoistoostressedtoeatandisalsoeverysingleoneofusreadersoutthere!reader

fight me? 

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Imagine Pennywise…#2

♡doesn’t know what you eat, so he goes to scavenge food from unsuspecting humans. When you return to him you have, a half eaten burger, some stale fries, and lots of lots of theater popcorn. He needs to feed his human. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍔🍟

♡giving you the classic shower scare, when you rinse your hair and open your eyes. He’s peeking or watching through your curtains/glass (whatever kind of shower you have) 🛁

♡being a little shit, and you actually get mad at him. He asks you what’s your deal and you explain that you’re upset with him. At first he doesn’t think too much of it, until you start leaving him. Then he crumbles and apologizes, actually does a silly tumble on the floor and lay flat on the ground. Pouting, he is sorry, please forgive, he will try and be better. Will that happen? You honestly don’t know but you can’t resist this silly and cute killing machine damnit.

♡confused when you ask him about his clown make up. What make up? This was the real deal, this form actually has this for the skin. While he knew human clowns wear make up. He prefers to fully commit.

♡when he is confused or thinking, his eyes slowly drift around, like the old Windows Screensavers. 😶

♡anytime he does get a harsh scare out of you, while you smell DELICIOUS, he stops what he is doing and goes in to hug you. He has picked up that hugging helps calm down humans. He gets a bit softer at this time, to try and turn down his drive for eating you.

♡getting moments of thinking too much, where he actually scares himself with the thought of accidentally killing or eating you. He will be very still then suddenly violently shiver with a shout. 😲

♡(if you enjoyed the bouquet of bones he gifted you) he makes you other things out of the bones! Like a necklace of teeth or a crown of ribs and fingers. ☠💀😄

♡making you try on his clown suit, seeing how you look. Then complimenting you and trying to convince you to dress up like a clown more often, embrace the clown. 🤡

♡using Emojis to speak to you. You regret showing him this, conversations have turned into you trying to decipher riddles and codes. (He most likely draws them with blood quickly on the floor or wall) 👄🍆💦👌🏼

♡he likes carrying you around in his arms, if you have trouble sleeping, he’ll walk around town in the shadows with you. You feel safe with him, since He’s the scariest/deadliest thing in town, you have nothing to worry about.


♡reacting to you making a flower crown, just watching your fingers weaving and cutting stems. When you place it on his head, his eyes go far apart and a big goofy smile grows on his face. He loves it!!! 😁😙💐

♡after so long, he stops calling you “My Human” because he ends up giving you a nickname that he really likes and prefers to say. He likes how much more positive you react to the nickname. 💖

♡sometimes staring at you, for very very long time, you ask him what is he looking at. He replies with “my most favorite being in the universe.” At first you’re shocked by this, that was probably the nicest thing he has ever said to you. You’re so overwhelmed, and end up giving him a big and long hug.

Only the Good Die Young

When I was posing for this picture, I had that old Billy Joel song on – ‘Only the Good Die Young’   Somewhat of a coincidence, or was it??  

Come out Virginia, don’t let ‘em wait
You Catholic girls start much too late
Aw but sooner or later it comes down to faith
Oh I might as well be the one

Well, they showed you a statue, told you to pray
They built you a temple and locked you away
Aw, but they never told you the price that you pay
For things that you might have done
Only the good die young
That’s what I said
Only the good die young
Only the good die young

You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd
We ain’t too pretty we ain’t too proud
We might be laughing a bit too loud
Aw but that never hurt no one

So come on Virginia show me a sign
Send up a signal and I’ll throw you the line
The stained-glass curtain you’re hiding behind
Never let’s in the sun
Darlin’ only the good die young 

dangarangel  asked:

"where do you want me to kiss you" - Kiribaku / Kirideku / Todobaku?

Kissy sentence starters

“Where do you want me to kiss you?”

Kirishima stared out the sliding glass doors of his room, the sky had grown dark just moments ago with an on coming thunderstorm. Just what he needed at a time like this, reaching across his desk he grabbed his headphones while searching for his phone only to find it lying on his bed plugged into the charger.

He had just started to study, ready to get his homework out of the way but the sight of his phone lying on his bed was tempting him to push everything aside and just sleep for a while. A bright flash and loud bang of thunder had him quickly standing up and diving for the device on his bed.

He plugged in his headphones and laid back against the bed quickly searching for a song, pressing play on the first song he came across he sighed and closed his eyes hoping the music would be enough to block out the sounds from outside.

Kirishima had never really been a fan of thunderstorms, sure it was something that could have been seen as ridiculous by Kaminari who if he ever found out would probably make some sort of joke about it.

He hadn’t even realized he had fallen asleep till he felt someone kicking his side to wake him, opening his eyes he stared up at the angry looking blonde who’s arms were crossed over his chest before he turned to face the sliding glass door pulling the curtains shut to block out the lightening from the storm that had still been going on.

He sat down on the bed beside his boyfriend looking him over. Obviously he hadn’t studied from the unfinished work on his desk, reaching out he took one of the earbuds from Kirishima’s ear who quickly reached for it to put it back in.


He stopped holding the earbud up to his ear staring at Bakugou, setting it over his shoulder he scooted closer to him leaning his forehead against his gently grabbing hold of his hand his eyes closed tight at the noises just beyond the doors of his room.

“Relax..I’m right here shitty hair..”

Bakugou’s hand carefully running itself through the messy half spiked locks of his boyfriend’s hair, his other hand gently squeezing Kirishima’s to help him relax even if it was only a little.

“Its gonna be fine..look at me.”

Kirishima raised his head a little looking tired and anxious at the sounds of thunder rumbling and making him juat barely shake from not being able to have the music to block out the sounds. He reached out with his otger hand gently placing it against Bakugou’s cheek.

“Where do you want me to kiss you?”

Kirishima leaned in a little closer wrapping his arms around his neck bringing himself closer gently squeezing his shoulders. He didn’t have to speak for Bakugou to know what he wanted, obviously to anxious to speak. He closed his eyes leaning in closer gently pressing his lips to Kirishima’s.

Minus the sounds of the thunder outside and their shared breathing, the room was quiter than either of them really wanted, separating from one another Kirishima unplugged his headphones and set his phone against his nightstand playing the music just loud enough to drown out the low rumbling.

He put his arms back around Bakugou, laying back against the bed with his face buried in his shoulder and hands gripping tight at the fabric of his shirt, eyes shut tight in hopes of the storm passing soon. The hand in his hair and arm over his side had him relaxing against the blonde.

“It’ll be fine..don’t worry, it’ll pass soon and I’ll stay till then.” Bakugou mumbled out pressing a light kiss to his boyfriend’s forehead.