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anonymous asked:

What are ways to purify and cleanse a new apartment that don't involve a lot of smoke (burning things is okay as long as it won't produce enough smoke to set off the smoke detector)? I'm mainly looking for plant, water, and stone-based ones.

Your best bet in that case is one of the following:

  • You can simmer protective herbs like basil and peppermint to make an infusion, then lightly sprinkle it in the corners of each room. (I actually recommend this combination, since the herbs are potent and easy to obtain and smell quite nice.)
  • You can stuff a little cloth bag with cleansing and protective herbs and hang it where you think it will do the most good, that’s the easiest method.
  • A little line of salt across the doorways and windowsills keeps the air clear and keeps trouble out. (If you’re in the SPN fandom, you might be familiar with this one.)
  • Scented or plain white candles burned in a room can dispel a heavy atmosphere when charged to do so.
  • Glass prisms or crystal points can be hung in the window to bring in light and lightness, and are a good passive method for keeping a room clear.

kaylabambi  asked:

is there a way I can cleanse my room/house without burning stuff?

Oh absolutely!

You can do any of the following:

  • Wave the cleansing herbs around the room without lighting them
  • Make a sachet with the cleansing herbs and hang it in your room
  • Sprinkle a little salt or dried basil in the corners of the room
  • Hang a crystal or glass prism in the window to bring in sunlight
  • Open the windows, air out the room, and give it a good dusting
  • Push your own energy through the room to remove unwanted gunk
  • Leave a glass of water on the bedside table occasionally (don’t drink it, just empty it in the morning)

Any of these methods can be scaled up for an apartment or house, and there are lots more things you can do!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 10.13.15

crystalline stained glass decor by whiteliesjewelry

just SWOONING over whiteliesjewelry’s stained glass work … it takes me back to the illuminated glass windows i saw in europe. these photos show off three pieces: an abstract crystal wall hanging, a dodecahedron terrarium, and a gem-shaped geometric two-piece planter. LOVE.