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The Fair

@lordlochanlorcan requested some Elorcan fluff! Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

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“Pleaseeeee Lorcan!” Elide pouted her plump lips and batted her eyelashes at her boyfriend. “Can’t we please go to the festival?”

“I don’t want to go,” he insisted. “Ask Aelin. I’m sure she would be glad to accompany you.”

“I want to go with you.” Reaching out, she wrapped her hands around the dark skin of his forearm. “It would be fun! There’s games and food and dancing-“

“Precisely why I’d rather stay home,” he said, peeling her fingers off his arm. He rarely liked being in public to begin with, and the thought of dancing in the middle of a group of strangers who very well could be plotting to kill him didn’t sound appealing.

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When you check your tumblr and accidentally read a spoiler:

When Chaol Gets Back
  • Chaol: Wait, so you're telling me
  • Manon and the Thirteen: *smirking*
  • Chaol: That we are allied with witches
  • Ansel: *playing with a dagger*
  • Chaol: That we control Melisande's fleet and are working with the Queen of the Wastes
  • Silent Assassins: *training*
  • Chaol: That we have 200 legendary assassins at our disposal
  • Galan: *talking with his men*
  • Chaol: That Wendlyn is finally making themselves useful
  • Rolfe: *glowering at everyone*
  • Chaol: We have the legendary Mycenians fighting with us
  • Lysandra: *is Aelin*
  • Chaol: That freaking MAUVE kidnapped Aelin and Lysandra is playing Queen until we can rescue her so she can die for us all
  • Rowan: *is basically King*
  • Chaol: That Aelin actually married him
  • Dorian: *pocketing two Wyrd Keys*
  • Chaol: That we have possession of two Wyrd Keys
  • Chaol:
  • Everyone:
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol: I need a drink
Nesta reading her book while Lucien flirts with Elain like:

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Aelin again ,testing my new drawing tablet on her  😄 .her daggers were inspired by hawk wings  😊 😜                                                                                                it’s more from the time when she was a badass assassin

Key to avoiding pain in a SJM book

Only ship the main character with the brooding and mysterious tattooed stranger who gives also the main character tattoos.

Reasons to love Fenrys
  • Rowan calls him boyo
  • He is so devoted to his brother that he tied his life to a Queen he hates
  • He unabashedly fights the blood oath from the moment he swore it
  • He asks Rowan to kill him if Maeve ever gave him the order to kill Aelin
  • He has a smart-ass mouth
  • He literally starts a bet on Rowan killing an Ilken WHILE he himself is injured and has poison running through his system
  • He is cranky when he doesn’t eat
ToG Relationships

Dorian fell in love with Lillian

Chaol fell in love with Celaena

Rowan fell in love with Aelin

Person: have you been up all night reading?


Aelin whenever someone accuses her of something she has most definitely done

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Maeve: Would you stab your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars?

Aelin to Lysandra: You stab me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy cake and clothes.

Lysandra: You can stab me too, we’ll have 20 million.

Aelin: Good thinking, screw the system.