glass circle

mini playlists for the zodiac signs

•Rockit - Gorillaz
•Boys - Sky Ferreira
•Love Lockdown - Glass Animals
•3 Libras - A Perfect Circle

•Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine
•Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
•Pug - The Smashing Pumpkins
•So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel

•Better - Banks
•Say You’ll Be There - MØ
•Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
•In Your Nature - Zola Jesus

•Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey
•Jerome- Lykke Li
•Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
•Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths

•Angelene - PJ Harvey
•My God Is The Sun - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes
•Valley Of The Dolls - Marina And The Diamonds

•Paris Is Burning - St. Vincent
•Mystery Girl - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
•My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence + The Machine
•Is This Desire? - PJ Harvey

•Cheerleader - St. Vincent
•Carmen - Lana Del Rey
•It’s Not Up To You - Björk
•Sailin - Mazzy Star

•Pork Soda - Glass Animals
•Pagan Poetry - Björk
•Indigo Children - Puscifer
•Rose - A Perfect Circle

•Smooth Sailing - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Kill V. Maim - Grimes
•When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine
•Where Is My Mind? - Pixies

•Rich Kids Blues - Lykke Li
•Things Behind The Sun - Nick Drake
•Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
•For Martha - The Smashing Pumpkins

•Cola - Lana Del Rey
•Aero Zeppelin - Nirvana
•How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths
•Alison - Slowdive

•Easily - Grimes
•Dagger - Slowdive
•Heaven Or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins
•Tomorrow Comes Today - Gorillaz


(gif used is not mine)

  • Reading books to each other.
  • Wearing his circle frame glasses.
  • Being up a 2 in the morning eating ramen or ordering take out.
  • Having matching sweater paws.
  • Buying him oversized sweaters as gifts because he loves them.
  • Mingyu being around all the time.
  • Likes to cuddle a L O T.
  • Him hiding his face in your neck all the time.
  • Subtle matching, like same color scheme or the same shoes just different colors because overly matching is “cheesy”.
  • Fighting over characters in books.
  • When you guys get in a fight he would spoil the ending of a book your reading.
  • Rarely any fights tho.
  • Him wanting to do random couple youtube challenges.
  • Tries to do your makeup but kinda fails.
  • Morning texts and Night texts.
  • Hugs all the time.
  • Stealing kisses.
  • You shiver a bit and he automatic gives you his sweater or jacket or shirt. whatever he can give you.
  • Knowing he’s mad at you when he has his typical blank face.
  • Shows up at your house just to nap next to you or with you.
  • Seducing him by wearing his sweaters and nothing underneath.
  • Lazy days.
  • Hanging out with Seventeen.
  • Him being a soft shy dork.
  • Not much pda but, quite a bit of action when alone with you.
  • Waking up in his arms.
  • Getting a whole bunch of ‘i’m sorry’ texts because he forgot to call you in the morning.
  • Comfortable silence.
  • Knowing he’s tired when he mumbles things against your shoulder. 
  • Finding Mingyu on your couch when Wonwoo has to work.
  • “Should I make you breakfast, Gyu?”
  • Tall bb.
  • Leaving hickies on his collar bones.
  • Catching him looking at you fondly.
  •  Him telling you E V E R Y T H I N G about his day.
  • Piggy back rides.


I’m on Spring Break holiday so these next couple posts are pre made and queued. 

-Mari xx.

barry coming to in his lich form after being killed in gerblins. watching taako, magnus and merle climb out of the well to the glass circle that was once phandalin, and just being like: “holy shit, its them. it was them the whole time. my best friends, and i didn’t even recognize them.”

watching taako pick up the pheonix fire gauntlet and just wanting to make himself visible and yell “THAT’S LUP’S, THAT’S YOUR SISTER’S! SHE MADE THAT, YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER” but knowing that taako wouldn’t be able to understand, and that he’d just ruin everything by showing himself to them at that moment

watching them all get in to the ball back to the moon base, knowing that whatever lucretia is doing up there, they’re going to be roped in to helping her without knowing the truth and that they’re going to be lied to and told that the very organization they devoted their lives to was nothing but a group of some evil rogue wizards

and he doesn’t know what exactly she’s doing, why she’s trying to collect the relics they all worked so hard to hide away. but those 5 individuals up there are practically his family. lucretia is probably the only other being on the planet that knows how capable they really are. shes smart, but so are the boys, and he knows they can find the truth. for now he just has to watch over them, try to protect them, even if they think he’s evil. 

The Stars We Sew (Pt 1)

Okay so I’ve been wanting to do a multi chapter ToG and ACOTAR crossover for a while, and I also want Rhys’ sister not to be dead (even though that’s not gonna happen) so yeah, here this is. If it’s something people seem to like, I’ll definitely be continuing it! 


She was fourteen. 

The air bit at her cheeks as she and her mother landed just left of a snow drift, and Kosmina tugged irritably at the layers upon layers she’d been bundled into. She was just starting to grow an interest for clothing. Mor was the largest influence on this newfound annoyance with anything bulky and unflattering, but the fact that flying was harder with so many layers was influence as well. So Mina pulled at her shawl, nose wrinkled, and her mother laughed softly beside her. 

“Do you think Az and Cass will come to meet us, too?” Mina asked. 

Her mother hummed. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe they’ve forgotten all about us,” she said in a teasing tone. 

“Of course they haven’t forgotten us! I’m spectacular.” That elicited another laugh from the Lady of the Night Court as they headed towards shallower snow. They could have winnowed straight to Rhysand, but why would they ever do that when they could fly straight to the mountains? It wasn’t as if they were in any danger. Illyrian camps dotted every peak. Still, Father had insisted they bring a few guards with them. They lingered on the edges of the woods, looking bored already. Because who on earth would ever cross the High Lord of Night in his own territory? 

The answer was three figures. 

Mina assumed it was her brothers making their way towards her, but that was only for a split instance before she faltered. Where were their wings? She pushed a black lock away from her face, squinted. The first face appeared, and she only had a moment to comprehend that it was Tamlin-Tamlin?- pale faced and nervous behind his two older brothers before their Night Court guards were dead on the ground and the High Lord of Spring stood over them. 

She’d only seen him a few times; Tamlin got his hair from his mother, but the rest was of this male, carved granite features, cruel perfection. Before, she had not seen anything cruel in Tamlin’s face. He wasn’t her friend, but he was Rhys’s, so she had assumed he must have plenty of wonderful qualities she hadn’t seen. And he’d seemed nice enough. But not now. Not when he just stood there as the rest of his family circled her and her mother like vultures. 

The High Lord spared a glance around. “Rhysand isn’t here. How disappointing." 

But he will be, Kosmina thought. We are just early and he is late. He is coming, and he’ll rip a couple of you to shreds while I take the others. She believed this, with every fiber of her being. Because she and her mother both did not know that Rhys wasn’t aware they were still coming.

The eldest brother, Ercan, was the most cruel, and he settled his gaze upon her, sneering, "Let’s just use them as an example, father.” Tias, the middle child, immediately agreed, and deep within Mina’s bravado as she tilted her chin up at them, was fear, growing with every second. Her mother tucked her into her side. 

The High Lord only pretended to think before he replied, “What an excellent idea." 

There were three pairs of lips that chorused, "no,”- Mina, her mother, and Tamlin. But whereas the two females fought and continued to beg and plead, Tamlin only stood there. Terrified, as if it were his own life on the line. 

Cassian was supposed to teach her how to be strong soon, how to defend herself, so she had to survive this, had to get free and fly off. She’d even forgive herself if she had to be saved this time, because she’d make up for it by learning how to save herself. She and her mother had to survive. Ercan pushed her to the ground as if dealing with a well armed, muscled brute, and not a young girl who shrieked in pain as he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her deeper within the trees, where anyone flying by would have bigger difficulty in spotting her. 

It took both the High Lord and Tias to wrangle her mother after them. She kicked and bit and punched, flaring her wings out to try to shake them off. Mina tried to do the same, but Ercan only laughed in her face and clubbed her across the head before she could scream for one of her brothers, her father, anyone. Tamlin only trailed behind, still begging but not jumping into any kind of action. Her mother wasn’t even trying to beg anymore, and it was in that moment that Kosmina realized they were going to die. 

Her head was shoved into the snow, bits of rock biting into her cheek, and she openly sobbed, gritting her teeth, trying in vain to flare out her wings. “So weak,” Tias taunted them from somewhere to her right. “You would think that the High Lord would want the females of his family to have at least some idea how to defend themselves, given that they’re so hated." Hated. As if they’d ever done anything wrong. The word stung, but it had nothing on the cataclysm that the High Lord of Spring dropped next. 

"I want their wings." 

That sent Mina into a frenzy all over again. Her wings were not some prize to hang up like a hunting trophy, not a simple knick knack for some High Fae to hang up in his mansion. This was not some grand retelling of the knights in shining armor taking down the beast. She and her mother were not beasts. They were unarmed, innocent females who were about to be murdered. 

Hands spread her wings out, and she continued to thrash, continued to beg. "Tamlin,” she said. “Tamlin please-” A blow to the back of her head had the air spilling from her lungs, leaving her trembling and gasping as the blonde looked to his family. 

“Father,” Tamlin tried. “Don’t do this." 

There were some other hissed words that Kosmina could not make out, but whatever he said, it was enough to keep Tamlin quiet. It was enough to have him holding her mother’s arms down as the High Lord prepared his blade. There was the sound of metal whistling through air, a hacking noise, and then her mother was screaming. She screamed too, because they were cutting off her mother's wings, were going to do the same to her, and then they were going to kill them both. 

She heard the squelch, knew that was her mother’s wing sliding to the ground, attached only by a few tendons. Mina lifted her head to the side just enough to puke all over the snow. Ercan sneered, shoved her face into her own bile, and that’s when she felt the blade just graze her wing. 

She was only fourteen when they sawed off her wings and she was forever banished from the sky. 

They were alive, but not for long. She knew just from the way the Lord and his evil sons laughed that they would be dead within five minutes. But then her mother reached out a shaking hand, as if to touch her one last time. That is not what happened. Mina’s body seemed to flutter, chest contracting. Was she winnowing, or simply hallucinating as she died? What was this? She flickered, again and again until she went completely transparent, Ercan’s hand going through her head as if she were made of air. 

All around her, the males barked, but she couldn’t find the energy to lift her head. She couldn’t even focus on what her mother was screaming to her between sobs. All there was was pain and the sense that she was floating. Time seemed to blink, a brief, unfathomable moment when she could see nothing, couldn’t even remember who or what she was. But it resumed. 

And then Kosmina was falling. 

Her knees hit the ground first, followed by her entire body, and she found herself in a similar position; bleeding to death in the snow. There were alarmed male murmurs, though when she glanced to the side, her mother wasn’t there. There wasn’t even blood on the ground. Mina must have blacked out while they’d disposed of her, and now they were back to finish the job. A hand touched her shoulder. She was too tired to scream. 

"The blood’s coming from her back.” The voice was rough, nothing like the leering of the High Lord and his two older sons or the soft pleading of spineless Tamlin. “If you don’t shut up with your worrying, she’ll bleed out, Gavriel." 

"I’m trying to find the origin of the damage, Lorcan,” a second voice replied, soft and surprisingly patient. He was closer, must have been the one with his hand on her. It was removed, and she whimpered. “It’s alright. You’re going to be alright." 

"Most likely,” the first voice corrected, and Mina thought that the second male might have turned to glare at the first. “There’s no use in getting her hopes completely up." 

Had Illyrians found her? Had they taken her mother to safety? Had they made the High Lord pay for what he and his sons had done to them?

My wings. They took my wings. 

A warmth sprouted at her back, spreading out across her shoulder blades and up and down her spine. She froze, because it felt… it felt like flesh was being added back to bone, like blood was returning to her body. "You’re alright,” that soft second voice said again. They would take her home. They’d take her to Rhys, and her mother, who was hopefully already healing. With that in mind, Kosmina let her eyes slide back closed. The darkness welcomed her. 


Bayard, High Lord of the Spring Court, stared in astonishment at the spot where the bitch daughter had just disappeared. His sons and Eolande, Lady of the Night Court stared as well. Eolande’s face was scrunched in pain, her face covered in sweat, but there was relief and triumph in her eyes as she stared at the puddle of blood on the snow covered ground, the only sign that her daughter had ever been there. He would have no triumph on the bitch’s face. 

“Where did you send her?” Bayard spat, looming over her. For good measure, he slapped her, sending spit and blood across her face. 

“I don’t know,” Eolande rasped. “I don’t know if it was even me who sent her. But I do know you’ll never find her. You never will.” And she began to laugh. 

The laughter was silenced quickly by a knife through her temple. 

Bayard turned to his sons, two of which were scowling, one who was now puking into the snow like the weakling he was. “You tell no one that the bitch got away,” he told them. He knew both Rhysand and his father adored Kosmina, knew they needed to think her dead. “She’ll be dead soon anyways, wherever she is.” Tias and Ercan nodded firmly, but it was to Tamlin that Bayard turned. He leaned in close. “You will tell no one." 

Tamlin staggered to his feet and wiped his mouth, and after a moment, he met his father’s eyes, face pale, lips wan. Reluctantly, he nodded. Satisfied, because his youngest son was too much a coward to ever go against his orders, he signaled Tias and Ercan, then grabbed Tamlin’s arm. 

They winnowed, leaving Eolande dead in the forest, a puddle of her daughter’s blood next to her corpse.