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Curved buildings really make me mad. Curved buildings made of glass make me madder. Circles? Swoops? How yall gonna hang a portrait. How yall gonna put ur family portraits on the wall. You idiots. You fucking hubris filled shells. How dare you.

I’m just gonna post this as-is cause I don’t have a good response

Friendly Reminder

That it took Cassian no time to warm up to Feyre. That, even though they had only just met, he was willing to make jokes and talk to her, to make her smile.

That after that day, after that first dinner they had together he did not stop. That he called Rhysand -his friend and brother- a prick for taking Feyre to the Weaver, for forcing her to go through that kind of experience.

That he defended his friend, when her own sister insulted her and the new life she was slowly building for herself.

That when Feyre was lost and broken and healing, he spent hours training with her, offering his own kind of company.

That during one of their training sessions, Cassian told Feyre that “leaving Tamlin was a hard call” and asked her if she wanted to talk about it. That he was willing to listen.

That whenever Rhys was away, when he was “sulking in the House of Wind”, it was Cassian Feyre would spend most of her time with, training in the morning and hanging out in the evening, walking around Velaris or going to the theatre together.

That Cassian and Feyre share a beautiful, true friendship and that everyone deserves to find that one day.

ACOTAR Headcannon

When Rhysand was under the mountain he would always mind-speak with the children and calm them down and pretend to be their imaginary friend so they wouldn’t feel so alone. He would play little games with them and Rhys would scratch his nose and then talk in their minds with a silly voice “Hey look! That big doof up there is picking his nose!” And the children would laugh because the feared High Lord of the Night Court was picking his nose and the children would say something back like “Oh wow he’s a doof! Those shadows can’t help him hide that he’s picking his boogers!!” And Rhys would feel happy because the children were less scared now and at least they saw him as a doof and not a monster

Jeon Jungkook : A summary PART 1

1. Shy and introverted but won’t hesitate to pull a meme face when time calls for it 
2. Extremely talented and fast learner 
3. Tries acting like a mature adult around his hyungs, but they still treat him like their child 
4. His hyungs always take his side. Doesn’t matter if he’s at fault. Jimin will still defend his ass. 
5. White shirts and Timberland galore
6. Probably isn’t afraid of women, more likely afraid of failure when a woman is involved in the situation. 
7.Huge sparkling eyes and bunny teeth 
8. Everyone wants to boop his nose 
9. That head tilt he does when he’s unsure of something 
10. Justin bieber “sunbae-nim”
11. Brings his stereo speaker everywhere, because he likes sharing good music 
12. Circle glasses and beanies 
13. Cuddling puppies every chance he gets 
14. Huge ass inhuman backpacks at the airport 
15.Giggles after doing something evil 
16. Buys 3 bags of chips and will probably eat all three of them 
17. Whispers the words “Hot sauce” while munching on his food 
18. Covers heartbreaking songs
19. Charlie “puss” 
20. “ International playboy”
21. Hates when ppl are dirty and sleep on his bed 
22. Fights with Jin over the dumbest things you could think of 
23. Paid over 800$ for jajangmyeong 
24. Got rejected by a cat 
25. Called a foreigner “Noona” and asked her for a refill, while asking her in Korean
26. Has an excellent english accent
27.Sleeping in his hyungs bedrooms because his bed has a pile of clothes and random items lying there.
 28. Plays with a fan’s hands while calling her fingers ‘cute and smol' 
 29. Acts like an excited little kid when food is involved
30. “ I know face but I don’t know name”
31. “ I know movie but I don’t know movie name”
32. *covers his nose and not his mouth when he’s about to yawn*
33. *watches soft romance movies and fantasizes about hearing a bell when meeting his soulmate *
34. “ hyung , be quiet”
35. *smacks Jin’s neck, with no hesitation*
36. “ If you’re five years older, then you shouldn’t be acting like this, hyung” 
37. *exposes his mother on tv* : “ My mom chased my dad because he was too handsome”
38. “ Some armys say they are afraid to be growing apart from bangtan now that we’re getting bigger, but I will always make sure we never grow apart. I will come to you”
39. “ Shawn mendes is so damn tall!” + “He’s my dongsaeng x3″
40. *changed the lyrics to Spring Day from “  Like a small piece
Of dust “ to “Like a small Jimin”
41. *hides behind his hyungs whenever a female interviewer or a girl group gets close to them*
42. *twerks to Beyonce’s crazy in love*
43. *arm wrestles a fan during a fansign*
44. “ I’m NOT YOUR OPPA”  *sighs* “ Bring your ID next time there’s a fansign”
45. “ I will hold hands with Eomuk and Odengie as we sleep tightly together”
46. “ Baby, let’s go!” @ jimin (Bon voyage s2)
47. *makes amazing drawings*
48. *has some really advanced editing skills when it comes to video making*
49. “ I want to produce music of my own. I’m working hard in my studio”
50. “ I feel powerless whenever my hyungs are having a hard time. I want to help them, but there’s nothing I can do.”
51. “ My hyungs raised me”
52. “Chong Jojun balsa!”
53. Existential questions : “I don’t know if I want shrimps or eat hamburgers *cries*” (Bon voyage s2)
54.  mouth forms an *o’* and jaw drops while watching Taemin and Sunmi performing a sexy song on stage
55. *makes monkey like sounds when Hobi is chasing him* (Run Christmas episode)
56. *jams hard to Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry while eating snacks*
57. *is the only artist who eats snacks while watching the amas live*
58. *catwalks his way to the stage to perform DNA during Gayo Daejun*
(The modelling industry is shaking)
59. “ My legs were killing me after performing Begin during that concert”
60. *only half of his face gets tanned during Bon Voyage 2 , because of his hat*
61. “ I have a big nose”
62. *appreciates his own looks and promotes his beauty on vlive as Jimin desperately tries snatching the merch away from him*
63. “ Almost no Photoshop was used on this picture “ *poses just like the picture*
64. *releases a song cover on christmas because he’s an angel*
65. “ I’ll always be your maknae” 
66. *coughs when he eats ramen* : “ I don’t know if I’m the only one like this, but I always end up coughing while eating ramen “
67. *bungee jumps with no fear at all * : “ It was exciting! I want to go again!!”
68. *hint of satoori in his speech*
69. “ I came to seoul when I was 13 and I used to be a very mischievous kid in my hometown, but I became so shy after moving here.I don’t know how to make people like me. It often feels like there’s a wall between us. I have no idea how to approach people.”
70. *takes professional pictures and his fansites are crying over how most of his pictures look better than theirs *

Tell me if you want a part 2 :)

mini playlists for the zodiac signs

•Rockit - Gorillaz
•Boys - Sky Ferreira
•Love Lockdown - Glass Animals
•3 Libras - A Perfect Circle

•Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine
•Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
•Pug - The Smashing Pumpkins
•So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel

•Better - Banks
•Say You’ll Be There - MØ
•Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
•In Your Nature - Zola Jesus

•Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey
•Jerome- Lykke Li
•Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
•Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths

•Angelene - PJ Harvey
•My God Is The Sun - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes
•Valley Of The Dolls - Marina And The Diamonds

•Paris Is Burning - St. Vincent
•Mystery Girl - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
•My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence + The Machine
•Is This Desire? - PJ Harvey

•Cheerleader - St. Vincent
•Carmen - Lana Del Rey
•It’s Not Up To You - Björk
•Sailin - Mazzy Star

•Pork Soda - Glass Animals
•Pagan Poetry - Björk
•Indigo Children - Puscifer
•Rose - A Perfect Circle

•Smooth Sailing - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Kill V. Maim - Grimes
•When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine
•Where Is My Mind? - Pixies

•Rich Kids Blues - Lykke Li
•Things Behind The Sun - Nick Drake
•Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
•For Martha - The Smashing Pumpkins

•Cola - Lana Del Rey
•Aero Zeppelin - Nirvana
•How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths
•Alison - Slowdive

•Easily - Grimes
•Dagger - Slowdive
•Heaven Or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins
•Tomorrow Comes Today - Gorillaz