glass circle

i get a weird sense of pride when y'all act like im your mom. im not. 90% of y'all are on anon. i dont know you. but im 100% your mom. it gives me a sense of responsibility like ‘i cant just sit around all day! my internet children need their mother! i have to take care of them!’. i wanna protect all you gray circle, glasses wearing babies. i am mommy. i love it.

ACOTAR Headcannon

When Rhysand was under the mountain he would always mind-speak with the children and calm them down and pretend to be their imaginary friend so they wouldn’t feel so alone. He would play little games with them and Rhys would scratch his nose and then talk in their minds with a silly voice “Hey look! That big doof up there is picking his nose!” And the children would laugh because the feared High Lord of the Night Court was picking his nose and the children would say something back like “Oh wow he’s a doof! Those shadows can’t help him hide that he’s picking his boogers!!” And Rhys would feel happy because the children were less scared now and at least they saw him as a doof and not a monster

mini playlists for the zodiac signs

•Rockit - Gorillaz
•Boys - Sky Ferreira
•Love Lockdown - Glass Animals
•3 Libras - A Perfect Circle

•Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine
•Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
•Pug - The Smashing Pumpkins
•So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel

•Better - Banks
•Say You’ll Be There - MØ
•Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
•In Your Nature - Zola Jesus

•Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey
•Jerome- Lykke Li
•Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
•Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths

•Angelene - PJ Harvey
•My God Is The Sun - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes
•Valley Of The Dolls - Marina And The Diamonds

•Paris Is Burning - St. Vincent
•Mystery Girl - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
•My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence + The Machine
•Is This Desire? - PJ Harvey

•Cheerleader - St. Vincent
•Carmen - Lana Del Rey
•It’s Not Up To You - Björk
•Sailin - Mazzy Star

•Pork Soda - Glass Animals
•Pagan Poetry - Björk
•Indigo Children - Puscifer
•Rose - A Perfect Circle

•Smooth Sailing - Queens Of The Stone Age
•Kill V. Maim - Grimes
•When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine
•Where Is My Mind? - Pixies

•Rich Kids Blues - Lykke Li
•Things Behind The Sun - Nick Drake
•Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
•For Martha - The Smashing Pumpkins

•Cola - Lana Del Rey
•Aero Zeppelin - Nirvana
•How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths
•Alison - Slowdive

•Easily - Grimes
•Dagger - Slowdive
•Heaven Or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins
•Tomorrow Comes Today - Gorillaz

exo hospital! au

Baekhyun: everyone’s favorite nurse, gets gifts from patients all the time, has been proposed to about 5 times, secretly plays games in the on-call room

Chanyeol: head of trauma, always has two pens stuck somewhere in his thick and curly hair, wears the biggest circle glasses you’ve ever seen 

Jongdae: head of cardio, he makes his surgeons do most of the work, typically in his office whining about paperwork, but goes to check up on his patients every second he can

Jongin: head of pediatrics, always carries at least 5 lollipops in his pocket, he only goes to the cafeteria during chicken days, goes to the neurology department very often 

Junmyeon: head of plastics, a sad widow, still keeps a picture of his ex-husband in his wallet, treats his whole department to meals

Kyungsoo: head of neurology, angel with the patients but satan with the interns, holds a daily ‘conference’ with head of pediatrics 

Minseok: chief of surgery, wears a different tie everyday, lives in a mansion across the hospital, complains about his staff but loves them very much

Sehun: anesthesiologist, reads fashions magazines during the surgery, flirts with the hot nurses, face of the hospital 

Yixing: head of general surgery, is usually confused all the time but not when he’s in the OR, works hard, but gets roasted by his peers, they love his reactions