glass cannons

Headcanon: SJM characters + karaoke

-Rhysand and Aelin definitely demand to go first and duet Don’t Stop Believing’ bc they’re hella dramatic

-Aedion and Dorian sing What Makes You Beautiful with Chaol standing in the middle looking uber uncomfortable and they relish it but they’re laughing so hard half the time they miss the words

-Tamlin shows up at some point and sings When I Was Your Man like anyone actually cares

-Elain and Lysandra (who is super protective of Elain now that they’re low key bffs) belt out Since U Been Gone, and ELain is blushing the whole time bc Lucien is watching and she’s still kinda shy even tho they’re mates and we all know they’ll get married

-Somehow Aedion figured out that Rowan is actually a fucking awesome singer (probs spying) and forces him on stage to solo and he elects to sing some cheesy love ballad but Aedion grins and switches the song to Don’t Trust Me (the don’t trust a hoe song, you know the one) and once it’s started playing they all coerce him into actually singing it

-Mor and Rhys sing Every Time We Touch and Dorian jumps up and joins in at the chorus

-Elide and Manon just laugh at everyone

-the rest of the cadre was laughing too until Rowan, Rhys, and Feyre team up and force them (by daemeti or muscle means) on stage and make them sing I Want It That Way

-eventually Aelin gets hungry and as soon as she says Mor demands that they all go get ice cream together

-Azriel smirks while they head to the ice cream shop bc he managed to avoid singing at all the whole night, but Mor noticed, and he gets confused when she orders an extra cone until she smashes it on his face

-“well i couldn’t very well waste my own cone, could I?”

Well, ad-motherfucking-dendum to that last post. I kind of shrugged off that +9 defense growth on my meganium as just a meganium thing; it is, after all, a pokemon that is pure bulk and nothing else.

And then this glass cannon did this shit.

What did I fight that gave everyone nine billion defense EVs?

My favourite thing about the ultra beasts is they’re not special. They’re clearly common ‘mons in their own dimension.

Nihilego is an early route pokemon, probably found by fishing or in caves. Think like Tentacool or Geodude

Buzzwole would be something akin to Machamp

Pheromesa is obviously something like Scizor or Leavanny

Xurkitree would probably be like Sudowoodo or some other path blocker

Celesteela is your Steelix type wall

Kartana is a bit more unique although it fits the role of late game glass cannon quite well.

Guzzlord of course is the pseudo legendary

THAT BEING SAID. It makes em even more terrifying. Think about it, these are common pokemon and they have such destructive power in our world.

I dare not think of what the legendaries are capable of…


okay so everyones making fatesonas these days i wanted one too lol

as you can see both polls gave me NOTHING, three classes had exactly the same amount of votes so i just doodled them all and eliminated


Take Log Horizon/SAO type o universe, put Gintama, remember the Bentendo Owee & the other arc I forgot the name of and there! The speech: Alins had encoded the Eart has a server and everyone find suddenly themselves in a sort-of video-games :3 

Kagura (GURA-SAN HAIR CUT) - Class: Force Master (Mainly hand-to-hand + some spells) - Tanky as hell 

Okita Sougo - Class: Blade Master - Quite tanky too, and faster

Shinpachi Shimura - Class: Priest - Support (Heal, buff & debuff) 

Cuz’ I’m a lazy ass: Kei (the small boy on the top) - Class: Force Master - Glass Cannon character > OC: Kagura’s partner as a space-traveler 

Hijikata Toshiro - Class: Warlock - Lot of AOD (Area of Damages) - Powerful spells and needy in mana

Gintoki Sakata - Class: Wizard/Thief- Lot of spells - Can steal you some items and money! 

Tips For Making Pokemon Sun and Moon Easier

•Only use potions in battle or when you absolutely need it. Otherwise, always go to the Pokemon Center. You will save a lot of money in the long run
•If you’re planning to fill your Pokedex, try to catch each Pokemon in the area you’re in while doing the main story. You will save a lot of your time, and it makes getting the evolutions easier.
•Have at least one of your Pokemon have one (or more) status move. Battles and capturing Pokemon will be easier.
•Poke Pelago is an awesome tool to get evolution stones. Use it!
•Make sure your Pokemon are 3+ levels higher than the wild Pokemon in your current location. If not, train them! It makes going through the story (and post game) easier!
•Make sure your team is diverse! Having a party of just sweepers or glass cannons isn’t as good as it seems. A strong opponent and moves like Counter and Mirror Coat can easily destroy your team.
•Also, make sure your Pokemon doesn’t just have one type of attacks. It’s useful to have different types of attacks so you can attack an opponent if your Pokemon’s typing is weak against it.
•Refresh is an awesome move to have. It will save you from buying status heal items.
•Even moves like Moonlight, Morning Sun, Recover, Ect. are useful moves to have! Especially for Pokemon that have good Def/Sp. Def/HP.
•Synchronize is an useful ability! However, be aware that some types of Pokemon can’t be affected by certain status conditions. Example: Electric types can’t be paralyzed.l
•Of course it’s important to save. But you should also do so for doing some right before/after you do something even little. Trust me, it sucks when your 3ds dies right before/after you do something important.


Delsa is now 80! Obligatory screenspam post, appreciate the smol colorful necro :D

She’s made with a purpose of duoing fractals with my buddy, I’ve been enjoying playing this tanky build so far. You’re just standing in aoes while everything around is melting from your conditions. So much contrast with my main who is as glass cannon-y as it’s ever possible. :’> Slowly getting proper equipment for her, viper set check, weapons check, now to farm the stuff for pink trinkets. I kinda put more effort into gearing up this char since I actually have a place for her, so it all hits my wallet quite a bit. Additionally, still being broke after wintersday madness.. So.. Much.. Presents.. I think I opened 20~30k of them, still no second infusion or wings of dwayna recipe (ended up buying, sob). It was my first wintersday and I enjoyed it \;w;/ Gonna miss it.


Dorian’s love life so far

*Falls for Celaena then gets dumped by the end of Throne of Glass*

*Meets Sorcha but gets beheaded by her father by the end of Heir of Fire*

*Encounter a Manon, head of the Thirteen witch clan and gets stalked*

Dorian: It’s hard out here for a Prince

Leave in my askbox which RPG character trope you think I am.
If they met

Imagine Rowan and Aedion randomly spotting Tamlin and Lucien like:

Aedion: “Rowan, what do your hawk eyes see?

Rowan: “I see two Fae, yet they do not seem to be one of us.”

*on the other side*

Tamlin: “Lucien, I feel as though we are being watched”

Lucien: “Tamlin, my friend, have you seen us? We are always being watched. We’re beautiful. *flips hair*