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Nature In Glass: Organic Glass Sculptures by Simone Crestani


My name is Simone Crestani and I’m a glass maker! I started blowing glass when I was 15 years old and I immediately became very fond of it.

I can say that I have two big passions so far in my life – glass and nature. Therefore, in my works I try to combine both of them – I give my sculptures natural shapes. The technique I use is called flameworking which means using a strong flame for melting and sculpting glass. Anyway, during the years of practice I have already developed my personal technique of glass blowing.

I am very lucky as I was able to turn my passion into a real profession!


Delicate Sculptures by Carmen Lozar

Lozar’s work includes diminutive celebrations of the everyday, small pieces that venerate daily life. Taking a hot bath, sleeping alongside a loved one, eating voraciously out of a garden - there is nothing particularly unusual about any of these events, yet the documentation of small pleasurable occurrences serve to provide stable ground in an often pessimistic and jaded world. An icon that reveres the taste of last year’s sun-ripened tomatoes also serves to remind us of the potential of future summers. These accounts often present improbable interactions with nature, appearing innocuous or even charming; they are full of the faith, which accompanies hopeful idealism.

Born in Illinois in 1975, Carmen Lozar uses glass as a means manifesting emotional perception in a physical form. During her undergraduate career at University of Illinois she interned at Bullseye Glass Factory in Portland, Oregon and attended Pilchuck Glass School as a Saxe award recipient and staff member. After completing her BFA she ventured to China, Indonesia, Thailand, and India to explore eastern traditional art. Upon her return she moved to the Southwest and opened a casting and flameworking facility in Tucson, Arizona.