glass actor


jiwook - episodes 13+14


The Glass Scientists- Behind The Scenes🎬

I imagine this would invole a lot of costume makeup, coffee, CGI, and forgotten lines

Feel free to add your own ideas of what could happen behind the scenes!

falling in love with voice actors is literally 20x more dangerous than liking a regular actor 

because a live action actor might have three or four roles that they’re really well known for that you really like but voice actors can voice literally 100 different characters and all of them could be your faves and you will literally watch an entire 100 episode anime so that you can go “ah yes it’s my baby crispin freeman voicing Unnamed Guard #3″

List of things that would probably happen behind the scenes 🎬
  • Hyde and stunt double Hyde wearing harnesses 
  • Hella lot of costume makeup for jasper
  • Jekyll actor goofing around on set and replying with “I’m sorry, I’m being profoundly unprofessional”
  • Actors having to wear a CGI suit 
  • Lanyon actor and Jekyll actor take coffee breaks together 
  • Rachel actor unable to take Hyde seriously 
  • Jekyll actor usually talks to the director in between scenes 
  • Lots of selfies of the cast (actor Hyde photo bombing nearly all of then) 
  • Broken props 
  • Jekyll and Hyde scene outtakes usually end with “god damn you Hyde!” 
  • Lanyon actor always watching the camera screen while fliming a scene with Jekyll and commenting on his acting 
  • Surprise birthday party on set for Rachel 
  • Cast making references to the musical 
  • Hyde actor listens to music to get into character (which I imagine would be Demi Lovato’s Confident on repeat)
  • Parts that were not scripted and made it in anyway
  • Parts that were suppose to make it but got scrapped 
  • oh by the way, Sabrina Cotungo’s the director 

Add more if you’d like!