Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Glasgow Architecture, Glasgow Museum, Royal Exchange Square, City Lights, long exposure, by abbozzo on Flickr.

klllbill asked:

November 25

what is your favorite food?

mostly all food. anything italian or anything spicy and with LOTS of bold flavours. or a simple burger. if i had to pick JUST one thing i guess it would be pasta of some kind. which? idk. ALL OF IT.

what is your favorite childhood memory?

idk about favourite, but the first one that came to mind was when i was about 10 years old and my mum was doing a sponsored abseil down glasgow university’s main building with her work colleague. and i basically spent the whole sunny day spending time with my mum’s colleague’s daughter who was about my age. like we really got on, it was great. she made me a flower chain and were just running around being kids the whole afternoon. AND I NEVER SAW HER AGAIN AFTER THAT DAY. :(


July 9, 2015. Kigger, Gubbs loaded with Oreo and I are at the finish line of the second stage of 2015 TDF. KIGGER IS THE WINNER!!! Thank you Ben Cooper of Kinetic cycles in Glasgow for engineering and building such wonderful steed. #bigbromptonbikeadventure #bromptonlife #brompton #radicaldesign #kineticcycles by us.can

Two GSA graduates salvage imagery from the Mackintosh Library fire for book

Two GSA graduates salvage imagery from the Mackintosh Library fire for book

Recent design graduates Kat Loudon and Erin Bradley-Scott watched from the design building as Glasgow School of Art’s historic Mackintosh building went up in flames last year. The much-loved library designed by Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh was destroyed and the archive was severely water damaged after a fire broke out as students prepared for their final degree show. Students lost…

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