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Filip "Chibs" Telford

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I’ve never seen a band that put on shows like these guys do. The amount of energy and love in the room is phenomenal, and it never changes with each different venue they play in. I could never get sick of going to their shows.

Twenty One Pilots | Glasgow 02 | 4/11/15 | show #5.


In the image above is a woman named Elizabeth Short. An aspiring actress who lived in Los Angeles California. She was brutally tortured and raped. She was found cut in half, and on her face, the police discovered something so incredibly gruesome. 

Alright, so I just thought that I would talk about this.

Everyone’s heard of something called the “Chelsea Grin”.

There’s a band with that name, Bring Me The Horizon has a song with that title and there are halloween costumes based on it. 

Chelsea Grin (Also known as “Glasgow Smile” or “Cheshire Grin”) is basically a very gruesome way of killing. Its usually done to rape victims. First you make two incisions on either side of the mouth, then as you beat the victims on the head and face, the cuts become wider and rip, so the cuts are from ear to ear. Making it look like the person is smiling. The cause of death from this is usually massive blood loss and blunt force trauma to the head. 

This is fucking disgusting. There is nothing okay with this. This is what people do to other people. NO. This should not be a halloween costume. This is a woman, look how gorgeous she was. Look what they fucking did to her.