glasgow design


Kelvingrove by Tapio Salmela

Talwin Morris cover designs 

Morris was a prolific designer of covers for the Glasgow firm Blackie*, and was a friend and contemporary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh 

*and their associated mail order company Gresham Publishing 

Thank-you to everyone who made it along on Saturday and hung out; to The Cherry Wave for being loud and stepping in last minute and helping with the gear; to Boak for being one of the tightest, most aggressive Scottish grind bands I’ve seen, and who I will never tire of watching live; and not least of all, all of the artists for contributing their amazing work and being all-round great dudes.

Plans for Friends of the Fanzine pt.7 are already starting. If anyone is interested in getting involved in future events, please send us an email to and introduce yourself.

We don’t charge artists for wall space, nor do we take any sort of percentage from any work sold. We charge a modest entrance fee to help cover costs and invest towards future events.

Also, if anyone happened to take any photographs from the night, please email them over as well and we’ll credit you for them, as well include any links to your social networks/website :)

Cheers again,
Bruce and David