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It was a dream, an otherwordly thing, stuff that only happens in those movies that insist on a happy ending but you know that’s not how it would happen in life, because the world is just not cool like that.

I thought I lost my chance to ever see them play together again when I couldn’t make it to Reading&Leeds in 2010. It’s a strange thing to quietly settle down with that kind of thought. Then suddenly, after 11 years, I had them together again right in front of me. 

It is funny how you don’t think you forget much. You believe you are holding on tightly to even the smallest memories of how it felt and how much it mattered. But once you have it back it is suddenly clear that somehow along the long road of heartbreaks you had forgot. This all, everything about it, is so so much more than you had remembered it being.

Before the doors opened it was disbelief, sweat-palmed excitement and quiet, persistent dread, right until the moment they walked to that stage. After it was head-pounding happiness and the kind of hope that lifts your high up off the street with each step and makes your breath come out in quiet giggles.

It wasn’t nostalgia. It mattered again terrifyingly much. It was urgent, alive and now and here.

For the dreamers and heroes, Albion sailed and magic lived once again.

Rock and blues at The Howlin’ Wolf

Rock and blues at The Howlin’ Wolf

Treat yourself with a hearty wolf’s meal in a comfortable atmosphere to get into the mood with a mix of rock and blues music at The Howling Wolf on Bath Street.

Cool beats and a cold German Weihenstephan Beer; what more could I ask for?

On a weekend trip to Edinburgh about a month ago, my friend and I found an advertisement in The Skinny magazine about The Howlin’ Wolf. “For lovers of Blues,…

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Glasgow, what I know

These are some of the places I visit regularly with Ozzie, that I know are both dog friendly and serve food & drink.

The Ivy

Almost my local given the proximity to my flat, The Ivy is a great place to eat and drink. The food has always been good and the staff are always really helpful and pleasant.

There is a separate restaurant area where dogs are not allowed. But they will allow you to order food in any other part of the bar and have your dog with you. Of course, weather permitting, there is also the tables outside.

Well worth a visit.

Photo taken from The Ivy web site.

The Pelican Cafe

Is it a cafe? Or is it a restaurant? I would call it a restaurant. It specialises in Scottish seafood and matured beef and game. So I would call it a rarity - an award winning restaurant that allows dogs.

The staff are very friendly and will supply water and treats for your dog.

*Update 4th Jan 2013.

Was back in for another lovely meal. No problem at all taking Ozzie along. Managed to take him off the lead and let him sit under the table. Staff friendly as usual, offering water for Ozzie.

The Ben Nevis

An old style pub with a modern attitude. Every time you pop in the Ben Nevis you’ll no doubt see a number of dogs lurking about.

Finding a seat can be tricky at times, especially if there is a live session on. But they are more than happy to welcome dogs. Seating is also available outside.

The Ben Nevis regularly tops the polls of friendliest bars or dog friendly bars in Glasgow. So bring your dog and sample some of the wide variety of whisky on offer.


If you’re looking to be a gourmet guinea pig, the the Stravaigin is the place to go. From their web site -

The menu begins in Scotland where our famous award winning haggis, fish suppers and best Scotch beef burgers nestle nicely beside Islay scallops, Inverurie lamb, Perthshire pigeon or Carsphairn venison.

Dogs are not allowed in the main restaurant downstairs, but the cafe bar upstairs allows you to have your dog if you sit near the main bar area.

He’s no Sean Connery or anything, but I’ve noticed little tributes to Robert Carlyle and his characters since I’ve been in Scotland. 

Like a very large poster of Begbie on the wall of a bar in Glasgow. 

Or a shop that was selling “Hamish MacBears” 

First Impressions/ On Passing
  • Friend's male friend:I went to Polo last week. Haha.
  • Me:Mhmm.
  • FMF:Eh, but not that I'm gay or anything! *palm up in defence*
  • Me:It wouldn't matter if you were.
  • FMF:I mean not that there's anything wrong with them.
  • Me:Right.
  • Friend:*laughs* Know your audience!
  • FMF:Oh shit sorry, do you work there?
  • Me:...No...but I'm sure I would be qualified.
  • FMF:*blank glare*

#WincyCjGlasgow Day 3: had to let the pint of beer wear pit a bit so I did a quick sketch using my pencil and brush pen. Yeah, that’s my face when I walk around Glasgow. Everything is beautiful. I can now understand where Stuart Murdoch gets all his twee energy.

This is a not-so-self-portait. That’s how I feel but I think this looks nothing like me. Haha.

#VSCOcam (at Brewdog Bar Glasgow)

Bar training last night went well now for an afternoon of promoting/booking before I do a busy bar shift tonight. Should be fun. #BarTraining #Bar #Training #Promoter #Booker #Glasgow #Afternoon #Sun #Fun #BarStaff #Tonight #Shades #Sunglasses #Green #Purple #BlackHair #Peircings #Tattoos #Goth #Lipstick #LipGloss #Eyebrows

alright but i need a job first?? lucky theres like 1000 bars in glasgow and maybe 800 cafes

guess whose laptop still isnt working though haaaa fuck

if i type my whole cv into a fanmail can one of yall copy it into word and fix the formatting then email me the doc lmao i’ll giv you £4

Charles and Camilla's visit to Scotland continues with a day in Glasgow

Charles and Camilla’s visit to Scotland continues with a day in Glasgow

The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay were in Glasgow on day two of their visit to Scotland this week. Prince Charles learns about the school’s plans for restoring the historic building designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Photo credit: Heart Scotland News @HeartScotNews. The fist engagement for Prince Charles focussed a favourite topic for the royal, art and architecture. In May 2014 after a…

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