Switch(ed)blade Knifes (M!A)

No, hell no. Not again.

When Lee woke up and was greeted with a good morning boner she… he thought about the last time he woke up in a male body.

Hell yes, again.

On a second thought it probably wouldn’t be that bad. Last time it had been awesome, especially with Aaron taking good care of him, and with having the effect disappear within 24 hours.

Lee walked into the kitchen to make a coffee but dropped the cup when he saw his reflexion on one of the glasfronts. To make sure, he ran into the bathroom, cutting himself on one of the broken pieces, but didn’t care about it at first

Aaron. It was definetely Aaron’s face that looked at him from the mirror.

Sitting down on the toilett seat he inspected his foot. The wound didn’t heal. Great. But sure, Aaron didn’t heal, why would his body start with it now?

Taking his smartphone he texted his lover.

[Text]: Hey. Are you missing a body? Well, your body to be specific?