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Get to know me meme: 4/5 tv shows
The Secret Circle

GIF Pack: Jessica Parker Kennedy (TSC)

Below the cut, you’ll find 100 gifs of Jessica Parker Kennedy as Melissa Glaser in The Secret Circle.  All GIFs were made by me - do not claim them as your own.  Please do not include these GIFs in GIF hunts or other GIF packs, but feel free to like or reblog this post and use the gifs for roleplaying purposes.  GIFs are 245x160.

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▸ under the cut you’ll find 105◥  gif icons of JESSICA PARKER KENNEDY in f1 requested by anonymous. she is ITALIAN, RUSSIAN, AND AFRICAN-AMERICAN and is best known for playing TAMI in “ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY”, MELISSA GLASER in the CW televison series, “THE SECRET CIRCLE”, and most recently MAX on HBO’s BLACK SAILS. all gifs have been made from scratch by FEIFER. please do not add to any other gif hunts, claim as your own, or redistribute in any way, shape, or form. a like or reblog would be amazing if you found this useful or if you plan on using these.

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