Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda

“Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda” is a Scottish waulking song about Alasdair Mac Colla, (c. 1610–1647) a soldier who fought in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

Scottish Gaelic lyrics and English translation:

Alasdair Mhic o ho (Alexander son, o ho)
Cholla Ghasda o ho (of gallant Cholla, o ho)
As do laimh-s’ gun o ho (into your hand, o ho)
Earbainn tapaidh trom eile (I would entrust heroic deeds, trom eile).
Chorus (after each verse):
Chall eile bho chall a ho ro
Chall eile bho chall a ho ro
Chall eile huraibh i chall a ho ro
’S haoi o ho trom eile.
As do laimh-s’ gun o ho (into your hand, o ho)
Earbainn tapaidh o ho (I would entrust heroic deeds, o ho)
Mharbhadh Tighearna o ho (the Lord of Ach-nam-breac, o ho)
Ach-nam-Brac leat trom eile (would be killed by you, trom eile).
’S ged ’s beag mi fein o ho (and although I myself was small, o ho)
Bhuail mi ploc air o ho (I threw a clot of earth on him, o ho)
Chuala mi'n de o ho (I heard yesterday, o ho)
Sgeul nach b'ait leam trom eile (a sad story, trom eile)
Chuala mi'n de o ho (I heard yesterday, o ho)
Sgeul nach b'ait leam o ho (a sad story, o ho)
Glaschu a bhith o ho (that Glasgow, o ho)
Dol ‘na lasair trom eile (was going down, trom eile)
Glaschu a bhith o ho (that Glasgow, o ho)
Dol 'na lasair o ho (was going down, o ho)
’S Obair-Dheathain o ho (and Aberdeen, o ho)
'N deidh a chreachadh trom eile (is being pillaged, trom eile).

An announcement

Asexuals are not cishet. Not all of them are cis, and people who have a sexual orientation that precludes them from enjoying sex with people of the “opposite” sex/gender are definitionally not heterosexual. In fact, dismissively calling them “cishets” is itself reinforcing cisheteronormativity – treating being cishet as a “default” you are if you don’t qualify for something else, rather than a discrete thing that is neither preferred or default. So, yeah, nice to see your activism stops short of actually attacking cisheteronormativity when it’s about people you don’t like, and even wholeheartedly embraces it.

i made this blog because of how fed up i was with most of the “wlw suggestions” and “[word]lesbianthings” blogs… they can be very alienating and they mostly focuse on femme women.

so yeah. this will be a “roughuglydykethings” type of blog. or “bitterlesbosuggestions”, if you will. don’t get me wrong  - it should also be a positive safe space… just in a twisted different way than you’re used to.

this blog won’t probably be very active but i’ll try to update regularly…

thanks for reading!

Throughout the years I have been on tumblr, I have met genuinely sweet, kind, wonderful people from all corners of the world and 2015 was no exception. Whether some believe this or not, this constant presence and interaction creates a certain bond, even if sometimes it’s not visible or even acknowledge, that brings people together in times of need, or simply sharing joy and love over common hobbies, favourite shows, characters, or just the simple idea of loving women. To all of you, who I feel I have been sharing this bond with, and those who just recently joined in on the fun: I sincerely hope 2016 is a better way for all of you, and that you can be free, healthy, and happy to achieve everything you wish for.

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anonymous asked:

Hey so what's the deal between you and glaschus? You said they misgender people and I feel like you're a reliable person and if you don't like someone it's a red flag, but I went through their blog and didn't notice anything problematic. I know they're quite active in the lesbian social justice tumblr world and they interact with another blogger I really trust, so I'm a bit confused

Here is the one I could find. My husband is NB and autistic and when I was explaining to him that, in class, everyone had a great deal of trouble understanding Judith Butler due to the particular way she words things (which I enjoy but admit is hard as FUCK to understand) I showed him some examples and he could not understand the structure. Those words in that order meant nothing to him and since it was not the first time I had seen people really struggle with Butler I made a post about academia being accessible. 

Most people got it, especially a lot of women with disabilities who feel really left out of mainstream conversations and then feel that some material is purposefully obscure and alienating. Some people, however, decided that this was some direct attack on Judith Butler (it wasn’t) and decided that I was putting down a “female academic” in order to cater to my “st*pid boyfriend” and other kinds of ableist, shitty things. 

Glaschus has never retracted their purposeful misgendering or acknowledged any of their fellow disabled who do struggle with Butler, insisting that they couldn’t be ableist because they have a disability and according to them that is how it works. 

But none of us are immune, having a disability doesn’t make you inherently incapable of perpetrating ableism.