💚Neon Green Marshmallow Peeps Slime💚

Electric Branches - 0

High Quality version here:

This design was directly inspired by the work of one of my favorite motion graphics crews, romanowsky. The individual piece of theirs that Falcon-Punched me right in the face with a Brass Knuckle of inspiration was this work right here and I wish it had a name, because if it did, my eyes would be screaming it out its name, and asking for a cigarette later. Uhhhng! SO! GOOD!

This GIF is one in a set named “Electric Branches


💚☃️❤️Christmas Glitter Floam pt. 3 ❤️☃️💚

Space Masking 1

I keep seeing beautiful gems like this one all over the Tumblr, and each time I do, they inspire me to no end. For this design, I started with trying to reproduce the inspiration almost exactly, but after a short series of “OH HEY! WHAT IF…???” steps away from the inspiration… well, look where it’s at now. I know that this particular output looks nothing like that original inspiration, but I’ll get back to that some day. This is awesome enough to post for now.


Rainbow Slinky Background Glare (GIF + Wallpaper)

Higher quality versions: Ello | G+ | 2x@Dribbble

I found that I really enjoyed just the background glare layer from my Rainbow Slinky design on its own - so here’s that layer isolated and rendered at full frame. This is also my entry for the gifartistscollective “March/Abstract” design challenge.

A 1920x1080 wallpaper of this design is also available here.