Galra Keith
  • Keith comes out as half Galra to everyone like Pidge did but this time only Lance knew
  • Keith: Guys...I'm half Galra
  • Everyone but Lance and Keith: *wide eyes and shocked expressions*
  • Lance: Wait was I supposed to think you were fully human
  • Everyone: How do you know Lance?!
  • Lance: He purrs in his sleep so he was either a cat or Galra

That dagger…

So the dagger caught my eye when it got so much screen time, detailed screen time, in the first episode, and then someone pointed out that it got even more in the second episode. 

Now in the first episode the hilt below the handle is wrapped, which is odd for a dagger of that type. The wrapped part would correspond exactly with the position of the sigal/figure/icon on the dagger that the mystery Galra uses to off the sentinel in episode 11. It is this wrapped bit that Keith is staring at intensely in the beginning of episode 2.  

Was there a sigal under the wraps? 



Here it is i am so into fandom that i am making AU. Ohhh here we go people

SO galra clones au:

galra made clones of paladins, but only with that characteristick wich galra need + put in their minds idea of fighting for the Galra empire

so its like, there is no gc!lance, because his main characteristic is “good friend” and “trust” and lance will know about this and gets upset because he think that galra take best characteristicks from paladins, but someone will tell him that galra doesnt take best, galra takes that galra needs, and so bad society structure like galra doesnt need kind people like Lance 

gc!keith could be very purposeful and goal-centric, but instead of fighting for friends he will fight for galra idea 

gc!shiro is that dude from canon lol 

and gc!pidge and gc!hunk are most interesting here, because their characteristicks is about intellect and mind and logic, so galra needs them for planes, but this is their (galra) mistake to take these abbilities for clones, because they (gc!pidge and gc!hunk) will realise that fighting for galra is bad idea by logic and


imagine that could be then gc!pidge and gc!hunk will realise the thing, they will help paladins

imagine Paladins feelings. Imagine H u n k feelings

imagine gc!hunk feelings then he realised that he dont want to be someone who was created to be

a a a a  a a a aaaaaaaaaa

Voltron Headcanon

Alien/Galra Keith

As a little kid Keith suffered horribly from ear infections.

 The complex Galra ear canal was always getting infected and did *not* respond well to traditional human treatment. If he had known how to shift to either fully human or fully Galra shape and hold there it wouldn’t have been so bad, but his Altaen instincts made him constantly change the shape just a little which caused pressure changes in his ear canal which caused excruciating pain.  

Headcannon: Keith is a Galra and he KNOWS it. 

Possibly belonging to a resistance cell, possibly an Imperial sleeper agent, but Keith is definitely alien. 

I will admit that most of my FanFics having it be a traumatic revelation for  Keith himself because angst is so fun to write. But from the clues the show has dropped I am fairly sure that Keith is aware of his heritage and before finding the Lion was  in at least limited contact with someone who had knowledge of the Galra fleet. He hasn’t told anyone yet because he is terrified of what their reactions will be. 


1) Keith was there to rescue Shiro.

          -I know he claimed to have gotten and exact date from the carvings but really? 

2) Keith’s raging fervor to defeat the Galra Empire despite the fact that he doesn’t even know Zarkon by sight. 

I heard some Voltron fans saying that they do not like the Glara!Keith Theory because of Prince Lotor being that from the old series and him being highly likely being in the new version…which I do hope is the case.

For those of you who do not know, Prince Lotor is this guy…

He is the prince of the Drule Empire (Galra), being Keith’s rival and being obsessed with getting Allura to rule by his side as his queen.

But for me, even in light of this fact…

Originally posted by idiot-eden

Honestly, I want Keith and Lotor be half Galra because it can lead to some interesting story ideas. Just imagine…

  • Lotor taunting Keith that he knows something about him and never tells him until the worst possible time
  • Lotor being jealous of Keith, because he is a talented Galra fighter without any training on his home planet  
  •   Lotor being jealous that he is not the only Special Snowflake on Galra and has competition along with Keith being stronger heir to the throne
  • Lotor trying to cox Keith to join the other side and failing 
  • Keith denying the fact that he is half Galra, then Lotor injecting Keith with a chemical, revealing his true form to mock him
  • Keith turning into a Galra in front of his teammates and them dealing with that fact, since it is shocking news to say the least  
  • Keith’s teammates growing to accept this fact about him and loving him anyways. Because he’s their teammate and friend.
  • Keith using his new enhanced eyes and ears to help with missions
  • Plus, Keith and Lotor being long-lost half brothers or full brothers. Just them being long lost siblings, creating a reverse Thor and Loki dynamic. ;)

With them making changes to the source material already, I hope they go in this direction.  With that said, anything is possible at this point. If you disagree, to each is their own.


Uploaded my Glara!Keith x Keith Unravel dance video finally xD


Galra Voltron

Okay, so you have heard the “Galra Keith” You may have heard the  “Galra Sleeper Agent Shiro”  Theory. But what about this? What if Voltron itself is Galrain?

Hear me out.
Look at that face. Look at that body type. Look at the eyes. 

1) Voltron (and all of the  lions) have yellow hexagonal Galra eyes.

2)Voltron has a long broad nose displayed by the upper command of the Galra empire.

3)The fins on the side s of Voltron’s head resemble the tall pointed Galra ears.

4)Voltron’s over all facial structure is long and broad like the facial features of the Galra command.

5)Voltron even has the signature grim face set of the Galra High command.

6)Voltron’s over all body shape is the broad structure of the Galra  not the apparently lithe tallness of the  Altaens.

Why would the Altaens build their ultimate war machine to look like another species? 

It makes more sense to think that they claimed Voltron, or Voltron fled to them when the Glara Empire started to go crazy.