GlamST Review

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Today, powered by BrandBacker,  I’m going to speak about GLAMST apple application, which you can download here:

It’s a beauty makeover app, which allows you to try out different styled looks on your face, just by uploading your photo.

Personally, I think that’s a great idea for those of you guys, who are in a hurry to go out, but have no idea which make up to wear to match the clothes and so on. It may also be useful for those who are starting their relationship with makeup, because after you try the look, you can see the products, which have been virtually used on your face and certainly buy them online.  You can choose the styles you like: from hipster and natural to celebrity looks. 

So I gave it ago and tried it out. Here are the looks I tried on my face:

So all in all the application is fun and easy to use. The interface is very pretty. However, make sure you adjust your face well, so that when you have a bright look on your face, it will look natural and according to your lips, eyes and face shape.

So if you are interested in GlamST app you can download it here:

And if you want to know more about the company here its website:

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