Fun from ytd. Hahahaha. It’s been so awesome, so great and so.. so ehsai being in glamrawk! I ♡ glamrawk!! We all so ehsai and got second! I met so many new great peeps and I must say that they are all crazy and hyped up all the time ! And this guy, Mervin. Forever high and crazy. Whenever we start a cheer, he always have crazy moves to go along with the cheer. He talked to me, entertained me, kept me company and fanned me for almost the whole of day 1. Great PL. There is also Gui Li. She so cute la. The best! Short girl! Hahahahahah fanning me most of the time. And then there is Winnie. HAHAHAHAH she so retarded! She offered help and I rejected her then got upset and announced it to everyone. HAHAHAHAH. She so cute! Omg! It’s been really great knowing everyone and stuff. I must say that I did not regret going for tprawks and joining glamrawk was the right decision. Able to meet the chiobu and yandao PLs were great! All my good looking PLs!♡ I’ll miss all of you greatly! 0^◇^0)/ you’ve all done a great job cheering us on, losing ur voices, waking up early and most of all, being there for us.