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Hey, could you possibly explain glamours to me? Thanks!

Yes I can! A glamour is a spell you cast on yourself that can boost your own qualities, change the way you appear to people / influence them, or even keep you shielded from other people seeing you. You can use a glamour to radiate your inner confidence and beauty; lately glamours seem to be a big thing for trans witches to make sure people use their correct pronouns, as well as ensure they visually “pass” as their gender to strangers (again to make sure proper pronouns are used, as well as reduce body dysphoria); I know of some who have used glamours to make it so people look over them easier, almost like being invisible, to avoid anxiety with dealing with strangers / public places or harassment. Glamours can be cast in a number of ways - baths / showers / face washes, poppets, sigils can boost the effects of glamours; there’s posts all over the place about glamouring your make up. You can cast a glamour on a piece of jewelry so every time you wear it that glamour is in effect. Tons of ways to cast them, and almost as many ways to use glamours. I hope that helps you! 

Winter Clothing Glamour Guide


White: To ward off negative thoughts/ perspectives.

Orange: To keep a sharp eye. To feel alert.

Black: To absorb designated thoughts and neutralize all others. (Think having a final or memorizing something. Or avoiding intrusive thoughts.)

Yellow: To have a clear, energetic mind set.

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Glamour Magic Spells / Resources
Glamour Bottle to Influence How Others Read You

“Hello! I’m the dandycrickette (they/them), an androgyne!  I recently made a glamour bottle that has worked surprisingly well so I thought I’d share it in case it could help someone else not be misgendered.

I carried this to work yesterday and not a single customer misgendered me or treated me like a girl (no leering, no one made a pass at me).  Today the gendering was still less than it usually is.  This glamour is designed to be flexible so you can tweak the recipe to fit your needs. 

What you need:

  • A small bottle, mine is about an inch tall
  • Statement of intent  (spoken, written, fixed in mind, whatever works best for you)
  • Colored wax, though white would work too  (crayons, candles, etc.)
  • Spices
  • Glitter, for sparkle  (loose powder, nail polish, etc.)
  • Clear nail polish or other sealant
  • A heat source

What to do:

  1. Gather and prepare your ingredients.  Almost all of your ingredients will be based on your own discretion and what you want out of your glamour bottle.  You should have your statement of intent in mind as you choose your ingredients.  It doesn’t have to be a fixed statement but you should know what you’re working towards. 

    For my bottle, I chose to use green crayons that I associate with the sort of masculinity I want to exhibit and that I associate with the sort of voice I would like people to hear from me.  Now, my choice here was guided by the fact that I have synesthesia, you can use whatever system of association works best for you. 

    I chose my spices based on what was in my cupboard, what tend to be associated with masculinity, and what smelled good to me.  I ended up choosing: 

    • Cinnamon
    • Cloves
    • Brown Sugar
    • Bay leaf
    • Lemon Juice
    • Cumin (for kick!)
    • Cocoa powder (specifically because I like voices that sound like smooth chocolate)

  2. Mix your dry ingredients, you may need to crush them into powder first to make them easier to mix into your wax and to get into your bottle.  Brown sugar here counts as a dry ingredient, as does loose glitter.  Wax and any nail polish do not count. 

  3. Set up your heat source.  Personally, I used a small oil burner from Dollar Tree and a tiny copper pot from Michael’s.  It looked like this:

    I got rid of the tealight tin pretty quick because it made things unstable and didn’t conduct any heat.  The first time I tried this, I just tried to use tin foil and a stovetop and it. Was a massive fail.  So if this part proves to be tricky, just experiment until you find something that works.

  4. Melt your wax and mix in your dry ingredients.  I found that mixing a little lemon juice with the wax helped it melt more evenly and kept it from burning away as quickly. 

  5. With your ingredients mixed into your wax, pour the melted wax into your bottle.  You may have to repeat this and step four a few times to get the bottle full.  A few times, I put the bottle itself on the oil burner to remelt the wax and make room for more to get into the bottle.  At one point it started to overflow out of the bottle and I thought it would spit everywhere but once the air inside escaped, the wax calmed down again.

  6. Once your bottle is full, cork it and seal it with wax.  Once the seal hardens, if you have glitter nail polish or some other kind of liquid glitter you’re using, now is the time.  Paint the whole bottle with however many colors of the glitter you like.  I used two.  When you’re done and the glitter has dried, paint the whole bottle again with your clear nail polish or sealant.  And…

    …tada!  The labor intensive part of your glamour is finished.

  7. (Variable)  This is where my statement of intent came into play for me but you may use it a different way.  I prefer to have my intention physically written down rather than speaking it, so I wrote out my intent on a piece of paper.

    It says  “A glamour to appear and sound more masculine to strangers, especially at work.”  I set the bottle out overnight with the statement of intent to let it absorb the words, then I put it out with my plants (along with the paper with the intent on it) to let it charge for a couple days. 

    If you do prefer to speak your intentions, you might wish to repeat your intention as you mix and add ingredients, and as you fill, seal, and paint the bottle to let it absorb what you mean for it to do. 

    Charge the bottle whenever you feel it’s losing its kick, or between every use if you are using it in a very difficult environment. 

And that’s all folks!  The cord I have tied to my bottle is more for aesthetic purposes and to make it easier to find the bottle in my pocket if I want to hold it during the day, but all I did was braid some cords together and tie it around the neck of the bottle. 

I hope other people find this useful and honestly I would love to see glamour bottles that other people make. “

-submitted by thedandycrickette