💅🌟 Celestial Nail Polish Magic 🌟💅

by choosing a corresponding color, painting sigils on your nails, or invoking a planet’s influence, here are some small celestial glamours and charms you can do by painting your nails!

💅 glitter - invokes general star magic - unity, strength, peace

🌟 rhinestones - invokes asteroids - strength, protection, stability, courage

💅 ombre - invokes a nebula’s influence - foundation, illumination, radiance, renewal, cleansing

🌟 french tips - invokes comets -  stillness, isolation, balance, control, transformation

💅 Red -  strength, courage, passionate love, lust, anger. represents mars.

🌟 Orange -  legal matters, success, vitality, passion, enthusiasm. represents saturn.

💅 Yellow -  friendship, happiness, communication. represents the sun.

🌟 Green - healing, money, prosperity, luck, employment, youth. represents jupiter.

💅 Blue -  healing, sleep, calm, peace, wisdom. represents neptune.

🌟 Purple -  power, exorcism, astral, psychic abilities, spirituality. represents mercury. 

💅 Indigo - protection, the home, intuition, travel. represents uranus. 

🌟 Pink -  romantic love, fidelity, truth, gratitude, technology. represents venus.

💅 White -  new beginnings, quiet, seriousness. represents the moon

🌟 Black - elegance, power, absolution. represents pluto.

correspondences compiled from my personal grimoire

💋 Ariel Singing Glamour 🐚

a disney-spiried a glamour to help your singing voice be like a mermaid’s

🐚  gather: a seashell, full moon or ocean water, a pinch of glitter, a necklace chain and a song that makes you confident in your singing voice.

💋  mix the water with the glitter.  rinse the seashell in the water.

🐚  play the song and sing along with it as you mix the water clockwise. 

💋  when the song is over, dry it out and make it into a necklace. 

🐚  wear the necklace when you feel you need a boost with your singing voice

Hey, hey cuties. This little series is LGBTQ related magic, as a queer witch, I see a lack of magic specific to my community. So with the lovely group of folks I’ve had to advise me, I have managed to come up with quite a few things, as well as feature some work of other folks! Many of the topics in my little series here were requested. So before you go give me shit about what it is, it was requested, and your girl here always honors those requests!

So let’s get started. 

This week’s request was “To appear more masculine” as a request from a transguy, so this is focused on that particular request! So here we go!

JAR SPELL – from me ( @witchy-woman )

sea salt - for protection
basil - for protection, dispels confusion, fear & weakness.
black pepper - for courage
geranium - for overcoming negative thoughts & attitudes, lifting spirits, protection & happiness.
holly - said to heighten masculinity 
cedar - confidence & strength
pine - new beginnings, resilience, growth & repelling negativity

Focus your intent for each and every layer, say your intent out loud (even over and over) if it helps! Meditate and focus your whole purpose for the jar, cork and seal it (I have a simple tutorial how to do so here). Don’t forget to stick it in the moonlight to charge it if you feel like it needs a kick!


I Bind Safely
by @witchywings

I Am Confident In My Gender
This Is A Trans Safe Space
I Am Safe While Binding

I Will Not Be Misgendered

by @gryphonknight

Dysphoria & Transphobia Trap Sigil
by @trans-warlock

Sigil For Being Confident In Your Gender Expression
by @pomegranateandivy

Protection of Trans and Intersex People
by @mistikovo

“Shapeshift” Sigil for Trans Glamours
by @stormwinged

Confidence Mirror Spell 
by @taurotrickster


Glamour Bottle For How Others Read You
by @thedandycrickette

Masculinity Scrub Glamour 
by @calefacientcatalyst

A Protection Spell for Coming Out As Trans
by @bottle-witch

I so hope that these were helpful! I love you all SO so much and I will see you next week with the next installment! You can find my other posts here and the other parts of this series here

Hair Magick

So i have a lot of hair and i’m not allowed to cut it. This makes it high maintenance, and having low energy i can go several days without brushing it. However, i find when i do put effort into my hair, it has a lot of magickal significance.

  • combing/brushing for grounding
  • or banishing negative energy caught up in your hair
  • i use plaiting/braiding as a type of knot magick
  • using enchanted hair pins etc 
  • (if done before hand this would be useful on low spoon days)
  • glamours to affect how people see you
  • hair colours with magickal correspondences

I want to hear your ideas, let me know in the replies or comments!

Makeup enchantments


-see through the bullshit

-see things in a new light/perspective

-intimidate just by a look


-your lies are believable

-you only speak the truth

-your lips are sealed

-your words cause pain/happiness/sadness/etc


-your skin is flawless

-you are not remembered

-you go unseen

Beauty Witchcraft

You know what I wanna talk about? Beauty Witchcraft. What do you guys add to your beauty routine? As a beauty blogger, I’d like to discuss! (Let’s hear some input from non female identifying persons as well!) Here’s some examples of what I do on the daily:

- sigils written in concealer under foundation

- glamours while putting on makeup

- cleansing meditations while wiping off makeup and cleaning face

- adding colored ribbons to hair with a magical correspondence

- wearing false lashes or mascara or even eyeliner charged with a “see through the bullshit and lies” spell

- wearing a headband charged with a memory spell

- adding glitter to my eyeshadow as a glamour to make people notice me more and think I’m dazzling.

- charging my concealer to hide blemishes; on my skin and in my character

- lipstick charged with a love spell

- nail color charged with a spell (i.e. everything I touch turns to gold spell and wear gold polish)

What can you you guys think of? Give me some good ideas and I’ll feature my favs!

- Lav (beauty blog is @flawlessdomination for those interested, but it’s a mundane blog)

Glamored Masculinity Potion

*to appear more masculine to others

¼ pt Ginger: for personal confidence
1 pt Cinnamon Chips (or a stick or two): for strength and power
1 pt Mint: for communication
3 pt Black Tea: for courage
A white/gold candle (you can take a white tealight and melt it on an electric stove and put gold glitter in it!)

Light your candle. Combine all ingredients into a tea kettle and brew with water. Steep for 5-7 minutes. Drink while visualizing yourself becoming more masculine.

Goddess Beauty Glamour

Intent: to look irresistible; to have a goddess-like presence. 

Combine pink sugar and sea salt (or pink salt and sugar) in a small, glass cup. Light one patchouli incense and one dragon’s blood incense. 

  • patchouli = love, desire, fulfillment, attraction
  • dragon’s blood = strength, confidence, goddess glam

Light a white, tea light candle. Combine cinnamon with sugar and salt blend, rotating clockwise

  • cinnamon = quick results, a bit of sass

Grind up two rose petals and place at the bottom of the second glass. Grind up one rose petal and mix it with the cinnamon, sugar, and salt. 

Collect some of the ash from the incense and put a small amount in both cups. Try to get an even amount, or if you wish to be more goddess, less love, use more dragon’s blood. To be more lovable, less BAM, GODDESS, use more patchouli. 

Put the objects you wish to enchant in the second container with the roses so that they fit comfortably (I enchanted two tubes of lipstick, a base cream, and mascara). 

Pour the mixture over the objects. You may choose to say an incantation here. I used: “I am goddess, I am light. No one can resist my sight. Moon that turns from new to full, no one can resist my pull”. If you don’t want to use an incantation, you don’t have to. 

Envision yourself radiating light, as if sparkling from the inside out.

Allow the incense and candle to burn out fully. If the the incense burns out before the candle does, blow out the candle and relight it the next morning next to your enchanted objects. Once the candle has burned fully, the enchantment is done. 


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my glamour tag

What Are Glamours

Glamours are a type of magic meant to change the way you are perceived by others. This can mean anything from making you seem more attractive, to more intimidating, to even letting you blend in with your surroundings. With all the different possible applications, this is the type of magic I have found to be the most useful 

How They Work (Note: In my opinion. Yours may vary)

Imagine that there’s an aura of energy that surrounds you and is completely unique, like a signature. This energy acts like a filter for how people see you (as described in this post). Change the filter, and it will change the way others perceive you without actually changing your appearance at all. 

This can be done a million different ways. I find it helpful to get familiar with your energy first. Meditate, and imagine what that energy around you might look like. What color is it? What texture? How much space does it take up? Once you have a good idea of what it looks like, it becomes a lot easier to manipulate.

How To Do Them 

There are about as many different ways to do glamours as there are witches. Do some exploring to see what works for you. Do you like makeup? When you get dolled up, visualize the makeup going onto your energy. Are you a jewelry person? Push the energy you want to give off into the jewelry and wear it. I personally like to add a physical aspect to my glamours, but that’s not even necessary; you could simply imagine your energy changing in the way you want to. 

Glamours generally stay on as long as you are putting energy into them. Most tend to go away as you stop thinking about them, but I have done glamours before that tapped into my energy for far too long and had to be consciously removed. If you find this happening, cleansing yourself and then grounding will usually do the trick. 

Good Beginner Glamours

Jewelry Glamour Base by @thefaeriegarden

Invisibility Glamour  by @recreationalwitchcraft

Glamour Nail Polish by @sunnywaterwitch 

Racoon “Master of Masks” Spell by @booksandtales

(If any links are broken or information is incorrect, please tell me)

Thank you for reading!


Winter Clothing Glamour Guide


White: To ward off negative thoughts/ perspectives.

Orange: To keep a sharp eye. To feel alert.

Black: To absorb designated thoughts and neutralize all others. (Think having a final or memorizing something. Or avoiding intrusive thoughts.)

Yellow: To have a clear, energetic mind set.

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