lilsasscat said: we are the princess-kin!! we must return to the sacred valley!!

Oh my glob. Last year there were a bunch of femmes who made ‘glamourkin’ a thing in response to the otherkins who were being really shitty about 'oh we’re just like trans people! I’m really black/disabled/a vampire and therefore understand oppression!' 
And it was all stuff about how 'in reality i am in a one bedroom apartment. But in my mind I am on a settee by one of my many pools, dripping in diamonds, with a man servant feeding me champagne and caviar’.
It kind of inspired me a lot and I wish it had taken off more. 

We need you to know your inherent worth, to acknowledge that–even in your brokeness–your strength shines through, that hearts can be rebuilt, that the saddest stories build better ones, that you are not voiceless and worthless and nothing, that you are–in fact–capable of shaping and changing the world.

It has been a while since I’ve worn vintage and posted here. The reason is that I am pregnant, so much of my collection has become impossible to wear as nipped in waists and pregnant bellies do not mix well. But some things still fit, and I have a handful of dresses that I’ve been meaning to take in but haven’t yet. It’ll be interesting to see how long I can wear things for.

This dress is a 1960′s black wool with white pin stripes. I love the covered buttons up the back. My baby bump is just starting to show on the side view but the cut of the dress is completely comfortable. I paired it with a gray unstructured cardigan, black tights with a white diamond pattern, and the tall black boots that I’ve been wearing almost every single day lately. Jewelry is a pair of black and silver drop bow earrings and a glamourkin.  My hair is thrown up in the messy bun that has become my signature style as of late. 

I will probably start posting more frequently now that I’m moving out of the 1st trimester and into the 2nd. I’ll have more energy than I have had the past several weeks, which I’m looking forward to.