lilsasscat said: we are the princess-kin!! we must return to the sacred valley!!

Oh my glob. Last year there were a bunch of femmes who made ‘glamourkin’ a thing in response to the otherkins who were being really shitty about 'oh we’re just like trans people! I’m really black/disabled/a vampire and therefore understand oppression!' 
And it was all stuff about how 'in reality i am in a one bedroom apartment. But in my mind I am on a settee by one of my many pools, dripping in diamonds, with a man servant feeding me champagne and caviar’.
It kind of inspired me a lot and I wish it had taken off more. 

We need you to know your inherent worth, to acknowledge that–even in your brokeness–your strength shines through, that hearts can be rebuilt, that the saddest stories build better ones, that you are not voiceless and worthless and nothing, that you are–in fact–capable of shaping and changing the world.