Okay, I have a plan and I want to warn you all.  I have a layaway I want to pay off early so I am going to bump up my Etsy stock and have a special.  It’s going to be a blind bag over a purchase of $X, or something similar.  I will wave the flags (on both this and my general Tumblr) and post glamour shots once it begins, but keep an eye out.

(I might have mixed blind bags on their own, too, but I am not certain.)

My 3 year old nephew took these pictures of me.

I kid you not. I taught him how to use my camera today. Of the 25 pictures or so that he took, two are glamour shots.

As proof I submit this picture of me taking a picture of him:

And the cell phone shot I took of him holding my camera:

(I say all of this to say that he’s a genius. I’m going to have him take all of my pictures from now on, and ask if he wants to work wedding season.)