Artie, a Shetland pony at the Retreat Farm in Brattleboro, VT, was the best unicorn today! His forelock just happened to be thick enough to braid into an impromptu-horn - the hair is so coarse, it stayed up all by itself. After his glamour shoot Artie’s horn was combed back out and none were the wiser. 

(Image credit: E. Liss. Reposted with permission). 


Fantastic Fashion shoot by Susan Wood.
models in a green and purple floral print dresses in Central Park, New York, August 1966. This photos was taken as part of a fashion shoot for Glamour Magazine in 1966. Photos by Susan Wood

New 🔮 Beautiful photography by Frankinsella, (minimal) post processing by me @bombshellphotographyuk ✨


Remember when Olivia Benson had an actual glamour photo shoot and here I am taking 1332213131 selfies before I get one suitable for instagram.

Model wearing white wool beret by Ellen Lockwood, brown and white striped with one blue stripe wool t-shirt sweater and brown wool dress by Geist & Geist, white driving gloves by Marcel Wagner. Photo by Sante Forlano. Glamour Magazine 1966