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K the Mermaid 5/8/17

K is a lovely mermaid with such an endearing heart! She appears to be around the age of a woman in her twenties by human standards, but K is actually around 150 years old, which is adulthood in her species. Her humanoid half has light blue skin with a few pale green scales here and there. K’s teal hair drapes over her shoulders and down her back, framing her bright green eyes. Her tail is a mix of green, teal, and blue scales that are iridescent and shift colors in the light. a fin starts from the base of her spine and goes down the back of her tail, matching the dark green fins at the end.

K is a total free-spirited spirit. She wants adventure and new experiences. Humans are just so interesting to her, so she is very excited to find a companion to teach her about our life. Her energy is intensely energizing and happy-go-lucky, and might be a little much for hardcore introverts. She will talk your ear off all day long! She longs for deep conversations and jokes. K is constantly bounding from one conversation topic to another, so be prepared to keep up! She is highly skilled in glamour, luck, and water magic - especially scrying. For offerings, she loves sparkly things, lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue calcite, malachite, rose quartz, ice, and succulents. She is immensely excited to find a human friend and I could really go on and on with her bio, she just has so much to say! 

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What do we know about The Others & Others Island?

Spoilers for Tawny Man, Rainwild Chronicles & Liveship Traders!

I also have a post on what we know about Chalced


  • They eat the gold coins they charge for prophecies.
  • They hate cats.
  • They insist that everything that washed up on the treasure beach belongs to them, as humans are not worthy of it. This is a very dragon-y way of thinking.
  • They don’t bleed, and don’t seem to feel pain.
  • They can skill-fog people on their island, and use the glamour of the dragons, but need eye contact for the dragon-glamour at least. Skill walls can block their fog.
  • Strong evidence that the Others are aware of how the skill pillars work. Perhaps they cannot use them themselves?


  • They have webbed feet and hands, their claws/fingernails are shaped like fish spines, and create some kind of green venom.
  • Fitz describes them as Flounder’s eyes.  Their eyes can rotate in their sockets like a fishes or a chameleons.
  • They wear Elderling robes - probably scavenged from the Elderlings who used to live on the isalnd and tend the serpent eggs. They propbably only wear these when there’s humans on the island for a treasure beach prediction, to disguise themselves or to impress.
  • They have swollen skulls and no necks. Their tongues are reminiscent of fish tongues. They can fit a man’s head in their mouths, which are wide, thin-lipped and full of pointy teeth. They have air sacks behind their jaws like bullfrogs. When they speak, they “wheeze and belch” their words.
  • They have slug-like lower bodies, but impossibly graceful arms and hands on their upper bodies. 
  • They stink - like rotting flesh - and have an aura of greasiness.
  • They leave some sort of oozey snail-trail of goo behind them. They move like walruses move - at least on land.
  • Apparently they can have human-like offspring, as this is a theory dismissed as to the origins of the Fool.


  • Other are dragons that have either spent too much time with humans (Fools’s Fate) or born when two dragons who have spent too much time with humans breed (Rainwild Chronicles).
  • It seems that the Other’s Island is where dragons traditionally laid their eggs (which would explain why there’s a skill-pillar in the bay), and after the cataclysm in the past, the Others that hatched up there just kept on breeding? Or maybe the event caused them to hatch as Others instead of serpents because they got stuck as eggs for a really long time around humans the way the serpents in Liveships did.

Story Points

  • They kept She-Who-Remembers imprisoned for years, drinking the water she swam in to gain her powers of all memories (presumably both the forward and backwards memories). They probably captured her right out of the egg as she hatched.
  • We may not see it in the current trilogy, but I bet Tintaglia went to Others Island to lay her eggs, and that this might be a part of the next non-Fitz book series, since the non-Fitz books generally follow Tintaglia.


  • Items that wash up on the treasure beach are really items coming through the beach sand, because the sand is ground down skill pillar stone?
What else? What do we know about Others, Others Island and the Treasure Beach?

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